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Bureau Headquarters, Dubai...
Ingrid Bjorn: <Name>, now that we're in Dubai, your plan to set a trap for The Sword can be executed! Time is of the essence!
Jack: I hope it works! Our investigation in Egypt helped us get closer to The Sword, but it wasn't enough. They must be stopped before they strike again!
Ingrid: And it's not just about avenging Chief Ripley's murder anymore!
Ingrid: With the discovery that The Sword belongs to SOMBRA, a world-wide terrorist organization aimed at global domination, there is no room for anything other than absolute success!
Jack: Thanks to <Name>, we've found SOMBRA's weapons dealer, a man named Seamus Cummings. We're going to use him to get to The Sword.
Ingrid: <Name>, your mission is to purchase a large quantity of weapons from Mr Cummings in order to attract the attention of The Sword. You and Archer will go undercover posing as rebel leaders seeking weapons for an uprising.
Ingrid: You are to meet him at Dubai's famous rooftop golf course. Should anything happen while you're undercover, your safe word is: eskimo.
Jack: <Name>, our meeting time is approaching and we've got to get into our rebel leader disguises to meet our target! It's time we end The Sword's game for good!

A few minutes later...
Jack (disguised as a rebel leader): Alright, we're all suited up! You look great, <Name>! Seamus will never suspect a thing.
Jack: Let's go see a man about some weapons! To the rooftop golf course we go!

Chapter 1

Investigate Rooftop Golf.
Jack Archer: Oh no, <Name>! That's our target, Seamus Cummings. But he's... dead! What's the safe word again? Eskimo!
Jack: You're right, <Name>! With Seamus dead, we can't follow through on our plan to trap The Sword!
Jack: The best thing now is to find out who killed him and see if it can lead us back to The Sword somehow!
Jack: Let's see if anything around here can help... <Name>, the golf bag you picked up is a good start. There's got to be something in here we can use.
Jack: You also want to put together that ripped up matchbook? Let's do it.
Jack: <Name>, there's still hope of catching The Sword! But first... let's take off these disguises. It's hot in here!

Examine Ripped Matchbook.
Jack (back in his regular clothing): <Name>, there's a message on that matchbook you found next to the victim: "7:30 - Bar Meeting."
Jack: It looks like our victim's next meeting was supposed to be at Dubai's famous Underwater Bar.
Jack: You're right, <Name>! We need to go to the Underwater Bar and find out who was next on the victim's agenda.

Investigate Underwater Bar.
Jack: <Name> don't move! There's a tiger staring right at us!
(The tiger hisses with a gold bar in its mouth.)
Jack: You want to do WHAT, <Name>?! You want to grab those gold bars from its mouth?! Are you out of your mind?! It could eat us!
(The tiger growls, still having the gold bar in its mouth.)
Jack: I can't believe you're doing this, <Name>! I've got your back... but just in case, it was nice knowing you... I can't watch this...
(The tiger roars, still having the gold bar in its mouth.)

A few seconds later...
Jack: <Name>, are you alright?! That was one scary tiger! Good thing I had some leftover kebab to distract him!
Jack: Now that we're both safe, let's dust the gold bar the tiger had in its mouth. It looks like there's something engraved on it.
Jack: After risking your life, you want to search a shopping bag? <Name>, it's your call. Let's see what you find inside.
Jack: <Name>, about that ski lift ticket you found... How the hell does a lift ticket end up here in Dubai? And why is it covered in blood?
Jack: Good idea, <Name>! Let's get a sample of that blood to Lars so we can find out whose it is.
Jack: Alright, <Name>, the victim's matchbook said he had a meeting at 7:30 and that time is approaching. Let's hope one of these clues can help us figure out who he was supposed to meet!

Examine Gold Bar.
Jack: <Name>, so the gold bar you found belongs to a certain Sultan Mahmoud. Any idea who he is?
Jack: You met the sultan in a previous investigation? He's the tyrannical ruler of a desert town? What's he doing here in Dubai?
Jack: You're saying he's trying to stop his people from protesting in the streets? Then... he could've been here to buy weapons!
Jack: Exactly, <Name>! The sultan must be our victim's 7:30 appointment!
Jack: Brilliant idea, <Name>! We should go undercover for our meeting with the sultan... but this time, we'll go disguised as our victim and see exactly what they had planned!

Impersonate the victim and talk to Sultan Mahmoud.
(Before talking to Sultan Mahmoud)
Jack: <Name>, it's 7:30. Operation Sultan Sting is in effect and these disguises are flawless!
Jack (finishing his disguise): The sultan's reaction should be interesting. If he killed Seamus, he'll be surprised to see him alive and well!
Jack (disguised as Seamus Cummings): Ready, <Name>? Let's do this!

Jack: Sultan Mahmoud. I'm Seamus Cummings. I've got the goods. Do you have the gold?
Sultan Mahmoud (with his tiger): Mr Cummings?! I didn't expect to see you. I heard you were... dead!
Jack: Well I'm here, so let's get started.
Sultan Mahmoud: I've brought your gold, but our deal is clear. I purchase these weapons from you and you will stop selling to my enemies, The Sword included... or else I kill you. Do we have an understanding?
Sultan Mahmoud: And I've thrown in some extra gold to make sure we have an understanding on our other matter, as well.
Jack: The other matter? Uhm... right... the "other matter". We... won't say... a word.

Back at the office...
Jack (unearthing his disguise): That went well, huh, <Name>? The sultan had no idea who we really were and he seemed very surprised to see Seamus...
Jack: But I wonder what's that "other matter" he mentioned. Hopefully we'll find out soon enough.

Examine Ski Lift Ticket.
Jack: <Name>, now that you got a sample of the blood on the ski lift ticket, let's see if Lars can tell us who it belongs to!

Analyze Blood.
Lars: <Name>, it's nice to see you! Have you checked out the sites yet? Did you know the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world?!
Lars: Dubai also houses the world's largest indoor ski slope, which you probably already know being that you lifted the blood sample from one of their lift tickets.
Jack: A ski slope in the middle of the desert? Only in Dubai. Thanks for the tips, but were you able to find out whose blood is on the ticket?
Lars: I did! I extracted a DNA sample from the blood and ran it against the victim's. I got a match. The blood is your victim's!
Jack: That ticket didn't end up in a bar covered in our victim's blood all by itself. Someone must've lost it there... the killer!
Jack: And if it's the victim's blood on the ski lift ticket, that can only mean one thing... our killer likes to ski!
Jack: <Name>, we're hunting down one hot-blooded, cold-loving killer!

Examine Shopping Bag.
Jack: <Name>, there was a lot of stuff in that shopping bag, including this gift box. How many purses does a woman need? I'll never understand.
Jack: There's a message from our victim written on the lid of the box? It reads: "To Fiona - With Love, Seamus."
Jack: I wonder who this Fiona person is. Let's open the box and see.
Jack: This earring and necklace set looks pricey! And there's another card inside. It says: "To another 20 years, Your Loving Husband."
Jack: That solves the mystery. This Fiona must be Fiona Cummings.
Jack: She must be our victim's wife. I wonder if she knows he's dead. <Name>, we should go find her and break the bad news.

Inform Fiona Cummings about her husband's death.
Fiona: I can't believe Seamus is dead! And on our 20th wedding anniversary too!
Fiona: He'd always mentioned how amazing Dubai was, so he surprised me with this trip as a gift.
Jack: So you and Seamus were here on an anniversary trip?
Fiona: After our son died three years ago, Seamus retired from the weapons business. We promised we'd spend more time together, travel the world. What am I going to do? Seamus was all I had left!
Jack: We know this must be difficult for you, but do you have any idea who might have wanted your husband dead?
Fiona: In his line of work, that could've been anyone... but that was all over.
Fiona: Although you might want to check for his money. He always traveled with "pocket cash" in case he needed to get out of a sticky situation.

Jack: <Name>, the money Fiona mentioned wasn't with the victim when we found him. That means someone got to the money before we got to the body.
Jack: We need to find that money! Good chance whoever stole it could be our killer!

Examine Victim's Golfbag.
Jack: Seamus's golf bag was pretty fancy with those gold-plated clubs!
Jack: Inside the bag, you found a name tag that belongs to a certain Khalid Al-Zahrani. The name tag says he's a caddy for the resort.
Jack: Good idea, <Name>! Let's question Khalid the caddy! I bet the resort reception desk can tell us where to find him.

Ask Khalid Al-Zahrani about being the victim's golf caddy.
Jack: Khalid Al-Zahrani? We're here investigating the murder of Seamus Cummings. We know you were his caddy. <Rank> <Name> found your name tag in his golf bag.
Khalid: You must know I'm innocent! I went to meet Mr Cummings, but when I arrived, he was already dead!
Jack: So you found the body and just left? You do know that looks suspicious from where I'm standing?
Khalid: If the police had seen me there, they would've arrested me instantly! No questions asked!
Khalid: It's a shame he's dead. Mr Cummings always hired me as his caddy whenever he was in town. He was quiet, but always a generous tipper.
Jack: As touching as those sentiments are, you're officially a suspect in the murder of Seamus Cummings. We may need to ask you more questions, so you should stick around this time.

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: Hello, <Name>! How are you finding Dubai so far? It's a fascinating country.
Angela: I can't wait to go out and take some photos! I saw a man riding a lion this morning!
Jack: Before your photo tour, can you tell us anything about the victim?
Angela: Absolutely! The killer shot your victim point-blank in the chest with a 45-caliber pistol, most likely a semi-automatic. Seamus' gun holster was empty which could mean he was shot with his own gun.
Jack: Shot with his own gun?! Talk about irony!
Angela: Interestingly, your victim received a second-degree burn on his face while still alive. I studied the blisters and can tell you it was caused by a hot cup of coffee.
Angela: My guess is the killer first tossed the coffee in the victim's face as a distraction before they fired the shot that killed him.
Jack: In any case, this means our killer drinks coffee! <Name>, they'll need more than caffeine to stay ahead of you!

Back at Bureau headquarters...
Jack: <Name>, I'm parched! Being around these massive buildings, you forget you're in the desert!
Ingrid: <Name>, I'm glad you're back. I need a full report of what you've uncovered so far.
Jack: Yes... well... We can confirm that our victim was, in fact, tied with The Sword. Our gold-toting sultan was adamant about making sure The Sword never got their hands on any of Seamus' weapons.
Jack: We also know that Seamus and his wife, Fiona, lost a son a few years back. She thinks her husband was no longer in the weapons business. Guess he dealt secrets as well as weapons.
Jack: Khalid the caddy cried innocent, but his story of finding the victim dead and just leaving doesn't sit right with me. Plus, you can't trust anyone, who's that good-looking... besides me, of course.
Ingrid: This is all fine, but what I really want to know is, do you think The Sword or SOMBRA had anything to do with your victim's murder?
Jack: I think that-
Elliot: Hey, <Name>. Hope I'm not interrupting. Just thought you might want to know... I found the victim's stolen money!

Chapter 2

Ingrid Bjorn: <Name>, do you think The Sword or SOMBRA had anything to do with Seamus' murder? I need to know.
Jack: I think that-
Elliot: Hey, <Name>. I hope I'm not interrupting, but do you remember the money your victim's wife mentioned during her interrogation? Your victim's stolen "pocket cash"?
Elliot: I found it!
Jack: You found our victim's stolen money? How?
Elliot: Easy. Any self-respecting, justly-paranoid weapons dealer would track their money. All I had to do was find the GPS signal of the tracking device.
Elliot: Once you find the signal, you find the device... and your device is in the slums of Dubai.
Elliot: The victim's money is in the slums?! <Name>, we've got to get over there now and track down that bag of cash!

Investigate The Slums.
Jack: <Name>, you never hear about this part of Dubai. Not as flashy... Did you find the stolen money?
Jack: Whoa! The victim's wife mentioned pocket cash, but this looks more like a bank heist.
Jack: Let's dust the bag for fingerprints so we can find out who's our thief.
Jack: You also found a locked tablet? What's a tablet doing lying around here? I'm sure unlocking it will give us some answers.
Jack: <Name>, you want to search through that trash bag? It's just trash. Okay... let's throw on our gloves and start searching.

Examine Trash Bag.
Jack: <Name>, is that a gun? What's it doing in a trash bag? Someone was probably trying to toss it in a place they hoped nobody would look.
Jack: <Name>, it looks like there are letters engraved into the barrel of the gun: "S.C." Maybe those are someone's initials?
Jack: You're right, <Name>! Those initials match the name of our victim: "Seamus Cummings"! Didn't Angela mention during the autopsy that he didn't have his gun on him? This gun must be his!
Jack: Didn't she also mention he'd been killed with his own weapon?! That means you've just found our murder weapon, <Name>!
Jack: Let's get this smoking gun over to Lars asap!

Analyze Pistol.
Lars: <Name>, sweet work in the field today! Great job on finding the murder weapon!
Lars: I noticed traces of a dark residue on the gun's trigger and sampled it.
Jack: What did you find?
Lars: I found liquid gold. Perhaps not the one you're thinking of, but just as expensive. The residue found on your murder weapon is oud oil.
Jack: Oud oil? Never heard of it.
Lars: Not surprising being that oud is extremely rare. It comes from the agar tree. When the wood becomes infected with mold, the tree reacts by producing a dark, scented resin called oud.
Lars: The resin is distilled to create a highly perfumed body oil. Two pounds of oil can cost up to $30,000, making it quite the expensive commodity.
Jack: All that money to smell like a tree? I don't get it. But at least we can say with certainty that our killer wears oud oil!

Jack: <Name>, we need to find more leads or we'll be stuck with a dead weapons dealer and no chance at trapping The Sword.
Jack: Lars said that oud oil stuff was expensive, so we know our killer has expensive taste.
Jack: You're right, <Name>! If you want expensive, the best place to go is the Underwater Bar!

Investigate Bar Tables.
Jack: Whoa! That cellphone is covered in jewels! And not rhinestones, actual jewels. Let's unlock it and see who it belongs to!
Jack: A torn photo? No party is complete without a few party pics. Let's put it together.

Examine Torn Photo.
Jack: Hey, I know the girl in the photo you restored! That's Vanna Alabama!
Jack: She's a famous popstar! She sure loves selfies. What is she doing in Dubai?
Jack: And she's not alone. She took this selfie with our victim. She's partying but he looks like he's ready to pass out.
Jack: How do a young popstar and a notorious weapons dealer become acquainted? The only way to know is to ask. <Name>, we're off to mingle with the stars.

Talk to Vanna Alabama about her relationship with the victim.
Jack: Excuse me, Miss Vanna Alabama?
Vanna: Sorry, I'm not signing autographs today.
Jack: We're not here for an autograph. We're here about the murder of Seamus Cummings.
Vanna: Who? Oh, yeah. He's that old guy I met the other day. He died? Bummer...
Jack: Yeah. Bummer. We found a photo of you two together. You looked pretty cozy. How'd you two meet?
Vanna: The ski slopes. He was rocking that black diamond. He was pretty sexy for an old dude. I have a thing for older guys. You know... daddy issues.
Vanna: I ran into him at the bar last night. He was really wasted. I gave him some coffee and then we went up to my room. Seamus rocked in the sack... if you get what I mean.
Jack: Yeah, we get what you mean. We also get that not only did you sleep with a married man, you're now a suspect in his murder. Cancel any world tours you have, 'cause we're going to need you to stick around.

Examine Locked Cell Phone.
Jack: <Name>, why am I not surprised this blingy cellphone belongs to Sultan Mahmoud? He's got more money than a continent.
Jack: Let's send his phone over to Elliot. He's good at finding the things we can't see.

Analyze Sultan's Phone.
Elliot: Hey, <Name>... about Sultan Mahmoud's posh cellphone you found... there wasn't much in it. Just random photos of tigers and clothes. So... I did a little digging.
Elliot: It's simple to retrieve deleted messages from a phone since they stay stored on the device until being overwritten. All you need is a cloud backup or a third-party app to retrieve them.
Jack: Were you able to find anything that way?
Elliot: Uh, yeah. I found a photo text that had been sent by one Seamus Cummings, aka your victim, to the sultan. It's a picture of the sultan semi-incognito walking into a club called The Closet.
Elliot: I hadn't heard of it so I looked it up. Turns out it's one of the only gay bars in town. Very underground. Seems like your sultan likes to "hang" around there.
Jack: Wait, the sultan's gay?! We ARE talking about that angry dictator, right?
Jack: <Name>, you're right! During our undercover meeting with him, he offered us extra gold to forget about something. That was it! The victim must've blackmailed the sultan over his nightly activities!
Jack: Alright, <Name>, you know what this means... time to rendez-vous with our secretive sultan, but this time we'll go as ourselves!

Question Sultan Mahmoud about the victim's blackmail.
Jack: Sultan Mahmoud... always a pleasure to see you. It must be that oud oil scent of yours.
Sultan Mahmoud: <Rank> <Name>, what are you doing here? Another investigation? I've no time for your inquiries. Servant, bring me my coffee!
Jack: We're investigating a murder. This time it's someone by the name of Seamus Cummings. Ever heard of him?
Sultan Mahmoud: ... no.
Jack: That's funny... he knows you. Matter of fact, he texted you a photo he took of you sneaking into quite the interesting bar.
Sultan Mahmoud: That's enough! Don't say another word! What do you want? Women? Money? Cars? Name your price!
Jack: We want the truth! Did you kill Seamus to keep him quiet?
Sultan Mahmoud: No, but I should have! He deserved it!
Jack: Sultan Mahmoud, we were close to arresting you once, so <Rank> <Name> won't think twice about locking you up this time if you killed Seamus Cummings!

Examine Locked Tablet.
Jack: Now that you've unlocked the tablet you found, <Name>, let's hit play to see what we have.

Beginning of recording...
Jessica: Good morning. It's an honor to be here in Dubai and your community for this special occasion.
Jessica: Every building has a story and this one is about bringing health and hope to the children of Dubai.
Jessica: May this hospital offer children in need of state-of-the-art medical care a chance at a healthier, brighter future.

End of recording...
Jack: <Name>, is that Ambassador Stern in the video? The last time we saw her was in Morocco during her attaché's murder investigation.
Jack: She sure has a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Jack: Between you and me, <Name>, I was hoping I'd never have to talk to her again. Oh well, let's go find Stern.

Ask Ambassador Stern why she's in Dubai.
Jack: The reception desk said this was Stern's hotel room. Let's see if she's here...
Jack: Ambassador Stern, are you here? It's Agent Jack Archer and <Rank> <Name>.
Andrew: Who are you? Do you know my mommy?
Jack: Oh... hey, kid. I remember you. You're the ambassador's son. Is your mother here?
Andrew: She's in the bathroom. We're going skiing. Do you like popsicles?
Jack: Do I like... what?
Jessica: Andrew, sweetie, who's at the door? Is it room service with my coffee?
Jessica: Agent Archer and <Rank> <Name>, what a surprise! I'm afraid I don't have time to talk right now. I'm off to the ski slopes. Maybe we could catch up some other time?
Jessica: So lovely of you to stop by. I've got to dash! Enjoy Dubai!

Jack: <Name>, why do I get the feeling the ambassador very cleverly blew us off?
Jack: That woman's smooth... but not too smooth for you, <Name>. She'll be answering to you sooner or later!

Examine Bag of Money.
Jack: Great! We've dusted the victim's stolen bag of money and got ourselves some fresh fingerprints.
Jack: Now, let's see if we can find a match for them in the database, <Name>!

Examine Fingerprints.
Jack: The fingerprints on the stolen bag of money are an exact match to those of the golf caddy, Khalid! I knew he was too good-looking to be trusted!
Jack: He probably snatched the money from our victim's cold, dead hands!
Jack: That means he's not only a smoldering-eyed thief but maybe our cold-blooded killer too! We need to question our crook caddy one more time!

Question Khalid Al-Zahrani about the victim's stolen money.
Jack: We found the money you stole from Seamus's dead body, Khalid! It's time to tell the truth!
Khalid: <Rank> <Name>, I can't believe you found it! I thought nobody would come searching the slums for that money!
Khalid: And besides, Mr Cummings was already dead. He wasn't going to use it!
Jack: Dead or not, that's not an excuse to steal a large sack of money. There was about $50,000 in there. We can report you for this.
Khalid: Please, <Rank> <Name>, I'll do whatever you want! Just don't tell anyone! I can't lose my job!
Khalid: Do you think this is the life I want for myself? To be the son of a maid and an itinerant coffee bean picker... Spending my life serving rich, entitled fools?
Khalid: The only time I can pretend I'm not stuck in this desert wasteland is when my friends at the snow resort let me sneak in and ski. Then, I feel important.
Jack: Is that why you killed Seamus Cummings? To be someone important? Or maybe you just wanted to be him?
Khalid: I didn't kill Mr Cummings! I swear! I only stole the money! I just wanted to move my family as far away from here as possible...
Jack: That might be the case, Khalid, but that makes you guilty of grand larceny. You're lucky we're not turning you in... but <Rank> <Name> has their eyes on you, so you better watch it!

Rooftop Golf Course, later...
Jack: <Name>, this is turning out to be one wild case. Between popstars, sultans, and tigers, I don't know where I am anymore!
Angela: Hi, <Name>! I thought I'd find you here.
Jack: Angela? What are you doing here?
Angela: My kids love Vanna Alabama, so I was hoping to take some pictures of her! Is she around?
Jack: She's probably off taking a half-naked selfie somewhere.
Angela: How's the case going? Any leads?
Jack: Well, let's see... we have a popstar who had a one-night stand with the victim, but could barely remember his name.
Jack: A caddy who stole the victim's money in search of a better life, but swears he didn't kill him.
Jack: And, oh yeah, a sultan who walks into The Closet on a nightly basis but is afraid to come out of it. So I'd say, the case is going great...
Jack: Whoa... what's all that commotion?
Angela: There are two women fighting on the other side of the roof.
Jack: Let's check it out!

Chapter 3

Jack Archer: <Name>, between popstars, sultans, and tigers, this is becoming one wild case! And we still need to find a new way to trap The Sword!
Jack: What's all that commotion?
Angela: There are two women fighting on the other side of the roof.
Jack: Let's check it out!

On the other side of the roof...
Vanna: What are you going to do, old lady?
Fiona: I'm going to throw you off this roof, you little tramp!
Angela: Wait! Before you do, let me grab some shots for my album! Everyone smile!
Fiona: Tramp!
Jack: Ladies, behave yourselves! You're acting like children!
Fiona: She started it by sleeping with my husband!
Vanna: I can't help it if your husband preferred younger meat.
Fiona: Let me at her!
Jack: That's enough! Vanna, go pull yourself together... and maybe put some clothes on!
Jack: Fiona, calm down! <Name> is going to need to ask you some questions.
Jack: And <Name>, you're right. We should search the crime scene again to see if anything got kicked up during the chaos.

Talk to Fiona Cummings about her catfight with Vanna Alabama.
Jack: Mrs Cummings, what was that catfight all about?
Fiona: You want to know?! This entire trip was a sham! We're supposed to be here on an anniversary trip, but Seamus was actually here for a business deal. And he slept with that celebrity wanna-be too!
Fiona: I should've known. The skiing, the jewelry, the shopping... they weren't anniversary gifts. They were all decoys to keep me clueless.
Fiona: Just like him too! Like his way of giving oud oil to everyone... me, his caddy... He wanted to buy people's loyalty with money.
Jack: That must've hurt, his lying and cheating. I could understand if you'd lost your temper...
Fiona: I'd never do anything like that. I'm normally a very calm person... Unless, of course, I've had a lot of coffee.
Jack: Right. Do us a favor and stay away from rooftops and catfights... and coffee.

Investigate Putting Green.
Jack: <Name>, you found a torn up newspaper? Maybe this'll be news we can actually use. Let's tape it up!
Jack: What's inside that crumpled resort stationary, <Name>? Is that... hair? If you think it may be a lead, you'd better vacuum it up!

Examine Crumpled Paper.
Jack: Wait, <Name>, was that hair you just vacuumed from... the pubic region?!
Jack: Oh man, that's gross! Who does that? Let's just get this hair to Lars to find out what it's doing on our crime scene!

Analyze Hair.
Lars: <Name>, you're just in time for my latest joke! Knock knock.
Jack: Sorry, <Name>. It'll be quick. Who's there?
Lars: Harry.
Jack: Harry who?
Lars: Harry situation we've got here. Get it... hairy situation?
Jack: Hilarious, bro! Maybe we should harry-along with the analysis... get it!
Jack: Sorry, <Name>! Uhm... Lars, what can you tell us about this... hair <Name> found on the golf course?
Lars: I'd tell you what part of the body it's from, but I'm pretty sure you know. However, I bet you don't know it's hair from your victim's body.
Jack: This hair belongs to our victim? Why would he save his own shavings? Unless it wasn't him who saved it, but that would weird... er.
Lars: Weird, but exactly the case. Along with your victim's hair, I found strands of a different type of hair. I ran a DNA sample through our database and found the owner of the errant hairs: Vanna Alabama!
Jack: Vanna collected our victim's pubic hairs?! Well... she is weird!
Jack: <Name>, let's go find Vanna and comb the truth out of her!

Question Vanna Alabama about the victim's hair she collected.
Jack: Ms Alabama, care to tell us why you collected a paper full of Seamus's curlies?
Vanna: Damn! It must've fallen when that old lady attacked me!
Vanna: I just wanted something to remember him by after he so cruelly broke my heart.
Jack: So you took his pubes? I thought it was just a one-night stand?
Vanna: That's how it started. But it turned into a passionate affair. He spoiled me with gifts like jewelry and oud oil. But he stopped it out-of-the-blue! He destroyed me like a wrecking ball!
Vanna: I found out he and his wife were coming here on an anniversary trip, so I followed them.
Vanna: But when I showed up at his hotel door, he called me a stalker and told me to never call him again!
Vanna: So I got him drunk and shaved him. That way his wife was sure to know I had been there too! Payback, baby!
Jack: Ms Alabama, I don't care how famous you are. If <Rank> <Name> finds out you killed Seamus to get revenge, you'll be going straight to jail where the hair grows wilder!

Examine Ripped Newspaper.
Jack: The headline of the newspaper you restored reads: "Shooting in Morocco!" And there's a photo of armed rebels surrounding a school.
Jack: Someone wrote a message on it in black marker: "Stern - Seamus Cummings is the man you're looking for."
Jack: You're right, <Name>! That must've been for Ambassador Stern. That's the real reason she's here in Dubai! I knew she was blowing us off!
Jack: <Name>, let's go interrogate Stern again and this time we'll get answers!

Question Ambassador Stern about her interest in the victim.
Jack: You're not only here on a goodwill mission, are you, Stern? You also came to meet with Seamus Cummings.
Jessica: Did you see what happened in my country? It's a nightmare! And it's his fault!
Jessica: Seamus sold weapons to different rebel factions throughout the region. And now they've decided to target foreign interests, including schools!
Jessica: The shooting that just happened was at my son's school! All those children in danger... it's horrific!
Jack: What did you want with Seamus? He's not the one shooting.
Jessica: No, but he's the one selling them weapons! I found out he was going to be here in Dubai so I came to negotiate a deal, but he wasn't interested.
Jessica: He was as cold as ice. As a father, how could he not care? It was all about the money for him.
Jack: That's usually what weapons dealers are about. I just hope you didn't kill Seamus to get him to stop. Violence never pays!

Jack: <Name>, time is of the essence! We need to find Seamus' killer so we can continue with our plan to trap The Sword! I hate the feeling we're just sitting ducks!
Jack: We've investigated all the crime scenes and still haven't found everything we need to arrest the killer.
Jack: What's that, <Name>? You think we should head to the slums again? Considering that's where we found our murder weapon, I say let's do it!

Investigate The Roofs.
Jack: That roll-on you found has an intense... smell! This must be the oud oil we've been hearing about!
Jack: It looks like there's sand stuck on the rollerball. <Name>, we're going to need a sample of that!
Jack: You want to search that toolbox? Knowing we found a gun in the trash, we're bound to find something just as good in here!

Examine Roll On Bottle.
Jack: Let's send that oily sand sample you found on the oud oil bottle to Lars asap, <Name>!

Analyze Sand.
Lars: <Name>, the clock is ticking so I'll cut to the chase. The sample you collected from that oud oil roll-on was a mixture of two things: sand and sweat.
Lars: The sand on the rollerball comes from a prestigious golf course in the US. There's only one course in Dubai that ships that sand in: the rooftop golf course.
Jack: If the sand found on the oud oil rollerball comes from our crime scene, this must mean this bottle belongs to our killer!
Lars: Precisely! Plus, mixed with the oud and sand was sweat, your killer's sweat. And the DNA in the sweat gave me your killer's profile... your killer has brown eyes!
Jack: C'mon, <Name>! We need to find this brown-eyed assassin before they kill again!

Examine Tool Box.
Jack: <Name>, what's this thing you found in the toolbox? Looks like a metal object surrounded by a plastic disc.
Jack: Whatever it is, it's covered in blood! This is a job for Lars!

Analyze Strange Object.
Lars: <Name>, about that object you found covered in blood... It was really small. Glad I wear glasses.
Lars: The object in question is an earring back. It's used to keep earrings in and distribute their weight better.
Lars: What's interesting about this earring back... is that it belongs to your killer!
Jack: It belongs to our killer? How do you know?
Lars: First, I ran a specimen of the blood found on the earring back against your victim's blood. It's a perfect match! Second, your victim wasn't wearing any.
Jack: <Name>'s right! The killer must have lost it while trying to toss the murder weapon in the slums!
Jack: <Name>, this means that our killer wears earrings and if our killer likes jewelry, they're about to get a brand new set of bracelets!

After completing all tasks...
Jack: <Name>, we've got all the proof we need. Let's go throw-the-book at our killer!

Take care of the killer now!
Jack: Fiona Cummings, you're under arrest for the murder of your husband, Seamus. You killed him because he cheated on you?!
Fiona: <Rank> <Name>, if I had killed my husband every time he cheated, he'd be long dead by now. I didn't kill him.
Jack: Don't bother lying. We found your ski lift ticket covered in his blood.
Fiona: Lots of people ski in Dubai. That ticket could have been anybody's.
Jack: Really? And his blood just happened to get on somebody else's earring back, the one that coincidentally matches the earrings he gave you as a gift?
Fiona: I'm appaleed you'd blame me, his wife. I loved him. I put up with all his... stuff. You should be arresting the caddy. He stole Seasmus's money after all!
Jack: But he didn't kill him! It wasn't his oud oil we found on the trigger of the gun that fired the fatal blow. And you used Seamus's own gun! Now that's revenge!
Fiona: Fine! Yes! I did it! But he killed our son!
Fiona: When our son died, Seamus told me it had been a drive-by. You know... wrong place, wrong time. It destroyed me! It took all I had to rebuild my life.
Fiona: But a few months ago, I found out it was all a lie!
Jack: Wait, your son DIDN'T die from a drive-by shooting?
Fiona: No! Our son accidentally shot himself with Seamus's gun and Seamus covered it up!
Fiona: He'd promised me he wouldn't keep the gun at home, but he did and our son died because of it!
Jack: I don't have children, but I can understand how difficult that must've been. However, it still doesn't justify murder.
Fiona: A mother does what she needs to do to defend her children. I couldn't be there to defend mine, so I did what I had to do to make it right!
Jack: And now, <Rank> <Name> needs to make things right... Fiona Cummings, you're under arrest for the murder of Seamus Cummings.

Judge Adaku: Fiona Cummings, you're charged with the murder of your husband, Seamus Cummings. You killed your husband on the rooftop golf course, right? How was that?
Fiona: As awful as killing your husband can be. But I had to do it!
Judge Adaku: No, I meant the course. How was the golf course? I've been meaning to try it.
Fiona: I lost my child and my husband and all you can ask me about is the golf course?! Have you no soul, Your Honor?
Judge Adaku: You know the saying: you live by the fire, you die by the fire. Mrs Fiona Cummings, this Court sentences you to 10 years in prison for the murder of Seamus Cummings!
Fiona: I don't care! No jail will ever be as painful as losing my son!

Jack: <Name>, that was a surprise. Fiona did have sad eyes, but I never thought she'd be hiding a secret like that.
Jack: Goes to show how far people will go to protect those they love.
Jack: Unfortunately, what it doesn't show is how we can trap The Sword. They're still out there!
Ingrid: <Name>, The Sword will have to wait! We have an emergency!
Ingrid: The Ambassador's son has been kidnapped!

Crossing the Desert 5

Ingrid Bjorn: <Name>, we have an emergency! The ambassador's son, Andrew, has been kidnapped!
Jack: Kidnapped?! When? How?
Ingrid: A few minutes ago. Andrew and Stern were at the Underwater Bar having a snack when he went to the bathroom... and never came back!
Jack: Who would do something like this?
Ingrid: That's exactly what you need to find out! We need to find Andrew and the people who did this!
Ingrid: Because this is a time-sensitive issue, I've enlisted the help of Carmen. We need our best people on this!
Carmen: <Name>, we can start by questioning Stern. I'm sure she'll have information you can use.
Ingrid: This is life or death, <Name>! Every second we lose, that boy's chances of surviving diminish! We're counting on you!

Ask Ambassador Stern about Andrew's kidnapping.
Jessica: I can't believe this is happening! My boy! <Rank> <Name>, please find him!
Carmen: We will! I promise. But we need to know exactly what happened.
Jessica: Andrew and I were at the Underwater Bar having some snacks. He went to the bathroom, but he was taking a long time, so I went to check on him. But when I looked, he was gone!
Carmen: Did he have anything with him?
Jessica: He left everything at the table except for his teddy bear. He takes it everywhere. But... come to think of it...
Jessica: <Rank> <Name>, there's a tracking device in the teddy bear! My staff had it recently installed. I can track the GPS signal of the device through my phone!
Jessica: Wait... where's my phone?! It's not here!
Carmen: Don't worry. <Rank> <Name> will find your phone. You probably just left it at the bar.
Carmen: <Name>, we need to head to the Underwater Bar! We'll grab Archer on the way!
Jessica: Please, <Rank> <Name>, find my boy! Whatever it takes! Take this cash in case you need it!

Investigate Underwater Bar.
Carmen: Damn, <Name>! I don't see Stern's phone anywhere! We need that GPS signal!
Jack: <Name>, did you find anything else that could help us?
Carmen: A bar napkin? What's that on it? It looks like wood fibers. <Name>, let's vacuum them up!
Jack: Wait! That letter is addressed to the Bureau!
Jack: And it's signed The Sword. The Sword?! What does The Sword have to do with this?!
Jack: You're right, <Name>! There are wet spots all over the paper. We need a sample of this liquid. It has to be part of the message!

Examine Kidnap Note.
Jack: <Name>, now that you've sampled the liquid on The Sword's letter, we can find out what it is!
Jack: You're right, we don't have time to get this to Lars. We'll do it ourselves!

Examine Unknown Substance.
Jack: <Name>, the molecular composition of the sample you took from The Sword's letter is that of human tears.
Jack: And the DNA in these tears belongs to... Andrew Stern!
Jack: Which means The Sword kidnapped Andrew! But... why?!
Jack: <Name>, you think we should ask Jonah for help? Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Talk to Jonah Karam about The Sword's plan.
Jack: Jonah, if The Sword's kidnapped Andrew, we need all the help we can get!
Jonah: I'm happy to help, but I got to tell you, it doesn't look good. It's not the first time The Sword's kidnapped someone.
Jonah: The Sword's got the same M.O. every time. They kidnap a new target and ship them out of the country. Unfortunately, that target is never seen again.
Jack: Do you have any idea where they go once they've "shipped out"?
Jonah: That's the tricky part. They never go to the same place twice. They've got hideouts all around the Persian Gulf.
Jonah: If I were you, I'd start in the slums. That's their ship out point. But you shouldn't go alone.
Jack: You're right, <Name>! This is Asal's terrain, and she's great in the field. We'll ask her to come with us!
Jonah: <Name>, you better hurry. The longer you wait, the higher the chances the kid won't survive.
Jack: <Name>, we should eat a burger before we go. We'll need the energy!

Investigate The Slums.
Asal: <Rank> <Name>, I'm glad you asked me to come with you. The Sword will not be easy to track down!
Jack: Especially if we spend our time with mousetraps? <Name>, what...?
Jack: Oh, you're right! The orange feather in the trap... That's the same type of feather The Sword used on their poisoned darts that killed Chief Ripley!
Asal: The Sword must have left this for you, <Name>!
Jack: I think there's a message written on it, but it's faded. Time for a dusting, <Name>!

Examine Mousetrap.
Asal: The message on the mousetrap reads: "There's nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact." What could The Sword mean by that?
Jack: We don't have time to guess! <Name>'s right! Let's get this mousetrap to Dupont!

Analyze The Sword's Message.
Dupont: It's ghastly what happened to Andrew, <Name>! Quelle horreur!
Jack: That's why we need your help. What can you tell us about the message The Sword left on the mousetrap?
Dupont: The message is a quote by the very astute Sherlock Holmes.
Dupont: In The Bascombe Valley Mystery, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote this as a way for Sherlock to say: that which is the most obvious is also the most misleading.
Asal: Of course, <Rank> <Name>! The orange dart feather in Morocco, the dollar bills in the desert, Seamus' briefcase in Egypt... all breadcrumbs leading you here. And now the kidnapping!
Dupont: Even the mousetrap itself! It all points to the same thing!
Jack: I don't get it...
Dupont: <Name>, Ripley's murder and everything that's happened since... It's all been laid out by The Sword to lead you into a trap!
Jack: A trap? But we were supposed to trap them!
Jack: <Name>, we've been puppets all along! It's time to show The Sword who's boss!

Examine Napkin.
Carmen: <Name>, now that you've vacuumed up the wood fibers from the bar napkin, let's see if Lars can tell us what they are!

Analyze Fibers.
Lars: <Name>, this is horrible! I'd die if someone kidnapped my daughters!
Carmen: Hopefully, you'll never have to deal with it. But we got a kid out there right now who needs our help! What can you tell us about the fibers <Name> found?
Lars: The fibers you found on the bar napkin are known as wood wool or excelsior. They're finely shaved wood slivers cut from logs.
Lars: Used commonly as packaging, it also serves as stuffing for plush animals like teddy bears.
Carmen: Teddy bears?! Andrew's teddy bear went missing along with him. Maybe this is Andrew's bear's stuffing!
Carmen: <Name>, you think whoever took Andrew was searching for the tracking device in the bear? But all we found are wood shavings.
Lars: That must mean Andrew still has the bear with him and the tracking device is still inside!
Carmen: <Name>, we need Stern's phone! Let's search the hotel, starting with the rooftop golf course!

Investigate Rooftop Golf.
Carmen: <Name>, you found a phone! There's a photo of Stern and Andrew on it, so it must be the ambassador's! Let's unlock it asap!

Examine Jessica's Phone.
Carmen: <Name>, the unlocked phone is displaying what must be the tracking app Stern mentioned.
Carmen: Look! The tracking device is activated! Andrew's bear is on the move!
Carmen: But... wait! The bear isn't in Dubai anymore. It's in the middle of the gulf! We've got to tell Stern.

Tell Ambassador Stern you found her phone.
Carmen: Ambassador Stern, <Rank> <Name> found your phone! It's tracking Andrew!
Jessica: Oh my God! You found Andrew?!
Carmen: The tracker is moving, which means Andrew still has his bear with him. But the thing is-
Jessica: What? Where's my son, <Rank> <Name>?!
Carmen: He's on the gulf. We're not sure exactly where he's headed.
Jessica: That can't be! <Rank> <Name>, you have to rescue my little boy!
Carmen: I know how frightening this must be. <Rank> <Name> will do everything possible to find Andrew!
Carmen: <Name>, we need to gear up! We'd best be ready for whatever comes our way!

Back at Bureau Headquarters...
Ingrid: <Name>, have you found Andrew?!
Carmen: Andrew's on a boat heading up the Persian gulf! The Sword gutted Andrew's bear, but we can still track him.
Jack: This whole thing is part of The Sword's plan! Everything up to now has been leading us into a trap, including this kidnapping!
Carmen: Trap or not, we need to rescue Andrew! We can't sacrifice a child for our own safety!
Jessica: <Rank> <Name>, Andrew's tracker just stopped moving!
Jessica: He's in Iraq!