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David Jones: Ah, <Name>, a certain Rosie Gatewood just phoned. She's this famous historical writer and she wants to speak to you personally.
Jones: Rosie didn't explain why, she only said it was a matter of life and death! C'mon, <Name>, she's waiting for us at the Pilgrim Museum!

At the Pilgrim Museum...
Rosie: I'm glad you could come on such short notice, <Rank> <Name>! I fear that my life is in danger!
Rosie: I've been doing research for my latest book on the Pilgrim past of Grimsborough and I've discovered a dark secret which could cost me my life!
Jones: A dark secret? What is it?!
Rosie: It's something that happened in the Pilgrim village back in 1645. You see, ther-
Rosie: AArgghh!
Jones: What... Oh my God, Rosie! What is that?!
Rosie: <Rank> <Name>... The secret... "White Acres".
Rosie: "White..." "Acres..."
Jones: Noooooo, she's dead! <Name>, the killer must still be here! Quick, let's canvas the scene!

Chapter 1

Investigate Exhibition Room.
Jones: Damn it, the killer must have made a speedy escape before Rosie even hit the ground, <Name>!
Jones: Rosie said she was fearing for her life because of a dark secret she discovered about the Pilgrim village...
Jones: ...And her last words were "WHITE ACRES"... I have no idea what she meant but we better remember them!
Jones: You're right, <Name>. For now, let's send her body over to autopsy. Hopefully Nathan will help us solve this mystery.
Jones: Good point, we can't leave anything to chance so let's repair this broken painting!
Jones: I agree, this faded document looks interesting: I trust you to recover the missing text in no time!
Jones: And of course, <Name>! We should look at the surveillance station since it contains the footage from the surveillance cameras!

Autopsy the Victim's Body.
Nathan: I autopsied the victim's body and can confirm that your victim died of a poisoned blow dart to the neck.
Nathan: The killer wanted to make sure the victim would die instantly...
Jones: ...Before she could have a chance to talk!
Nathan: The poison from the blow dart funneled from her throat to her heart, which stopped beating almost immediately.
Nathan: And for a poison to kill so quickly, it must have been highly sophisticated! It was a mix of several plant compounds...
Nathan: ... And only someone well versed in botany could have created this poisonous dart with the plants at hand.
Jones: Which means our killer is a plant expert! Great job, Nathan!

Examine Faded Documents.
Jones: Great job as always, <Name>! And so this file is a restraining order!
Jones: And there's our victim's name on it! She filed that restraining order against a certain Chantelle Limousin...
Jones: You're right, <Name>: a restraining order is no small thing! We need to talk to this Chantelle Limousin!

Question Chantelle Limousin about the victim's restraining order.
Jones: Uh... Are you Chantelle Limousin?
Chantelle: Yes, it's me. Ah, I can see you're admiring my Pilgrim costume. It's my way of paying homage to Grimsborough's past, you see.
Jones: Oh, it's a costume! Thank God for that!
Jones: Hm, anyway... Mrs. Limousin, it appears Mrs. Rosie Gatewood had filed a restraining order against you. The problem is, she's been murdered.
Chantelle: Ha, she had it coming! I warned her not to write her filthy book, but she wouldn't listen!
Jones: How did you "warn" her, exactly? A restraining order is a serious thing. She must have felt really threatened by you.
Chantelle: I only tried to make her listen to reason! She was going to sully the noble history of the Pilgrims with her book, and for what? Just to make money!
Chantelle: She didn't care about the facts! When I went to talk to her about her research, she wouldn't listen to my advice at all! And look where that got her!
(After talking to Chantelle Limousin)
Jones: You're right, <Name>, Grimsborough's past seems like a touchy subject around here. And Chantelle didn't seem surprised that it cost Rosie her life!

Examine Surveillance Station.
(Before examining Surveillance Station)
Jones: This surveillance terminal is a mess! Someone tore this electrical components to pieces!
Jones: I hope there's still something useful inside. Can you have a look, <Name>?
(After examining Surveillance Station)
Jones: Great job, <Name>, you isolated the hard disk drive from the museum surveillance camera terminal!
Jones: Unfortunately, this one looks compromised. There's a huge gash on it... Let's hope Alex can do something with it.

Analyze Damaged Hard Drive.
Alex: I tried to analyze the hard drive from the crime scene's surveillance terminal, but I couldn't retrieve any data from it.
Jones: Darn it! The killer really covered their tracks well this time...
Alex: Actually, not that well! You see the gash running across the hard drive? Nathan helped me analyze the movement, angle, and thickness of the gash...
Alex: ...And that gash was made by a fencing sword!
Jones: So our killer practices fencing? Let the duel begin!

Examine Broken Painting.
Jones: Congratulations, <Name>! You restored that painting in no time! It's a beautiful depiction of the Pilgrim village from 1645...
Jones: Oh my God, you're right! The painting is named "WHITE ACRES": these were our victim's last words!
Jones: Rosie told us she uncovered a dark secret about the Pilgrim village... and she wanted us to pay attention to this painting!
Jones: It seems that to solve her murder, we'll have to delve into the past of the Pilgrim village as it was 400 years ago, <Name>...
Jones: And you're right: we've explored the past twice thanks to Herman and Anakee's stories. So we know it can be done!
Jones: Don't they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Looking at this painting will be just like listening to one of those stories!
Jones: I mean, this picture is so incredibly detailed... I can already imagine we were in that Pilgrim village in 1645!
Jones: So what do you say, <Name>? We've experienced the past through stories before... What about we now experience it through a painting!

Investigate Pilgrim Hamlet, 1645.
(Before investigating Pilgrim Hamlet, 1645)
Jones: Our victim was researching the Pilgrim village's past when she died... So we should investigate it too, <Name>!
Jones: This painting depicts the Pilgrim village as it was 4 centuries ago. And if you ask me, it's even more detailed than listening to a story.
Jones: Thanks to the painting and with a little imagination, we'll be able to picture ourselves back in that village in 1645!
Jones: Wait a second, I've got a surprise for you! Just close your eyes!
Jones: Haha, what do you think, <Name>? I really thought if I dressed the part, it would help us believe we were really in the Pilgrim village.
Jones: And since we're in a museum, surrounded by ancient Pilgrim artifacts, if you notice any interesting objects in the painting, make a note of it.
Jones: Now we're ready to let our minds wander to the Pilgrim village of yesteryear... Just look at this painting, <Name>...
Jones: The snow on the ground, the stony houses... It's just so hypnotizing... The Pilgrim village is really starting to come to life...
Jones: ...I can even see smoke coming out of the chimneys...

In the Pilgrim village, 1645...
Jones: Come on, <Name>, let's explore Pilgrim life!

Investigate Pilgrim Hamlet, 1645.
(After investigating Pilgrim Hamlet, 1645)
Back to reality...
Jones: Okay, <Name>, it's time to snap back to reality!
Jones: Brr, I feel freezing cold... But what an experience!
Jones: And that torn tapestry and cryptex that caught your attention in the Pilgrim village are right here in the museum!
Jones: I'm curious to see what this 400 year old tapestry really looks like. Do you think you could put it back together, <Name>?
Jones: And I see you're dying to use your genius decoding skills on this cryptex from 1645!

Examine Torn Tapestry.
Jones: Amazing job as always, <Name>! That 400 year old tapestry from the Pilgrim village was in fact an embroidered chest!
Jones: ...And you're right, we've seen this chest before! But where?
Jones: What an amazing memory you have, <Name>! This is the crest Ashton Cooper had on his jacket when we met him during the Stuart Huckabee investigation!
Jones: You're right, this proves Ashton's family was present in the Pilgrim village! We should go talk to him!

Question Ashton Cooper about his family blazon.
Jones: Ashton, right before Rosie Gatewood died, she told <Rank> <Name> to investigate a painting of the Pilgrim village called "White Acres".
Ashton: Truly fascinating... But what does this have to do with me?
Jones: Because when investigating that painting, <Rank> <Name> discovered your family's crest hidden in it!
Ashton: I personally hate that painting. It depicts the winter the Pilgrim Geert De Haan became the leader of the village...
Ashton: But really, he's the biggest fraud in the history of Grimsborough!
Jones: Rosie got murdered because she was digging up the Pilgrims' past. Could you tell us more about De Haan's story?
Ashton: It's more of a silly legend, really... It was in 1645, and the Pilgrim village had been without a leader for months. The villagers couldn't decide who to name as their new chief.
Ashton: In those harsh times, people relied on an authority figure to tell them what to do. They were losing hope, until one day, a miracle happened...

Pilgrim Village, 1645...
Geert: People! Gather up! Look what I've found, lost in the woods! A boy! A newborn baby!
Geert: Let everyone be witness to this miracle! God has sent us this child to guide us through the darkness!
Geert: For months we have been like sheep without a shepherd, but no more! God has sent me this child so I could look like after him, and likewise, I will look after you!
Geert: Let me be your leader, and with God's guidance, I will make this village thrive!

As the story ends...
Ashton: ...And so the story goes that God chose Geert de Haan as the leader of the Pilgrims by sending him this baby...
Ashton: All of it is preposterous, of course! A baby sent by God!
Ashton: If you ask me, Geert de Haan was just an opportunist who tricked people into naming them their leader!
Ashton: But MY family turned that tiny village into a CITY! We put Grimsborough on the map, and we didn't need a miracle to do it!
(After talking to Ashton Cooper)
Jones: You think the Pilgrim story about Geert De Haan could be linked to our victim's murder, <Name>?
Jones: We do know Rosie got killed because she was digging up stuff about the Pilgrims someone didn't want her to uncover!
Jones: And in terms of people who didn't want the Pilgrim past dug up, Ashton is a prime suspect!

Examine Cryptex.
Jones: You did it, <Name>! You found the exact code to open that 400 year old cryptex! So, what's inside it?
Jones: Wait, how did this USB key end up in a 400 year old cryptex?! And there's the victim's name on it!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we should send this mystery to Alex!

Analyze USB Key.
Alex: Your victim obviously hid this USB key inside this cryptex for safekeeping.
Alex: The key contains a copy of Rosie's last will and testament.
Alex: The will states that all her money should go to Jenny Quaid, a woman who was Rosie's ghostwriter.
Jones: Wait a minute, Rosie's books were actually written by this Jenny Quaid?!
Jones: You're right, <Name>! Now that this Jenny has inherited all of Rosie's fortune, we should go talk to her!

Talk to Jenny Quaid about her inheritance from the victim.
Jones: Miss Quaid, Rosie Gatewood's dead, and <Rank> <Name> discovered that you'll be inheriting all her money.
Jenny: What? She left me all her money? I'd never have thought she'd have such consideration for me!
Jones: You sound more surprised about the money Rosie Gatewood left you than her death...
Jenny: Please! For 9 years, I've been slaving away for her: helping her write her books, without getting any of the fame or money.
Jenny: And you say she was murdered? Well, I can't say I'm sad. All she had was good lucks... I had the talent and she stole that from me!

Later, at the station...
Jones: Phew, <Name>, what a case! Our victim was just about to tell us the dark secret she had uncovered about the Pilgrims...
Jones: ...When she got killed right in front of her eyes! Who knew writing books could be so dangerous?
Jenny: <Rank> <Name>, there you are. Our little talk about Rosie's death got me thinking...
Jenny: ....So I looked through all the files Rosie gave me for the book and I found this map!
Jones: Huh, this seems to be a map of the Pilgrim museum, Jenny...
Jenny: Trust me, Rosie said the map was the key to the story of Geert De Haan! But some of it is faded...
Jones: Don't worry, Jenny, <Rank> <Name> will recover the faded part of the map in no time!

Examine Erased Map.
Jones: Great job, <Name>! You've managed to fix the map that used to belong to our victim!
Jones: So... Have you discovered why Rosie thought this map held the key to solving the dark secret to solving the dark secret about the Pilgrim village?
Jones: Oh my God, you're right! The lower part of the map shows a cave, right underneath the museum! And it's written... "Geert De Haan's secret lair!"
Jones: Hm, so Geert De Haan had a secret cave that no one knew about... But what did Rosie find down there that cost her her life?
Jones: This is getting really exciting, <Name>, reminds me of treasure hunting when I was a kid! Let's go find the entrance of that secret cave!

Chapter 2

Jones: Rosie Gatewood may have been killed for the secrets she had uncovered, but thanks to your skills, they won't stay secrets for long, <Name>!
Jones: Everything points to her being killed because of something she had uncovered about the glorious Geert De Haan.
Jones: The legend says he was sent a child from God and became the Pilgrims' leader. But apparently, there's more to it.
Jones: And according to this map our victim drew, this is the entrance of Geert De Haan's secret cave!
Jones: Whatever the truth really is, this place is hiding the secrets which got Rosie Gatewood killed, so we need to check it out, <Name>!

Investigate Secret Cave.
Jones: Argh, as if this cave wasn't already scary enough... You had to go and find a skeleton, <Name>!
Jones: You're right, we know this is Geert De Haan's secret lair... So this skeleton might have something to do with his story.
Jones: Good point, we'll only know once we've identified it! And I see you're already holding the skull: would you mind collecting a hair sample?
Jones: And now for something less scary: do you think you could restore this torn card you found?
Jones: And this tin box has "poison" written on it... And it's filled with poisonous plants and stuff!
Jones: You're right, <Name>: given our killer has a knack for crafting poison, this tin box must belong to them!
Jones: Huh, so the killer's been using this cave as their own secret lair... Could they act any more evil?!
Jones: Good point, <Name>: now that we know this tin box belonged to the killer, we need to search through it!

Examine Skull.
Jones: Great! You collected some hair from that skull of the creepy skeleton! Let's hand it over to Grace for analysis!

Analyze Hair.
Grace: Thanks to the hair sample you brought me, I can assess the skeleton you found in the cave is the one of Harriet Gatewood, who was murdered 400 years ago.
Jones: Harriet Gatewood? As in... ancestor of Rosie Gatewood, our victim? And you say she was murdered?
Jones: You're right, <Name>. That would explain why Rosie was so interested in that cave, she knew her ancestor was lying there!
Grace: That's not all. Harriet Gatewood's DNA also matches with a certain Kirk De Haan. He's alive, and living right here in Grimsborough!
Jones: What the... Kirk De Haan? As in... Geert De Haan?
Jones: But how could Kirk De Haan have family connections with Harriet Gatewood, anyway?
Grace: Well, you surely remember Geert De Haan's miracle boy legend. Your victim had an interesting theory about that.
Grace: The manuscript of her next book has leaked on the internet. And it goes like this...

Pilgrims Village, 1642...
Harriet: Listen to me, Geert. This child I'm expecting is yours. You cannot run away from me!
Geert: Silence woman! What should I tell the people of the village? That I impregnated a prostitute? I'm a reverend!
Harriet: Do you think I should be the only one to shoulder this burden? This is YOUR baby, too!
Geert: I... Why, Harriet? Why would the Lord put us through such trials?
Geert: You need to run away. You need to hide away from the village and give birth to our child far away from here.
Geert: Do you remember the secret cave we used to go to together last summer? You will be safe there.
Harriet: I suppose you are right. I will go and hide there. And I will pray to the Lord so maybe He can hear our plight.

Back in the present...
Grace: There goes Rosie Gatewood's story about the baby. What do you think, <Name>?
Jones: Well, Geert De Haan having a child with a prostitute sounds more likely than him finding a baby in the forest as a gift from God.
Grace: In the end, Harriet Gatewood was completely forgotten from history. No wonder Rosie was so keen on restoring her name.
Jones: And so according to this DNA you analyzed, one of the descendants of this baby is Mr. Kirk De Haan?
Jones: You're right, <Name>. We should go ask this Kirk De Haan a few questions.

Talk to Kirk De Haan about his family connection to Harriet Gatewood.
Jones: Mister De Haan, our investigation on Rosie Gatewood's murder led us to Harriet Gatewood, her ancestor, killed 400 years ago.
Jones: According to our intel, you two share the same DNA. Which means you have family connections to our victim.
Kirk: I should sue you for slander! My ancestor is none other than the miraculous boy sent to Geert De Haan by God!
Kirk: DNA's sorcery, if you ask me. Botany's the only science the Lord would approve, if you ask me.
Kirk: Everybody knows Harriet Gatewood is a sinner. The day she disappeared, the village just thought that the Devil had finally came to claim her as his bride!
Kirk: THAT is the truth! And I will challenge anyone who pretends differently to a fencing match! Just so they can see who's right!

Examine Tin Box.
Jones: You're right, <Name>. This tin box you found is full of poison vials and blow darts just like the one which was used to kill our victim!
Jones: Which means this bunch of collectible cards you found inside this tin box might belong to our killer!
Jones: Ah, these cards look just like the baseball and wrestling cards I used to collect when I was a kid, except...
Jones: Except these cards feature Tess Goodwin? Tony Marconi and... Alden Greene? Oh my God, <Name>! This trading card collection is a rogue gallery of all the killers we've arrested!
Jones: Are these really killer collectible cards?! Ugh, we better send these over to Alex.

Analyze Collectible Cards.
Alex: I had a look at the collectible cards you found in that tin box from the secret cave...
Alex: ...And they're "Killer Cards": they're just like collectible sports cards, but with the murderers of Grimsborough.
Jones: Gruesome! At least now there's no doubt these cards belong to our killer! They're exactly what a twisted mind would look up to!
Alex: Not only them. These cards were invented by a certain Baxter Trask, who made quite a fortune selling them around town.
Jones: I agree with you, <Name>: talking to this Baxter Trask could help us draw up our killer's profile a bit more precisely.

Talk to Baxter Trask about his trading cards creation.
Baxter: Ah, I see you have some of my "Killer Cards", <Rank> <Name>. And I bet you came here because you want a super rare shiny card!
Jones: Actually, we're investigating the murder of Rosie Gatewood, and we know her killer collects your cards.
Baxter: There's a real killer collecting MY cards? What an honor! I knew everyone liked my "Killer Cards", but this beats everything!
Jones: You should be ashamed! You're teaching people how to be murderers with those cards... And you're turning killing into a game!
Baxter: Don't blame me: I used to print sports trading cards before. My thing was fencing. But there's no money in that so I decided to change.
Baxter: And my cards give historical and psychological context to every murderer that happened in Grimsborough. It's part of our history, too!
Baxter: Honestly, you can't blame the killer you're hunting for liking them. A lot of people do!

Examine Shredded Paper.
Jones: That torn card you just restored is from the "Geert De Haan Appreciation Society", <Name>.
Jones: Wow, this guy is even more popular then we thought. And look at the name on the card: Chantelle Limousin must be one of his fans!
Jones: Well, she did seem awfully fond of anything to do with the Pilgrims... And very protective, too! She did threaten our victim not to write about the past!
Jones: And now we're pretty certain that Rosie was killed because of what she was about to write on Geert De Haan...
Jones: Do you think it's possible Chantelle killed Rosie to protect De Haan's image? I agree, <Name>, we need to go talk to her!

Question Chantelle Limousin about her admiration for Geert De Haan.
Jones: Chantelle, <Rank> <Name> found your "Geert De Haan Appreciation Society" membership card. We didn't know you were such a huge fan of his.
Chantelle: I'm Geert's number one fan! And you should join the club too: we practice fencing and study plants, which were his favorite activities!
Chantelle: I also wish Ashton Cooper would join our club: he's amazing at fencing! But the jerk hates Geert too much.
Chantelle: The sad thing is, he refuses to admit he's wrong about the man, no matter what I tell him!
Jones: Is that why you were so angry with Rosie? She didn't appreciate De Haan's legacy enough for you?
Chantelle: She was so unpatriotic! Rosie tried her hardest to dig up dirt on Geert just so she could sell her stinking book!
Chantelle: But as much as I thought about it, I didn't kill her... That wouldn't have been the Geert thing to do.
(After talking to Chantelle Limousin)
Jones: Chantelle seems super obsessed with the Pilgrims' past. She snaps as soon as someone says something bad about it!
Jones: You're right, we're still missing the full picture on what really happened in the Pilgrim village back in 1645...
Jones: So what do you say we revisit it, <Name>? And I'm not just saying that so I can dress up as a Pilgrim again!

Investigate Barn, 1645.
(Before investigating Barn, 1645)
Jones: Okay, <Name>, are you ready to let your imagination wander back to the Pilgrim village as it was in 1645?
Jones: Just immerse yourself in the painting and imagine you're walking through that Pilgrim village 400 years ago...
Jones: This painting is just so hypnotizing... I... I see the village...
Jones: Life just seems so peaceful here in 1645...
(After investigating Barn, 1645)
'Back to reality...
Jones: Okay, <Name>, it's time to snap back to reality!
Jones: Wow, <Name>, I still can't believe how realistic the Pilgrim village felt!
Jones: So that 400 year old torn pattern caught your attention, <Name>? Ha, and it's right here in the Pilgrim Museum!
Jones: It's been 4 centuries since anybody's seen what this torn pattern really looks like. Could you remedy that, <Name>?

Examine Torn Pattern.
Jones: Unbelievable, <Name>! You took this 400 year old torn pattern from the Pilgrim village and turned it back into...
Jones: ...The Crimson Order symbol?! So these guys were present in the Pilgrim village too!
Jones: Do you think there's a link between the Crimson Order and the murder we're investigating, <Name>?
Jones: You're right: it's highly possible that Rosie discovered a secret about the Crimson Order and was going to write about it!
Jones: Let's go and talk to Jenny: she's the one who wrote most of our victim's books, after all!

Ask Jenny Quaid for her knowledge about the Crimson Order.
Jones: Miss Quaid, <Rank> <Name> discovered there was a hidden Crimson Order symbol in the Pilgrim painting, "White Acres".
Jenny: Well, of course there is! The Crimson Order's always been here! How do you think Grimsborough's dark secrets have remained hidden for so long?
Jenny: Rosie thought the Crimson Order's involvement in this city's history would make for a fascinating book, no matter the danger.
Jenny: She should have learned fencing like me in order to defend herself. But she's always been lazy.
Jones: If you knew how dangerous the Crimson Order was, why didn't you warn her?
Jenny: I'm just the ghostwriter: Rosie always made it clear that I should never talk, just listen... Who knew it would cost her her life?
(After talking to Jenny Quaid)
Jones: Well, it goes without saying that Jenny Quaid still holds a strong grudge towards our victim.
Jones: And I agree with you. It feels like we're getting close, <Name>. Close to the Crimson Order.

Later, at the station...
Jones: Was Rosie murdered because of what she wanted to tell her readers about Geert De Haan's illegitimate child?
Jones: Or was it also because she dug up the Crimson Order's secret presence in the Pilgrim village?
Eduardo Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>! There you are! You'll never believe it! I just bought some new "Killer Cards", and guess what I've found! A secret card, solving the murder of Rosie Gatewood!
Jones: What? What do you mean, "solving her murder"?
Ramirez: Well, this card features a Crimson Order member as the killer of Rosie Gatewood, look!
Ramirez: See? Even the murder weapon is the correct one!
Jones: WHAT?!

Chapter 3

Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>! I've found a special "Killer Card" with the Crimson Order as Rosie Gatewood's killer, look!
Jones: What?! Publishing collectible cards about the killers we've arrested was a tasteless idea, but now Baxter Trask is simply going too far!
Jones: And why would he take such a risk by implying the Crimson Order's responsible for Rosie's murder?! Our investigation is far from over!
Jones: This investigation is so confusing, <Name>. Like that secret cave... We know the killer went there, but why?
Jones: Good point. Searching that secret cave again might yield more clues. We'll go have a look there... But let's also have a chat with Mr. Trask!

Question Baxter Trask about his Crimson Order collectible card.
Jones: Trask! Why did you publish this "Killer Card" which claims the Crimson Order murdered Rosie Gatewood?!
Baxter: Because it's the truth! Rosie Gatewood was researching the Pilgrim village... and stumbled upon a secret of the Crimson Order.
Jones: What secret?
Baxter: You know the legend of Geert De Haan and how he became the leader of the village thanks to his miracle baby?
Baxter: Well, there's more to this story. You see, Geert De Haan followed Harriet Gatewood to the secret cave to see their newborn son...

Secret Cave, 1645...
Geert: My... My baby! I have a baby! Harriet, you have made me the happiest of men...
Geert: And I am truly sorry for what I'm about to do.
Harriet: What are you talking about? What... Why are you holding that knife, my love? NOOOOOOOO!!!
Geert: I'm sorry, Harriet... But I HAD to kill you! There was no other way...
Crimson Order Member: You made the right decision, Geert De Haan, and you've proved youself worthy of joining our ranks.
Geert: Aaaah! Who are you? What are you doing here?
Crimson Order Member: We are the Crimson Order. Our power comes from our secrets, and therefore we must forever operate from the shadows.
Crimson Order Member: That is why we need you to become the leader of the village and carry out our orders. We will make you a true hero to the people.
Geert: But how?
Crimson Order Member: These people are without hope. Take this baby and tell them it was sent by God: they will worship you forever.

As the story ends...
Baxter: So now you know the real story behind Geert De Haan's myth, <Rank> <Name>.
Jones: You're really telling us that the Crimson Order covered up De Haan's murder...
Jones: ...Just so they could use De Haan as their puppet?!
Baxter: Think about it, why else would Rosie Gatewood have been killed for wanting to sell the truth to the whole world?
Baxter: Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go home and water my belladonna sprouts. Those flowers need a lot of attention, you know.

Investigate Alter.
Jones: So you found a handprint in the secret cave, <Name>? Well, whoever left it behind is soon going to be identified thanks to your mad skills!
Jones: And you're right, there could be something of importance inside that golden basin. Are you ready to look through it?

Examine Handprint.
Jones: Bullseye, <Name>! You identified the handprint from the secret cave in mere seconds! So it belonged to Ashton Cooper!
Jones: What the hell was Ashton Cooper doing in a secret cave nobody seems to even know the existence of?! I agree, <Name>, Ashton's got some explaining to do!

Ask Ashton Cooper why he went into the secret cave.
Ashton: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, would you happen to have the shiny Tess Goodwin "Killer Card" by any chance? I'm willing to pay for it.
Jones: We're not here to talk about some stupid cards! Tell us what you were doing inside De Haan's secret cave instead. <Rank> <Name> found your handprint there!
Ashton: I go there to pick these rare herbs, they're such a treat! Some people say Geert De Haan planted them himself.
Jones: How do you know about that secret cave anyway? It seems only Rosie, her killer and a few other people knew about it.
Ashton: Come now, this city was built by my family. Don't you think I would know all its secrets?
Jones: You should be careful, Ashton: it seems people who know too many secrets tend to get murdered around these parts.
Ashton: Oh, don't worry about me, <Rank> <Name>, unlike some people, I know how to keep my mouth shut.

Examine Golden Basin.
Jones: Well done, <Name>! You found a letter inside that basin from the secret cave!
Jones: What does it say? "Rosie, if you release your filthy book on my ancestor... I will kill you!" And it's signed by Kirk De Haan!
Jones: Now why would Kirk be threatening Rosie?
Jones: You're right, <Name>: we know Rosie was murdered because of a book she was writing about Kirk's ancestor...
Jones: ...And it sounds like Kirk was prepared to kill Rosie to protect his ancestor's image. C'mon, let's go talk to him!

Question Kirk De Haan about his death threat to the victim.
Jones: Kirk, we found the death threat you sent to Rosie Gatewood. Why don't you save us time and confess to the murder?
Kirk: Hey, hold your horses there! The letter was just to scare her! I just wanted her to stop writing that stupid book, is all.
Jones: Well, now she's dead and you're looking mighty guilty!
Kirk: I know how it looks... But I'm telling you someone else went and killed it. They gotta be the Crimson Order.
Kirk: The Crimson Order are true heroes who protect this city from people like Rosie... Who just want to slander its good name!
Jones: The Crimson Order have been a bunch of murderers for 400 years! They're definitely not heroes!
Kirk: You can't stop me from admiring them. And killers make up a big part of this town's history... Just look at my "Killer Card" collection.

After one too many coffees...
Jones: Every one of our suspects seem to have a million reasons for wanting Rosie dead... But who actually killed her?
Jones: Good idea, <Name>! We should go back to where it all started: the Pilgrim Museum!

Investigate Showcase.
Jones: You found a bear trap, <Name>? Maybe you should take a closer look, there seems to be something stuck in it.
Jones: And what about that hamper? You're right, we know the killer was here, so it's a good idea to look through it!

Examine Bear Trap.
Jones: Great job, <Name>! You found pieces of blue fabric in the bear trap's clutches!
Jones: Obviously, it's not part of the exhibition. Let's send it to Grace for analysis, she'll know what to make of it.

Analyze Blue Fabric.
Grace: I analyzed the blue fabrics you found in the bear trap in the Pilgrim Museum, <Name>, and I found traces of poison on them...
Grace: ...The same poison that was used to create the blow dart that killed your victim!
Jones: So these threads come from our killer!
Grace: Exactly! Now I'm guessing the bear trap used to be hanging on the wall... And when your victim got too close, they almost lost their head.
Grace: But instead, the bear trap only caught part of their tie!
Jones: So, we're looking for a killer with a blue tie! Thanks, Grace!

Examine Hamper.
Jones: Well done, <Name>! You found a faded parchment inside the hamper you found in the Pilgrim Museum.
Jones: Unfortunately, the text is far too illegible, but you should give it a try, I know you have a spell for that!

Examine Parchment.
Jones: Oh my God, you're right, <Name! The faded parchment now reads "Dispose of Rosie to join us"... So it's a contract to kill Rosie?!
Jones: The killer was carrying out someone else's orders... Just so that they could join their club?
Jones: We need to send this contract to Alex: if there's a secret society recruiting killers, we need to know!

Analyze Parchment.
Alex: The killing contract you found in the Pilgrim Museum was made up in a very sophisticated way!
Alex: You saw most of the message ordering the killer to murder Rosie... But a part was missing which was written with special ink!
Alex: Seeing that there was a blank part on the page, I decided to pass it under black light, and success: a symbol revealed itself!
Jones: What?! That's the symbol of the Crimson Order! So they ordered the hit on Rosie?!
Alex: Yes, and to be able to see the Crimson Order symbol, you need ultraviolet glasses that can allow you to see in the same spectrum as the ink.
Jones: Well, what will these ultraviolet glasses look like?
Alex: Just like normal glasses... but the color can't lie: they'll have purple lenses!
Jones: Great work, Alex! So we're looking for a killer who's wearing purple glasses!

After completing all tasks...
Jones: Ah, <Name>, this is my favorite part of the job: when all the evidence points towards our killer! C'mon, let's make this arrest!

Arrest Killer.
Jones: So you're the one who killed Rosie Gatewood, Ashton? And for what: just so you could join the Crimson Order?!
Ashton: The Crimson Order are like me: we're proud of our fine city and we'll do anything to protect it!
Jones: You don't make the city proud: you're just a bunch of psycho killers!
Ashton: Don't make us out to be senseless murderers: all our so called crimes are justified!
Ashton: Rosie Gatewood was about to depict the Crimson Order as insidious manipulators. They gave me a mission to kill her and I executed it perfectly!
Ashton: I used the "Killer Cards" as motivation: the descriptions of each murder taught me how to commit the perfect crime!
Ashton: I took my time and prepared a poison from rare plants in the secret cave... I wanted to make sure everything was perfect.
Ashton: But then <Rank> <Name> came sniffing around and I had to act fast: so I used a poisoned dart and fled the scene before you even knew she was dead!
Jones: Well, we got you now, Cooper. And this time you won't fade away like a ninja!

Judge Hall: Mr. Cooper, you are brought before this court to answer for the murder of famous writer Rosie Gatewood. How do you plead?
Ashton: Guilty to the eyes of your so-called justice, I guess. But the honor of my family is safe, for we Coopers always did what was necessary for the eternal glory of this city!
Ashton: And putting me in a cell won't change anything! Even from jail, I can act as a Crimson Order brother!
Judge Hall: That's enough. Ashton Cooper, for the murder of Rosie Gatewood, this court hereby sentences you to lifetime in prison! Now take him away!
Ashton: Wait! <Rank> <Name>, I have a message for you from the Crimson Order: "Your days are numbered."
Jones: You think the Crimson Order scares <Rank> <Name>?! You've got it all wrong: it's them who should be scared!

Jones: It seems our investigation into the past is forcing the Crimson Order to step out of the shadows, <Name>. We're getting closer to their secrets!
Jones: I just hope you're ready, <Name>: who knows when they will next strike!

Additional Investigation

Ramirez: <Rank Name>! I need to talk to you! It's about the secret cave!
Ramirez: You see, I was supposed to guard the entrance... But... I'm sorry, Baxter Trask, the creator of the collectible Killer Cards, tricked me and entered!
Jones: What do you mean? You're a trained cop, Ramirez, how was he able to trick you?
Ramirez: He begged me to let him take a look, and I refused! But he kept insisting, and he showed me his newest Killer Card, the premium edition of the Ashton Cooper card!
Ramirez: I was marveling at it, and he took my distraction as an opportunity to slip into the cave!
Ramirez: I'm so sorry, <Rank> <Name>! Can you come back to the cave with me? You're the only one who can make sure Mr. Trask didn't move anything important!
Jones: Right... <Name>, I'll let you two handle this. But I feel uneasy about the Crimson Order... We can't just wait until they kill someone else!
Jones: Good point: since Ashton Cooper is part of the Crimson Order, we should go talk to him. We can go whenever you're ready, if you'd rather check the cave first!

Investigate Secret Cave.
Ramirez: It's so scary here, <Name>! It's a good thing you could tell nothing was moved, except this torn paper you found...
Ramirez: Oh! Chief King's name is written here! I don't know what it's supposed to be though... Do you think you can piece that paper back?

Examine Shredded Paper.
Ramirez: I can't believe it, <Rank> <Name>! Trask has created a card about Chief King! And it's a golden one!
Ramirez: How horrible! Chief King wasn't one of those horrible murderers on the Killer Cards! I know he killed Adam Bentley... But he wasn't a monster!
Ramirez: I agree, <Rank> <Name>, we can't let Baxter Trask publish this card! I like Killer Cards, but I don't want this game to taint Chief King's reputation! Let's talk to him!

Talk to Baxter Trask about his new card.
Ramirez: Baxter Trask! <Rank> <Name> has found your new card in the secret cave! What were you thinking, publishing a Chief King's card?!
Baxter: Come on! A police chief turning into a murderer, and then killing himself? How could I let this story pass? It'll make an awesome card!
Baxter: People here have started to consider your ex-chief as the worst killer Grimsborough has ever known! He's the perfect representation of corruption in this city!
Ramirez: No, we can't let you do this! Look, I like Killer Cards... But we can't let you destroy Chief King's reputation anymore! I'm sorry but <Rank> <Name> won't let you publish this card!
Baxter: Fine, I won't publish it, but it's a pity... If you started collecting Killer Cards, <Rank> <Name>, I'm sure you'd understand! Here, take these gift vouchers to buy some!

Question Ashton Cooper about the Crimson Order.
Ashton: <Rank> <Name>! What allows me the pleasure to see you again, so soon after you've arrested me?
Jones: Cut it, Ashton, we have questions about the Crimson Order. We want to stop them, so tell us everything you know!
Ashton: I know they'll protect my family's history now that I'm a member, and that's enough for me. You have to accept that there's nothing you can do! Just like with your ex-chief!
Ashton: They've been controlling the city for centuries, they're not scared of one little <Rank>! They've written Grimsborough's history!
Ashton: The White Acres painting in the Museum is the best example: it was ordered by the Crimson Order as a gift for a member... You're no match for them!
(After talking to Ashton Cooper)
Jones: Dammit! I can't believe this guy refused to help us! I don't care what he says, I'm not scared of the Crimson Order! As if they could stop you...
Jones: Ashton mentioned the painting we found at the Museum though... You already proved it was related to the Crimson Order, but maybe we missed something... Let's go take another look at it!

At the Museum...
Jones: Here we are, <Name>. I don't know if we'll find anything new about this painting though... We're probably wasting our time.
Jones: What? The canvas? Oh! Cleverly spotted, <Name>! There is a smudged message on the other side of the canvas... Do you think you could make it legible?

Examine Painting Canvas.
Jones: Well done, <Name>! The message written on the back of the canvas is mostly legible now! It's a dedication of the painter...
Jones: "To William Kingsley"? <Name>, that's the name of Chief King's ancestor!
Jones: Everything leads to Chief King's family! But if the Crimson Order did order this painting, as Ashton claimed, what were there ties with this William Kingsley?
Jones: You're right, Ashton won't tell us anything... But we know someone who has done a lot of research about Grimsborough history: Jenny Quaid! As a ghostwriter, she may be able to help us!

Talk to Jenny Quaid about the Kingsley family.
Jones: Jenny, we need to look into your research about the past of Grimsborough! We're looking for a certain Kingsley among the Pilgrims, and we could use your help...
Jenny: Kingsley, you say? I do remember saying the name during my research for Rosie's book... I may be able to help.
Jenny: I'll have to go over my notes first... I'm sure I've stumbled upon this Kingsley recently! I bet there was a link with Rosie's book.
Jenny: I may have seen the Kingsley name on a few occasions in the museum, too... Some items here must have belonged to this family!
Jones: Oh! You're right, <Name>, we should take a look around then. We might find one of those items. Thank you for your help, Jenny, we hope you find something.

Investigate Exhibition Room.
Jones: Nice catch, <Name>, this trunk may hold interesting items. It'll help us understand the lives of the Pilgrims better...

Examine Clothes Trunk.
Jones: I'm impressed, <Name>! I'd never have noticed this old letter among those clothes without you!
Jones: It's an official message... "According to the Governor's orders, the prisoner John Bill has been falsely accused of murder and is to be released immediately."
Jones: The author is the Governor's assistant. As an influential character in the Pilgrim settlement, they must have met the Kingsleys!
Jones: You're right, <Name>! Alex should be able to tell us which family this wax seal belongs to, and if they had any link with the Kingsley family!

Analyze Wax Seal.
Alex: <Name>! You'll never believe me, but the wax seal on the letter you found at the Museum belongs to the Kingsley family! And your letter was written by William Kingsley!
Jones: So Chief King's ancestor wrote this letter? I surely didn't expect him to be the Governor's assistant... He must have been important in the Pilgrim community!
Alex: Yeah, the Governor was like a Mayor, and his assistants helped him rule the Pilgrim settlement. They were part of the civil court and could intervene in several trials, like with this letter.
Alex: In this case, William Kingsley vouched for the prisoner John Bill so he'd be freed... But in the city archives, it's written he was accused of triple homicide!
Jones: Triple homicide? Why would William Kingsley release such a killer? <Name>, we should go talk to Jenny again, she may have heard of this.

Ask Jenny Quaid if she has found anything about William Kingsley.
Jenny: <Rank> <Name>! Right on cue! I've found something about the Kingsley family! I can't figure out how I missed it before!
Jenny: More precisely, every time I found a crime that could have been ordered by the Crimson Order, the name Kingsley appears and then... Poof! The whole story seemingly vanishes!
Jenny: No witnesses, no interrogations, no investigations... And even if a criminal is arrested, he never faces trial and is released thanks to the intervention of the Kingsley family!
Jones: You're right, <Name>! It's just like in that letter we've found! But what does that mean?
Jenny: What if the Kingsley family has been cleaning up after the Crimson Order ever since the first Pilgrim settlement? It makes perfect sense!
Jenny: But I'm sorry, <Rank> <Name>, I won't do more research on the topic. I don't want to attract the Crimson Order's attention!
Jenny: I don't want to die like Rosie! Take these trinkets, though, if you ever want to restore another painting... And I should offer you lunch as an apology!

Later, at the station...
Jones: <Name>, I can't believe what Jenny has told us. We knew Chief King was a part of the Crimson Order and that he had done some shady jobs for them, but this...
Jones: Think about it, his family, starting with his ancestor William Kingsley, has ensured the Crimson Order's crimes have remained hidden for generations!
Jones: I can't believe it! The whole family has been used to cover up their atrocities! But nobody else apart from Samuel King seems to have committed a crime!
Jones: Chief King seems to be the first who ever became a murderer, <Name>...
Jones: What if Chief King was more than a pawn for the Crimson Order, what if he had planned everything? It's like the Crimson Order is everywhere!
Jones: I feel like I can't trust anybody but you! We have to stop this madness! They can't escape you forever, <Name>!
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>! Oh my God, I have terrible news! Tess Goodwin, the Rorschach killer... She's escaped her cell!
Jones: WHAT?! Tess Goodwin is out??
Jones: <Name>, we need to put her back in prison before she starts hypnotizing people again! Ramirez, get your frying pan ready!