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Frank Knight: Hey there, <Rank> <Name>, got an investigation going on? I need to lay low, Andrea's looking for me...
Chief Marquez: Ah, Frank, there you are! You really think I would have forgotten about your community service time?!
Frank: I'm a cop, Andrea, you can't get more community service than that.
Chief Marquez: Yes you can, and it's called cleaning up the garbage! Don't make me get you your court order!
Chief Marquez: I told him not to drink in court, <Name>, but of course he wouldn't listen! Community service is an appropriate punishment.
Chief Marquez: I'm sorry, <Name>, but could you keep an eye on him for the time being? The order is to clean up the Swamp Forest.
Frank: Yeah, yeah, whatever... Come on <Name>, let's go take a walk in that stupid forest.

After a few minutes walk...
Frank: Damn, why does it have to be ME?! I hate forests, they're crawling with bloody insects that won't budge when you scream at them! Bloody community service...
Frank: Oh, yeah, you can laugh, <Name>, but you know my Gold Stag is sacred to me! No one touches it, not even the Judge!
Frank: Wait, there's something weird with that big plant over there... Looks like we're gonna clean more than just garbage in here!

Chapter 1

Investigate Forest.
Frank: What the hell happened here, <Name>? We have to take that body out of that plant!
Frank: How exactly does one end up eaten by a giant plant?! I agree, it can't have been an accident!
Frank: Let's take the victim to Roxie, she'll tell us exactly how that poor girl got murdered. Our victim's uniform screams military, but she has no ID.
Frank: Oh, you actually found some ID, <Name>? A pair of dog tags? Not bad, not bad. Let's just see if you can manage to make them readable, or they'll be useless.
Frank: And there's some kind of card there, looks torn up... What the hell would a card like that do in a place like this? You're right <Name>, you'd better fix it.
Frank: But I ain't touching this monster of a plant again, <Name>, so if you want to take a look at the leaf you picked up, you're doing it!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: Your victim was killed by the plant's digestive acid, <Name>! You know, I think it's fascinating how a liquid that's harmless for one thing can be so deadly for another...
Frank: Wait, you're telling us the murder weapon IS Flowerzilla?!
Roxie: Exactly! Small carnivorous plants normally trap small insects inside them with a kind of natural glue, and they're slowly digested by the plant. Same thing as a stomach, really.
Roxie: Multiply the size of the plant, and well, multiply the size of the snack. But even then, your victim would have been able to fight back!
Roxie: Problem is, she was knocked out. And I also found fertilizer on her body, which explains why the plant decided to eat her.
Roxie: That fertilizer was custom-made, <Name>, which means your killer has one hell of a green thumb! They know gardening like the back of their hand!

Examine Leaf.
Frank: The part you took from Flowerzilla here was covered with a yellowish, sticky substance!
Frank: Alright, you've got a point, it could be linked to the murder! Let's send that sample to Yann right away!

Analyze Yellow Liquid.
Yann: The sample you collected from that carnivorous plant was not secreted by it!
Yann: It's a fresh extract of lemongrass! It doesn't grow in the swamps, but it's widely used to keep mosquitoes away from one's skin!
Yann: I asked Roxie to check, and there's no trace of lemongrass on the victim! And since the extract is so fresh...
Yann: It means whoever killed Nora sprayed themselves with lemongrass!

Examine Dog Tags.
Frank: The dog tags indicate that our victim was Lieutenant Nora Lewis, currently stationed at Fort LaFayette! Good job, <Name>, I'm almost impressed...
Frank: But what would a Lieutenant be doing in the middle of the swamps without a team? Trust the old dog on this, something's not right.
Frank: You want to go to Fort LaFayette, <Name>? Well, that's where I went for basic training back in the 80's, I'm sure I can call in one or two favors!

Investigate Military Bootcamp.
Frank: Ah, the stale air of Fort LaFayette! I can't say I missed it, but it touches something inside, you know? Brings me back to the soldier I was!
Frank: What, so many things to look at, and you want to look at a boring locker?
Frank: Oh, you're right, there's the name of the victim on it! Well, better take a look inside then!
Frank: Well, I'm still ready to bet you that torn up paper will turn out to be a false lead! C'mon, put it back together, show me if I'm right!

Examine Locker.
Frank: Well, you got our victim's locker opened, I'll grant you that. And there's a picture inside...
Frank: Wait a minute, that guy looks familiar! Damn, I can't place his face! But I'm sure I've seen him somewhere, maybe without the hobo outfit...
Frank: You think you can match that hobo face with the Police database? Be my guest, <Name>!

Examine Photograph.
Frank: I'm impressed you managed to identify the man in that picture, <Name>... and I can't believe it! That's Jeremy Pratt! He's been missing for more than a year!
Frank: What? You don't know him, <Name>? The guy was an expert on survival techniques, he had his own TV show where he would go alone and survive in the most hostile of environments!
Frank: But he was lost while shooting an episode in the swamps. The whole police force looked for him, but nothing. It seems Nora Lewis was luckier than us.
Frank: Wait, you intend to find the guy? You may be the best <Rank> we've had in a while, but there's no way we can... Oh alright, let's go then.

Arriving in the forest...
Frank: You really want to do this, <Name>? I told you hundreds of cops looked for the man, and nobod...
Jeremy: RAAAAH!
Frank: AAAAH! What the... Are you kidding me?
Jeremy: Get out of here! Leave! Leave this place!
Frank: Well I'll be... You found Jeremy after all, <Name>! Don't you move a muscle, Mr Pratt, <Rank> <Name> is here to interrogate you!

Talk to Jeremy about the murder.
Jeremy: What do you want? Why won't you leave the plants alone?
Frank: We're investigating the murder of Nora Lewis. She died right here, did you happen to see her around?
Jeremy: The soldier? I told her not to go too deep into the forest! It's dangerous, the plants here, they can eat you alive!
Jeremy: You have to know them, you have to accept them, and then they'll let you live with them inside the swamps.
Jeremy: That's how I survived, when I got lost here. I went too deep, but the plants saved me, and now this is my home! And I will defend it!
Jeremy: If other soldiers come, if they want to hurt the plants in revenge, I will stop them!
Frank: Alright... <Name>, I think we should go. Don't want Jungle Jim here chopping my head off!

Examine Torn Schedule.
Frank: Well, your instincts were spot on again, the paper you found is the mission schedule for our victim!
Frank: She was supposed to be off-base all week, working on something called A.U.D.R.E.Y. You're right, <Name>, we'd better send Nora's schedule to Hannah, she'll crack it in no time!

Analyze Military Codes.
Hannah: Looking at some military property, <Name>? Be careful with those jock-heads, they tend to be--
Frank: If you want to disrespect the army, kid, wait till I'm gone. Or I'll be using that tablet of yours as a paper clip.
Hannah: Is there anything you won't take personally, Frank? Geez... Anyway, your super-secretive military code? I cracked it.
Hannah: So, Lieutenant Nora Lewis was working on a project, codenamed A.U.D.R.E.Y. Which means Alternative Universal Defense Resources on Elective Youth.
Frank: ... Sorry, what?
Hannah: Exactly! It doesn't mean anything! I tried to look into it, and I think it must be a cover-up for the real mission. Unfortunately, uncovering it would take weeks.
Hannah: But I got the identity of the mission leader. It's Colonel Spangler, the head of Fort LaFayette! Honestly, I think you should talk to him directly, <Name>.
Frank: You're right, <Name>, better follow Hannah on that one. Let's have a little chat with Colonel Spangler!

Ask Colonel Spangler about Lt. Lewis's mission.
Colonel Spangler: One of my lieutenants died and I have to learn about it by the Police?! Why am I the last one to know about it?
Frank: Sorry Colonel, euhm, I mean, sir, I mean, this is a criminal investigation, and not a military one. Could you tell us what mission was Lieutenant Lewis conducting in the swamps?
Colonel Spangler: Lieutenant Lewis was deployed to find new grounds for our military training. There was nothing more to it.
Colonel Spangler: The swamps are known for their hostile habitat, but Lewis was a trained officer. Not for a moment did I think she was in actual danger!
Colonel Spangler: Again, <Rank> <Name>, this is a military matter, and I sincerely think that you should let the Army take care of it.
Frank: With all due respect, sir, the murder happened on civilian soil, which makes it our mission to investigate it. But your cooperation is appreciated, sir.
(After talking to Colonel Spangler)
Frank: I can't believe I saluted Colonel Spangler! He wasn't in place when I was training here, but I guess old habits die hard!
Frank: Let's stay on our guard, <Name>. This investigation has roots that go deeper than what we imagined.

Examine Torn Card.
Frank: The business card you put back together is from that Priestess Mabayo!
Frank: "Special discounts on all items for military personnel"? Is she trying to sell her voodoo potions to the Army?!
Frank: You think that card must have been in our dead soldier's possession, <Name>? Makes sense... Which means the victim may have had contacts with Mabayo! Let's pay her a visit!

Talk to Priestess Mabayo about her card.
Erikah: <Rank> <Name>, you're back. And I see you have found one of my cards. Are you interested in love potions, <Rank>? My discount might interest you...
Frank: Don't count on it, darling. We found that card next to a dead soldier, care to give us an explanation?
Erikah: I must have given it to them, those soldiers are my best customers! Far away from their home and their loved ones, they need all the affection they can get!
Erikah: But I gave out so many, I can't say for sure. I keep having to go back to the forest to get my ingredients, I sold out of love potions in the first week!
Erikah: So if you think I had anything to do with a soldier's death, think again. Why would I kill my best customers?

Back at the station...
Frank: Okay, <Name>, let's recap! You found Lieutenant Nora Lewis dead in the Swamp Forest, inside a giant carnivorous plant. We have to find out who put her there!
Frank: We've met with Priestess Mabayo, who seems to think the Army is as good a client as any for her voodoo stuff... But at least she didn't try to curse me this time!
Frank: And you found Jeremy Pratt too, you're right <Name>! That guy's been missing for a year, the swamps turned him completely cuckoo!
Frank: Well, only thing that makes sense so far is Nora's superior, Colonel Spangler. A stiff upper lip and the smugness to match.
Hannah: <Name>! Finally! I found it, I cracked it!
Frank: Calm down, kid, the hell are you talking about?!
Hannah: I've done it! I've found what A.U.D.R.E.Y. was really about! I hacked into Fort LaFayette's servers...
Frank: You did WHAT?
Hannah: ... Nora Lewis was investigating a Top Secret scientific project!

Chapter 2

Hannah Choi: I hacked into the army's servers, <Name>, and  I've found that your victim was investigating a top secret project before she got killed with that giant plant!
Hannah: That's what project A.U.D.R.E.Y is all about! The swamps were the base for the illegal experiments led by a leading pharmaceutical company, Pacific Pharma!
Hannah: The experiments were stopped a couple years ago and the lab's abandoned now. Still, I'll upload the coordinates in your tablet in case you want to check it out, <Name>.
Hannah: I've also arranged a meeting with Sally Perkins, Pacific Pharma's current CEO. I hope it's okay with you.
Frank: Less work for me is always good in my book, Hannah! Nice job.
Frank: So what is it gonna be, <Name>? Would you rather inspect the deserted laboratory, or talk to Sally Perkins?

Talk to Sally Perkins about the secret experiment.
Sally: <Rank> <Name>, sorry for the delay, I was personally testing a new lemongrass product! So, what does the Pacific Bay police want with our company?
Frank: Mrs Perkins, we've learned that your company used to work in the swamps on a classified project. Could you tell us more about the experiments led there?
Sally: I've never had access to those labs. I've only been nominated as CEO a year ago, and that information has been lost for longer than that.
Sally: All I know is that a group of our scientists were sent to the swamps to work on a secret project, under the protection of the military.
Sally: Don't expect the military to help you with this, though. Everyone who knew about the experiments has vanished into thin air! To be fair, most of us thought it was nothing more than an urban legend.
Frank: So you can't tell us anything. How convenient, isn't it <Name>? Well, thank you for your time, Mrs Perkins, I'm sure we'll meet again.

Investigate Experimentation Room.
Frank: This lab looks like something out of a zombie movie, <Name>! Look at it, only a couple of years and Nature's already reclaimed the place!
Frank: Everything is old and dusty in here, except for those vials you found! You think you can find something relevant on them, <Name>?
Frank: And there's also those notes you found... Looks like a bunch of rubbish to me, but if you think you can clear them out, be my guest!

Examine Vials.
Frank: Gotta say, that was fast, <Name>! Let's get the powder you've collected from those vials to analysis!

Analyze Powder.
Yann: I must say, that's some strange sample you've just sent me! It's some kind of fertilizer, but nothing that I've ever seen before!
Yann: I crossed my results with Roxie's, and that fertilizer matches the one found on the victim, that forced the plant to eat her!
Frank: Which means the killer's the one who used those vials we found in the lab! Nice catch, <Name>!
Yann: And that's not the best part! I also found a few fragments of hair in the preparation, that obviously comes from your killer. I can therefore tell you they have brown hair!

Examine Notes.
Frank: I must say you impress me, <Name>! The papers you found seem to be about a scientific formula linked to the growth of plants!
Frank: That drawn plant sure looks like the one that digested our victim, <Name>. You think Hannah could help with that? You're right, we should send her the formula!

Analyze Formula.
Hannah: The formula you found in the Secret Lab is designed for exaggerating growth in living metabolisms!
Frank: Like that giant man-eating plant <Name> found in the forest, you mean? I knew something that big couldn't be natural!
Hannah: That's INCREDIBLE! And that's not all it can be used on, Yann said the experiment could be successfully replicated on humans!
Frank: That doesn't sound good. You're right, <Name>, we'd better have another look at those plants now we know they've been tampered with.

Investigate Plants.
Frank: ARGH! Another mosquito bit me! I HATE this forest! I hate those bloody swamps! Please tell me you found something interesting, <Name>!
Frank: You want to search through those plants!? Yeurk, no way I'm touching that, it's probably a mosquito nest!
Frank: And about those sharp pieces you found, I hope you can put them back together, I don't want to cut myself on them!
Frank: Alright, alright, I'll help out, don't yell! That bag looks pretty straightforward, let's have a look inside.

Examine Plants.
Frank: So what did you find in those deadly plants, <Name>? Wait, you found a garden tool? You mean someone actually takes care of those things?
Frank: And there's even a name on it! Ray Westman... Doesn't ring a bell, but let's find this guy and hear what he has to say!

Talk to Ray Westman about his gardening tool.
Ray: What is this all about, <Rank>? I don't have much time, I need to take care of my plants and...
Frank: Then maybe you'll be happy to get back your garden tool, we found it next to a giant carnivorous plant in the swamps...
Ray: Hey, that's mine indeed! I lost it a few years ago, during a scientific project in the swamps... A giant carnivorous plant you say? Could it be Julian?
Frank: Julian? Who's Julian? We're talking about a damn plant here!
Ray: Julian is the name I gave to the only plant I managed to save after the project was canceled. I decided to let him grow on his own... He must be pretty big by now!
Frank: Big enough to eat a human being, Dr Westman?
Ray: Well, technically, yes. But the human body has too many chemicals, Julian wouldn't be able to properly digest such a thing! I'd suggest rodents and insects, and maybe a snake from time to time?

Examine Bag.
Frank: Damn, that bag is filled with voodoo stuff... How many more of those idols are we gonna find, <Name>? It must be the fourth one!
Frank: Keen eyes, <Name>, the piece of fabric on that idol is from a military uniform... And those blond hair... You think this is meant to represent our victim?
Frank: You're right, <Name>, this must be another one of Priestess Mabayo's tricks! I must say, I'm curious to see how Mabayo is gonna justify this one...

Ask Priestess Mabayo about the idol.
Frank: Priestess Mabayo, we meet again! And this time, <Rank> <Name> would like an explanation about that voodoo thingy you made. Is it supposed to represent Nora Lewis?
Erikah: By the Goddess, can't you just leave me alone? I'm trying to make an honest living here. And be careful, I have lemongrass leaves drying everywhere.
Erikah: Lieutenant Nora Lewis was like you, Frank, she didn't approve of the old teachings. She found me gathering plants in the forest, and she just ordered me to clear off as if I was a common hobo!
Erikah: That's not a way to treat a voodoo priestess... So I made that little idol to plague Lieutenant Lewis with horrible stomach aches!
Erikah: But then you found her eaten by that plant... And I figured there was no use for it. But remember this, <Name>, I wouldn't have killed her. Murder is bad for business.

Examine Broken Stick.
Frank: That broken thing you restored is some sort of makeshift weapon, <Name>! Damn, that thing looks old as all hell!
Frank: What, there's a symbol on it, <Name>? You've got good eyes! Let's send it to Hannah, if it means something, she will find out what!

Analyze Makeshift Weapon.
Hannah: Christmas is coming early this year! Thanks a bunch, <Name>, you just made my day with that weapon you sent me!
Frank: What are you talking about, Hannah?
Hannah: Hello? Guys? This symbol is the one Jeremy Pratt used on his show, to make sure his crew could track him if he was in danger! Guess it didn't work this time...
Hannah: I'm telling you, <Name>, you should have seen how many resources were spent on finding this gu--
Frank: Yes, Hannah, we know... And of course, <Name> found him in less than an hour, as usual.
Hannah: What?! And you didn't tell me? How was he? After so long in the jungle, the guy must be half insane! Please, let me come with you when you talk to him!
Frank: Sorry, Hannah. That man made a choice, and if he's insane, then that puts him on an even ground with the rest of us. <Name> will handle the interrogation.

Ask Jeremy about his disappearance in the Swamps.
Jeremy: You again?! Just leave me alone! Leave the forest alone!
Frank: Calm down Jeremy. We found one of your weapons and <Name> wanted to ask you a few more questions. Why did you decide to stay in the woods? You weren't lost at all.
Jeremy: I understood my true place was here in the wild! I've been avoiding rescue missions for a year. I just wanted to stay here, I started using lemongrass, I've never felt more like myself!
Jeremy: I never realized how life in the real world felt like a burden. Here, I take care of the plants, I talk to them and they answer!
Jeremy: What more could I want, <Rank> <Name>? Why would I risk ending all of this by killing that woman? It makes no sense!

Back at the station...
Frank: Okay, that's it, if I'm getting bitten by one more mosquito, I'm torching the swamps with a bloody flamethrower!
Frank: What is it, <Name>? Yes, yes, the investigation, I have to focus on the investigation! So we went to that secret laboratory, and it was wrecked!
Frank: And we talked to one of the scientists who apparently worked on A.U.D.R.E.Y., the abandoned experiment conducted in the Labs.
Frank: Speaking of weirdos, there was Jeremy who's gone native, and Priestess Mabayo who held a grudge against our victim!
Frank: And that's without mentioning Sally Perkins, the CEO of Pacific Pharma, who tried to play dumb when you interrogated her about the lab, <Name>!
Frank: Just once, I would like for our murderer to just stab their victim in the neck. Just something simple, something--
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>! Grab your coat, we're going to Fort LaFayette RIGHT NOW!
Frank: The hell's wrong with you, Andrea? What happened?
Chief Marquez: Soldiers from Fort LaFayette had Hannah arrested on grounds of high treason!

Chapter 3

Chief Andrea Marquez: <Rank> <Name>! Grab your coat, we're going to Fort LaFayette RIGHT NOW!
Chief Marquez: Your friends at Fort LaFayette arrested Hannah, Frank! They arrested her on grounds of high treason!
Frank: TREASON?! Oh boy, what did she do now?
Chief Marquez: What she always does, she dug too much. She kept looking into the servers of the military to find information for your investigation, <Name>.
Chief Marquez: But they must have traced the signal back to her. So I'm going there to talk some sense into Colonel Spangler, and get my tech expert back!
Frank: Andrea, you can't argue that what Hannah did was pretty illeg--
Chief Marquez: She was trying to help <Name> solve the atrocious murder of that soldier. No one hurts my team for doing their job. Now let's go!

At Fort LaFayette...
Hannah: Andrea, <Name>! Thank God you're here, maybe you'll manage to talk some sense into those jocks! High treason my as--
Colonel Spangler: This is a military matter, <Rank> <Name>, the fact that this woman is working with the Police has no incidence here!
Chief Marquez: Now, listen to me carefully, Colonel Spangler. You're gonna release Ms Choi right away, cleared of all charges against her.
Chief Marquez: You're going to release her, or everything that she has found about project A.U.D.R.E.Y. will be released to the media.
Colonel Spangler: You're bluffing! You have nothing!
Chief Marquez: Are you willing to take such a risk? Don't ever think I'm clueless about anything in my department.
Chief Marquez: What is it going to be, Colonel? You can release Hannah, you let <Rank> <Name> take a look around... Or we can do it the hard way.
Colonel Spangler: ...
Colonel Spangler: Let the hacker go. Give <Rank> <Name> clearance to inspect the facilities.
Chief Marquez: Thank you, Colonel. I knew you would listen to reason. <Rank> <Name>, I'm counting on you to search this place. I'm taking Hannah back to the station.

Investigate Baracks.
Frank: I didn't expect you to pick a potted plant in your quest to take down the military, <Name>, but alright, let's put it back together!
Frank: You want to have a word with Colonel Spangler? Yeah, I figured so. He won't refuse after the verbal beating he just suffer--
Ray: Don't hurt the plants! The plants are our friends!
Frank: Ray?! What are you doing here, what the hell is that sign for?
Ray: I'm organizing a one-man picket line! Plants are people too!
Frank: For the love of... Don't move, Ray, <Name> will have a word with you, before Colonel Spangler kicks you out. Where do you want to start, <Rank>?

Examine Broken Pot.
Frank: How did you guess that potted plant was actually a listening device, <Name>? There's the microphone and the antenna... But who could have wanted to listen in?
Frank: Good thinking, Hannah will know how to track the signal back to its source! I hope her little stint with the military hasn't shaken her up too much...

Analyze Listening Device.
Frank: You okay, Hannah? Not too shaken by big Uncle Sam? You had time to look at that listening device <Name> put back together?
Hannah: If you think that's the first time I've been manhandled because of my activities, you've got another one coming, Frank. But back to that listening device!
Hannah: It was encrypted, but it was no match for my hacking skills. I could have cracked it while doing backflips on a motorcycle.
Hannah: I traced the signal back to no other than Sally Perkins! The listening device is linked to her computer at Pacific Pharma.
Frank: Which means she was eavesdropping on the military! You're right, <Name>, Mrs Perkins owes us a good explanation!

Ask Sally Perkins about the listening device.
Frank: Mrs Perkins? Care to explain why we found a listening device at Fort LaFayette that's linked to your computer?
Sally: I was just trying to get back what is ours! The growth formula is the property of Pacific Pharma, I had to know if the military had it!
Sally: Unfortunately, the signal was so terrible! I couldn't hear anything. And while I tried to recreate the formula, my gardening skills are no match for the original biologists.
Sally: I HAVE to recreate the growth formula! Its uses in the pharmaceutical industry is limitless, I have several buyers ready to pay us millions for it!
Sally: The military is leaving our research to rot in the swamps, and I want it BACK! It is the property of the company.
Frank: A woman died because of your bloody experiments! Show some respect!
Sally: Respect doesn't keep our shareholders happy. Money does.

Talk to Colonel Spangler about the experiments.
Colonel Spangler: What do you want, <Rank> <Name>? Was humiliating me in front of my men not enough for the Pacific Bay Police?
Frank: We know project A.U.D.R.E.Y. wasn't about finding new training grounds, Colonel, but that you sent Nora Lewis to investigate old experiments conducted by Pacific Pharma. Why would you do that?
Colonel Spangler: Alright. When I heard about those experiments, I sent Lt Lewis to the forest to investigate. She managed to find some strange sprouts.
Colonel Spangler: I wanted to see if the rumors were true, if those plants could really grow at an exponential rate! So I grew one sprout in my office, and soon enough it became gigantic!
Colonel Spangler: The scent was drawing so many mosquitoes the army supply of lemongrass didn't last. I sent Lt Lewis to investigate deeper into the forest, and that's where she found that monster.
Colonel Spangler: I don't understand why that project was dropped two years ago, I'm trying to get it opened again. Just imagine the possibilities on human beings...
Frank: If the higher-ups canceled everything, it must have been for good reasons. With all due respect, Colonel, you'd better stay out of it.

Ask Ray what he's protesting for.
Ray: Plants have feelings! They are puppies that don't poop! Think about lemongrass! I use it, you use it, everyone uses it!
Frank: Calm down, Ray, what the hell are you protesting for?
Ray: I'm trying to defend Julian the best I can! Now that he was used in the murder of a soldier, I'm scared that they'll kill him out of revenge!
Ray: So I'm trying to protest! Non-violence is the best way to show that Julian meant no harm. He was used! He didn't know any better!
Frank: Okay, the way you're constantly referring to a plant as if it was your bloody son really freaks me out.
Ray: Julian is my life's work! He is my greatest achievement! And I will defend him the best that I can!
(After talking to Ray Westman)
Frank: Ray is one hell of a weirdo, but he's stubborn, I'll give them that. He's right though, his plant wouldn't have eaten anyone on purpose.
Frank: What is it, <Name>? You want to go back to the forest? You think Ray's attachment to that giant plant might hide something? Makes sense...
Frank: Do I really have to follow? Think of the mosquitos... I do? Oh, alright, alright! Let's go to the Carnivorous Forest!

Investigate Plants.
Frank: Damn all those mosquitoes! I've got bites everywhere! Please, tell me you found something, <Name>!
Frank: Wow, that gun was so carefully hidden, it's a wonder you managed to find it!
Frank: There's the initials "NL" engraved on it... You're right, it must be Nora Lewis's gun! There's a weird liquid on the handle, let's take a look at it!

Examine Handgun.
Frank: Great job, <Name>, you've collected enough liquid on the victim's gun! It's a very important clue, even if it's a bit... sticky.
Frank: Let's send it to Yann right away, we're getting closer to the killer than ever!

Analyze Transparent Liquid.
Yann: The liquid you sent me from the victim's gun was quite damaged, but I can tell you it's sweat!
Frank: Great, sweaty hands, I hate that!
Yann: Thank you for your input, Frank. So, <Name>, I tried to extract some DNA from it, and I managed to find a partial fragment!
Yann: And I can tell you that the last person who handled this gun was NOT Nora Lewis! The killer must have used her gun to strike her unconscious before feeding her to the plant!
Yann: Anyway, after analyzing that partial DNA, I can tell you that your killer has green eyes! I'm sure you'll find them soon, <Name>!

Back at the station...
Frank: Just how many people are trying to get a hold of that growth formula, <Name>? Does everyone want an army of man-eating plants?
Frank: What are you saying, <Name>? You think that's why someone has used the secret laboratory? To recreate the formula before killing Nora Lewis?
Frank: That makes a lot of sense, actually... We have to go back, maybe they have left something behind at the Secret Lab! Great thinking, <Name>!

Investigate Laboratory Equipment.
Frank: Those crazy scientists tried to play God and all they got was the right to see their work rot away. Serves them right, don't you think?
Frank: So what did you find, <Name>? A cabinet handle? Wow, that must have been really difficult to find--
Frank: Oh, you think the killer may have left something on it? Guess that makes sense, they must have opened the cabinet to get the vials, after all! Let's take a look at it!

Examine Cabinet Handle.
Frank: Great job finding those threads on that cabinet handle, <Name>! It's quite an eye you have!
Frank: Let's send them to Yann for analysis! I'm sure he'll find something, this might be a decisive clue!

Analyze Threads.
Yann: The threads you found on the secret laboratory's doorlock are covered with the same kind of fertilizer used on your victim!
Yann: So not only can I tell you these threads come from your killer, but I can also tell you they belong to a piece of clothing!
Frank: Wait, that's it, our killer's wearing clothes? We'll go real far with that...
Yann: Oh come on Frank, I wouldn't lose <Name>'s time with such a poor result! It's from a specific piece of clothing, from a lab coat!
Frank: So our killer wears a lab coat! I can't wait to do a few experiments of my own once you've caught them, <Name>!

After completing all tasks...
Frank: This is it, <Name>, time to put our maniac gardener where the sun doesn't shine! Let's arrest Nora Lewis' killer!

Arrest Killer.
Frank: Ray?! You killed Nora Lewis? I'm telling you, if you don't confess THIS INSTANT, it'll be hell for you and your damned plant! Spill it!
Ray: She wanted to hurt Julian! She wanted to destroy him! I only tried to protect Julian!!
Ray: You really think I would leave my life's work to rot in the forest? I never stopped taking care of him!
Ray: I watched him grow, I was so proud! I fed him little animals, I perfected my fertilizer formula to make sure he would digest them well!
Ray: So yes, I lied to you about Julian. But I never hurt Lt Lewis! I didn't k--
Frank: Drop the act! You really want us to ask why your DNA is on Lt Lewis' gun? Or how <Rank> <Name> found threads from your lab coat in that abandoned lab?
Ray: I didn't MEAN to kill her! She walked upon me while I was feeding Julian, and she panicked! She ordered me to stop, she held me at gunpoint!
Ray: And yet, for all she said, for all the threats she made against me and my plant, she was fascinated! She couldn't help but stare at him, my pride and joy!
Ray: I took advantage of her inattention, I grasped the gun away from her, and I striked her head with all my strength! And when I saw her laying unconscious...
Ray: I mean, I couldn't let her go away! She would have brought other soldiers there! And Julian seemed happy to try out human flesh for once!
Ray: I would have been out of mind to let such a perfect occasion pass, don't you think?
Frank: Oh, you're out of your mind alright. Ray Westman, you're under arrest for the murder of Nora Lewis!

Honorable Dante: Mr Westman, you're here on trial for the murder of Nora Lewis by way of... carnivorous plant?!
Honorable Dante: Well that one is definitely unusual! I can't wait to talk about it at the Annual Judge Convention, that will impress even Judge Hall!
Honorable Dante: I myself am very fond of my plants. And if you weren't such a despicable killer, I would have invited you to my botany society. You see...
Frank: Judge, can you please hurry up with the verdict before we all wither and die?
Ray: No wait! Let's talk about plants instead!
Frank: If you don't wanna finish with a flower pot smashed over your head, I suggest you be quiet!
Honorable Dante: Settle down! Now, Mr Westman, I admire your passion, but you've taken it too far... as demonstrated by your prickly murder of an innocent soldier.
Honorable Dante: Which is why I sentence you to 40 years in jail for the murder of Nora Lewis. Court dismissed!

Frank: That Judge Dante, I swear to God... Something is gonna happen to him one of those days!
Frank: Sorry <Name>, it's just, Lieutenant Lewis was doing her job, and she got killed in the line of duty. I guess it hit a little too close to home.
Frank: Come on, let's go back to the station. Let's celebrate another successful investigation!

Additional Investigation

Frank Knight: <Name>, this investigation was rough... I'm glad we're done with this forest!
Chief Marquez: Oh, really? I hate to break it to you, Frank, but you're not done yet! Have you forgotten your community service?
Chief Marquez: Judge Dante sentenced you to that job, and you'll do it even if I have to physically drag you to that forest!
Frank: But I'm gonna die of boredom alone there! Please, <Name>, could you come with me? Just to keep me company, I swear I'll make it back to you...
Chief Marquez: Perfect, <Name> can make sure you don't bail out. Now be on your way, <Name> will join you in the forest in a minute.
Chief Marquez: Good, now that he's gone, I can be honest with you, <Name>. I've been trying to get Colonel Spangler on the phone for hours...
Chief Marquez: He released Hannah, but kept her laptop! I know she illegally hacked the military servers, but I don't trust the Colonel with the data on her computer!
Chief Marquez: Could you come talk to him with me, <Name>? That'll make a stronger impression! I can wait until you're done in the forest if you'd rather do that first.

Convince Colonel Spangler to give Hannah's laptop back.
Chief Marquez: Colonel, you seem too busy to answer my calls, so I'll be quick: you still have my tech expert's computer. I'd like to have it back now, please.
Colonel Spangler: Chief Marquez, it's not up to you to decide what I do with assets retrieved duri-
Chief Marquez: It's not up to you either, Colonel! This computer belongs to the Police force, not yours! The data it contains is important to ongoing investigations, and if you don-
Colonel Spangler: Alright, alright! The computer is just outside, you can grab it on your way out!
Chief Marquez: It better be there, Colonel. Don't forget we have info on project A.U.D.R.E.Y.! <Rank> <Name>, let's have a look outside!

Investigate Military Bootcamp.
Chief Marquez: Good job, <Name>, this is Hannah's laptop! I'm relieved, the Colonel had every right to keep it after her stunt... I hate juggling with the Law, even to protect my team!
Chief Marquez: I don't trust him. He could have put a spying bug in Hannah's computer... Could you unlock it, <Name>? I want to make sure it's safe before we bring it back!

Examine Hannah's Laptop.
Chief Marquez: I'm impressed, <Name>, cracking Hannah's laptop password can't have been easy. You're good, should I worry about having another hacker on my team?
Chief Marquez: But that blue screen is worrying, you're right! I knew it! Colonel Spangler and his men have tempered with that laptop!
Chief Marquez: Hannah should be able to figure this out... I just hope she won't do anything stupid in reprisal. I know what she's capable of, believe me!

Analyze Hannah's Laptop.
Hannah: Thanks for retrieving my computer, <Name>. Don't worry, guys, I'm not upset by the fact that it's been fried by Colonel Dimwit...
Hannah: I'm furious! Most of the content is ruined! The only way those jocks could have achieved this would be by sending an electromagnetic pulse through my laptop...
Hannah: But they didn't do it on their base. I put a GPS on my laptop and I can tell they brought it in the abandoned lab and fried it there! I'll go inspec--
Chief Marquez: You won't go anywhere, especially not to the old lab, without <Name>! Remember the Central Station incident? I can't cover your personal vendettas...
Hannah: Hey, I swear I'll behave this time! <Name> will make sure I keep my cool at the lab, right?

Investigate Experimentation Room.
Hannah: A shiny new suitcase, in the middle of a destroyed lab... <Name>, I think you've found what's left of the army's last visit here!
Hannah: But... I can't get my tablet to work! Damn swamps... Do you mind taking a look at that suitcase while I try to get some signal?

Examine Military Suitcase.
Hannah: My tablet keeps acting wonky, it's so frustrating, <Name>! What did you find in the suitcase? It looks like a weird mix of technology and dirt...
Hannah: Well, real life puzzles aren't my thing, and my tablet won't let me scan it... I'm sorry, I'll have to let you put this thing back together!

Examine Broken Machine.
Hannah: Nice repair job! The item you found looks like an experimental plant incubator... That screen even shows the plant's genome! Isn't it a small carnivorous plant?
Hannah: I got my tablet to function a bit better while you worked, let me scan this incubator to figure how it works...
Hannah: OH! The... The incubator has short circuited my tablet! I'm just getting an error screen, like the one on my laptop!
Hannah: I'm sick of this place and the military! They took my laptop here, that incubator must belong to them! Let's go have a word with Colonel Blockhead!

Talk to Colonel Spangler about the incubator.
Colonel Spangler: W-Where did you find this incubator? It's military property!
Hannah: <Rank> <Name> found it in the abandoned lab. You know, the place where you took my laptop and FRIED it?!
Colonel Spangler: You don't understand, this incubator is the last one left from project A.U.D.R.E.Y.! I had to try and get more data from it, the growth formula isn't enough!
Colonel Spangler: I thought I could use that laptop to transfer the information from the incubator safely, and merge it with the data you had hacked...
Colonel Spangler: You don't know what it's like, being stuck in those damn swamps! I thought if I could get the experiments started again, I'd get promoted to a decent part of Pacific Bay!
Hannah: Forget it! The incubator's dead, and the data <Name> had collected has been fried with my laptop anyway!
Colonel Spangler: I know! I'm done with this cursed project, <Rank> <Name>, I swear! Here, take this as a show of good will!

Investigate Forest.
(Before investigating Forest)
Frank: Thank you for accompanying me, <Name>. I didn't want to be left to my own thoughts with mosquitoes for only company!
Frank: Gosh, I've been craving a drink since the "incident" with Harvey, but... No, you're right, let's clean up this damn forest, first!
(After investigating Forest)
Frank: Hey, <Name>, you know I'm the one supposed to pick up the garbage here, right?
Frank: Damn, you're right, these look like broken bones! Alright, we'd better have a look at this!

Examine Broken Bones.
Frank: <Name>, you've restored a skull! It looks like a human skull... I hope this isn't the start of another crime investigation!
Frank: And you're right, there seems to be something written on that white paint! Could you inspect these half-erased scribbles?

Examine Mysterious Skull.
Frank: <Name>, this skull is even creepier with these symbols! What kind of freak would use a skull as their drawing board?
Frank: Well... we can't bury this head in the sand now, we have to identify it. Let's send this skull to Roxie, you're right!

Analyze Painted Skull.
Roxie: <Name>, you can rest easy. That skull you sent me isn't human. It's a monkey's!
Roxie: The skull you've found belongs to a Brown Spider Monkey. It's an endangered species! If you find who provided that skull, punch them for me!
Roxie: Not to mention the drawings... I did some research on the web, and guess what? They're part of a voodoo ritual! It's a scary process, trust me, you don't want details...
Frank: Ha! You're right, <Name>, I bet it's Mabayo... I couldn't fine her for making that voodoo doll of me, but this time she won't get away!

Talk to Erikah Mabayo about the monkey skull.
Frank: So Ms Mabayo, <Rank> <Name> has found your monkey's skull in the forest and-
Erikah: Can't a priestess work in peace? I used this skull in a protection ritual. Some soldiers were worried the spirits of the forest were angry after their colleague's death...
Erikah: Your investigation angered a few spirits... If anything, you should thank me! The ritual was excruciating to perform, and required a lot of very rare items... Like this skull!
Frank: Except this is an endangered species, and therefore illegal! C'mon Mabayo, pay up!
Erikah: Fine! Take my money, but don't think we're done, <Rank> <Name>! I've warned you already, you're not welcome here!
Frank: Just use more innocent props for your mumbo jumbo next time!
Frank: Really, <Name>, this is exhausting... How about a lunch break? I'll pay!

Back at the station...
Hannah: I'm glad to be back, <Name>. I really feel more comfortable in my lab, surrounded by fully functioning computers!
Hannah: I wish I knew why there's such bad reception in the swamps, though...
Chief Marquez: Hannah! I'm glad to see you didn't do anything stupid. Promise me you won't get revenge on the Colonel!
Hannah: Don't worry, it's not like it was the first time I've been put in a cell for getting my hands on some critical information... I didn't hold it against you, did I?
Chief Marquez: Yeah, I remember. But you're part of my team now, I trust you to stay on the right side of the Law. I won't be able to cover you every time, Hannah!
Hannah: Got it. I'll keep my virtual hands to myself... Now, <Name>, thanks for your help, I need to go back to my hi-tech and mosquito-free lab!
Frank: I have to agree with her... I'm glad to be done with this community service! The station is much more comfortable!
Frank: And less freaky... I don't understand why everyone is into voodoo... Especially Mabayo, she's too gorgeous to be a voodoo priestess!
Frank: I just wish she'd stop threatening us! Nobody really likes it when we investigate around them, <Rank> <Name>, but people in the swamps seem particularly reluctant...

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