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Jones: Hello, <Name>, are you ready to go? I'm so excited! I've always been curious to see the Grimsborough Sci-fi Fantasy Festival!
Jones: What a sight, you and me and hundreds of geeks! Come on, it will be fun, it's never too late to discover new things!
Jones: And maybe they'll have geek muffins, or geek cupcakes! Mmmmm, cupcakes and muffins...

At the Grimsborough Sci-fi Fantasy Festival...
Jones: Have you seen all those people in costumes, <Name>? And all those stands and statues! I don't even know where to start!
Jones: Look at this giant statue! I think it's one of those characters Alex reads about, Lady something...
Jones: I don't recognize the other character however, but look at his expression, and all the blood, it all looks very real!
Jones: And the smell, it stinks! Is it normal? God, I'm beginning to think that this impaled doll is...
Jones: Are you thinking what I'm thinking, <Name>? But nobody seems to have noticed it! We have to take a closer look at it!

Chapter 1

Investigate Festival Main Hall.
Jones: Oh my God this is not a doll, <Name>, it's a human body!
Jones: Poor kid, this is just unbelievable that no one realized what happened to him! His wallet indicates that his name is Joe Turner. We have to take him back to Nathan for an autopsy.
Jones: From what we can see, Joe fell off the upper floor. The height of the barrier would have saved him from an accidental fall, which means he was pushed! That torn poster may tell us by whom.
Jones: You're right, <Name>, whoever owns that stand next to the statue must have seen something. Let's see who it is.
Jones: Kevin Parker? The comic book seller from the dead musician case? It seems fitting that a comic book seller would have a stand at a geek Festival. Let's find him!

Autopsy The Victim's Body.
Nathan: The cause of death is pretty obvious. The victim died impaled on that statue. In other words... He's dead, Jim.
Jones: Ehm, my name's David Jones, not Jim. And of course he's dead, that's why we sent him to you for autopsy.
Nathan: Jones, 'He's dead, Jim' is a quote from a famous TV show. Ah, this Festival is bringing back so many memories! That show was one of the reasons why I went into medicine!
Nathan: But back to the corpse, now, shall we? I noticed he was holding something in his hand, and I managed to get off of his death grip this badge from the Festival!
Nathan: No name on it, but it's a professional badge! Your victim must have grabbed it from his killer when he fell to his death.
Jones: So it means Joe Turner's killer is a professional attendant of the Sci-fi Fantasy Festival! Good job Nathan! 

Talk to Kevin about the victim.
Kevin Parker: Finally, Joe does something right. At least I won't hear him gloat anymore!
Jones: Why do you seem so happy that Joe Turner died, Kevin?
Kevin Parker: I'm not happy that Joe died, but I ain't gonna cry. Him and I... We had a complicated relationship. I hated his guts, and the feeling was mutual.
Kevin Parker: But we've been rivals since kindergarten, so it's gonna be weird to not have him around anymore, I guess.
Kevin Parker: The thing I can tell you is that you'll have some trouble finding someone who won't be relieved Joe's dead. They might feel guilty about it and all, but they're all cheering inside.
Kevin Parker: Maybe you should take a look at the bus Joe took to come to the Festival this morning. I heard he managed to make everyone insult him. Maybe someone got more pissed than the others.
(After talking to Kevin Parker)
Jones: Apparently, Joe was not the most liked person around here... But that's not a reason to take his death so lightly! 
Jones: You're right, we should take a look at the bus Joe took to come to the Festival, especially if he angered his fellow passengers. After you, <Name>!

Examine Torn Poster.
Jones: What are those pieces of paper about? Oh, it's a Captain Simple poster! And it was among the ones hanging from the ceiling! Joe must have tried to grab it to stop his fall!
Jones: Maybe there's still some traces of the fight between Joe and his killer! Let's take a closer look at this poster, <Name>!

Examine Captain Simple Poster.
Jones: So what did you collect on that poster Joe destroyed in his fall, <Name>? Some unidentified substance?
Jones: Let's send it to Grace, she'll find out what it is in no time!

Analyze Substance.
Grace: I looked at the substance you collected from the poster at the Festival, and I can tell you it's glue!
Grace: More precisely, it's the kind of glue used to attach plastic prosthesis to the skin. With it, you can easily wear pointy ears, fake noses, bigger chins, everything!
Grace: And, Nathan confirmed, Joe Turner didn't wear any prosthesis! So, if the killer uses this glue, they must wear prosthesis themselves!
Jones: Great job, Grace! It means we have to be attentive to any body transformation, <Name>, let's keep our eyes open!

Investigate Bus Interior.
Jones: This bus is a complete mess! I thought geeks were more careful with their belongings!
Jones: Look, one of them even lost their ticket to the Festival. Or at least it looks like it is... Can you see what's written on it, <Name>?
Peri Foreman: Hey, what are you doing in this bus?! If you forgot something, you have to ask for an organizer's permission!
Jones: We're members of the Grimsborough Police Force, M'am. We're investigating Joe Turner's murder.
Peri Foreman: So you're the ones I have to blame for evacuating the Festival floor? Well, I guess it couldn't be helped. But murder is bad for business.
Peri Foreman: I'm Peri Foreman, the creator and organizer of this Festival. I guess you'll need my statement, I'll be available to talk when you need me.

Talk to Peri Foreman.
Peri Foreman: I'll be honest with you straight away, <Rank> <Name>, I won't cry over Joe's death. Nor do I think anyone will.
Peri Foreman: He already ruined my day by forcing you to close the Festival floor. I mean, even in death he's putting this Festival into jeopardy!
Peri Foreman: Putting up a geek event in a city like Grimsborough is a major gamble. Even with our proximity to the University, it's mostly an old city, with old habits and old fears.
Peri Foreman: The frequentation has been lackluster for a few years now, and we're not making as much money as we need. This may well be the last Sci-fi Fantasy Festival in Grimsborough.
Peri Foreman: And Joe... Well, let's just say Joe never did anything to help. He was trying to take over the organization of the Festival for years! He wanted my job, that's for sure.
Peri Foreman: Maybe his death will ensure that the Festival lives on! Sweet, sweet irony.

Examine Scratched Ticket.
Jones: Great job clearing out the inscriptions on that ticket, <Name>! What does it say?
Jones: It's a meet and greet ticket! It's one of those overpriced tickets that let you meet a celebrity! And this is one for the main star of the Festival, Bruce Anderson!
Jones: You know Bruce Anderson, <Name>? Alex has a poster of him in his lab! He's a famous B-movie actor, he was in Attack of the Mutated Broccolis and Aliens of the Machu Picchu!
Jones: Whoever lost this ticket will be so pleased to have it back, they will tell us everything we want to know! But unfortunately, there's no name on it...
Jones: You're right, <Name>, the serial number on the back of the ticket will tell us who bought it, but it's still scratched out... Can you decode the number?

Examine Serial Number.
Jones: Great job, <Name>, you decoded the serial number of the meet and greet ticket like a pro!
Jones: Let's send it to Alex, he'll find out who is hiding behind this lucky serial number!

Analyze Serial Number.
Alex: I found out who the meet and greet ticket you found in the bus belongs to, and it's a friend of ours! Tess Goodwin!
Jones: Tess? I didn't think she was the kind of girl who would pay a fortune to see an actor, but to each their own.
Alex: Careful, Jones! It's not just any actor, it's Bruce Anderson. He's so talented, and so strong, and so handsome, and so manly--
Jones: Ok, ok, let's forget I ever said anything! Come on <Name>, we have to give this ticket back to Tess before Alex decides to keep it for himself!
Alex: Wait a second, <Name>! You may have problems finding Tess at the festival, she went in costume! Keep your eyes open!

Give the ticket back to Tess.
Tess Goodwin: What do you want, <Rank> <Name>? Right now is not the best time! I lost my meet and greet ticket! I can't see Bruce Anderson without it!
Jones: Tess? Is that really you? Oh, and do you mean this ticket that we found inside the bus? You should be more careful!
Tess Goodwin: OH GOD MY TICKET! Thank you so much, <Rank> <Name>, for bringing it back to me! I've waited all my life to meet Bruce Anderson!
Tess Goodwin: You're investigating Joe's death, is that it? I'm pretty sure most of us had noticed he was dead up there, and didn't say anything. We're not happy he's dead, but we're all relieved he's gone.
Tess Goodwin: He was a patronizing, misogynist assh*le who was looking for fights all day long. He was just a pain in the ass, plain and simple. Always wanted me to prove that I was a real geek.
Tess Goodwin: So yeah, good riddance. And I have to admit, the fact that Joe won't ever criticize Bruce again is filling me with uncontainable joy!
(After talking to Tess Goodwin)
Jones: God, fanboys really can hold a grudge, can't they? Joe certainly seemed to take pleasure in ruining everybody's fun, but that's not a reason to kill him!
Jones: You're right, we have to keep digging, <Name>. There must be more to this case than simple hatred.

Later, at the Police Station...
Jones: You know, <Name>, all those geeks, it's kind of making me dizzy! I'm not sure I can really get everything that's going on here, I can't understand all of those obscure references!
Alex: DON'T FEAR! Mister Amazing is here to rescue you!
Jones: HOLY CR*P! Alex, what the hell are you wearing?
Alex: It's my undercover costume! I'm cosplaying as Mister Amazing, a great, forgotten hero from a 60's comics! A classic!
Alex: And by Chief King's order, considering my extensive knowledge of all things geek, I'm to be your official sidekick on this case, <Rank> <Name>!
Alex: Just you and me for the rest of this case, <Name>! Ain't that amazing?
Jones: Wait, WHAT?!

Chapter 2

Alex: Yes, it's official, considering my extensive knowledge of all things geek, I'm to be your official sidekick in this case, <Rank> <Name>! 
Jones: Really Alex, Chief King asked you to assist <Name> in this case? Well, I won't say no to a little vacation! So let me summarize our progress for you.
Jones: Joe Turner was pushed over a rail at the Sci-fi Fantasy Festival, and got impaled on a promotional statue. His murderer left him on display for everyone to see!
Jones: And from what we've seen, everyone seemed to hate the guy! For now, we don't really know where else we can turn--
Alex: Are you kidding? If something bad happened at the Festival, Irma will certainly know more about it! She's the top source of gossip in Grimsborough!
Alex: You remember Irma? You met her during that dead musician case! All the Festival attendants go eat at the Diner, we'll learn something there for sure! <Name>, let's go! 

Investigate Diner.
(Before investigating)
Alex: Yay, Irma decorated the Diner again! I love it, she does it every year for the Festival! Look, here she is!
Irma Anderson: Hi Alex, a Country Burger, as usual? What are you taking, <Rank> <Name>?
Alex: Nothing today, Irma, we're here on an investigation. Joe Turner was killed this morning at the Festival.
Irma Anderson: Really?! I thought it was just a rumor! Listen up, free meal for everyone, the treat's on me!
Alex: Seriously?! Irma, how can you be so happy about Joe's death?
Irma Anderson: I'm just kidding... I don't want to go bankrupt! Feel free to take a look around, <Rank> <Name>, I'll be in the kitchen if you need me.
(After investigating)
Alex: Oh God, my first investigation, it's so exciting! What does Jones say again? Ah yes! 'So <Name>, did you find anything of interest in Irma's Diner?' 
Alex: Good impression, don't you think? Your voice is way more difficult to imitate, for example! But you're right, back to the case!
Alex: This bag from the Festival seems interesting, we should take a look through it!
Alex: And we should talk to Irma as soon as possible. She hated Joe's guts, but I don't really know why. Guess it's time to find out!

Examine Festival Bag.
Alex: So, what did you discover inside the Festival bag you found at the Diner, <Name>?
Alex: A torn paper? It looks like an article! Let's piece it back together!

Examine Torn Article.
Alex: Great job, <Name>, this torn article you restored seems to be talking about the Festival!
Alex: It's an article from the Grimsborough Daily! And it's tearing apart the Festival and its organizers!
Alex: Who's the author? Rene Jotur? I've never heard of him... You're right, it sounds like an alias or something. 

Alex: I'm gonna pass it through the database, see if I can trace anything related to this guy! You can count on me, <Name>! 

Analyze Article.
Alex: So I looked up the author of the article you found, Rene Jotur, and it's actually the nom-de-plume of someone we know well, Joe Turner!
Alex: It's an article criticizing the Festival organization, and I can tell you it's far from being the only one he wrote against them!
Alex: He speaks of financial problems at the Festival, name dropping several people, such as Peri Foreman and Kevin Parker!
Alex: And apparently this article almost destroyed the Festival when it went out! No one had any idea the Festival cost that much to the city!
Alex: So Joe definitely had more than one enemy... If one of them knew he had those informations, that might have been enough to get him killed...

Talk to Irma about Joe.
Irma Anderson: If you're here to ask me about Joe, I'll tell you right away, I won't hide my dislike for this guy. He's been banished from the Diner for causing fights between customers.
Irma Anderson: And now that he's gone, my little Bruce will be able to meet his fans in peace!
Alex: Your little Bruce? Oh my God, Irma, are you going out with Bruce Anderson, is that how you managed to get him to come to the Festival?!
Irma Anderson: He's my BROTHER, Alex. Anderson is my maiden name!
Irma Anderson: And since the Festival is good for my business, I just asked him for a little favor. He's a nice kid, and I'm happy everyone agrees.
Alex: So you know where he is? Oh my God, I'm friends with Bruce Anderson's sister! Can we talk to him?
Irma Anderson: Sure, he's eating his breakfast in the staff room. Don't freak him out, though, he has a long day ahead of him!
(After talking to Irma Anderson)
Alex: We get to meet Bruce Anderson in private! This is the most glorious day of my life!
Alex: But you're right, <Name>, we have to focus. Irma hated Joe, and cared a lot about the Festival. She's definitely a suspect.
Alex: Okay, and now we've got to meet BRUCE! Do I look good, <Name>? Do I need a breath-mint? Oh my God, I'm so excited!

Talk to Bruce Anderson.
Bruce Anderson: Hello, <Rank> <Name>, to what do I owe the pleasure? Irma told me what happened at the Festival, I hope it won't delay my appearance?
Alex: Ehm, no, of course, I mean, don't worry Mr Anderson, everything will go on as scheduled! But we have to ask you, did you know Joe Turner by any chance?
Bruce Anderson: I may have met him at a Festival before, but honestly I can't remember. I have a lot of fans, and I can't remember them all, even if I try my hardest.
Alex: Of course, of course, we understand. When are you scheduled to appear at the Festival, Mr Anderson?
Bruce Anderson: In a few hours. I hope to see you there, <Rank> <Name>! Don't forget to meet me backstage, I'll give you a special autograph!
(After talking to Bruce Anderson)
Alex: Did you hear that, <Name>?! Bruce wants to see us! He wants to see us at the Festival! I'm so happy I could cry!
Alex: And his special autograph, he only offers it to his greatest fans! I'm gonna faint, hold me <Name>!

At the Grimsborough Sci-fi Fantasy Festival...
Alex: It's time, <Name>! Bruce Anderson is gonna appear at the meet and greet!
Alex: Yes, you're right <Name>, I should stay focused on the case! I can't go to a meet and greet in the middle of an investigation!
Alex: While we're here, we should take another look at the crime scene! After you, <Name>! 

Investigate Festival Stands.
Alex: Okay, I'm gonna concentrate, and forget that Bruce Anderson is doing his meet and greet right now! So what did you find at the Festival floor, <Name>?
Alex: Oh my God, can I have a look at that figurine, please? I think I know what it is! It's one of Joe Turner's most precious possessions!
Alex: It's an extremely rare copy, and Joe was the only person to own it in this part of the United States!
Alex: We should see if there's not a clue to collect on it, <Name>. Joe would never have left it on a Festival stand--
Alex: Oh, look! People are getting out of the meet and greet with Bruce Anderson! There's Tess and Kevin!
Alex: Can we talk to them, <Name>? Please? I want to know what what we missed, please!

Examine Figurine.
Alex: So what did you find on Joe's figurine? Is there anything of interest?
Alex: You found some kind of powder? Let's send it to Grace, she'll find out what it is in no time!

Analyze Powder.
Grace: So I've found out what the powder you collected on that figurine is, and it's makeup! Covering makeup, the kind you use to dress up.
Grace: Since Joe didn't wear any makeup, and the figurine was hidden away, I'm a hundred percent sure it comes from your killer!
Alex: Thanks, Grace, you're awesome! Now we know that Joe's killer wears makeup! We're making progress!
(After the analysis)
Alex: So <Name>, now that we have that new information about our killer, do we know of any of our suspects that wears makeup?
Alex: Well, there's Tess, obviously, I mean, she's kind of blue and everything.
Alex: And there's Kevin that I know always put on foundation when he's cosplaying.
Alex: We're making progress, <Name>! That's awesome, we're kicking ass!

Ask Kevin about the Meet and Greet.
Kevin Parker: I just saw Bruce Anderson. He was so beautiful. He looked at me. Do you understand? HE LOOKED AT ME. God, I'm so sweaty my prosthetic ears are falling off.
Kevin Parker: I can't believe that damned Joe Turner almost caused me to miss something this perfect.
Alex: I know you've hated Joe since kindergarten, Kevin, but I never really knew why. Did something happen, I mean, other than his splendid natural character.
Kevin Parker: Oh yeah, something happened. We had an argument, about a rare figurine we both tried to buy. He won the bet, and he came to my shop every day to gloat.
Kevin Parker: But I've plotted my revenge ever since. And this hard work has payed off! I own a picture of him, of when he was a kid. In a fairy costume. Oh yeah.
Kevin Parker: If I had put that thing on the internet, it would have destroyed his reputation. Now? Well, of course I'm gonna post it, I consider it an homage!

Ask Tess about the Meet and Greet.
Tess Goodwin: Oh my God. I just saw Bruce Anderson. I breathed the same air as him. Life was worth living for this moment. Are my scales still in place? I had to push people to get a seat!
Tess Goodwin: I'm so glad Joe's death didn't stop Bruce from coming here. It would have pleased him so much, the little prick. How many times did he criticize Bruce for no reason?
Alex: I imagine a lot of times, but it's not a reason to be glad that a person is dead! Tess, that's cold, even for you.
Tess Goodwin: God, Alex, are you still angry that I killed your character at last week's table? You can't risk your life at the throw of a dice and blame the person who takes it.
Alex: Yeah, but... Didn't I tell you, <Name>? Tess and I played at the same role playing table together, and she brutally murdered my paladin with her thief!
Tess Goodwin: You shouldn't have played so carelessly. I just took advantage of an opportunity. It's human nature.

Later, at the Police Station...
Alex: So what do you say, <Name>? Am I a good sidekick? Are we making good progress? Am I as good as Jones?
Alex: Maybe I'll keep doing it after this case, don't you think? I'll ask Captain King if--
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>! There's an emergency! Someone has gone crazy at the Diner, he cut a customer's arm off with a machete! I ran back as fast as I could!
Ramirez: I managed to recognize this maniac, with his manic smile, his laughter, and... oh my God, and HIS CHIN!

Chapter 3

Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>! There's an emergency! I saw someone with a machete at the Diner, he cut a customer's arm off! I ran back as fast as I could!
Ramirez: I managed to recognize this maniac who started attacking people at the Diner, and I think it's Bruce Anderson! Did fame get to his head?!
Alex: I don't understand, Ramirez, first we have the murder of Joe Turner at the Sci-fi Fantasy Festival, with more suspects than we can count seeing how he was despised...
Alex: And now Bruce Anderson, the main star of the event, has gone mad?! It's impossible!
Alex: Come on <Name>, let's see with our own eyes what it's all about! Amazing Alex and <Rank> <Name>, to the rescue!

Investigate Diner Tables.
Alex: I'm not sure I understand, <Name>. Where is the man who supposedly got his arm cut off by Bruce Anderson? The only thing you found is that little bag!
Bruce Anderson: It's because it was a stunt, of course! Just a fake machete, a little ketchup for the blood, and my talent! I'm glad to see even professionals got taken in!
Alex: Oh, that explains it! Darn, I wish I'd been there to see it all happen!
Bruce Anderson: Don't worry, my friend, your loyalty will not go unrewarded! But for now, if you'll excuse me, I've gotta dash.
Alex: Well, <Name>, seems Ramirez got in a panic for nothing! I wonder what's that bag you found, though. Should we have a look through it?
Alex: And look, Peri's here! We might as well go have a chat with her. And I'd also like to talk to Irma again, if you don't mind.

Examine Purse.
Alex: So the little bag you found at the Diner is a dice bag! People who play role playing games often carry one, since you need a different type of die for each of your character's actions.
Alex: But it's weird that it's been left here, most players carry their bag with them as a lucky charm... And one of the dice is broken! It's really strange.
Alex: Can you put it back together, <Name>? I have a bad feeling about this...

Examine Broken Die.
Alex: Holy llama on a stick! I recognize the die you just repaired, it's Joe's! It's custom made, you see those Roman numbers? He never went anywhere without it!
Alex: He would never have allowed for it to be broken... And why would it be here, and not on his body?!
Alex: And look, there's traces of blood on it! Can you collect it? Come on, <Name>, show me those incredible skills of yours!

Examine Joe's Die.
Alex: Holy crap, <Name>, you're even better than what Jones says! You collected the blood off Joe's die like a pro!
Alex: Let's send that sample to Grace, she'll work wonders on it!

Analyze Blood.
Grace: So I analyzed the blood you found on that die, <Name>, and I can affirm you that there's actually two different strings of DNA!
Grace: One is a match for Joe Turner's, while the other is unidentified. Since the die was originally broken, I'd say one of them was already bleeding, and the other cut themselves on the die.
Grace: The DNA is not in our database, but I can tell you that your killer's blood type is A-!

Interrogate Irma about Bruce's stunt.
Irma: I'll admit Bruce's stunt was not in the best taste, considering the circumstances, but it was harmless fun!
Alex: We have a murderer on the loose, and you call that harmless fun? Not your best idea, Irma.
Irma: It ain't my fault if Joe died, and it's HIS fault I have to resort to stunts in the first place!
Irma: He kept posting horrible reviews of the Diner on the internet, and people had stopped coming! I had to do something to boost the frequentation.
Irma: So that's why I asked Bruce to come to the Festival, to help the business and make the customers forget about Joe's badmouthing.

Ask Peri about the Festival.
Peri: Look at them, those ungrateful nerds... Now they're gonna blame me for the police interrupting Bruce's stunt! I just can't do anything right, can I?
Alex: What the hell are you talking about, Peri? We're all glad that you put the Festival together, and I know you're working your ass of! Don't talk about yourself like that.
Peri: Maybe you know what it is, but they don't! They have no idea how hard it is to keep this thing running! At the first mistake, they sweep down on me like vultures!
Peri: And Joe... Joe was the worst of them. He knew we had financial problems, and he was closing in on me, trying to blame all of this on my head. He wanted my job.
Peri: He would have stopped at nothing to take over the Festival, and make it at his own image. That sick twat, he almost succeeded. But now he's dead. Thank God for small favors.
Peri: God, I have to calm down, my prosthetics are gonna fall off. If you'll excuse me, I have to redo my makeup. I can't let them see me like that.

Alex: So Joe was trying to overrun Peri as the head of the Festival... I know Peri, she's strong, but she really gives her whole to this.
Alex: You know, <Name>, I've known them both for a long time. If Joe was trying to destroy all her hard work, I can't imagine how Peri would have reacted... We have to keep an eye on her, <Name>.
(A good full meal later...)
Alex: So, let's recap! Peri and Irma both had reasons to want Joe Turner dead, but could they really have acted upon their impulses?
Alex: You're right, <Name>, we should try to search for more hard evidence, it's the only thing we must follow!
Alex: Maybe we could take another look at the bus Joe came with! After all, I still haven't looked at it, maybe another point of view at the scene would be welcome!

Investigate Driver's Seat.
Alex: God, this bus is a mess! It reminds me of this Festival I went to as a teenager... Those were the times, I can tell you! So, what clues did you find, <Name>?
Alex: You're right, this wallet seems interesting! What is it doing here, it weighs a ton! Surely the person who owns it would have noticed something was missing!
Alex: Let's take a look at it, <Rank> <Name>, let's investigate, Grimsborough style!

Examine Wallet.
Alex: So, what's inside the wallet you found on the Festival bus, <Name>? Anything interesting
Alex: Holy crap, this is a picture of Irma and Bruce Anderson when they were teenagers! Boy, did they change! They're almost unrecognizable! Alex: Yes, almost unrecognizable, look at Bruce! There's something different about him, almost like his chin...
Bruce: Hey, what are you doing looking through my wallet?! Give it back!
Alex: Yikes, Bruce! What is your wallet doing in this bus?! This zone is sealed during the investigation! I'm sorry, but we have to interrogate you!

Ask Bruce about his wallet.
Alex: So, Bruce, what are you doing in this bus? It's been closed off for the investigation!
Bruce: I was just trying to hide from my fans... I love them, but their love can get a little overwhelming. By the way, do you have any foundation on you? I think someone rubbed my face...
Alex: Oh, right, I understand. So I presume this wallet's yours then? Is it me, or is your chin smaller on the photo?
Bruce: No, no! There's nothing wrong with it, there's... Oh, what the hell! I'm sick of the lies! Alex, <Rank> <Name>, my chin... My chin is fake.
Bruce: My chin, my trademark, it's a prosthetic! No one knew, I hide it the best I could, but Joe Turner caught me as I was changing it.
Bruce: He tried to blackmail me, he could have destroyed my career! You would have found out somehow, so I'd rather tell you myself. But I found something that might help you catch his killer.
Bruce: There was a note, on the floor under one of the benches. I'll give it to you, but you have to promise to keep my secret! Promise it, <Rank> <Name>, my career depends on it!

Alex: I can't believe Bruce lied to us about something as important as his chin. I feel betrayed! But I'll keep his secret, it's my duty!
Alex: So what does the note he gave us say? 'Meet me, 7.15am, Sci-fi Fantasy Festival'... Holy dolphin on rollerskates, it's the time and place of the murder!
Alex: Do you think there is something valuable to collect on it? I'm right at your side, <Name>!

Examine Note.
(Before Examining)
Alex: Given that the bus has been locked since the start of the investigation, the note Bruce found must have been written by the killer! Does that mean the murder was premeditated?!
Alex: Do you think you can collect something on the note, <Name>?
(After Examining)
Alex: Did you manage to collect anything on the note Bruce gave us, <Name>?
Alex: Great job, <Name>, those hairs are getting us one step closer to our killer! Let's send them to Grace right away!

Analyze Hair.
Grace: The hair you collected from that note was a gold mine, <Name>! The ink didn't even spoil it!
Grace: I can tell you it's a synthetic hair, without a doubt coming from a wig! A green wig, to be exact.
Alex: So the killer we're looking for wears a green wig! Great job, Grace!

(After doing all the tasks) Alex: Here we are, we have enough clues to catch Joe Turner's killer!
Alex: Go on, <Name>, you're the hero, I'll let you do the honors!

Arrest Killer.
Alex: Peri?! How could you kill Joe Turner? What happened, it's not like you, you could never do that!
Peri: It was an accident! Oh God, it's an accident! I was going to surrender after the Festival, just to make sure it was a success. I never wanted to kill him!
Peri: I just wanted the Festival to go on without a scratch, so I asked Joe for a meeting, to ask him to behave, just this once! But he laughed at my face!
Peri: I slapped him, I wanted him to shut up! But then, we wrestled, he nearly pushed me over the rail, my head was touching the poster, I managed to turn him around, but I was so scared!
Peri: When I pushed him over, I was panicked and ran away, I knocked his precious figurine, I just wanted to escape! But when I saw what happened... I just didn't think about it.
Peri: His dice bag fell out of his pocket, so I took it and hid it away. I even cut myself when I picked it up, one of the dice must have been broken...
Peri: I never wanted to kill him, Alex, you have to believe me! Please, <Rank> <Name>, I was just defending myself! Joe brought it upon himself!

Judge Hall: Peri Foreman, you're here on trial for the accidental murder of Joe Turner. What do you have to say for your defense?
Peri: Nothing, your honor, my testimony and the evidence speak for themselves. My only crime is to not have given myself up immediately.
Hall: You attacked Joe Turner in self-defense, and his death has been ruled by the Court as an accident, it is true.
Hall: However, lying to the police, allowing his body to be displayed and opening the Festival while you knew his body was there!
Hall: You let people walk around that Festival floor! You let children see that corpse, and you did nothing! Do you realize what you've done?!
Hall: Peri Foreman, this Court hereby condemns you to ten years in prison for the murder and the exposition of the body of Joe Turner. Court is adjourned!

Jones: You did a pretty great job, <Name>, as always! I knew you would crack that case, even without my invaluable help!
Jones: So, how did Alex do on this investigation? I followed the trial, you seem to have done a pretty great job, Alex!
Alex: Next time, could it please be a case that doesn't involve people I know? Putting Peri in prison... Sorry I need to go home for a bit.
Jones: Poor kid, I didn't realize it would be so hard on him... Better he goes back to his lab, and me on the field by your side, <Name>!

Additional Investigation

King: <Rank> <Name>! I wanted to congratulate you for this successful investigation! The Grimsborough Sci-fi Fantasy Festival will end soon, so I'd like you to-
Jones: HA! I knew it, you're going to ask us to make sure everything goes smoothly over there or something!
King: I was actually going to tell you to take the end of the day off to visit the convention. But since you're offering, it's actually a good idea to send you there to supervise the end of the Festival!
Jones: What? No! Wait! I take back what I said! I don't want to supervise! Chief King, wait!
Jones: I'm sorry, <Name>! But at least, we'll be back at the Festival, right? I even have a surprise for you, to make it better. Meet me there!
(Later, at the Festival...)
Jones: Tadaa! Here's my surprise! While you were investigating, I found and bought this awesome costume! I can do "cosplay" too, now. Alex will be so jealous!
Jones: Yes, I know the costume looks a little feminine, but the seller said it was exactly like in the comics! I had a hard time finding my size, especially for the tights, but I really feel like a superhero now!
Jones: You know, I saw Bruce Anderson taking a break in the bus. <Name>, could we talk to him, now that I blend in the geeky crowd? I want to know why Alex and everyone make such a fuss about him!
Jones: I also saw Tess on my way, but she didn't notice me. She seemed to be fighting with other visitors! I wonder what this airhead is up to... We should check up on that!
Jones: Damn, there are too many people cramped here! I feel too hot... Maybe we could take a break later, and go to the Diner. We can buy burgers and soda from Irma!

Check what Tess Goodwin is up to.
Jones: Hey, Tess! I saw you manhandling people earlier, what's going on? I thought after meeting your idol at the Meet and Greet, you'd be delighted...
Tess: Oh, I hadn't recognized you, Officer Jones! That's an... original choice of costume! Surprisingly, it kind of suits you.
Tess: And about my "manhandling", as you say... Someone's stolen my camera, the one which holds all the photos of my meeting with Bruce! I'll do ANYTHING it takes to get those pictures back!
Jones: Whoa, calm down! Maybe <Rank> <Name> could search that camera instead. You can't create a fight just for a bunch of pictures!
Tess: Pictures with BRUCE ANDERSON, officer! They're not JUST a bunch of pictures! They're my most treasured possession! My precious, my treasure!
Jones: Whatever, just let us handle this. <Rank> <Name> is the best, you'll have your camera with your precious pictures in a blink! Stay here, while we look around and... just stay here, okay?

Investigate Festival Main Hall.
Jones: Damn, those geeks sure know how to create havoc! The hall looks like a warzone... Even the stalls are in disarray! Tess's camera could be anywhere, even inside this book display you found!
Jones: Oh, that's actually why you picked that book stand up? Better check its content quickly then, I'm afraid Tess won't stay still for too long...

Examine Comics Display.
Jones: Is this a camera? Do you think it's Tess'? How the heck did she manage to drop it into a comics display? And what's worse, <Name>, it's broken!
Jones: The lens is cracked, and the LCD screen won't light up... Tess will turn into a real-life supervillain if she doesn't get her pictures back! Do you think Alex' superpowers can help us retrieve the data in the camera?

Analyze Broken Camera.
Alex: <Name>! I thought you'd miss your new awesome sidekick after that tremendous investigation, but I see you've found a new superhero to assist you with this camera issue at the Festival... Nice costume, Jones!
Jones: Ha! I'm the best sidekick <Name> could have, Alex! Don't I look... How would you say? "Badass" in that attire?
Alex: Sure. It brings out your...hum...eyes? Especially the tights... I wish Tess' camera was intact, I would have loved to keep the image of you in that costume for when I'm feeling down!
Alex: Anyway, I restored the pictures in the camera you found, and I copied them on two memory cards. You can give Tess her treasure back!
Jones: Why two memory cards? Tess only needs one...
Alex: One memory card for Tess, so she won't cause an uproar, and one for me! Tess is so stoic on those pictures, while Bruce is his awesome self! I had to keep a copy!

Give the pictures to Tess Goodwin.
Tess: My camera! Do you have my camera? Please, <Rank> <Name>, tell me my pictures are safe!
Jones: I'm sorry, but your camera was broken. It probably fell from your bag or something. But don't panic, we managed to get a hold of your photos. Here, they're on this memory card.
Tess: My photos! Give me my precious, preciousss pictures! Our treasure is back to usss! They stole it from us! But the precious is ours!
Jones: Uh... Tess? Are you alright? You're being scary right now, why are you stroking your memory card like that?
Tess: Sorry, it's the relief of having my pictures back... Anyway, thank you so much, <Rank> <Name>! Those pictures are priceless to me! I don't have much, but accept this reward, please!

Talk to Bruce Anderson in the bus.
Bruce: Hello again, <Rank> <Name>! I don't think I've met your new partner? That's an... original costume. And I've seen a lot of cosplay!
Jones: Thank you, Mr Anderson. I'm David Jones, <Rank> <Name>'s usual partner. I'm happy to meet one of our most famous stars!
Bruce: Please, call me Bruce. To be honest, I'm glad you're here <Rank> <Name>. I've got quite a problem! I have to perform on stage later, a scene from one of my movies, Attack of the Mutated Broccolis.
Bruce: I played the role of the Hawk, the supervillain of the movie. An awesome character, but it's been a while since I played that role, and I don't remember the lines so well...
Bruce: So I thought I'd isolate myself in that bus to go over the script. I kept the screenplay I used during the making of the movie, with all the annotations I added to impersonate my character well.
Bruce: But I lost it! It should be here, but I can't find it. Please, <Rank> <Name>, your reputation is as big as mine. Could you help me find my script?

Investigate Bus Interior.
Jones: Well done, <Name>! This file is titled "Attack of the Mutated Broccolis"! You found Bruce's script!
Jones: It's really worn out... There is even a page missing! We can't leave it like that for Bruce! Maybe we can at least reveal the annotations he made, <Name>. It'd be better than nothing!

Examine Screenplay.
Jones: Well done, <Name>, now we have the missing page's annotations, have you looked at the dialogues? "Drop the broccoli!" That movie sounds fantastic!
Jones: I'd love to read the whole script, but I guess Bruce needs it more than I do. Let's rescue our actor, <Name>!

Give the screenplay to Bruce Anderson.
Jones: Hey, Bruce, <Name> found your screenplay! We restored some of your annotations, Attack of the Mutated Broccolis sounds really good. I really want to see you perform on stage now!
Bruce: No need to wait... Here, take the script, and give me the line: "Jim! How splendid to see you again... Especially under these circumstances."
Jones: What? Oh! The movie lines! "Drop the broccoli, Hawk! We... We have an army against you!"
Bruce: "And I have a BROCCOLI! You can't do anything, soon the mutation will end and my green soldier will be UNSTOPPABLE!"
Jones: That was... awesome! You're just as talented as people say, Bruce! I'm really glad <Name> found your scenario!
Bruce: I'm grateful too, I cherish that document! <Rank> <Name>, I can't help but notice you're not in costume. Please, accept this as a thank you, and a memory of the Festival and my movie!

Buy a drink from Irma Anderson.
Jones: Hey Irma! Do you have any soda left? I'm literally desiccated! Who knew all those geeks could generate such a high temperature?
Irma: Jones? Is that really you? I know the festival is an occasion to do some cosplay freely, and I'm open-minded, but I didn't peg you for a-
Jones: A geek? I'm not actually, but as you say it's the occasion. And I feel part of the crowd that way! Now, drinks! Can we have some soda, please?
Irma: I'm afraid I'm out of soda, but maybe I have some lemonade left... There are so many people, not wanting the fun to end just yet. They bring a little of the Festival in my Diner!
Irma: It's very nice, but it means I don't have time to clean the place. I couldn't even find the prop Bruce used for his stunt earlier, and I'm worried some customer might fall upon it...
Jones: It must be challenging to keep all those people happy in your Diner, indeed. Since we're here, we could look for that prop Bruce used. Right, <Rank> <Name>?

Investigate Diner.
Jones: Oh my God, I didn't know the prop was an ARM! Are you sure it's not real, <Name>? I mean, it LOOKS real, and even the smell is...
Jones: Ew, the smell is terrible! It's like when we discovered Joe's body all over again! That arm stinks like... like dead meat!
Jones: I'm not touching this arm, just take a sample of the blood or whatever's on it, <Name>, and let's send it to Grace! I'm not touching this until I'm sure it's not a real arm!

Examine Cut Arm.
Jones: Well done, <Name>! Now let's hurry and send the sample you took from that arm to the lab! I'm feeling sick just standing near that smelly thing!

Analyze Cut Arm.
Grace: Seriously, <Name>, about this arm you found at the Diner, I'd like to remind you that I'm a doctor, not a cook!
Jones: What do you mean, Grace? Was that arm... was that arm cooked?!
Grace: Jones? I hadn't seen you! What's with the weird costume? Is this some kind of kinky game? Not that your legs aren't nice or anything, but aren't you on duty right now?
Jones: My legs and costume are perfect, Grace! It's a cosplay! And it's part of my cover at the Festival, to help me blend in!
Grace: Sure, it's a... perfect cover. About that arm you found, I analyzed the sample you took off. And it's not blood!
Grace: The smell is just due to dish sauce! Your plastic arm has been covered in ketchup and condiments to make it look more real, and stayed like this in the heat!
Jones: Oh, so this isn't a real arm? What a relief! After discovering Joe's body, I didn't want to take any risk. Now, <Name>, we should tell Irma we found her prop!

Give the plastic arm to Irma Anderson.
Jones: We're back, Irma. Here is your prop! I'm afraid it's quite smelly, so you might want to throw it away. Or burn it. Quickly.
Irma: Ugh! You're right, it stinks! I should have taken it back as soon as the happening ended, but I was so busy with your investigation and the customers...
Irma: Anyway, thank you, <Rank> <Name>! I'll clean this plastic arm as soon as possible. It belongs to Bruce, it'd be a pity to destroy it!
Irma: And you can relax now! I'm going to make you my country burgers for free, while you and your... let's say caped partner, enjoy a nice glass of lemonade!

(A while later, at the end of the Festival...)
Jones: I'm glad the Grimsborough Sci-fi Fantasy Festival is finally closing, <Name>. It was fun, but exhausting. Hey, look I can see Kevin over there! Hey, Kevin!
Kevin: Officer Jones? Oh my God! This costume! It's... It's perfect! The long-haired wig! The earrings! The skirt! It's almost too funny to be true!
Jones: It's a loincloth, Kevin! And you're wearing a long-haired wig yourself! Why are you laughing? I've been told my costume is very nice!
Kevin: Oh, it's nice, for sure. And it looks REALLY good... when it's worn by a woman. I'm sorry to inform you that you're wearing a Miss Wonders costume, Officer Jones!
Jones: I'm wearing WHAT?!
Jones: Oh Goooood... I'll never hear the end of this, will I, <Name>?