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Jones: This serial killer affair has really put the whole department down, hasn't it, <Name>?
Jones : I still can't believe the press got wind of it! They made it sound even worse than it already was, too!
Jones : But let's not brood tonight, alright? After all, tonight's the big night! The Prom Ball, the highlight of the University year!
Jones : I'm so glad the entire team has been invited to it! I remember when I went to my own Prom Ball with Charlotte... We had the time of our life!
Jones : Come on, I'll get changed and then we can go meet the guys at the Ball! I don't know for you, <Name>, but I'm dying to see what they're all wearing!

-At the University Prom Ball...-

Jones : All the students have stepped up their game, haven't they? Come on, <Name>, let's find the others!
Grace : Hello, <Name>! You've arrived just in time, they're gonna announce the Queen of the Ball!
Nathan : My money's on Madison, her campaign has convinced a lot of students over the past few weeks!
Alex : Pft, Madison has nothing on Cathy, but I admit her campaign was a genius strike!
Jones : Shut up everyone! They're going to announce the winner!

Donna Walker : And the winner is... Madison Springer! Congratulations to Prom Queen Madison and her Prom King, Chad Baker!
Madison Springer : Me?! So you love me! You really love me! Oh I'm so happy, thank you so much everyone!
Chad Baker : <Name>, we've won! C'mon Madison, let's start the Prom Royals Dance!
Madison Springer : I can't believe it, it's the happiest day of my lif-
Chad Baker : MADISON!!!!!

Jones : MADISON?! <Name> did you see what happened? What was that explosion?! We have to get to Madison! Ramirez, help us!
Ramirez : Everybody stay calm! Let <Rank> <Name> through!

Chapter 1

Investigate Prom Ball.
Jones : She's... dead. Madison's dead!!
Jones : But who could... Why would anyone DO this, <Name>?! They... they blew the top of her head! In front of all these kids!
Jones : Her tiara's been blown to smithereens, too... Is there any way you can put it back together, <Name>? It might help us understand what happened!
Jones : Wait, what is that paper you picked up, <Name>? Holy cyclops, it's the signature of the Rorschach Reaper! They killed Madison!!
Jones : D'you think they might have left another message on the Rorschach test like they did last time, <Name>? Yes, let's have a closer look at it!
Ramirez : <Rank> <Name>! Chad's run away!
Jones : WHAT?! For Pete's sake, Ramirez, NO ONE is to leave the premises, d'you hear me?! We can't have crucial witnesses running loos-
Jones : Caroline? <Name>, she's having a nervous breakdown! Let's talk to her first, we'll have to try to find Chad later!

Autopsy Victim’s Body.
Nathan Pandit : The cause of Madison's death is pretty straightforward. The detonation blew off the top of her head, killing her instantly!
Nathan : What's impressive is that the explosion was perfectly contained. Madison was the only one to get injured, and the bottom of her head doesn't even have a scratch!
Nathan : And yet, the explosion was powerful enough for part of the device to lodge into Madison's brain!
Jones : You mean you found part of the bomb... in her brain?!
Nathan : Yes! I retrieved it, and I noticed the piece of metal was embossed with a hallmark! A serial number, if you want.
Nathan : And that hallmark is used by the Grimsborough University to keep track of the components used in their electronic studies courses!
Jones : Wait, you're telling us that the bomb was created with the University's materials?!
Nathan : Yes! Which also means that Madison's killer has to be a member of the University, else they wouldn't have had access to those components!

Calm down Caroline.
Caroline Fitzgerald : I can't believe it! A poor girl killed in the middle of the University Prom Ball! Aren't you supposed to protect us, to protect our children?!
Caroline Fitzgerald : This Ball was a mistake! Just a free for all buffet for a murder, and they took advantage of it!
Jones : Look, Caroline, we understand you're upset, we're ALL upset! But there's nothing anybody could have done to prevent this tragedy!
Caroline Fitzgerald : There would have been if people ever listened to me! All those horrible murders happened because people would not listen to my warnings!
Caroline Fitzgerald : But no, one of the only persons who had the students safety to heart ended up being locked away... by YOU, <Rank> <Name>!
Jones : If you're talking about Bryan Vigman, he killed a student! You call that safety?!
Caroline Fitzgerald : At least he took measures to keep the students indoors, to keep them under control!! That's what this University REALLY needs!

Jones : Alright, I know Caroline's shaken up, but she's pushing it too far! You'd think she'd expected the Ball to end in tragedy, just to prove people she was right!
Jones : But we've got more important things to think about, you're right. I don't know how Chad managed to get away, but we need to find him, and soon!
Jones : Good idea, we should start by looking at the football field! It's always been a safe haven for him, after all.

Examine Destroyed Tiara.
Jones : I don't know how you managed to restore Madison's tiara, <Name>!
Jones : Let's get this straight to the lab. Hopefully Alex will be able to make this tiara talk!

Analyze Tiara.
Alex : God, that was so horrible! To think it could have been Cathy up there, it gives me the shivers!
Alex : The tiara's your murder weapon! Homemade, looks complicated at first glance but it's actually a pretty simple device.
Alex : Still, whoever boobytrapped Madison's tiara has a good knowledge of electronics!
Alex : Oh, and of course, they must have had access to the tiara to implement all those explosive charges!
Jones : I thought the tiara had been kept in Donna Walker's office before the ceremony. How could the killer get to it?
Jones : Good idea, <Name>, the best person to fill us in about the tiara's handlers is Donna Walker herself. Let's go have a little chat with her!

Talk to Donna about the tiara.
Donna Walker : I invited you to this Ball to thank you for everything you did for this University, and now you've got another tragedy on your hands, <Rank> <Name>.
Jones : Yes, it certainly seems like dark times have befallen this University, Donna, but we must fight against it! And right now, we need to know who had access to Madison's tiara.
Donna Walker : It was kept under lock and key, in my study. Nobody could have accessed it... until today. I took it out, and the Ball preparations kept me out of my office a lot.
Jones : Which means that pretty much anybody could have slipped into your office today and set the explosives on the tiara. Damn it!
Donna Walker : And they knew who they were targeting, too. Everybody knew that Madison was going to win! It wasn't so much an election as a confirmation of her Queen Bee status!

Examine Rorschach Test.
Jones : The Rorschach Reaper left us another message! "Take Madison's passing as a message from me to you. The game is afoot."
Jones : What do they mean, "the game is afoot"? How could Madison's death be a message?!
Jones : Unless... Unless the Reaper killed Madison with their own hands! Of course, <Name>, that must be it! This time, our serial killer didn't use anybody else to do the dirty work!
Jones : Wait, who could be calling us at such a time? Do you think... it might be the Reaper?!
Jones : Hello, Officer Jones speaking! What kind of sick game are you playing, Mr Reaper?!
Cathy King : What? No, it's me, Cathy! I've got information about the Rorschach Reaper! Can you meet me back at the Station, <Rank> <Name>?

Ask Cathy about the Rorschach Reaper.
Jones : So, Cathy, what did you want to tell us about the Rorschach Reaper?
Cathy King : I've had an idea, <Rank> <Name>! Think about it: the Rorschach Reaper has already struck three times, and every time, you have found and trialed a killer!
Cathy King : Yet we both know this was the work of a single person! Don't you think that you might learn more by goi-
Samuel King : CATHY! What are you doing here? I've forbidden you to take part in criminal investigations!
Cathy King : But grandpa, I can help! You KNOW I can help, I've done it before! <Rank> <Name> kno-
Samuel King : My decision is final, Cathy! <Rank> <Name>, my granddaughter shall NOT be a part of this investigation, are we clear?
Cathy King : You're always like that!! Why don't you TRUST me?! I'm not a little girl anymore, why can't you see that?! You KNOW what I'm worth, goddamnit!
Samuel King : Cathy! You will not talk to me like that in front of Police Officers! Now go back to the University, young lady, before I really lose my temper!

Jones : I hate when families fight, don't you, <Name>? King sounded absolutely enraged... and Cathy wasn't much better!
Jones : She sounded so upset that he would not trust her. D'you think that's why she's helped so much, <Name>? To rebel against her grandfather?
Jones : Who knows what else she might do to catch his attention... Well anyway, we'll have to continue without her help this time! Good thing you're with me!

Investigate Football Field.
Jones : Oh, what's that you found? Hey, that's Madison's purse! If the pink wasn't clue enough, there's her name engraved on the front!
Jones : I don't know how it ended up here, but we'd better have a look inside, I agree!
Jones : Ah, and Chad's over here, on the bleachers. Poor kid, he looks so crestfallen... Let's go talk to him, <Name>.

Ask Chad if he’s okay.
Chad Baker : LEAVE ME ALONE!! Just leave me alone...
Jones : Oh God, Chad... is that Madison's blood on your clothes? Look, come with us, we'll take care of you.
Chad Baker : She just dropped, just one big BOOM and she was dead! Why?! Why did this happen to her, to us?!
Chad Baker : I love her! I know she doesn't... didn't love me back, but I hoped... I hoped one day she might change her mind.
Chad Baker : And now she's dead! My queen is dead! Why, God, why?!

Jones : Poor kid. The girl he loved died in his arms! I can't even imagine how that must feel...
Jones : You're right, <Name>, we should send him to the psychiatric team back at the Police Station. He should not stay near the scene of the crime.

Examine Purse.
Jones : Great! Madison's phone was still inside her purse! It might give us a clue about her recent activities...
Jones : ... Darn, it's locked! But it won't be enough to stop you, <Name>, I know it!

Examine Cellphone.
Jones : Great job unlocking Madison's phone, <Name>! Let's see... Who has she been in contact with recently?
Jones : Wait a minute, her call history is filled with calls from Tess Goodwin! And all during the past two weeks!
Jones : I didn't expect those two to be friendly, they're as different as night and day! You're right, <Name>, we need to have a little chat with Tess. After you!

Ask Tess about Madison.
Tess Goodwin : Hello, <Rank>. Quite a show tonight, wasn't it? That's what I call going out with a BANG!
Jones : You could show a little respect for the dead, Tess! <Rank> <Name> has found out you've been in contact with Madison recently. Care to tell us why?
Tess Goodwin : Oh, that? Well, I wanted to write a paper on her, on the damages that her double identity inflicted on her psyche.
Tess Goodwin : I learned about her... little secret, you see. She wanted me to keep quiet, but it was just so fascinating! An Amish cheerleader? I mean come on!
Jones : That's called blackmail, Tess, and that's nothing to gloat about. Some secrets are better left alone.
Tess Goodwin : Do YOU have secrets, <Rank> <Name>? I'd love to write a paper on you, you know. I bet you're a fascinating subject to study...

Alex : <Name>! It's horrible, you have to help me! It's Cathy! She's disappeared!!
Alex : Her phone's off, I can't find her online... I saw her storm off after yelling at the Chief, and right afterwards she just... got disconnected from everything!
Jones : Uh, Alex, maybe you're being a little pushy? Girls don't really like clingy gu-
Alex : This has nothing to do with me! I tried to hack her computer, but there's no trace of her! Do you really think that's normal?!
Alex : It's like she just, she just vanished! What if the Rorschach Reaper got to her?!?

Chapter 2

Alex : <Name>, you've got to believe me, this is serious! Cathy's ALWAYS online! And now even her phone is off! It's like she's vanished!
Alex : I'm sure it's because of the Chief! I saw her storm off, she looked so angry!! What if she's gone and gotten into trouble?
Jones : Look, Alex, Cathy can't be fa- Ah, see! I bet you it's her calling!
Jones : Hello, Cathy? What are you playing at, we're all worried sick about you!
The @rtist : There is no Cathy here. Some people think she cannot handle the heat. You're talking to the @rtist.
The @rtist : I've got a clue for you, <Rank> <Name>. Mrs Walker's office hides more than meets the eye. I'd go have a look if I were you. Goodb-
Jones : Wait, don't hang up! King won't know about this. We need to talk to you, we'll call you back!

Investigate Dean’s Desk.
Jones : So, <Name>, was Cathy telling the truth? Does the Dean's Office "hide more than meets the eye"?
Jones : Oh, good call! That tablet's definitely the kind of thing I'd look into if I were the @rtist! You'll need to figure out the password, though!

Examine Tablet Computer.
Jones : Unlocking that tablet was a stroke of genius, <Name>! It holds the files of every student!
Jones : And look, the last file accessed was Madison's! Gee, I didn't expect it to be so big, there's a ton of data in there!
Jones : We should send this tablet to Alex, you're right. He'll get us all the important info!

Analyze Tablet Computer.
Alex : Madison's file was an interesting read, <Name>! She's got more notices for sneaking out after nightfall than there are days in a year!
Alex : Honestly, it almost seems unfair. There's barely a day without her getting into trouble for the most trivial things.
Jones : Really? Maybe we'd better have a chat with Donna Walker about that, I agree, <Name>. She's always seemed to harbor resentment towards the "popular" kids.
Alex : Oh, you might also be interested in knowing that she kept being caught on the football stadium with Chad, though. After hours.
Jones : Ah, well, anyone can guess what THEY were doing, right <Name>?
Jones : Oh uh, of course, you're right, it's our job to make sure there was nothing more. Let's go talk to Chad, then!

Interrogate Donna about Madison.
Donna Walker : Now's really not a good time for me, <Rank> <Name>. I still have to notice Madison's family of her passing, but the info she left is all false!
Donna Walker : That Madison, just a web of lies and smugness, like every member of Psi Sigma Gamma! I should have had that sorority disbanded at the first occasion!
Donna Walker : They've done so much hurt to this University, to the students... Poor Rani was just one of the collateral victims, and I myself almost died because of them!
Donna Walker : Those sororities are just a playground for narcissistic personalities like Madison, that crush everyone on their path and get congratulated for it.
Donna Walker : I hate those kind of people, and nowadays the corridors seem to be filled with them. Damn opportunists without a care in the world!
Jones : Get a grip on yourself, Donna! Is that why you were so hard on Madison? Her file seemed abnormally full...
Donna Walker : Madison only ever got what was coming to her. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got grieving people to deal with!

Jones : Alright, <Name>, I know Donna was a victim of hazing at the hand of Madison's sorority, but I can't believe she still hasn't let this go!
Jones : Good point, the first of the Rorschach Reaper's murders also involved that sorority! But... could Donna really be our serial killer?!

Talk to Chad about his meetings with Madison.
Jones : How are you holding up, Chad? Are you feeling a little better?
Chad Baker : No. But it doesn't matter. Nothing matters now that she's gone.
Jones : Chad, we learned that you trespassed after curfew in company of Madison a few times this past few days. Now, were you two... fooling around?
Chad Baker : No! We were just talking about our relationship, that's all! I wanted us to move in together after College!
Chad Baker : Of course, it would have helped if Madison had admitted that we were together! It was like she was ashamed of me or something!
Chad Baker : I tried everything to be up to her level! I worked twice as hard, I even took evening classes! Of course the only class I could get was the one in electronics, I guess that didn't impress her much...

Call Cathy back.   [Cathy will appear as The @rtist in this conversation]
Jones : Alright <Name>, let's call Cathy back and see what else she wanted to tell us. Can you keep an eye out to make sure King doesn't see us do it, though?
Jones : Cathy, are you there? Your war with your grandfather does not concern us. If talking to you can help our investigation progress, then that's what we'll do! What info do you have on the Rorschach Reaper?
Cathy King : It's uncanny, isn't it? One serial killer, but different murderers, each incriminated by the evidence...
Cathy King : I figured you might learn something from them. So I had a look at the prison's surveillance feed.
Jones : What?! Cathy, are you breaching into classified information?
Cathy King : That's what a hacker does, remember? It never seemed to trouble you before. I'd even say you were mighty glad to have me to break the law in your place!
Cathy King : Anyway, I managed to access some of the surveillance cameras, but time is pressing and I don't have sufficient resources to crack the video's encryption myself.
Cathy King : But don't fret, I'm sure Alex will be more than capable of decyphering it. The video's on your desk, <Rank> <Name>.

Jones : Is it me, or is Cathy getting a little scary? She sounded so cold...
Jones : You've got a point, <Name>. I thought she'd become "the @rtist" to avoid worrying her grandfather, but after their fight it's starting to sound like she did all that to IMPRESS him... and it failed horribly.
Jones : She's always been so on top of things during our previous investigations, like she was always one step ahead of us... and how did she even manage to leave this CD on your desk without us seeing her?!
Jones : Ah well, I'm afraid we don't have any time to brood about this, you're right! Better send that video to Alex and see what this is all about!

Analyze Surveillance Video.
Alex : Cathy really outdid herself this time! Those video feeds are highly secured, I don't even know how she managed to retrieve them!
Alex : It's a surveillance camera footage of Grimsborough Detention Center, and it shows the cell of a prisoner you arrested, <Rank> <Name>: Penelope Rivera!
Jones : Penelope?! The girl who disguised her friend's murder in suicide?
Alex : Good call, <Name>, there was a Rorschach test on that crime scene, too! Which means the murder was somehow orchestrated by our serial killer!
Alex : Unfortunately, there's no audio on those video feeds. But you can see her, and she seems to have become obsessed with those Rorschach tests!
Jones : You're thinking what I'm thinking, <Name>? It's time we had a little chat with Penelope!

-At the Grimsborough Detention Facility...-

Penelope Rivera : <Rank> <Name>! I didn't think I'd ever see you again! I kept trying to contact you about the Rorschach Reaper but they wouldn't let me!
Jones : So you've heard about the serial killer then. Look, Penelope, this doesn't chang-
Penelope Rivera : I'm not trying to escape my sentence, <Rank> <Name>. I know I killed Lisa. But I'm not gonna let other people die because of that freak!
Penelope Rivera : Look, none of this makes sense. One second I was just angry at Lisa, and the next I was dead set on committing murder! Even I can feel there's something wrong here.
Penelope Rivera : The last thing I remember before my change of heart is being accosted at the football field, and that damn pendulum! Going back and forth, back and forth...
Penelope Rivera : And then that was it, my mind was set. Even after she was dead, I still knew I'd done the right thing, even though I couldn't explain it even to myself.
Penelope Rivera : But in prison, you have time to think. A lot of time. And I know now that I was hypnotized to kill my friend! You have to believe me! The pendulum is the key!

Jones : This hypnotism story sounds so far-fetched... Do you believe it, <Name>? I mean, we have evidence against three people, and yet further evidence proving the work of a single serial killer!
Jones : Unless we're dealing with a cult, everything seems to point to those girls being manipulated. I guess Penelope's tale might be true, after all.
Jones : You're right, <Name>. Penelope said: "the pendulum is the key". What if it was still on the football field? Let's go search for it!

Investigate Training Area.
Jones : So, <Name>, did you find anything that would corroborate Penelope's hypnotism-story?
Jones : Oh no, not the trash! We'll ruin our fancy suits!
Jones : Alright, alright, you know better, <Name>. Let's dig in, then!

Examine Trash Bag.
Jones : Holy monkeys, how did that pendulum end up in the trash?!
Jones : Do you think this is the pendulum Penelope told us about, <Name>? Could she really have been hypnotized just by staring at this?!
Jones : Oh, you're right, there's some kind of number on it! It's all faded though... D'you think you can make it dark enough to read?

Examine Pendulum.
Jones : So, did you manage to read the number on the pendulum? "555-6759"... Hey, that's a phone number!
Jones : But how did this end up on the pendulum... I guess you're right, the best way to figure this out is to call the number ourselves!
Jones : It's ringing... Darn it, it's a recorded message! Can you hear it, <Name>?
Serial Killer : "Hello, <Rank> <Name>. This is the Rorschach Reaper. I see you've finally found my pendulum? You certainly took your time."
Serial Killer : "I hope you're enjoying our little game. We'll have a proper talk very soon, I'm looking forward to it!" BEEP!
Jones : I can't believe this! So Penelope was telling the truth! The Rorschach Reaper DID use this pendulum... which means they did hypnotize her!!
Jones : So all these girls... They're both guilty and innocent! The Reaper found a way to kill without actually touching a weapon!
Jones : At least now we've got something against them, you're right! We know we're looking for someone who knows how to hypnotize people! Let's hope they don't use that talent on us!
Jones : And maybe we could go see what Tess has to say about this, what do you think? I mean, she studies criminal psychology, and even though she weirds me out, maybe she could be of help.

Talk to Tess about the killer’s profile.
Tess Goodwin : You again, <Rank> <Name>? I've already told you everything I know!
Jones : You're really taking all those murders lightly, Tess. How can it not move you?
Tess Goodwin : You know, after all the psychological profiles of murderers I had to study this year, nothing really phases me anymore. Once you've seen an exploded head, you've seen them all!
Jones : We'd actually like to talk about those psychological profiles with you. Have there ever been cases of murder-by-proxy?
Tess Goodwin : Ah-ha! A new lead, perhaps? What have you discovered, <Rank> <Name>? This is so exciting!
Jones : This is classified information, Tess. But what do you know about, say, hypnotism?
Tess Goodwin : Oh, a fascinating science, hypnotism! We studied it last year, we even learned how to use it to make criminals talk!
Tess Goodwin : Most people think it's hocus-pocus, but it's actually been scientifically verified. You need to be skilled, of course, but you can get interesting results!
Jones : "Interesting results", indeed. Well, thank you for your help, Tess.
Tess Goodwin : Don't mention it! Watching you work is always a pleasure, <Rank> <Name>!

Jones : This case is the most complicated we've ever had to face, <Name>! If you weren't with me, I'd give up on trying to catch that serial killer, they're just too good!
Jones : How could the Rorschach Reaper hypnotize people to commit murder? And even more importantly, why?!
Jones : Darn it, will that phone ever stop ringing?! Hello?
Serial Killer : How nice it is to hear you, my dear friends! It was about time we spoke directly to one another, don't you think?
Jones : The Rorschach Reaper!
Serial Killer : One point for deductive skills. Now, you're gonna listen to me very carefully, <Rank> <Name>. I'm going to give you a little... incentive, to help you solve Madison Springer's murder.
Serial Killer : If you haven't found out my identity by dawn, I'll kill one of your suspects. And don't even think of interrogating them. They're dead if you do.
Jones : Tut... Tut... Tut...

Chapter 3

Jones : Hello, hello?!
Serial Killer : Listen very carefully, <Rank> <Name>. If you haven't found out my identity by dawn, I'll kill one of your suspects. And don't even think of interrogating them. They're dead if you do.
Jones : They hanged up! <Name>, what are we going to do?! We can't figure out who the Rorschach Reaper is if we can't interrogate our suspects!!
Jones : What if that maniac sees us talking to someone, and decides to kill them?! We can't risk that!
Jones : Yes, yes, you're right, I've got to stay calm. Deep breaths, that's the trick. Breathe, breathe...
Jones : ARGH, it's no use! What must we do, <Name>?! You're the smart one, you need to figure it out!
Jones : Go back to the Prom Ball? Look at things from a new angle? Right! Great plan! Let's go!!

Investigate Buffet.
Before Investigation
Ramirez : Officer Ramirez reporting for duty, <Rank> <Name>! I've kept an eye on the scene, and nobody has been allowed to step outside!
Jones : Good, good. Now, <Name>, where should we look? We don't have much time!
After Investigation
Jones : Did you find anything, <Name>? We have to be quick, we have to keep the Reaper from striking again! Take everything!
Jones : A dirty plate? Great, let's try to collect something from it!
Jones : A note? You're right, it could be another message from the Reaper! Do you think you can decypher it, <Name>?
Jones : And there's that locked box, maybe it's another bomb! We have to open it!
Jones : We have to stay calm, <Name>! WE HAVE TO STAY CALM!

Examine Plate.
Jones : So did you manage to collect anything from that plate, <Name>? Does it have poison on it, did the Rorschach Reap-
Jones : What do you mean, "they're just bits of brownies"? But then what's those green things in it, surely it's pois-
Riley Davies : HEEEEEY! Hello, <Rank> <Name>, watcha doin' with ma brownies? They're magic, y'know! They'll make you FLY!
Jones : Riley Davies?! What are you doing... Nevermind. Be on your way! We really can't talk to anyone at the moment!
Riley Davies : Whoa, you need to relaaaax, dude! Why are people always so stressed out? You remind me of Cathy, tiny Cathy that's in electronic studies!
Riley Davies : Weird girl, that one. Always reading books without pictures in them, stuff like "Hypnotism for shmucks"! Read read read!
Jones : That's great, Riley, we're much wiser now we know Cathy studies electronics and hypnotism! Now goodbye!

Examine Faded Paper.
Jones : What was written on that piece of paper, <Name>? What did the Reaper write to us?!
Jones : "To-do list for Grace's birthday surprise"... wait what?!
Luke Harris : <Rank> <Name>? Oh, great, you found my list! Grace's birthday is coming up and I'm so afraid of messing it up again!
Jones : Luke!! Of course, you're a teacher, you were there during the Ball! Unfortunately we can't talk to you right now!
Luke Harris : I understand, you're very busy. It's chaos over here too. Donna Walker is trying to reassure the students' parents, all while being stuck here!
Luke Harris : D'you know I first met her when we were both students? She majored in electronic studies, but then completely changed career-paths.
Jones : Yes, very interesting bu-
Luke Harris : Honestly, this University holds so many bad memories for her, I wonder why she doesn't resign.
Luke Harris : I heard she was beginning to look into alternate ways to relax, that she was trying hypnotism... I don't know if it works, but she seemed enthusiast about it!
Jones : Thank you, Luke, that's very useful, but now we must go! C'mon, <Name>, let's get away from this blabbermouth!

Examine Metal Box.
Jones : You got the box open-EEEK!! A piranha!!! It's Spring Break all over again!!
Michael Fletcher : Oh hello, <Rank> <Name>, I see you've found Brutus! He's my +1 for the Ball!
Michael Fletcher : Poor Brutus has not been enjoying the buffet. You don't happen to have a dead mice on you, do you?
Jones : No, we don't! Now go!
Michael Fletcher : You look awfully nervous, Officer Jones. Mind you, Tess did mention you had serious mood-swings.
Jones : Hey! ... wait, you know Tess?
Michael Fletcher : Of course. I met her during an evening class in electronic studies. Brutus's tank keeps breaking down, I had to learn how to fix it myself!
Michael Fletcher : She's a fascinating woman, isn't she? I actually wanted to invite her to the Ball but I... I chickened out at the last minute. But Brutus is a lovely date!
Jones : Yes, you can tell he's got a biting repartee. Anyway, we've really got to dash, <Rank> <Name>, don't we?

Jones : Goshdarnit, I really hope the Rorschach Reaper didn't see us talking to all those people!! They weren't suspects, but I doubt a psycho-maniac would care about the distinction!
Jones : At least they unwittingly told us a lot about our actual suspects, <Name>, you're right. But we still don't have enough!
Jones : The Dean's Office, you say? You think we can get a global look at the school from there?
Jones: It's true that we first came here following Cathy's advice. We should take another look at it with a fresh eye! Great thinking, <Name>!

Investigate Dean's Chair.
Jones : What did you find, <Name>? Oh, I know what this is! It's an anti-cellphone device!
Jones : Normally it just stops the wave-thingies coming off the phones so they don't work anymore, but this one seems more advanced! And of course, it's locked.
Jones : What's that sound? It's coming from under the desk! Gun at the ready, <Name>!
Caroline Fitzgerald : Don't shoot! Please don't shoot! I'm not armed, I did nothing wrong!
Jones : Caroline? What are you doing here?! And what are you clutching in your hands?!
Caroline Fitzgerald : I... I just found this on the desk, and then I heard you come in and I... I got scared.
Jones : Hand those pieces over, Caroline! And go back to the gymnasium with the others! Tell no one you spoke with us!

Jones : What in the devil was Caroline doing here? Do you think... Could she have been trying to frame Donna by planting whatever this is on her desk?!
Jones : You're right, the best way to figure this out is by putting those pieces back together. But let's not forget about the anti-cellphone device, either!

Examine Anti Cellphone Device.
Jones : Great, you managed to unlock the anti-cellphone device! Let's see, how does it work...
Jones : Ah, there you go! Here's a basic plan of the University... but what are those red dots? Oh, of course <Name>, they must be the phones!
Jones : Obviously all the phones are with their owners at the Prom Ball, but look, there's one of them at the opposite end of the University!
Jones : You're right, that's where the football field is! Let's go have a look at it, <Name>! We need to find that phone!

Investigate Football Field.
Jones : Here we are, <Name>, can you find the phone? You already did?! That's what I call efficiency! Can I see it?
Jones : Wait a minute, that phone's been upgraded, you're right... It looks like it was turned into a remote!
Jones : I agree, we'd better send this to Alex, and pronto!

Analyze Remote.
Alex : Your instincts were right like always, <Name>! The remote you found on the football field is the one that detonated the bomb inside Madison's tiara!
Jones : Who-hoo! And the score is <Name>: one, Rorschach Reaper: zero!!
Alex : Oh, and there's more. I had a really good look at it, and while there were no fingerprints, do you know what I found, stuck under a button? Fibers!
Alex : I asked Grace to have a look at them for me, and she's positive that those fibers come from blue silk! Quite fancy for a serial killer, isn't it?
Jones : Wait, how can you be sure the Rorschach Reaper is still wearing blue?
Alex : Didn't you have the Prom Ball on lock-down, <Name>? Whoever pressed this button had to rush back to the Ball to avoid suspicion... and they can't have moved from there since!
Jones : Oh God, you're right! <Name>, this is brilliant! Now we know the Rorschach Reaper's wearing blue silk!

Examine Bomb Parts.
Jones : Great job solving this puzzle of metal pieces, <Name>! And you're right, it looks like this is an earlier model of the bomb which killed Madison!
Jones : I guess even serial killers need prototypes... Do you think they planted that bomb here on purpose, like they did with the pendulum?
Jones : Yes, I agree, we can't leave anything to chance! Let's have a closer look at this, you may very well find something the Reaper doesn't want us to find!

Examine Handmade Bomb.
Jones : Holy Molly, did you just find blood on the bomb prototype? You did, didn't you?!
Jones : This is amazing!! This must be the Rorschach Reaper's blood, <Name>! And you found it!!
Jones : Oh, I can't wait to get the results! Let's send this blood to Grace straight away!

Analyze Blood.
Grace : <Name>, your keen eyes will always impress me! The blood traces you spotted on that bomb were so faint even I had trouble finding them!
Grace : The blood was definitely left there by whoever built this bomb. There were traces of it under several parts, as if they had cut themselves while assembling the device.
Grace : But as I said, the traces were faint, and corrosion from the metal parts drastically contaminated the sample. There's only one analysis simple enough that even the tiniest amount of blood would suffice...
Grace : <Name>, the Rorschach Reaper's blood type is... A+!

Jones : There we are, <Name>! We've got everything we need to catch that Rorschach Reaper and put a stop to those murders!
Jones : I really wish we could have saved Madison, but I'm glad to know that thanks to you, no other victim will fall prey to this maniac.
Jones : Come on, <Name>! Let's go arrest our first serial killer!

Arrest Killer.
Tess Goodwin : Ah, here we are at last, <Rank> <Name>. Did you like my little game? I sure enjoyed it!
Jones : So you're our killer, Tess. Or should we call you the Rorschach Reaper?
Tess Goodwin : Unimaginative name, but what can I do? No one asked for my opinion.
Tess Goodwin : I must say, you've taken your time to catch me. You can even say I made you a favor. Had I not decided to kill Madison myself, you would have never known.
Jones : So why did you do it, Tess? Why kill all those people? Why influence other girls to do your dirty work? Why reveal yourself now?
Tess Goodwin : I guess, in the end, everything boils down to one simple reason. What's the point of being brilliant if no one knows about it?
Tess Goodwin : But you wouldn't know about being brilliant, would you, Officer Jones? <Rank> <Name>'s dog, always following, always praising, always failing...
Tess Goodwin : It's unbearable, isn't it? Living in <Rank> <Name>'s shadow, being endlessly scolded for failing to meet their standards... So much frustration, Officer Jones...
Tess Goodwin : It has to stop, hasn't it? It can't go on forever, it has to stop now. Now and forever. And there's only one thing to do. The right thing.
Jones : The right... thing... to do...

Jones : Aaaaaargh...
Ramirez : Sorry, sorry! I had no other choice, <Rank> <Name>, Jones really looked like he was going to kill you!
Tess Goodwin : WHAT DID YOU DO?! You ruined everything! <Rank> <Name>'s death was going to be my masterpiece! YOU DESTROYED MY WORK!
Ramirez : What is she talking about? Yes, you're right <Rank> <Name>, better put her away before she tries to hurt anybody again!
Jones : The right... thing...

Judge Hall : Tess Goodwin, you're here to answer for the murders of Madison Springer, Rani Goshwalla, Lisa Edwards and Aaliyah Banks.
Tess Goodwin : Your Honor, there must be a mistake. Madison's grand finale was definitely my work, but I didn't lay a finger on those other girls.
Judge Hall : Do you intend to dispute the claim that you hypnotized unwilling students to carry the murders in your place?
Judge Hall : Explain yourself to the court, Miss Goodwin! Why did you manipulate those poor girls into killing their friends?
Tess Goodwin : Manipulate? Misha, Penelope, Taylor... They all wanted to kill, they had it in them! They barely needed the little push I gave them!
Tess Goodwin : Their minds were so weak, I bet I could have done it even without hypnotizing them. A murderer sleeps in everyone of us, your Honor! That's what my thesis is all about.
Judge Hall : So you also intend to dispute the fact that you tried to manipulate a police officer into killing his partner?!
Tess Goodwin : If only that damned half-brained penguin didn't stop me, it would have worked! It would have all worked, my thesis would have been complete!
Tess Goodwin : What a fascinating patchwork, this Inspector Jones... So much anger, so much frustration... He's just like a kettle boiling up. You should be careful around him, <Rank> <Name>.
Tess Goodwin : I wonder what he saw into the Rorschach test I laid out for him...
Judge Hall : What were those tests about, Miss Goodwin? Did you use them to trick your victims?
Tess Goodwin : To select them, to be exact. Anyone might be a murderer under the right circumstances, but what those fragile minds saw on the ink sealed their fates. They were mine to play with.
Judge Hall : And you, Miss Goodwin? What did you see in those Rorschach tests?
Tess Goodwin : Believe me, your Honor: you don't want to know.
Judge Hall : So be it. Tess Goodwin, for the murder of Madison Springer and the second-degree murders of Rani Goshwalla, Lisa Edwards and Aaliyah Banks...
Judge Hall : ... this Court hereby condemns you to life in prison, with no chance for parole! Court is adjourned!

Ramirez : Did you see the way Tess smiled when they led her out, <Name>? I think that smile will haunt me forever.
Ramirez : What she said, about there being a killer in everyone of us... What she said about Jones being able to snap and, and...
Ramirez : She's wrong, right <Name>? She's GOT to be wrong! I refuse to believe that people aren't good at heart!
Ramirez : Jones would never want to hurt you, she manipulated him! She must have put some cookie on her pendulum--
Jones : Did someone say cookie? Or maybe it was muffin...
Ramirez : Jones, you're alright! Oh my, that's a pretty massive bandage you've got there!
Jones : Yes, apparently I fell down the stairs before we could arrest Tess... Sorry about that, <Name>.
Ramirez : Oh it could have happened to anyone! Now, why don't we all go back to the station? Let's celebrate the arrest of the Rorschach Reaper, <Rank> <Name>!

Additional Investigation

Jones : Hello Chief King! You asked to see <Rank> <Name>, what's wr-
Cathy King : ... I AM NOT A CHILD ANYMORE! This is my life, grandpa, and I choose what I do with it! And, right now, I choose to get out of here!
Samuel King : Cathy, wait! Damn, I'm sorry, <Rank> <Name>, I didn't want you to witness this...
Samuel King : My granddaughter is independent, but involving herself in our investigations is too risky! I want her to stop being the @rtist or I'll change her of university...
Samuel King : She didn't take the news well, but it's for her own good! She has to understand this! Please, I know she respects you, <Rank> <Name>, could you talk to her about it?

Jones : That was kind of awkward... I never thought Cathy would be so upset to fight with Chief King like that...
Alex : Cathy is upset? Why? What happened? What has her grandfather told her? She's a sensible woman, we need to make sure she's okay! I'm calling her right now!
Jones : Alex? Hey, wait a... Damn! He was quick to react... But we should let him call Cathy. We need to have a chat with her anyway, and he has better ways to contact her.
Jones : Everyone is on edge after this nerve-wrecking investigation! Chief King, Cathy, and now Alex... And Caroline! She had a serious breakdown. I wonder if she's calmed down?
Jones : And Chad! He's left the police station, but he seemed far from okay! I'm worried, we should have a chat with him too! Maybe they're both still at the University?

Check up on Chad Baker.
Chad Baker : I- I'm sorry, <Rank> <Name>, I don't really feel like chatting right now. But... I need your help.
Jones : Sure, anything you need Chad. You can count on us to help you get through this.
Chad Baker : Ok, I- I've been looking for that picture we took with Madison after we went to the lake during spring break. I think I lost it some place around here.
Chad Baker : It was such a great day with her... It was... Everything's over now!
Jones : Hey! It's gonna be alright, <Rank> <Name> will find it for you asap. You wait for us while we take a look around!

Investigate Football Field.
Jones : Hm, <Rank> <Name>, we've been looking everywhere... Let's have a look at this bag you found, the picture Chad's looking for could be in there.

Examine Backpack.
Jones : Looking at this picture you found, <Name>, I understand why Chad is so devastated...
Jones : See how red he is on this one? Madison really liked him, it's obvious, too bad she...
Jones : Yes, you're right, let's get it back to him!

Give the photo to Chad Baker.
Jones : Here Chad, we found your picture, it was in the bag on the field. Everything's fine?
Chad Baker : Yeah, now that I have it back, thanks <Rank> <Name>!
Chad Baker : I can't believe Madison was Amish... That's probably why she was distant sometimes; now I get it. I wish she had told me, I would have understood what felt like a strange behavior sometimes, and...
Chad Baker : I really want to go to her funeral though, but I know I can't. Goddammit!
Jones : There's probably a way, they are not that hard to...
Chad Baker : Maybe if I wear discreet clothes... Could you and <Rank> <Name> go with me to that clothes shop I know? I just don't want to go alone. Maybe you'd find some gems out there!

Contact Cathy King. (Cathy will appear as The @rtist in this conversation)
Alex : ... and maybe you should talk to your grandfather again, Cathy. Look! Here is <Rank> <Name>, I bet they'll know what to do!
Cathy King : <Rank> <Name>? Alex told me you wanted to chat. I bet my grandfather asked you to talk me into stopping my hacker's activities!
Cathy King : Tell him I refuse! I didn't become the @rtist to have someone dictate my choices, even my grandfather! My life, my choice, end of the discussion!
Alex : Cathy? The @rtist? Hello? I'm sorry, <Rank> <Name>, she hung up!
Jones : Seriously, I'd like to have a whole discussion with Cathy King, in the flesh... Not with the @rtist through a tablet!
Alex : Well, she said she doesn't want to see us when I asked her to come... But I think I caught a glimpse of the Prom's hall in the video-feed! I'll go there with you!

Investigate Prom Ball.
Jones : Hey look at me! I'm a hacker, and I hide behind my mask to be more mysterious! Ha ha! It's too bad nobody's here to see this!
Alex : Very funny, Jones! I don't think you picked that mask and leaflet to have fun, right <Name>? They prove Cathy was here!
Jones : Okay, Grumpy, but she's obviously gone now! And this flyer only gives us an illegible number sequence...
Jones : Maybe the illegible code on this flyer will give us a new way to contact her? <Name>, please, could you try to decipher it?

Examine The @rtist's Flyer.
Jones : Well... This character sequence is perfectly legible thanks to you, <Name>, but it doesn't really help! What's the point of making handouts, if nobody can read them?
Alex : It's a game! If you're good enough to decode this string of characters, you're worthy enough to access the @rtist's message. I need to go back to my lab, decoding this may take some time!

Analyze The @rtist's Code.
Alex : Alright, <Name>! I finally deciphered the @rtist's code! It's actually a link to Cathy's blog!
Alex : It's like a diary of Cathy's hacker persona. Apparently, she has a lot of fans, and she leaves flyers everywhere at the University to get in touch with them!
Jones : Seriously? Let me see that blog... Oh, look at the last entry! The title says "@rtist to the prom"! And she describes how happy she is to go to the Ball!
Alex : Exactly! She wrote: "I'll be there, in a civilian attire! No mask tonight!". She really wanted to go to the prom... What if we missed her in the hall?

Try to reason Cathy King.
Alex : Cathy! I knew you'd be here! Why didn't you show up earlier on? We've found your mask and flyer! I was- <Rank> <Name> was worried!
Cathy King : I'm sorry, I was hiding in the bathrooms... I don't want to go back home yet. I was supposed to go to a party! I don't want to fight with my grandfather! I don't want to leave Grimsborough!
Cathy King : I know we have to talk about it, but I... I just wanted to dance! Tell me, Alex, would you dance with me? Please, all I wanted was to have a dance with a nice guy at my Prom Ball...
Alex : A-a dance? With me? But- But there's no music! And no lig-
Jones : Of course this idiot would love to dance with you, Cathy! Go on, have fun!
Jones : Come on <Rank> <Name>. They need some space, and I've seen the piles of burgers on the buffet table! It'd be a pity to let them go to waste!

Check up on Caroline Fitzgerald.
Jones : Caroline? What are you doing in the Dean's office? The investigation is over, we've arrested the Rorschach Reaper!
Caroline Fitzgerald : Donna lent me her office for a while! I'm reorganizing everything! I will make the College's security system better than it's ever been!
Caroline Fitzgerald : Please, could you come back later? I'm busy. I have to make sure such atrocities won't ever happen again here! No one will be able to hurt Grimsborough's students again!
Caroline Fitzgerald : Wait! Actually, you could help me, <Rank> <Name>! I just submitted a first draft of suggestions for the security program to Donna. You're a pro, you could give me your opinion!
Caroline Fitzgerald : We all need to keep the students safe! I don't know where Donna has put my proposition in this big office, I need your help! Please, could you help me find it? For the students' sake!

Investigate Dean's Desk.
Jones : Nice catch <Name>! I can see the Parents' Association logo on those shreds of paper you found!
Jones : I wonder why it's shredded, didn't Caroline say it was important?
Jones : You're right, <Name>, she's not really her usual composed self today... Can you piece it back together, please? I'm curious to see what she's written.

Examine Shredded Paper.
Jones : Well done, <Name>! Thanks to you, we'll be able to help Caroline prevent some new problems on the campus! Let me read her suggestions for the security system...
Jones : What the heck? I know some universities have weapon detectors at their entrances, but what would Grimsborough University need a helicopter patrolling every hour for?!
Jones : "Every student should wear a GPS tracker"? Cameras in the bathrooms?! Oh my God! Listen to this, <Name>: "Students should carry a circulation permit"!
Jones : Caroline has lost it! She even wants students to notify any change of schedule two days beforehand! We need to calm her down!

Talk to Caroline Fitzgerald about her security program.
Jones : Caroline, we need to talk to you about your program revision! We found it shredded in the office, but when we pieced it back, we read your suggestions. They're ridicu-

Caroline Fitzgerald : Shredded?! What do you mean? Why would anyone shred my program? I wrote my best suggestions!
Donna Walker : Your best suggestions?! I thought you were joking! I'm sorry Caroline, but I shredded your program as soon as I read it!
Caroline Fitzgerald : Donna? I thought you were busy contacting Madison's parents! Why did you shred my program? It was good! It's important! It's... It's what the students need!
Donna Walker : No, Caroline, it's not! The University needs a better prevention system, but it doesn't need such excessive and expensive restrictions! You need to cool your head!
Donna Walker : We'll work on a new program once you're calmer. But we can't waste more of your time, <Rank> <Name>, you've already helped the University so much... Please, take this as a thank you.

Samuel King : <Rank> <Name>! Just the person I needed! Have you talked to Cathy yet? Did you manage to convince he-
Samuel King : Oh! I'm sorry, this can wait. The Mayor Johnson has a great offer for you!
Mayor Johnson : I wanted to congratulate you, <Rank> <Name>! I'm glad you arrested that Rorschach Reaper before the media's frenzy around this freak blew up in our faces!
Mayor Johnson : You see, the next local elections are approaching. A serial killer running loose before the start of my re-election campaign would have lowered my popularity significantly!
Mayor Johnson : But thanks to you, things look brighter. That's why I'm promoting you to the wealthy district of Maple Heights! With the elections, I need the best <Rank> on the field there.
Mayor Johnson : The people of Maple Heights are the real leaders of Grimsborough, nobody could handle them better than you. What do you say, <Rank> <Name>?
Jones : For real? That's great, <Name>! Maple Heights is the place to be! We'll get to meet stars, politics, important people! No more cheeky students!
Mayor Johnson : Exactly! I'm actually hosting a party to launch my campaign for the oncoming elections in a few days. It'd be a good occasion for you to meet Maple Heights' elite, <Rank> <Name>!