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David Jones: It's open day in Maple Heights, <Name>! And Chief King has given us the morning off to visit the famous buildings in the area!
Jones: I don't know about you, but the first place I want to visit is Buxton's Britches headquarters!
Jones: You've never heard of it? Well, you're in for a treat! Hank Buxton's the CEO behind the famous Love Your Leaks incontinence panties...
Jones: He built the rooftop garden when he took over the company a few years ago. He spent ten million dollars on it apparently!

At Buxton's Britches Roof Garden...
Jones: Wow! I've always heard people say how beautiful the Buxton's Britches roof garden is, but I never expected it to be this breathtaking!
Jones: You have a perfect view of the whole of Grimsborough... and look at all these amazing exotic flowers!
Jones: I've never seen anything like it... especially this one... Look, the stalk looks amazingly like a human body...
Jones: And ugh, the flower smells like rotten meat. You're right, <Name>, I'm not liking this either: we should take a closer look!

Chapter 1

Investigate Roof Garden.
Jones: Isn't that Hank Buxton dead in this giant flower pot?! Seriously?!? Death by gardening?
Jones: But, oh my God... What is that smell? It's like rotting flesh! I think I'm going to be sick...
Jones: Sorry for being a wimp, <Name>... but my stomach just can't take stuff like this. What have you picked up there?
Jones: The victim's wallet? I thought we were supposed to be solving crimes, not committing them!
Jones: Oops, my bad! You meant we should go through it, for clues, didn't you?
Jones: And that soggy piece of paper you found has the victim's name on it, you say? I agree, <Name>, we'd better dry it out and inspect it.

Autopsy the Victim's Body.
Jones: Ewww... the stink from our victim is even worse than before! But he only died a few hours ago... Why is his body decomposing so quickly?
Nathan Pandit: Actually, it's not your victim that's smells... It's the corpse flower that was planted in his mouth! It's a very rare exotic species that secretes an odor similar to rotten flesh.
Nathan: However, the corpse flower has nothing to do with the cause of death... your killer actually strangled the victim before engaging in this botanical theatre.
Nathan: Indeed, I found all of the tell-tale marks of suffocation on your victim's neck. I also found tiny fibers that indicate what he was strangled with.
Nathan: Your killer used pantyhose as their murder weapon! Which also means they wear some!
Nathan: But there's even more... Deep puncture wounds on your victim's ankles indicate that the killer dragged him into the pot feet first.
Nathan: I can reveal that the killer's fingernails were regularly manicured, as attested by the fresh traces of salon brand nail strengthener on your victim's ankles.
Jones: So our killer wears pantyhose and goes for manicures? Does that mean they are also a woman?
Nathan: Oh, Jones. I thought you would have learned to think outside of the box by now! I'm sure <Name> wouldn't have jumped to such an easy conclusion!

Examine Wallet.
Jones: You found a photo of Hank Buxton's wedding in his wallet?
Jones: Ah, now I remember... He recently married the famous glamour ex-model Kerry Ann Buxton! I saw their wedding photos in Girly Gossip Magazine!
Jones: What? Don't look at me like that... I don't buy it or anything! I just take Grace's copy into the station toilets when, um... I need some "me time".
Jones: We'd better go inform Kerry Ann of her husband's death. I shouldn't say this, but I'm excited about going to the notorious Buxton mansion!

Inform Kerry Ann Buxton of Her Husband's Death.
Kerry Ann: My Hanky... dead! Oh, my poor booby Buxton... boohoohoo! But wait... no! Poor... POOR ME! I... I... I'm POOR!
Kerry Ann: Dang! My momma told me not to sign that thing when we got married... What's it called again? A pre-fluff?
Jones: Er, do you mean a prenup?
Kerry Ann: Yes! And it says if I stop being Hank's wife, I lose everything! And I can't go back to glamour modeling... My boobs were ruined during my last plastic surgery trip to Mexico!
Jones: Um, prenups only apply in cases of divorce, Mrs. Buxton. You're a widow. It's not the same thing, you know.
Kerry Ann: Really? Oh, yeah! Hahaha! Sorry, hun, I always get those two mixed up...
Jones: Mrs. Buxton, we need to collect as much information as possible about your husband's affairs in order to progress with our investigation...
Kerry Ann: My husband was having an affair?! That bastard! Ohhh.. I'll track that sneaky snooky down and she'll be sorry she ever laid eyes on my Hanky!
Jones: No, Mrs. Buxton... I'm talking about his possessions, not extra-marital affairs!
Jones: I think we'd better just take a look around, <Name>, I don't have it in me to continue with this conversation...

Examine Soggy Paper.
Jones: That piece of paper you found on the rooftop is a complaint form lodged by our victim to the Grimsborough Country Club.
Jones: Hmm... It seems Hank was demanding that some gardener by the name of Georgi Papacoulis be fired immediately.
Jones: A gardener... Hmm, how did our victim die again, <Name>? You're right, we'd better track down this Georgi right away!

Ask Georgi Papacoulis Why Hank Buxton Filed a Complaint.
Georgi: Oh, Mister Hank, yes! I know this man very well. He like shouting... shouting a lot.
Jones: Shouting? At you, Mr. Papacoulis?
Georgi: Yes, yes! All the time, he always very angry, but he so fat and red! It so funny... He like a clown, you know? Hahaha, funny fat man.
Jones: Mr. Papacoulis! Please! Did you know that Mr. Buxton was trying to get you fired from the Country Club?
Georgi: Oh, yes! Last year, he ask boss at fancy restaurant to fire me too... but it okay, I have many job! I live "American Dream", my friend.
Jones: Wait a minute... Mr. Buxton already got you fired from another job and you hold no resentment toward him at all?
Georgi: Not at all! Mr. Hank, no bad man, he just very angry because of some things I do. Oh, sorry! Have to be running... I start other job in Beauty Salon in ten minutes!
(After Talking to Georgi Papacoulis)
Jones: Okay, I'm totally confused... Our victim tried to get Georgi fired on more than one occasion and he's perfectly okay with that?!
Jones: You're right, <Name>. This Georgi Papacoulis seems suspiciously carefree. And his job involves dirt and plants so he's a pretty clear suspect!

Investigate Wine Cellar.
Jones: Well, it looks like our victim spent quite a bit of time in his wine cellar... It's like a private gentleman's club down here!
Jones: Ah, you've found his tablet computer! Well, that definitely should be our next port of call.
Jones: It's locked... But I don't think that'll stop you for long! You've never let me down on a password hack yet, <Name>!

Examine Locked Tablet.
Jones: Well done! You cracked our victim's tablet computer, <Name>! I bet you could crack a password in your sleep!
Jones: Now, let's send it over to Alex. He loves looking through the virtual lives of the rich and famous!

Analyze Tablet Computer.
Alex: I love it when you send me over little jewels like this! I had so much fun going through your victim's tablet computer...
Alex: It seems Hank Buxton had a personal Friendnet account under the name of "Well Hung Hank" with an access restricted to this tablet computer only!
Alex: Now, I can tell you that your victim sent a pretty interesting message to an unidentified Friendnet user on the night of his murder...
Alex: Here's what he said: "You know what I want and you know it'll be worth your while in the end, sugar. Meet me on the roof of Buxton's Britches headquarters tonight and we'll take this to the next level!
Jones: Woah, that sounds kinda racy! Do you think Hank was having an affair? He did call himself "Well Hung Hank" after all... Some would find that seductive, right?
Alex: Well, in order to corroborate our theory, we'll need a little more evidence...
Jones: Great idea, <Name>! Let's take another look around the roof garden to see if there are any traces of this mystery Friendnet date.

Investigate Roof Garden.
Jones: What is that you found? A sexy photo? Can I take a closer look at that?
Jones: Finding out who the woman in the picture is could give us a new lead on Hank's murder.
Jones: What do you think, <Name>? Can your expert identification skills reveal who this woman is?

Examine Erotic Photo.
Jones: Bingo! I knew you'd be able to identify the woman in this... glamorous photo!
Jones: And... it's Lola Vallez! The famous diva singer!
Jones: She looks so much younger in this photo, though. I'd say it was taken at least 10 years ago...
Jones: Hey, you're right, <Name>! If this photo was on the rooftop, we need to ask Lola how it got there. Let's go!

Ask Lola Vallez Why There Were Photos of Her on the Rooftop.
Lola: What are you doing with this photo?! Give it to me now or I'll set my Chihuahuas on you!
Jones: Miss Vallez, calm down! <Rank> <Name> just wants to know how this photo ended up on the rooftop of Buxton's Britches Headquarters!
Jones: But, we can continue this conversation downtown if you prefer? The paparazzi would love to see you being taken to the station in handcuffs!
Lola: Jeez! Did you miss out on witness sensitivity training or something? Ok, Hank asked me to meet him on the rooftop last night... He, uh, had borrowed the photo from me...
Jones: On the rooftop! So you were the one he was writing to on Friendnet! The woman he was having an affair with!
Lola: Affair?... Uh, yes! That's it! I admit everything, I lent him some pretty photos of me when I was young to make him happy. I am terribly in love, you see...
Jones: Well, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but Hank was murdered last night at the same place he asked you to meet him.
Lola: Oh! How terrible! Well... I guess I can have the photo back then! Ciao, ciao, darling!
(After Talking to Lola Vallez)
Jones: Did you see that, <Name>? Lola just ripped the photo out of my hand!
Jones: Damn! You're right, I shouldn't have let Lola flee that way... but she disappeared so fast!
Jones: I'm sorry, <Name>... We'll just have to catch up with her later.

Later On, At the Station...
Jones: Well, <Name>... I don't think we've ever had such a great start to an investigation! You found some truly ground-breaking clues...
Jones: I've never seen Nathan get so much information from an autopsy! Now, we just have to...
Alex: <Name>! You're not going to believe this! Someone has logged into your victim's Friendnet account... and they're deleting all his messages!
Jones: What? But... How is that possible?!?

Chapter 2

Alex: <Name>! Someone has logged into your victim's Friendnet account... and they're deleting all his messages!
Jones: What?! But you said Hank's Friendnet profile was only accessible via his tablet computer?!?
Alex: Well, it should be impossible because Friendnet's security code is rock solid! I... I... don't understand!
Jones: Alex, calm down... Is there anything that could help us find this hacker?
Alex: Yes... I've identified the IP address from where the account is being accessed... It's coming from the Grimsborough Country Club!
Jones: Come on, <Name>, let's get over to the Country Club and catch whoever it is before it's too late!

Investigate Club Lobby.
Jones: Bingo! An unattended laptop...And a top of the range one at that! Just the type a super hacker would use to crack into our victim's Friendnet account!
Jones: What in the? The password system on this laptop is unlike anything I've ever seen before! I can't make any sense of it... Can you, <Name>?
Jones: And what are you doing with that gardening bag? It's hardly your style, <Name>!
Jones: It was hidden in the corner of the lobby? That's weird... good idea, <Name>, let's have a look inside.

Examine Locked Laptop.
Jones: Well done! You've managed to crack the crazy puzzle password on this laptop you found!
Jones: And Hank's personal Friendnet profile is open on the desktop! You've found our hacker, <Name>!
Zack Holden: Hey! What are you doing? Get your hands off my computer right away! Are you even members here?
Jones: Wait... I know you! You're Zack Holden... the owner of Friendnet!

Find Out Why Zack Holden Hacked Into Hank Buxton's Friendnet Account.
Zack: Hey, whatever I want to do on my own network is my business, officers.
Jones: Well, Mr. Holden, it happened that you are actually modifying an account that is of crucial importance in a murder investigation... You are tampering with potential evidence!
Zack: Whoah... What are you talking about? I'm just deleting a suspicious profile from the system! It was reported as a sexually explicit account...
Jones: Mr. Holden, this account belongs to Hank Buxton, the Love Your Leaks tycoon who was killed on the rooftop of his company headquarters.
Zack: Um... Oh... Really? I... But... Actually...
Zack: I just wanted to get rid of any suspicious data before the authorities got on my back! I must have got the wrong account...
Jones: But you knew Hank Buxton, I assume? He was a member of the Country Club too...
Zack: Uh, yeah... I'd seen him once or twice. But I kind of keep to myself here.
(After Talking to Zack Holden)
Jones: Dammit! All these technology companies are freaked out that they panic at the slightest suspicious activity on their networks!

Examine Gardening Back.
Jones: Ok, you found a trowel in that gardening bag. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be surprised...
Jones: Oh, you think this might have been the trowel used by the killer to bury Hank, <Name>? Well, let's take a sample and find out!

Examine Trowel.
Jones: That soil you collected from that trowel you found in the Country Club seems kind of sticky, doesn't it?
Jones: Let's get Grace to analyze it and see what she can tell us!

Analyze Soil Sample.
Grace: <Name>! You are a GENIUS! Thanks to the soil you collected, I can tell the trowel you found in the Country Club was used by the killer!
Grace: That soil sample was contaminated with fresh saliva belonging to your victim!
Grace: This means your killer used that trowel to plant the corpse flower in your victim's mouth!
Grace: But that's not all... The sample I tested was also corrupted with a product called "Fair Away"...
Jones: Ooh "Fair Away"? The hair removal cream? I used that to... uh... nothing...
Grace: Oh, Jones, I dread to think what you get up to when you're not at work. But let's get back to this amazing find...
Grace: ...Which allows us to affirm that you're looking for someone that uses hair removal cream!
Jones: Well, <Name>, your hunches are rarely wrong... But this time you've excelled yourself!

After Completing All Tasks...
Jones: I'm still speechless, <Name>. We've discovered our killer uses hair removal cream... And all thanks to your incredible intuition and forensic skills!
Jones: Oh, <Name>! I'm just remembering a funny thing I've read in Grace's gossip magazine! There was an ad with Kerry Ann representing the "Fair Away" cream brand!
Jones: What do you say we head back to Buxton mansion!

At the Buxton Mansion...
Jones: It's lucky Kerry Ann isn't here...
Jones: ...Because now we can have another look around Hank's wine cellar!

Investigate Wine Tasting Area.
Jones: Hey, what a pretty pill box you've found, <Name>! Good thinking, we should collect some of it's contents!
Jones: Hmm... And that briefcase you just picked up must belong to our victim. Let's see what he left inside!

Examine Briefcase.
Jones: You found a ragged, old document in the victim's briefcase? Why would he keep something like that in there?
Jones: Well, you do have a great eye for these things, <Name>... I'm sure you'll be able to find you why Hank didn't just throw it in the trash!

Examine Old Document.
Jones: That old piece of paper you found is a signed copy of our victim's final will and testament! Now I understand why he kept it safe in his briefcase.
Jones: Great idea, <Name>! Let's ask Alex if there's anything more we need to know about Hank's legacy.

Analyze Victim's Will.
Alex: The copy of Hank Buxton's will found in his briefcase was the penultimate copy. He was due to design a new version with his lawyer tomorrow actually...
Jones: Wait, if he never got to sign this new will, doesn't the one <Name> found remain the legally binding version?
Alex: Exactly. But when I compared the two versions of the will, I discovered that Hank was also trying to strip his mother of her fortune in the new version!
Jones: Wait, that doesn't make any sense... Peggy Buxton is alive, isn't she? You can't use a will to take money away from the living!
Alex: Normally not. But Hank was claiming that his mother had developed dementia and should be considered deceased...
Alex: This claim was accepted by a judge last month, so upon the signature of the new will, Hank would have gained complete control of his mother's fortune.
Alex: And what's more, Hank's lawyer informed me that he had already booked his mother into a high security retirement home for the rest of her life!
Jones: Wow! That's pretty radical! I wonder what Peggy Buxton did to deserve such harsh treatment?
Alex: For now, if you want to speak to her, she still lives at the Buxton Mansion. Apparently, she has a granny flat to herself there.

(Before Talking to Peggy)
Buxton Mansion: Upstairs...
Jones: Hello? Anyone here?
Jones: That's strange, <Name>. I thought this was Peggy Buxton's private drawing room... Maybe we took a wrong turn in the corridor... Come on, let's...
Georgi: HELLO!
Jones: ARGGGGGHHHH!!!! Georgi??? What are you doing here? And why are you naked? Put your clothes back on at once!
Jones: Oh, and... You must be Mrs. Buxton, Hank's Mother!
Ask Peggy Buxton About Her Relationship With Her Son.
Peggy: Yes, I am. What brings you here, Detectives? No, Georgi... You can stay the way you are. We'll pick up where we left off once I've finished talking to the police.
A Bit Later...
Jones: Mrs. Buxton, we're sorry for disturbing you... We didn't expect you to be... um... indisposed...
Jones: <Rank> <Name> needs to ask you a few questions... Um, were you aware that Hank was about to take ownership of your entire fortunes?
Peggy: Oh yes, we reached a little deal... But, I had to pretend to be senile for our plan to work.
Jones: Um... You mean you're not senile?
Peggy: How dare you! Do I look senile to you, young man? I consciously agreed to hand over my fortune IF he changed his will to disinherit that tramp he married.
Jones: Wait... Didn't Alex say Hank's new will was going to leave EVERYTHING to Kerry Ann?
Peggy: WHAT? He was going to give all our fortune away to that little tart?! I guess it's lucky he never got to sign such an act of betrayal...
Peggy: But why am I talking to you about this?! Georgi and I are already late for our daily manicure... If only my brute of a late husband had been so in touch with his feminine side!
(After Talking to Peggy Buxton)
Jones: Let's get this straight... Peggy Buxton thought she was plotting her daughter-in-law when in fact Hank was actually plotting against her!
Jones: It all seems way too complicated, but at least, we've learned that both Peggy and Georgi have manicured hands!

Examine Pill Box.
Jones: Good thing you've collected some pills from that pill box you found in the cellar, <Name>!
Jones: I'm curious to know who they were prescribed to? Let's send them to Grace, I'm sure she'll have no troubled figuring it out!

Analyze Unidentified Pills.
Grace: The pills you found in the wine cellar were super strength sedatives prescribed to your victim's wife, but there's no evidence she actually required them.
Jones: Are you saying Kerry Ann is abusing prescription medication?
Grace: Well, yes and no... The doctor who prescribed them has never seen Kerry Ann. Hank acquired them for a special fee... and Kerry Ann has apparently been told they're vitamins!
Grace: Maybe Hank was trying to keep her under control with medication! However, in cases of long term use, it can make you become psychotic!
Jones: Oh my God, you mean there is a possibility Kerry Ann could have been responsible for Hank's death without even knowing it?!
Jones: I feel a little bad now, I just thought she was another ditzy blonde pin-up... But if she's been drugged unknowingly for the last few years, who knows what she is really like?
Jones: You're right, <Name>, let's go see if we can find her!

See if Kerry Ann Buxton is Okay.
Kerry Ann: <Rank> <Name>! I'm sorry I missed you earlier... But you've come back in time! It's Chardonnay's birthday and we're about to have a celebratory manicure!
Jones: Chardonnay? Who is that?
Kerry Ann: My chinchilla! Oh, isn't she sooo sweet... Look at her little paws... No, Chardonnay... No! Don't do that!
Kerry Ann: I'm dang sorry, Detective Jones... She usually does her business outside! But, she likes you! Oh, yes she does!
Jones: Ahem! Mrs. Buxton... Can you tell us exactly where you were last night when Hank was murdered?
Kerry Ann: I... I just don't know! Maybe I was here... I had a fight with Hank at dinner because he wouldn't let me wear my bright orange pantyhose to the big gala this weekend. But after that...
Kerry Ann: You know, I feel kind of funny today... Ah, I know why! I've forgotten to take the happy vitamins Hank gave me! Now, where did I put them?
(After Talking to Kerry Ann Buxton)
Jones: Right, it's clear Kerry Ann has some memory loss problem... but that makes it even harder to know if she's telling the truth!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, she just let slip that she wears pantyhose and that she gets manicures!

In Chief King's Office...
Jones: Chief, we've made some great progress on that case, do you want-
Chief King: Progress! You call this progress, Jones? I've just had a call from the Country Club to tell me that your victim's wife has lost her mind!
Chief King: She just ran into the Grimsborough Country Club's annual brunch and started attacking some poor club member... It's chaos down there!

Chapter 3

Chief King: Jones! What the hell is happening with your investigation?!? I've just had a call from the Country Club to tell me that your victim's wife has lost her mind!
Chief King: She's attacking some poor women at the Club's annual brunch!
Jones: Oh God, <Name>... You remember what Grace said about those pills our victim was using to control his wife?!
Jones: Agreed, <Name>! We'd better get down to the Country Club right now!

At the Grimsborough Country Club Annual Brunch
Jones: In the name of... Mrs. Buxton! Miss Vallez! Stop fighting right this instant!
Jones: And, uh... What has happened to your hair, Mrs. Buxton? Surely Miss Vallez can't have...
Kerry Ann: My hair? Oh, yeah! Heehee... I had a teensy accident on the set of my new commercial for "Fair Away"... What a clutz! And now, I'm as bald as my Daddy's buttocks! Hahahaa!
Lola: <Rank> <Name>, this loon has attacked me! I demand that she by taken into custody! She's not even allowed here, she was kicked out of the Country Club last year!
Kerry Ann: Kicked out! Nobody kicks ME outta anywhere! <Rank> <Name>, I was just teachin' this little hoochie mama to keep off my turf...
Lola: Your turf! What are you talking about your turf for? I didn't want any of this! Hank blackmailed me into it, you bald floozy!
Kerry Ann: Blackmail? I'll give you a black EYE! Don't think I don't know what you really wanted!
Jones: STOP! If you don't stop arguing, you'll both end up in a cell! Mrs. Buxton, Miss Vallez, please go home and calm down!
Jones: And, you're right, <Name>, we should also have a look at the mess those two made... Cocktails and ponytails everywhere!

Investigate Tea Tables.
Jones: What a mess! If I didn't know better, I'd say we were in an underground fight club... Not Grimsborough's most prestigious Country Club!
Jones: Hey! That flyer you've picked up was trampled on during the brawl. We'll need to put it back together to see it what it is for...
Jones: And what are those torn pieces of photo you've found? Maybe they have something to do with the fight... Do you think you can piece them back together, <Name>?

Examine Ripped Photo.
Jones: The torn photo you found in the Country Club is from a test photo shoot for the next Love Your Leaks publicity campaign!
Jones: And Lola Vallez is the cover girl! You're right, <Name>, that also explains why Kerry Ann was so angry against Lola: she was the former Love Your Leaks cover girl!
Jones: We need to figure out what was going on between Hank and Lola. Let's go talk to the one who is still alive!

Talk to Lola Vallez About the Test Shoot Photo.
Lola: Hank and I weren't having an affair! Kerry Ann just freaked out because she found the test photos of me as the new Love Your Leaks cover girl...
Lola: ...As if that was something to be jealous about! Being the cover girl would ruin my music career, but Hank blackmailed me into doing it!
Jones: What do you mean Hank was blackmailing you into it?
Lola: Hank found some erotic photos of me, the one <Rank> <Name> found on the rooftop... They were taken years ago, but he managed to get his hands on them and stored them on his Friendnet account.
Lola: He was going to expose my past unless I signed a no-fee contract to become the new Love Your Leaks girl! Two things that would kill my career!
Lola: So, I had to get in contact with Zack Holden to... Uh, you know, I'd better go... I need to prepare for my show, starting with a hair removal cream and manicured hands session!
Jones: Wait! Miss Vallez! We haven't finished! Oh, I give up! She's disappeared again!
Jones: You're right, <Name>: if we want to hear the other part of the story, we better go talk to Zack again!

Ask Zack Holden if Lola Contacted Him After Hank's Death.
Jones: Zack, first we surprised you hacking into Hank Buxton's account and now we've learnt that Lola Vallez tried to contact you right after his death. I think you owe <Rank> <Name> some explanations!
Zack: I'm sorry I lied about what I was doing on Hank Buxton's Friendnet account, <Rank> <Name>. But when Lola came to me crying about those fake sexy pictures...
Zack: Well, what could I do? I had to help her get rid of them! And she gave me her pantyhose in return!
Jones: Mr. Holden, those photos weren't fake: they really are of Lola Vallez ten years ago--
Zack: You mean... She was just using me?! I'm so dumb...
Zack: Anyway, before she contacted me, I saw her meeting Hank on the rooftop numerous times, and I wanted to help stop Hank blackmailing me!
Jones: Wait a second: were you secretly following her around?
Zack: What?! No! Not at all! It's just that the Friendnet building is right next to the Buxton Britches headquarters...
Zack: You know, the night of the murder, I saw Hank with someone at the far corner of the garden. It sounded like they were having a heated argument... But it was too dark to see anything.
(After Talking to Zack Holden)
Jones: You're right, <Name>, after what Zack said, we'd better look around the rooftop one last time.

Examine Torn Flyer.
Jones: Oh, my God, <Name>! Is that... Is that Georgi?
Jones: You're right... We didn't know Georgi wore pantyhose... We should catch up with him again!
Jones: Maybe you and Nathan were right, <Name>... Just because our killer wears pantyhose, it doesn't mean they're a woman!

Talk to Georgi Papacoulis About the Drag Show Flyer.
Georgi: Oh! Hello! Hello! My favorite police! Oh, what have you there? Ah... You want to come to my show tonight! How wonderful! I book you special stage-side seats!
Georgi: Oh, America is so fine... A man can make money even as a woman here! Haha! And, it cost me nothing!
Georgi: I borrow all clothes from my sweet sugar momma Peggy... She give me her pantyhose too!
Jones: Well... I never thought I'd say this, Georgi... but those pantyhose suit you!
Georgi: Yes! Peggy help me so much! And she so proud of me that she spend all day dressing for tonight's show, this morning I help her put her moustache cream, we then make love...
Jones: Ok, ok! I think we can leave it there, Georgi. We don't need any more information about the details of your life with Mrs. Buxton.
(After Talking to Georgi)
Jones: I don't think this has ever happened, <Name>... but that guy leaves me speechless.
Jones: Well, maybe we should pay a last visit to Mrs. Buxton before she leaves for Georgi's show!

Talk to Peggy Buxton Before Georgi's Show.
Peggy: Moustache! That rotter told you about my moustache! Luckily, I don't love him for his big mouth! Eh, eh, <Rank> <Name>?
Jones: I... um... We're not here to talk to you about your moustache, Mrs. Buxton... We want to talk about your pantyhose... I mean... uh... Help me, <Name>!
Peggy: My pantyhose? Why, you little pervert!
Jones: Oh, yes, <Rank> <Name> is right... We just wanted to check you were ok... You seemed pretty angry when we talked to you last.
Peggy: Angry? Why would I be angry? Oh, yes! Maybe because I found out my dead son tried to fool me? And, that his trampy widow is now wasting the family fortune on her chinchillas?
Peggy: And, instead of locking her up until she confesses of the murder, you went to her chinchillas birthday party! Hmph!
Jones: That's enough, Mrs. Buxton! <Rank> <Name> is hot on the killer's tail, so they don't need advice from you. But talking of police work, <Name> wanted to search the wine cellar again...

Investigate Wine Tasting Area.
Jones: You found a trash bag hidden here? That's kind of strange...
Jones: Maybe you're right, <Name>... This bag might not be trash at all. Would you mind finding out?

Examine Trash Bag.
Jones: Arg! Those plant bulbs you found in that trash bag smell like that horrible corpse flower in the victim's mouth!
Jones: Let's send these bulbs over to Nathan quick and see what he can tell us.

Analyze Flower Bulbs.
Nathan: I'm speechless... Corpse plants are so rare that it's unlikely that you'll see one of them in a lifetime, and yet you've managed to find a whole bunch of bulbs, <Name>!
Nathan: After analyzing these bulbs you found in the wine cellar, I can confirm they are of the exact same harvest batch as the flower the killer planted in the victim's mouth!
Nathan: This means that the bulbs belong to your killer!
Nathan: I analyzed them under a super strength microscope... and found flakes of blue eyeshadow on them!
Nathan: Now, the sample I took was so clean that these flakes can only have been on the bulbs for a few days. Which clearly means your killer wears blue eyeshadow!
Jones: Amazing! <Name>, this HAS to be one of the most impressive pieces of evidence you've ever found! We're only a bat of an eyelid away from our killer now!

Investigate Rooftop Couches.
Jones: You've found some broken pieces of pottery, <Name>! I've got to hand it to them, when people in Maple Heights fight, they definitely don't hold back!
Jones: Do you think you can take the lead on this one, <Name>? You're a lot better than I am at these kind of things!

Examine Broken Plant Pot.
Jones: Wow! There's a pretty violent crack on that plant pot you put back together! Let's get Nathan to look at it and see if he can find any correlation between the pot and the murder.

Analyze Plant Pot.
Nathan: You've done it again, <Name>! With this flower pot you've restored, I've been able to deduce the killer's height!
Jones: What? How in the world could you tell the killer's height from a flower pot, Nathan?
Nathan: Well... To spare you the very complicated but nonetheless thrilling mathematical calculations I had to make, I'll explain it in layman's terms...
Nathan: The clear crack on the base that <Name> uncovered in restoring this plant pot enabled me to estimate the force at which it struck the objet it broke on.
Nathan: Now, after comparing the nature of the victim's head trauma, his height, the weight of the pot and the variability factor of the wind strength on the rooftop that night...
Nathan: And by taking into account the additional angle at which the crack formed, I was able to calculate that it was thrown by a person who was 5 foot 2 inches tall!
Jones: Oh... Well... I don't really know what to say to that. Apart from... Well done once again, <Name>! I think we're but an arm's length away from solving this case!

After Completing All Tasks...
Jones: Well done, <Name>! You've found all the evidence we need to solve this case! I could never have figured any of this out by myself...
Jones: So, I'll let you do the honors and put this botanical fanatic behind bars!

Arrest Killer.
Jones: Mrs. Peggy Buxton, you are under arrest for the murder of your son, Hank Buxton, CEO of Buxton's Britches LTD.
Peggy: Oh, dammit! I was hoping you'd just pin it on Kerry Ann!
Peggy: God knows she would have tried to kill Hank herself if she weren't so tweaked out all the time! Pathetic excuse of a...
Jones: Now, Mrs. Buxton... This is hardly the time for name calling. And you'll have bigger things to worry about now that you're on trial for murder!
Peggy: Oh well, I shan't worry about that too much. I have the best lawyers in the country, young man.
Jones: I wouldn't be sure of yourself, Mrs. Buxton... <Rank> <Name> has some pretty damning evidence! Now, if you don't mind, <Rank> <Name> needs to handcuff you.

Judge Hall: Mrs. Buxton, your trial is nearing an end and you still refuse to take the stand... If you persist with this nonsense, you'll end up with a life sentence!
Peggy: Oh, all right, all right! Seeing as my lawyers have brilliantly failed to get the case thrown out of Court, I might as well tell you what happened.
Peggy: My son and I hated each other. But I hated his trashy new wife even more... So I offered to sign my fortune over to him on the condition he disinherited his wife.
Peggy: However, the deal was that I would remain in Buxton Mansion until my death. But, then I discovered Hank was planning to shut me in some prison for the senile...
Peggy: And then I decided he'd pay... For every time he'd disrespected me... Every time he mocked me in front of my beast of an late husband...
Peggy: I crept up behind him on the rooftop, smashed a pot over his head and throttled him! Then I planted him in one of those pots he keeps his pretentious smelly flowers in...
Jones: You mean those horrible corpse flowers?
Peggy: Oh! So you know them? Yes, Hanks was very proud of that abominable species... I stole a bulb from his stash in the wine cellar and planted it straight in his mouth!
Jones: Wait... But there's one thing I don't understand, Mrs. Buxton... How on Earth did you manage to drag Hank across the roof?
Peggy: With the help of my gorgeous Georgi, of course! I took Hank's feet and he held him under the arms...
Jones: Georgi assisted you? You mean he's an accomplice to murder?
Peggy: Well... Yes and no... I called him and told him Hank was drunk... But if you do have to lock him up, do you think we could be cell buddies? Georgi does brighten my days...
Judge Hall: Mrs. Buxton, I think we've heard about enough. I sentence you to life imprisonment for first degree murder.

Jones: Well, I don't think I'll be up for any botanically related activities for a while, <Name>.
Jones: But, I'm so glad you were here to see through the flowery ruses of our killer!
Jones: How about we head down to the bar, <Name>? It's been a long time since we've gone for an after work drink. And, I'm pretty sure there won't be any flowers hanging around!

Additional Investigation

Chief King: <Rank> <Name>, you did an incredible job on the Buxton murder investigation. You left no leaf unturned!
Chief King: And now that Peggy Buxton is safely behind bars, maybe you should check in on Hank Buxton's widow...
Jones: Kerry Ann? Oh, do we have to, Chief? She's just such hard work!
Chief King: That's an order, Jones! Kerry Ann probably has more to face than you think right now. She's just lost her husband!
Jones: Well, <Name>... Let's head back to Buxton Mansion one last time!
(After Talking to Chief King)
Eduardo Ramirez: <Name>! I'd better tell you that Lola Vallez just called the station! And she said she needed help!
Ramirez: Oh, my God... I never thought I'd get to talk to her! <Name>, can I accompany you to the Country Club? Please!
Jones: Well, ok, Ramirez... On the condition you don't do anything to embarrass <Name>... I know how you get around celebrities!
Ramirez: Woohoo! I'm so happy! Lola Vallez is my idol! And, now I'm going to meet her!
Jones: Oh, there's one thing we've forgotten... Georgi Papacoulis is probably in a bad place now that his "sugar momma" is in jail...
Jones: Let's pay him a visit on our way!

Check Up On Kerry Ann.
Jones: Mrs. Buxton? <Rank> <Name> and I just wanted to check on...
Kerry Ann: Oh, I'm so glad you're here, <Rank> <Name>!
Jones: Uh, is everything OK, Mrs. Buxton?
Kerry Ann: No, it isn't! I lost the necklace my Hanky offered me for our first wedding anniversary! It has an enormous diamond... It means so much to me!
Kerry Ann: Of all my husbands, Hank was the most generous...
Kerry Ann: I might have left it in the wine cellar, but I don't want to make a mess down there, Hanky was so fussy about his "beloved cellar"...
Jones: Well, as it means a lot to you, <Rank> <Name> will have a look in the cellar. I'm sure they'll find it in no time.

Investigate Wine Cellar.
Jones: You've looked everywhere in the cellar, <Name>...
Jones: There's nothing on the shelves or in the empty bottles... This cigar box might be our last hope, let's have a look inside, <Name>!

Examine Cigar Box.
Jones: Great, <Name>, you found Kerry Ann's necklace! And she was right, that's a REALLY sparkly diamond! Let's return it to her, <Name>!

Give the Necklace to Kerry Ann.
Jones: Mrs. Buxton, <Rank> <Name> found your necklace in the cellar.
Kerry Ann: Yay! That's great! Now, I can sell... Uh, I mean... Thank you, <Rank> <Name>!
Jones: Wait a minute, did you say "sell"? We thought this necklace had sentimental value... <Rank> <Name> spent hours looking for it!
Kerry Ann: Well, maybe I lied just a little? I don't really care about its sentimental value...
Kerry Ann: ...When I can sell it for millions! I will finally be able to buy that diamond encrusted purse collection I've been eyeing for weeks!
Jones: What? But...
Kerry Ann: Let me give you a little something for your help anyway, <Rank> <Name>. Thanks to you, I'm even richer than before Hank's death!

See What You Can Do For Lola Vallez.
Ramirez: Lola Vallez! Oh! My angel! My idol! I'm so-!
Lola: Whoa! Please... Tone it down! Aren't the police supposed to be discreet?
Ramirez: Oh, I'm sorry, Miss Vallez, I didn't mean to upset you. What can <Rank> <Name> and I help you with?
Lola: Well... Yesterday, I earned my first platinum record! But, during the celebration, I misplaced the platinum disc I was awarded!
Lola: It has to be somewhere around here. Oh, my God! Please, don't tell anyone! If you could help me to-
Ramirez: Of course! Don't worry! I'm sure <Rank> <Name> will find it, and I guarantee we won't say a word.

Investigate Club Lobby.
Ramirez: <Name>, I think you might just have found Lola Vallez' record! Well done! Aah... Sweet Lola Vallez!
Ramirez: Oh, but you're right, <Name>... The glass frame is broken, and the serial number is unreadable.
Ramirez: We have to be sure it's Lola's record before we give it to her... But I know you'll decode the number in the blink of an eye, <Name>!

Examine Platinum Record.
Ramirez: Wow! You decoded that serial number on the record you found at the Country Club very quickly!
Ramirez: Now it is legible, we should ask Alex to check if it is the right number. How would Lola react if it's a fake?

Analyze Platinum Record.
Alex: I had to check with the Records Association, but I can confirm that the record you found at the Country Club belongs to Lola Vallez!
Ramirez: Great! <Name>, we have no time to lose! Let's get it back to Lola asap! Divas like her don't like to wait.

Give the Platinum Record to Lola Vallez.
Lola: Did you find my platinum record, <Rank> <Name>?
Ramirez: Yes, here, Miss Vallez! It's a really beautiful piece.
Lola: <Rank> <Name>, thank you for helping me with this. My family is really proud I went this far you know... And I would hate to lose such an important souvenir.
Lola: I've made a few mistakes, you know, and I would be so ashamed if my family found out. So, it's even more important for them to see my success.
Ramirez: You know, Miss Vallez, that's exactly why I'm a fan. You remind me of my youth. I came from Mexico with my family when I was five. At first, it was difficult for me to find my place here...
Ramirez: I lived in skid row, school was not great, but my family always encouraged me. I worked like a madman, and I made it! Don't be too hard on yourself, Miss Vallez, you're doing great.
Lola: Thank you, Officer Ramirez. And, thank you again, <Rank> <Name> for recovering my platinum record. I don't know how to thank you. Have a burger from the Club, I'm buying!

Get News From Georgi Papacoulis.
Georgi: Hey! My favorite police! What bring you here?
Jones: Well, seeing that your "sugar momma" is in prison now, <Rank> <Name> and I just wanted to see if everything is okay.
Georgi: Oh, yes! Poor Peggy. But I okay... Many pity for the fun times we had though...
Georgi: But... wait! You could help me! You top cops, you fine cops! I lost my most beautiful show dress... My public loves it so much!
Georgi: Last time I was wearing it, I was giving a "private show" to Mrs. Buxton on garden rooftop! She really liked when I-
Jones: Stop! Don't say more! I'm sure <Rank> <Name> and I will be able to find your dress on the rooftop, but please... No more details, Georgi!

Investigate Roof Garden.
Jones: <Name>, I guess this torn fabric you found on the rooftop is the dress Georgi is looking for.                     Jones: You're right, I prefer not to know why it's torn like that. Let's put it back together and bring it back to Georgi.

Examine Torn Dress.
Jones: Good job! You've repaired the torn dress you found on the rooftop! Georgi will be so happy...
Jones: I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to go check on Georgi... Nothing is ever straightforward with him! Now, let's bring the dress back to him, quick!

Give the Dress to Georgi Papacoulis.
Jones: Georgi! Your dress was on the roof, and it was in pretty bad shape until <Rank> <Name> kindly repaired it for you.
Georgi: Yes! Yes! I know! It's because Mrs. Buxton and I-
Jones: Georgi, please, spare <Rank> <Name> and I the gory details! We saw enough during the investigation!
Georgi: Haha, you cops are so funny!
Georgi: Thanks so much for help! Thank you! Take set of show clothes... I sure you love them very much, funny cops!

Later, at the Station...
Jones: <Name>, I'm glad all this mess is over.
Jones: Kerry Ann kinda fooled us, but at least she seems to be doing just fine on her own.
Ramirez: Jones! King wants to see you in his office, it's about Kerry Ann Buxton!
Jones: Speak of the devil... I bet she'll ask us to find some other things with a great "sentimental value".
Ramirez: No, it's really serious! SHE'S DEAD!
Jones: WHAT?! SHE'S DEAD?!?