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In the forests of Kyushu...
Carmen Martinez: <Name>, I'm so worried about Sanjay! We know we came here after he ran away from Tokyo, but what if we don't find him in time?
Carmen: It's pretty clear that Sanjay was brainwashed by SOMBRA, just like all the other orphans!
Carmen: And since we know that the yakuza have the children in weapons training, I'm even more worried! <Name>, there's not a minute to-
Chieko: <Rank> <Name>! You have to help me!
Carmen: Chieko? We thought you were still in Tokyo! Did you follow us here?
Chieko (crying): I found my brother... and he's dead!
Carmen: What? Your brother's dead?
Carmen: Chieko, you need to take us to him!

Chapter 1

Investigate Temple Garden.
Carmen: Chieko, are you able to confirm this dead boy is your brother?
(Chieko cries, speechless.)
Carmen: I'll take that as a yes. Why don't you sit for a while, Chieko. <Rank> <Name> will examine the crime scene. When you're ready, we'll talk.
(Chieko leaves.)
Carmen: <Name>, we've seen a lot, but you never get used to seeing dead children. Looks like this boy was shot with an arrow.
Carmen: My God, you're right! That's a SOMBRA armband on the victim!
Carmen: But... why would SOMBRA brainwash children only to kill them? It doesn't make any sense!
Carmen: And what if the same thing happened to Sanjay? He's clearly mixed up in SOMBRA's scheme too, whatever they are!
Carmen: Tell me you found something, <Name>. A backpack with the victim's name? We should search it for clues!
Carmen: We're going to catch this killer, <Name>. Not only for Chieko, but for Sanjay, and any other kid in SOMBRA's clutches!

Ask Chieko what she knows about her brother's murder.
Carmen: I hope you're feeling better, Chieko. But we need to talk about your brother. Can you tell us how you found him?
Chieko (crying): He was lying there in the weeds. I travelled through four countries to find him...
Carmen: How did you know your brother was here, Chieko?
Chieko (wiping tears): I gave Sanjay a phone back in Tokyo. Sanjay called me. He said he found Hiroshi. I came as fast as I could...
Carmen: You've seen Sanjay?! Where is he?
Chieko: We only spoke on the phone. Sanjay said he'd found Hiroshi near this temple. But I never expected to find him dead!
Chieko: I don't want to be alone anymore, <Rank> <Name>! I'm so scared!
Carmen: We're going to look after you, Chieko! You'll be safe now!
Carmen: <Name>, I'll take Chieko back to the station, then join you here to have a look around the temple.

Investigate Shinto Temple.
Carmen: Chieko said Hiroshi was seen around this temple. Have you found any clues, <Name>?
Carmen: I'm not sure that wooden puzzle's much to go on. But let's see what you can reveal with the brush!
Carmen: This pincushion is weird. With those pins in the children, it looks like a voodoo doll. Whoever owns this clearly wasn't fond of children.
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, we'd better collect some of those loose hairs on the pincushion!

Examine Pincushion.
Carmen: Let's put those pincushions under the microscope, <Name>!

Examine Hair Sample.
Carmen: <Name>, did you get any DNA matches from that hair you collected from the pincushion?
Carmen: The hair was Obaasan's? That old lady we keep bumping into, ever since we first met her in Sichuan?
Carmen: That's odd, because Obaasan's always talking about her beautiful grandchildren! Why would she do something as macabre as sticking pins into pincushion children?
Carmen: I agree, <Name>, it's best to ask Obaasan about this. Let's go!

Ask Obaasan about her pincushion.
Carmen: Obaasan, what a surprise to see you again. You sure do get around.
Obaasan: I volunteer here at the Shinto temple, looking after runaways and orphans. I've been travelling with my grandchildren, but my orphans need me, too.
Carmen: For someone who loves kids so much, it's a weird habit to stick pins in children, even if they're made of fabric!
Obaasan: Oh, I just use that old thing when I'm feeling stressed. How funny you are!
Carmen: There's no reason to laugh, Obaasan. A child, Tsukada Hiroshi, was found dead, with an arrow in his back.
Obaasan: Hiroshi's dead? That's awful!
Obaasan: It's your fault, <Rank> <Name>. Everywhere you go, you bring death. And now you've brought your dark shadow to this holy place.
Carmen: You're quick to lay blame on others, Obaasan. But you know what... let us know before you plan a vacation abroad again!

Examine Wooden Puzzle.
Carmen: What does the writing on that wooden puzzle say, <Name>?
Carmen: "The Weak Die"? Where have we heard that phrase before?
Carmen: You're right, we don't have time to figure it out. We should get this puzzle to Marina. She'll have some insight!

Analyze Writing on Puzzle.
Carmen: Marina, what can you tell us what about the puzzle <Name> found in the temple? "The weak die" - I feel like we've heard those words before.
Marina: The phrase was familiar to me, too. So I checked your case files. <Name>, it was Mei, the brainwashed girl in Yunnan, who said those words after she'd killed her friend.
Carmen: And <Name>'s right, we've heard Sanjay talking about not wanting to be weak, too!
Marina: Exactly! <Name>, this phrase is clearly linked to the brainwashing the children endure.
Carmen: Does this mean whoever killed Hiroshi did it because they thought the victim was weak?
Marina: Exactly. But the phrase on this puzzle is more than a brainwashing mantra. It also shows the killer regards murder as just another game against weaker opponents.
Marina: <Name>, the killer will make it clear to you that they're confident in their victory. This puzzle isn't just their hobby, it's their signature.
Carmen: Well, the killer might be good at solving puzzles, but <Name> is the mastermind at solving murders!

Examine Hiroshi's Backpack.
Carmen: What did you find in the victim's backpack, <Name>? A faded flyer?
Carmen: You're right, that guy in the picture is SILVERee, the K-pop star we met before!
Carmen: Hold on, he's wearing the same SOMBRA armband we found on the victim!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, we've suspected that SILVERee's involved with SOMBRA for a while. Let's recover the writing on this flyer!

Examine Faded Flyer.
Carmen: But what does SILVERee's flyer say? "The Hunt Has Just Begun"?
Carmen: <Name>, let me get this straight: SILVERee's posing with a bow, wearing a SOMBRA armband, and promoting a "hunt"? Just when we find a dead boy nearby?
Carmen: You're right, we better chat with this songbird before he flies the coop!

Ask SILVERee about his flyer.
Carmen: SILVERee, last time we met, you were in Korea for a TV show. What brings you to Kyushu?
SILVERee: Oh, you're, umm... <Rank> <Name>, right? Sorry, I've been busy with my new show, "The Hunt Has Just Begun."
Carmen: "The Hunt Has Just Begun"? That's an awfully bloodthirsty title for a K-pop show, isn't it?
Carmen: Not to mention suspicious, seeing as how we found a flyer in a dead boy's backpack. He was shot with an arrow.
SILVERee: A dead child? How perverse!
SILVERee: But then again, that has nothing to do with me.
Carmen: What about that SOMBRA armband you're wearing? In Korea, you told us you didn't know who they were!
SILVERee: Not this again! I told you I'm an artist, I don't need to know about my sponsors!
SILVERee: Anyway, lovely to talk to you, <Rank> <Name>. But the Hunt won't wait!
Carmen: We already know SOMBRA's using your "songs" to brainwash children, SILVERee. If you're involved in Hiroshi's death too, you'll be modeling a new pair of bracelets soon!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: <Name>, I can't believe Chieko's brother's dead. I'm just glad the girls didn't see this.
Angela: The cause of death is cardiac arrest caused by a puncture wound. Hiroshi was shot through the heart with an arrow.
Carmen: Maybe we should get Jonah to have a look at this arrow.
Jonah: I already did. And that's not an arrow, it's a bolt from a crossbow.
Jonah: A bolt is shorter than an arrow, and loses accuracy over long distances. From the trajectory, my guess is the killer was 50 meters away.
Carmen: That sounds like a difficult shot!
Jonah: Indeed. Killing someone with a crossbow is not about size or strength, <Name>. It's about skill.
Carmen: Well, the killer may have a talent for crossbow shooting, but <Name> has a talent for arresting killers!

Back at headquarters...
Carmen: <Name>, we came to Kyushu to find Sanjay after he ran away from us in Tokyo...
Carmen: But instead, we found Chieko's long-lost brother, Hiroshi... murdered!
Carmen: Chieko's still in shock. We're keeping her at the station, but she won't be safe until we catch her brother's killer!
(Carmen's phone begins ringing.)
Carmen: And we got no help from that prancing glitterpuss, SILVERee. He claims to only be here on tour, but we know he's involved in SOMBRA's brainwashing scheme!
Carmen (looking at her phone): Wait, it's my phone!
(Carmen answers her phone.)
Carmen: Carmen speaking. Who's this?
Sanjay: <Rank> <Name>! You have to help me! The other kids are hunting me!
Carmen: Sanjay! Where are you?!

Chapter 2

Carmen Martinez: <Name>, we came to Kyushu to find Sanjay after he ran away from us in Tokyo...
Carmen: But instead, we found Chieko's long-lost brother, Hiroshi... murdered!
Carmen: Chieko's still in shock. We're keeping her at the station, but she won't be safe until we catch her brother's killer!
Carmen (looking at her phone): Wait, it's my phone!
(Carmen answers her phone.)
Carmen: Carmen speaking. Who's this?
Sanjay: <Rank> <Name>! You have to help me! The other kids are hunting me!
Carmen: Sanjay! Where are you?!
Sanjay (wiping tear): I'm hiding in an abandoned classroom! Come, quick!
Carmen: <Name>, did you hear that? Sanjay is in trouble!
Carmen: We'll get Elliot to trace the call and find that abandoned classroom before it's too late!

Investigate Abandoned Classroom.
Carmen: Sanjay! There you are! Are you okay?
Sanjay: They're hunting me! Help me, <Rank> <Name>!
Carmen: It's okay, Sanjay. We're here. Tell us who's hunting you.
Sanjay: Everyone! SOMBRA got all us kids together and told us to kill each other until only one is left!
Carmen: SOMBRA told you to kill one another?
Sanjay: The weak die, <Rank> <Name>! And SOMBRA won't suffer the weak!
Carmen: The weak die? We've already found a dead boy! Was Hiroshi involved in this hunt, Sanjay?
Sanjay: Hiroshi's dead? Oh no! I have to hide!
Carmen: You don't have to hide, Sanjay, you're safe now. And we need your help to understand what's going on! We'll talk to you in a moment, alright?
(Sanjay leaves.)
Carmen: If SOMBRA's forcing children to kill one another, Hiroshi's murder might just be the tip of the iceberg! We need answers, <Name>! Do you think you can open that crate?
Carmen: Is that painted thing a doll? It looks like something's written on it. Let's see what we can reveal!
Carmen: We must find a lead on Hiroshi's killer, <Name>, before more children get hurt!

Ask Sanjay what he knows about the murder.
Sanjay: <Rank> <Name>! I'm so scared!
Carmen: It's okay, Sanjay. <Rank> <Name> and I will keep you safe.
Carmen: But tell us how you got mixed up in this. We told you SOMBRA was dangerous!
Sanjay: At first, it was fun... Me and the other kids just watched lame K-pop videos.
Sanjay: The next thing I know, they're giving us weapons and armbands and telling us to kill one another! Only one can survive!
Carmen: You must've been terrified, Sanjay. But what about Hiroshi? Was he part of this hunt, too?
Sanjay: Hiroshi was one of us, but I don't know what happened to him. As soon as the hunt started, I ran away and hid in the classroom!
Carmen: You're safe now, Sanjay. We'll take you to the station. Chieko's already there-
Sanjay: You have Chieko with you?
Carmen: Yes, she helped us find-
Sanjay: I've got to get out of here!
(Sanjay runs away.)
Carmen: Wait! Sanjay! Come back!
Carmen: Where did he go, <Name>? How are we supposed to help him now?

Examine Locked Crate.
Carmen: That crate you opened was full of weapons?
Carmen: You think these weapons might have been for the kids! That's horrible!
Carmen: <Name>, let's get Elliot to track this crate! We must find out who's giving weapons to children!

Analyze Weapons Crate.
Carmen: Elliot, what can you tell us about the crate of weapons <Name> found in the old classroom?
Elliot: The delivery number on the crate doesn't match the port authority's records. Not surprising, given the contents.
Carmen: Come on Elliot, children's lives are at stake! Give us something!
Elliot: I checked the CCTV footage at the docks and ran the plates of the delivery trucks. Guess whose name popped up: Ronin Ozawa!
Carmen: Ronin? That yakuza from Tokyo? We already know he's working with SOMBRA!
Carmen: Ronin and his cronies were training up children to be little gangsters! Now he's involved in giving them weapons, too!
Carmen: Alright, let's book this dirtbag!

Interrogate Ronin Ozawa about the crate of weapons.
(Ronin is seen with a crossbow on his back.)
Carmen: You're a hard man to find, Ronin. But no-one hides from <Rank> <Name> forever.
Ronin: I wasn't hiding. I'm here in Kyushu hunting deer with my crossbow.
Carmen: Cut the crap, Ronin! We know you're trafficking weapons! And we know SOMBRA's forcing kids to hunt one another! Why don't you fill us in on the details?
Ronin: I'm a businessman, <Rank> <Name>. SOMBRA wants weapons, they get them.
Carmen: Your mother must be proud. What do you know about the murder of a teenager called Tsukada Hiroshi?
Ronin: I don't kill kids, detectives. They're more profitable alive.
Carmen: Suit yourself! <Rank> <Name> is placing you under arrest for distributing illegal firearms?
Ronin: Outside prison, I'm a man. Inside, I'm a king. You don't scare me, <Rank> <Name>.

Examine Painted Doll.
Carmen: You found Japanese writing on that painted doll, <Name>? Alright, let's get Dupont to decipher it!

Analyze Japanese Writing.
Carmen: Dupont, what did you get from that... thing <Name> found in the abandoned classroom?
Dupont: It's a Daruma doll, a fascinating tradition. It dates back to-
Carmen: Dupont, before you launch into this, please understand kids are in danger. Give us the short version!
Dupont: Mais bien sûr, <Name>! Daruma dolls are used to set out and achieve a goal.
Dupont: Initially, the doll's eyes are black. When you set a goal, you paint one eye, and when you achieve the goal, you paint the other. It's a fascinating mix of psychology and superstition.
Carmen: And what did the person who wrote on this doll wish to achieve?
Dupont: The person wished to, and achieved, the murder of Tsukada Hiroshi! That's the meaning of the writing <Name> recovered.
Dupont: Loosely translating, the text reads "I have killed the weakling, Hiroshi."
Carmen: So the only person who could have written on that Daruma doll is the killer!
Dupont: Quite so. Our killer has left a cryptic clue, but I can surmise from their writing that they speak Japanese!
Carmen: Good point, <Name>, we already know Chieko and Obaasan are Japanese. We can add this evidence to their profiles.
Carmen: If our murderer knows a lot about Japanese tradition, we should go back to the temple! They might have left another clue there!

Investigate Temple Corner.
Carmen: <Name>, it looks like someone tried to destroy that torn photo! I agree, let's have a closer look!
Carmen: And is that a shuriken? That's a strange thing to find in a temple! You're right, whoever owned it might have been involved in SOMBRA's "child hunt"!
Carmen: But what is that sparkly residue on the shuriken? Let's vacuum it up!

Examine Torn Photo.
Carmen: <Name>, why are these children's faces crossed out? It makes my blood run cold!
Carmen: But there's one girl whose face isn't crossed out! She could be the key to this mystery! Let's see if the database tells us what she'd look like today!

Examine Unknown Girl on Photo.
Carmen: The young girl in that old class photo is Obaasan?
Carmen: Does this mean it was Obaasan who crossed out the other children's faces? But why? These kids must have been her classmates!
Carmen: I agree, for someone who volunteers with children, Obaasan sure spends a lot of time defacing them!
Carmen: Alright, <Name>, we should definitely talk to Obaasan about this!

Ask Obaasan about the old classroom photo.
Carmen: Obaasan, if you like kids so much, why did you deface this photo of your old classmates?
Obaasan: That photo bring backs sad memories, <Rank> <Name>. As the years passed, and my classmates died one by one, I crossed out their faces.
Carmen: That's a grim way to document your friends' deaths!
Obaasan: I suppose so. They were grim days before the war. We used to do military training with guns and crossbows.
Obaasan: It's what you learn during the hard times, <Rank> <Name>. The weak die.
Carmen: The weak die? That's a SOMBRA slogan! Is there anything you're not telling us about Hiroshi's death?
Obaasan: I don't know what you're talking about! Just let me finish my puzzle in peace!
Carmen: Very well, Obaasan. <Rank> <Name> is going to solve this murder with or without your help. And if you're guilty, you'll be completing your next puzzle in jail!

Examine Shuriken.
Carmen: What was that stuff on throwing star, <Name>?
Carmen: It looks... shimmery. Strange. I agree, let's get the sample to the lab!

Analyze Shiny Powder.
Lars: <Name>, I've got good news and bad news.
Carmen: We could use some good news right now, Lars.
Lars: The good news is the substance on the shuriken <Name> found in the temple is stage glitter!
Carmen: Glitter? Like, the fashion accessory?!
Lars: Yes! There are some fascinating copolymers used in the construction of glitter. This one's been treated with titanium dioxide, which means it's from Korea.
Carmen: Did you say Korea? Let's see... Who'd be running around with shurikens, covered in Korean glitter?
Lars: Exactly, <Name>! It must be SILVERee!
Carmen: He can't pretend this shuriken is just a prop for his music video!
Lars: The bad news, <Name>, is that the girls found the sample.
(April and May are dressed in identical fairy outfits, with April's being pink and May's being yellow and orange. They are both covered in glitter.)
May: Look <Name>! We're fairies!
Lars: Have you ever tried up cleaning up glitter, <Name>? It's like sparkly herpes! It'll be in my microscope for months!
Carmen: <Name> and I have a killer to catch, Lars. Your glitter problems can wait.
Carmen: Let's talk to SILVERee about this glittery shuriken, <Name>!

Ask SILVERee about the shuriken.
Carmen: SILVERee, we know this shuriken is yours. How exactly were you doing with it?
SILVERee: It's just a prop for my show, <Rank> <Name>. Like learning Japanese or practicing to shoot a crossbow.
Carmen: Stop lying! You're wearing a SOMBRA armband, and now it turns out you have a shuriken! Admit it: you're part of SOMBRA's hunt!
SILVERee: It's just for show! Some SOMBRA roadies told me to take those shuriken and go slay the kids, or whatever. And I was like, that's what my dance moves are for!
Carmen: Please tell me you're not actually this stupid.
Carmen: SILVERee, this hunt is real! Kids are dying!
SILVERee: What do you mean kids are dying?
SILVERee: I can't kill anyone! I'm a vegan!
Carmen: You're either a great actor or a total moron, SILVERee. Either way, you'll remain in custody until <Rank> <Name> solves this case!

Later, at headquarters...
Carmen: <Name>, we have a serious crisis! SOMBRA is making kids kill each other in some kind of hunt, but we have no idea why!
Carmen: Sorry, <Name>... it's just that with Hiroshi's killer at large, other children could be in danger!
Carmen: Which makes me particularly worried for Sanjay... he called us for help, and then ran away from us, again! What if-
June: <Name>! <Name>! Do you want to play a game with us?
Carmen: Not now, June, we're busy.
June (aiming crossbow): But Chieko taught me how to use this crossbow!
Carmen: WHAT? June! Put that down!
June (holding crossbow): But it's easy, <Name>. See, April's got this apple on her head and I'm going to shoot it off!
April (with an apple on her head): I'm the target!
June (aiming crossbow at the apple): Now I just pull the trigger and-
(June fires the crossbow.)

Chapter 3

Carmen Martinez: <Name>, we have a serious crisis! SOMBRA is making kids kill each other in some kind of hunt, but we have no idea why!
Carmen: Meanwhile, Hiroshi's killer is still on the loose and-
June (aiming crossbow): <Name>! Look! Chieko taught me how to use this crossbow!
Carmen: WHAT? June! Put that down!
June (holding crossbow): But it's easy, <Name>. See, April has got this apple on her head and I'm going to shoot it off!
April (with an apple on her head): I'm the target!
June (aiming crossbow at the apple): Now I just pull the trigger and-
(June fires the crossbow.)
(Jonah catches the arrow mid-air.)
Jonah (holding arrow): Not to worry, <Name>! I got this!
June (holding crossbow): Noooo! You ruined my perfect shot, Jonah!
Carmen: June! If Jonah hadn't been here, you could've hurt your sister!
June (putting the crossbow down): We were just playing! Chieko said it was alright!
(June and April leave).
Carmen: I can't believe what just happened, <Name>! What were the girls thinking?
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, June said this was Chieko's idea! We need to have a word with that girl!

A few minutes later...
Carmen: Chieko, whatever made you give the triplets a crossbow to play with? June nearly shot her sister!
Chieko: I... we were just playing, <Rank> <Name>... I didn't realize that thing was so dangerous, and-
Carmen: You didn't realize a crossbow was dangerous in the hands of six-year-olds?
Angela: Of course she did! <Name>, this girl was trying to kill MY children!
Carmen: Angela? Alright, I understand you're upset, but why don't we all calm down for a min-
Chieko (crying): But I see I'm not wanted here! What do you care if I get killed out there? I'm just an orphan, nobody will miss me!
(Chieko leaves the room, slamming the door in the process.)
Carmen: Chieko, wait!
Angela: Before you ask, Carmen, I'm not going to apologize. She shouldn't have harmed my girls!
Carmen: But you didn't have to scare Chieko away! She might have been irresponsible, but she's a child, too, and she needed our protection!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, Chieko probably ran back to the temple garden, where her brother was killed. Let's find her!

Investigate Garden Footbridge.
Carmen: <Name>, I can't see Chieko anywhere... but I see you picked up a lost phone. I hope it's a lead! Let's crack the password!
Carmen: And that SOMBRA armband confirms our worst fears! What if another kid got hurt in the "hunt"? Let's collect a sample on that stain on the armband!
Carmen: And you found a machete too! Something seems to be etched on the blade... Hopefully it's not another dead child's name!
Carmen: <Name>, it's too late for Hiroshi, but it's not too late for Chieko! Let's get this killer and stop this awful child-hunt!

Examine SOMBRA Armband.
Carmen: <Name>, you collected skin cells from the SOMBRA armband! Let's get them to Lars pronto!

Analyze Skin Cells.
Lars: <Name>, I can't believe June shot an arrow at April! I always thought Angela was overly worried, but I should've listened to her!
Lars: And what I learned from the skin cells you found in the SOMBRA armband makes me beat myself up even more! I should've seen this coming!
Carmen: You should've seen WHAT coming, Lars? Tell us, time isn't on our side!
Lars: <Name>, the skin cells match Chieko's DNA! She was the one wearing this armband!
Carmen: What?! Lars, are you telling us Chieko was part of SOMBRA's "hunt" all along?
Carmen: But then... what if she didn't stumble upon her brother's body by accident? What if Chieko killed him? And then she ran to us for protection, pretending to be innocent!
Lars: And if Chieko'd been brainwashed by SOMBRA, that would explain why she thought it was a good idea to give the girls a crossbow to play with! It sends shivers down my spine!
Carmen: And now it also makes sense that Sanjay ran away from us when we told him Chieko was with us! You're right, <Name>, that girl has a lot of questions to answer! We've got to find her!

Interrogate Chieko about her SOMBRA armband.
Carmen: Chieko, time to stop pretending you're a helpless child. We know you're taking part in SOMBRA's hunt. Tell us the truth: did you kill your brother?
Chieko: I never lied to you, <Rank> <Name>! All I wanted was to find Hiroshi and take him home!
Chieko: And the irony is YOU helped me find him, <Rank> <Name>. I first heard the name "SOMBRA" from you!
Chieko: I'm good with puzzles, but I wouldn't have cracked this without you. But each time you questioned me, I learned a bit more about SOMBRA, and got a bit closer to Hiroshi!
Chieko: When I found out about the "hunt," I tried to join them, but they said I was too old. Luckily I've always been handy with a crossbow, and I stole an armband. I knew I could beat them!
Carmen: You thought you could outsmart SOMBRA? You should've come straight to us instead! Instead, you lied and even put the triplets' lives in danger! How do we know you didn't lie about Hiroshi's murder, too?
Chieko: <Rank> <Name>, you promised to protect me! But you didn't protect Hiroshi! The weak die, and the strong have to fight for their own survival!
Carmen: Chieko, the fight's over for you. You're coming with us - and this time, you're not under our protection. You're under arrest!

Examine Locked Phone.
Carmen: <Name>, that phone you unlocked belonged to Ronin! Look at the text message he sent! It says, "I have all the kids, the hunt can start"!
Carmen: You're right, this means Ronin didn't just supply weapons for the hunt! He supplied the children, too!
Carmen: <Name>, we must get back to the station and make Ronin talk!

Interrogate Ronin about his involvement in the child hunt.
Carmen: Ronin, you knew about the child hunt all along! Was it just another mission, as SOMBRA's "Head Hunter," to find suitable children for their sick games?
Ronin: <Rank> <Name>, I already told you SOMBRA gets what SOMBRA paid for. Weapons or children, it's all the same to me.
Carmen: Children are dying out there as we speak! Is that just business to you? I knew you were yakuza, but I expected more integrity even from you!
Ronin: Integrity? I do what SOMBRA pays me for... then I solve some puzzles to relax. It's all in a day's work.
Carmen: If it's all the same to you, then why don't you help us? Tell us who killed Hiroshi! Tell us who's behind the hunt, and you might get a lighter sentence.
Ronin: That's ironic, <Rank> <Name>. You question my integrity, but you want me to rat on my business partners? We have a word for that in Japanese: uragirimono. It means traitor!
Carmen: And the Courts have a word for people who commit murder: guilty! Get comfy in your jail cell, Ronin, you'll be there for a long time!

Examine Machete.
Carmen: <Name>, the writing you uncovered on the machete says "Revenge for Kesavan." Who's Kesavan?
Carmen: Ah, you're right! Kesavan was the name of Sanjay's elephant, the one that died back in Tibet!
Carmen: I always thought it odd that Sanjay never mentioned Kesavan again, after he died...
Carmen: But hang on... Didn't Sanjay say he ran away as soon as the "hunt" started? He never said he had a weapon!
Carmen: <Name>, what if SOMBRA's brainwashing unleashed all the anger and injustice Sanjay suffered in his short life? Do you think he could actually hurt someone?
Carmen: You're right, Sanjay's not far if his machete's here! Let's find him!

Ask Sanjay about his machete.
Carmen: Sanjay! There you are!
Carmen: <Rank> <Name> found your machete. You said you hid in the classroom when the hunt started... that was the truth, right? I mean, you couldn't hurt another child-
Sanjay: Of course I could! I would kill anyone who comes near me! I'm done hiding in the dark! I'm done being weak!
Carmen: Sanjay, you're not yourself! You've been manipulated, you've been brainwashed to say these things!
Sanjay: No, I simply learned my lessons! I survived in India, because I was smarter than the other street urchins! I was funnier! I sold better selfie sticks! I survived because I wasn't a weakling!
Sanjay: This hunt is the same thing, I just have to be better than the other kids to win it! That's what Kesavan would've wanted, too!
Carmen: Win it?! Nobody wins this hunt, Sanjay! You're all in danger!
Sanjay: I already won the puzzle competition! I can win the hunt, too! Danger doesn't scare me! I cut off my own finger and didn't cry!
Carmen: That's enough, Sanjay! There's no way to tell where your anger ends and where SOMBRA's brainwashing starts... But you're coming with us to the station until <Rank> <Name> wraps up this case!

Later, in the office...
Carmen: <Name>, this case is going from bad to worse! Chieko's claiming she infiltrated the hunt to save her brother... but what if she was SOMBRA all along?
Carmen: Sanjay said he wanted no part in the hunt, and at first, he had the common sense to hide... But Kesavan's memory triggered some repressed anger in him...
Carmen: I dread to think these children could've killed Hiroshi, but, given the evidence, we can't rule it out. It's a small miracle that we haven't found more children fallen in the "hunt"!
Carmen: You think we should go back to the classroom? Alright, we know it was Sanjay's hiding place, I bet it holds more secrets to discover! Let's go!

Investigate Overturned Desks.
Carmen: We're running out of time, <Name>! Tell me you found something on our killer!
Carmen: These wooden pieces are strange. They look like someone smashed something up!
Carmen: And this brand-new box of school supplies looks out of place in this dusty classroom. Do you think someone tried to hide something inside? Let's have a look!

Examine Broken Pieces.
Carmen: A crossbow, all smashed to bits, way out here!? <Name>, I think you just found the murder weapon!
Carmen: We'll have to send the crossbow to Jonah to be sure, but we must be close to finding our killer now!

Analyze Crossbow.
Jonah: <Name>, this crossbow is old, well-maintained and a perfect match for our murder weapon.
Carmen: We don't need a WeBuy review, Jonah, we need the person who pulled the trigger. What can you tell us about the killer?
Jonah: Not much, I'm afraid, the ballistics of a weapon like this offer very little about the shooter.
Carmen: We have kids out there trying to kill each other, Jonah. You've got to give us more to go on!
Lars: Don't worry, <Name>! That's what I'm here for! Ballistics might have failed us, but forensics have not!
Lars: I've got a doozy for you, <Name>. Some blue fibers were caught in the crossbow's firing mechanism.
Carmen: If it was trapped in there, those blue fibers must have belonged to the killer!
Carmen: Our killer wears blue! We're getting close to cracking this case, <Name>.
Jonah: Thanks for your forensics report, Lars. I'll make sure to keep THIS crossbow away from your girls.

Examine School Supplies.
Carmen: You found a dog tag in that box? Clearly, it didn't get here on its own.
Carmen: You're right, <Name>! This dog tag is Hiroshi's! The killer must've tried to hide it here!
Carmen: Let's send this dog tag to Lars on the double!

Analyze Dog Tag.
Carmen: Please tell us you found something usable on the victim's dog tag, Lars.
Lars: I'm sorry, <Name>, but I couldn't do much with it. The dog tag had been wiped clean.
Carmen: You're kidding! We've got a child-killer out there and you can't offer us anything?
Lars: I understand the stakes here. I'm a father too, remember?
Lars: There was some residual DNA left on the dog tag, but not enough to do a comprehensive test.
Lars: But there was something interesting! Some of the markers were male and others were female... But if Hiroshi was the male sample...
Carmen: You're right, <Name>! The female samples must have been the killer's!
Lars: Exactly. The DNA supports the conclusion that your killer is female. You've got to catch this killer, <Name>!

After completing all the tasks...
Carmen: This is it, <Name>. We have all the evidence, now you need to arrest the killer!

Take care of the killer now!
Carmen: Obaasan! I can't believe I'm saying this, but you're under arrest for the murder of Tsukada Hiroshi.
Obaasan: I don't know what you're talking about, <Rank> <Name>!
Carmen: We should've known when <Rank> <Name> found the photo of your schoolmates. Did you kill them too? Is that why you crossed out their faces?
Obaasan: I have never hurt anyone, let alone little Hiroshi! Please, <Rank> <Name>. You must be mistaken!
Carmen: You pretended to be a grandmother to these children! Then you brainwashed them with SOMBRA's mantra, "the weak die"! How could you do this?
Obaasan: They were orphans with nowhere to go! I looked after them! I gave them values to live by: to contribute, to be useful! The way I grew up, before the war!
Obaasan: These days only the yakuza know what loyalty and honor means! <Rank> <Name>, SOMBRA gives these children the best future they can hope for!
Carmen: Honor? Future? You killed them if you thought they weren't strong enough! That's why you wrote "I killed the weakling, Hiroshi" on your Daruma doll!
Obaasan: SOMBRA has no place for weaklings. Hiroshi didn't want to be part of SOMBRA's hunt. He was weak.
Carmen: And so you shot him? Hiroshi was just a child!
Carmen: Why is SOMBRA doing this, Obaasan? Why is SOMBRA brainwashing these children? It can't be just to kill them!
Obaasan: I won't tell you anything, <Rank> <Name>. SOMBRA didn't leave me in charge of this operation for me to crack under pressure.
Carmen: You say Hiroshi was weak, but he stood up to you, one kid, lost and alone... and you shot him in the back? What does that make you? You think about that in prison.

Judge Adaku: Obaasan, you're charged with the murder of Tsukada Hiroshi, kidnapping minors from all over Asia and brainwashing them. How do you plead?
Obaasan: Your judgment is meaningless to me. I am SOMBRA. I plead for nothing.
Judge Adaku: I'll admit, "Obaasan," you're a puzzle to this Court. We have no birth record, no known address, we don't even know your real name.
Judge Adaku: However, in light of your apparent seniority with SOMBRA, this Court is willing to offer clemency in return for any information on SOMBRA's activities.
Obaasan: The strong do not make deals. I refuse your offer.
Judge Adaku: You leave me little choice. This Court sentences you to life imprisonment!
Obaasan: It would be wiser to torture me for information. Instead you will feed and clothe me, allow me to grow older still. Even in victory you are weak.

Carmen: <Name>, I still can't believe Obaasan collected orphans from all over Asia, only to get them to kill one another!
Carmen: She brainwashed them to believe in SOMBRA's sick mantra about the weak dying and the strong surviving... and she's refusing to tell us why!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, this battle doesn't end in Obaasan's capture. There are still children out there, in danger. Let's check in with the Chief!

Innocence Lost (6/6)

Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Rank> <Name>, you put Obaasan behind bars, but the nightmare for the children isn't over yet.
Elizabeth: By arresting Obaasan, you've gone a great way towards shutting down SOMBRA's child-brainwashing operation. But there are still children out in danger.
Elizabeth: Local police are trying to locate the children who are still hunting each other. We can only hope that Hiroshi's the only victim of SOMBRA's hunt.
Marina: <Name>, I can offer some hope on that point. The children weren't exposed to the brainwashing for very long. If the police can rescue them, there won't be any lasting effects.
Marina: The psychological trauma will take longer to overcome. I'm afraid Sanjay, Chieko, and SILVERee aren't ready to leave our protective custody yet.
Elizabeth: Is there anything <Name> can do for these children, Marina?
SILVERee: <Rank> <Name>, forgive me for interrupting... I know I played a part in what SOMBRA did to the kids. But I might know a way to make it right.
SILVERee: SOMBRA wanted children to forget their families and friends. That's why they preferred orphans" they were more receptive to the indoctrination.
SILVERee: Obaasan confiscated any keepsakes from the children, but they must be in the temple! Please, <Rank> <Name>, let me help you find them!
Elizabeth: It's promising that you're offering to help, SILVERee. But I'm worried about your mental state. What's your professional opinion, Marina?
Marina: It's an excellent idea, Chief. Giving the children back their happy memories will help their recovery. And SILVERee will benefit from making a helpful contribution.
Elizabeth: That's settled then. But there's another thing, <Name>: Ronin wants to talk to you. I suspect he wants to negotiate with us.
Elizabeth: Tread carefully - Ronin will play dirty. But there might be a way to get him to reveal information about SOMBRA.
Jonah: <Name>, I'll come with you! I've seen tougher mobsters than Ronin crack under pressure. We'll make him talk!

Ask Ronin what he wants.
Ronin: <Rank> <Name>, I'll cut to the chase: I'm here to bargain for my freedom.
Jonah: Not a chance, buddy. They'll put you away for years just for being yakuza. And for trafficking children for SOMBRA, you're probably looking at life.
Ronin: What if I help you find the missing children? They're still trying to hunt each other down! What if I know a way to save them?
Jonah: You can save the kids?! Better tell us how, if you want to keep your teeth!
Ronin: All the children in the hunt wear a tracking device, <Rank> <Name>. All you need is a central command unit to call off the hunt, and bring the children back to safety.
Ronin: This command unit is in the temple garden. I ask for nothing in exchange, <Rank> <Name>. It's an olive branch I'm holding out to you.
Jonah: You just hold on to the prison bars, Ronin, while <Rank> <Name> searches the temple garden!

Investigate Temple Garden.
Jonah: <Name>, that gadget could be the device that tracks the children in the hunt! But you'll have to crack the password to be sure!

Examine Locked Device.
Jonah: Well done cracking the password on that communication device, <Name>! Let's get it to Elliot, and see if we can use it to find the children!

Analyze Communication Device.
Elliot: <Name>, remember that satellite I single-handedly wrestled away from SOMBRA? The one I named BØB?
Jonah: Elliot, we don't have time to celebrate your past triumphs! We must save the kids who are still out there, thinking they have to kill each other!
Elliot: That's what I'm talking about, <Name>! I established an uplink from the SOMBRA communication device to BØB.
Elliot: I then programmed BØB to broadcast a signal to all the children wearing a tracker! I recalled the hunt and directed the surviving children to the local police station.
Elliot: The police chief just called: they have at least twenty children with them... they're exhausted and some are injured, but they're alive!
Jonah: So the kids are safe? That's great news, Elliot!
Jonah: But what about Ronin, <Name>? He helped us save the children... but we can't let him off the hook!
Elizabeth: <Name>, the Judge authorized the Bureau to offer a plea bargain to Ronin, in exchange for information about SOMBRA. I'll come with you to talk to him!

See if Ronin will offer intelligence about SOMBRA.
Elizabeth: Ronin, you helped us save the children. But if you want the Bureau to make a case for your immunity, you'll have to offer more.
Ronin: <Rank> <Name>, the Bureau have bigger fish to fry. It's SOMBRA you're really after.
Elizabeth: And why'd we trust you, Ronin? As SOMBRA's "Head Hunter", you've been their ally all along!
Ronin: It's true that I was close to SOMBRA. That's why I can give you information nobody else can offer. Obaasan will never betray SOMBRA, but I do business with the highest bidder.
Ronin: Here's what I know: in the abandoned classroom there are records about SOMBRA's future plans. They're my bid for freedom, <Rank> <Name>.
Elizabeth: <Rank> <Name> will investigate the classroom straight away. But only the Judge can offer you a deal, Ronin.
Elizabeth: <Rank> <Name>, have something to eat before you head to the classroom! You'll need your strength! And take Jonah with you!

Investigate Abandoned Classroom.
Jonah: <Name>, Ronin said SOMBRA's future plans were hidden here! We'd better restore those broken pieces you found!

Examine Broken Item.
Jonah: <Name>, you've restored a DVD! And the writing on it says "The Next Level"!
Jonah: Whatever that means, I know what OUR next level is: sending this DVD to Elliot! This could get us back on SOMBRA's track!

Analyze DVD.
Elliot: <Name>, the good news is that Ronin didn't lie. This DVD you found in the classroom is communication with SOMBRA!
Elliot: The bad news is... well, take a look at the recording!

Beginning of footage...
(There is a white SOMBRA logo on a black background.)
Unknown Girl: Congratulations! If you're watching this, it means you've survived SOMBRA's Hunt!
Unknown Girl: Now it's time to join us and progress to the next level!
Unknown Girl: We're waiting for you here! See you soon!

End of footage...
Jonah: <Name>? I don't understand! What's this "next level" the girl was talking about? Does this mean Obaasan's hunt is just a step on the way to something else?
Elliot: Unfortunately, I couldn't identify the girl, but I found something else: a digital marker in the encryption, identifying Bangkok, Thailand as the video's location.
Jonah: So we don't know what SOMBRA's "Next Step" is... but we know it takes place in Bangkok? You're right, <Name>, we'd better notify Chief Ripley!

Investigate Shinto Temple.
SILVERee: <Rank> <Name>, people used to like my music because it was cool! Not because they were brainwashed! Do you think I could be an idol again?
SILVERee (singing): "My heart is broken, my head's a mess, but we've found a basket, what a success..."
SILVERee: Alright, sorry, <Rank> <Name>...
SILVERee: You want to recover that faded writing on the elephant in peace and quiet? No problem, <Rank> <Name>!

Examine Plush Elephant.
SILVERee: <Rank> <Name>, that plush elephant has "Kesavan and Sanjay forever" written on it!
SILVERee: Hey, I remember this kid, Sanjay! He used to tell the other kids stories about India, and his best friend, an elephant!
SILVERee: Obaasan wanted Sanjay to forget Kesavan... But nobody should forget their friends, right, <Rank> <Name>?
SILVERee: <Rank> <Name>, I'm so ashamed I helped SOMBRA! I get it now: they're not cool! But now you can make it right and give this elephant back to Sanjay.

Give the plush elephant back to Sanjay.
Sanjay: <Rank> <Name>, you found my Kesavan plushie!
Sanjay: Obaasan said I was too old to sleep with plushies. She said it was a sign of weakness. I didn't want to be weak, so I let her take it away!
Marina: You're not weak, Sanjay! You survived horrible things under SOMBRA, but you always remembered your friends.
Sanjay: You think? So... you won't throw me in jail, <Rank> <Name>? Even though I cut off my pinkie to show allegiance to the yakuza?
Marina: Throw you in jail? No, I don't think so, Sanjay. Chief Ripley will sign your release form in a minute.
Sanjay: I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused, <Rank> <Name>! Here, take this money... don't ask how I came by it, but I know you'll spend it wisely!

Examine Basket.
SILVERee: <Rank> <Name>, you found a locket in that basket!
SILVERee: And look, there are pictures of Chieko and Hiroshi inside!
SILVERee: I bet Chieko will be thrilled to get this locket back!

Give the locket back to Chieko.
Chieko (crying): <Rank> <Name>, Hiroshi was my little brother, I was supposed to protect him! But I let Hiroshi down!
Marina: You didn't let him down, Chieko. Look, <Rank> <Name> found this locket. SOMBRA wanted to rob children of their memories, but Hiroshi never forgot you.
Chieko (wiping her tears): Thank you, <Rank> <Name>! This locket will remind me my brother was brave.
Chieko: And it will also remind me that I might be an orphan, but I'm not alone. The Bureau protected me when I had nowhere to go.
Chieko: Take this gift, <Rank> <Name>, as a token of my gratitude. And please, wherever you go, never stop fighting SOMBRA.

Later, in the office...
Marina: <Name>, I'm confident that the three kids in our care are now ready to be released!
Marina: Who'd have thought SILVERee would redeem himself by helping you undo the damage Obaasan caused! He'll still need extensive therapy, but I can refer him to some excellent specialists.
Marina: I'm more concerned about Chieko and Sanjay. They're still kids! Without a family to go home to, what will become of them?
Angela: <Name>! I hope you don't mind, I overheard your conversation and I have an idea.
Angela: Remember the Spring Angels Foundation? The charity Lars and I started, back in India, to find adoptive parents for orphans?
Angela: I'll personally make sure Chieko and Sanjay are adopted by the best families!
Marina: Good idea, <Name>! Why don't we ask the children what they think?

A few minutes later...
Marina: Chieko, it's time you said goodbye to <Rank> <Name>. But we can find an adoptive family for you. How do you feel about that?
Chieko: You mean... I don't have to go back to Tokyo alone? I can live with a family again?
Chieko: <Rank> <Name>, I don't know how to thank you!
Angela: And how about you, Sanjay? Would you like to be adopted by a nice family, who-
Sanjay: Adopted?! Are you kidding me? I'm 13! I don't need adults to tell me what to do! Ronin and Obaasan tried that, and we all know how that ended!
Angela: But... Sanjay! Adoption is diffe-
Sanjay: Over my dead body, <Rank> <Name>!
(Sanjay leaves, slamming the door in the process.)
Carmen: <Name>, I overheard what happened... Sanjay's run away again!
Carmen: Sanjay's a stubborn kid, but I think I know how to turn him around. Let's find him!

Talk to Sanjay about his adoption.
Sanjay: <Rank> <Name>, I refuse to be adopted! I've lived on my own since I was 8!
Carmen: Sanjay, you deserve better than going back to the streets!
Sanjay: Who says I'm going back? I want to stay with the Bureau! I want to fight crimes with you, <Rank> <Name>!
Carmen: You're too young for that, Sanjay. First, you have to go to school, and-
Sanjay: No! No! <Rank> <Name>, please don't send me away! I don't want to live with strangers!
Carmen: Alright, Sanjay, I'll cut you a deal.
Carmen: What if I become your legal guardian? You wouldn't have to call me mom, but you could live with me.
Carmen: You'd still have to go to school and live like normal kids. But you could stay with me instead of strangers. How does that sound?
Sanjay: Hmmmm... I dunno, <Rank> <Name>... Carmen's bossy, but... Kesavan liked her. I guess I could get used to it.
Sanjay: Alright, Carmen. It's a deal! Do I have to sign something? Or... do we just hug on it?
Carmen: Hug on it? Alright...
(Carmen and Sanjay try to hug, but settle on a high-five instead.)
Carmen (high-fiving Sanjay): You're right, that's more our style!
Carmen: Well, that's settled, then! It's a bit sudden and scary, <Name>... I sure didn't foresee raising a teenager when I signed up to work for the Bureau...
Carmen: But I feel like Sanjay and I understand each other. I think we'll be alright.

Later, at headquarters...
Elizabeth: <Name>, there's been new developments, so here's a quick update!
Elizabeth: First, by dismantling Obaasan's child-trafficking network, you've dealt an amazing bow to SOMBRA! Congratulations!
Lars: <Name>, I also want to thank you for what you've done for all the kids... including my girls. Angela and I decided it was best for them to go home to their grandparents!
Carmen: And if you'll miss the triplets, <Name>, you can always count on Sanjay to wreak havoc in the office. He'll be living with me from now on, as I've started the process to adopt him.
Sanjay: I'm going to help you catch criminals, <Rank> <Name>!
Elizabeth: In other news... you might want to know what'll happen to Ronin. The Judge suspended his sentence, for his help saving the children, and for his supplying information on SOMBRA.
Jonah: What? Ronin will walk free, despite all the evidence against him?!
Elizabeth: Time will tell if we made the right decision, Jonah. Ronin might be useful to us one day. But for now, we have other priorities.
Elizabeth: <Name> discovered that the brainwashed children are being taken to Bangkok, to participate in something called "The Next Level"!
Elizabeth: If we ever needed proof that SOMBRA's powers extend far beyond Obaasan's operations, this is it!
Elizabeth: But I'm confident in your abilities, <Name>. You've beat them once, you'll beat them again! I hope you're ready for new challenges - see you in Bangkok!