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David Jones: <Name>, with things being so quiet lately, I wouldn't be surprised if you've already put all the killers of the Financial Center behind bars!
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, Carl Ackerman, Rachel Priest's cameraman wants to speak to you. He says it's urgent!
Jones: Huh, come to think of it, we've never spoken to Carl before. Well, now's the chance.

Carl: <Rank> <Name>, please you've got to help me: Rachel has gone missing!
Jones: What do you mean missing?!
Carl: At first, I thought she was just off chasing a story like always, but now I'm starting to fear the worst!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, if Rachel really is missing, we should search her office: maybe she left a paper trail that will lead us to her last location!

Chapter 1

Investigate Grim News Headquarters.
David Jones: Good job, <Name>! It looks like Rachel wrote something down before taking the page with her!
Jones: If this happens to be an address, it might lead us to where she went missing! Can you recover the message for us, <Name>?

Examine Blank Journal.
Jones: Awesome work, <Name>! So Rachel did indeed write down an address for...
Jones:... The abandoned factory?!

Jones: Why on Earth would Rachel have come to this abandoned factory?! There's nothing here!
Jones: Wow, you've got eagle eyes, <Name>! There's no way I would have ever noticed that trapdoor!
Jones: A trapdoor activated with a secret code in an abandoned warehouse? I wonder what type of mess Rachel got caught up in this time..
Jones: I guess there's only one way to find out. <Name>, can you crack the code so we can discover what this trapdoor is hiding?

Examine Trapdoor.
Jones: Congratulations, <Rank> <Name>, you unlocked the trapdoor in one swift movement!
Jones: It looks like it leads to an underground facility. If this was what Rachel was looking for, I hope she didn't go in alone.
Jones: I mean, I haven't even gone in and already the place is giving me the chills... <Name>, have your gun drawn just in case.

Investigate Experiment Room.
Jones: This skeleton is headless and with all this acid it's hard to tell, but I really hope this skeleton isn't Rachel!
Jones: But there's no way Rachel could have been down here, right?
Jones: This smashed skull obviously belongs to the skeleton: and the only way of knowing whether it really is Rachel or not is by piecing it back together.
Jones: You're right, <Name>, it looks like the killer's left a shoeprint behind. We should hurry and run it through our database.
Jones: Meanwhile, let's send the rest of that body off to Nathan with a warning not to get any of that acid on himself.

Autopsy the Victim's Body.
Nathan: Your victim was subjected to gruesome biochemical experiments, which explains why you found her in that secret lab.
Nathan: I'm sorry, but I have no idea what substance she was injected with: I've never seen or heard anything like it!
Nathan: The substance forced her bones to grow to an impossible size... the bones grew so quickly in fact, it tore her skin apart!
Nathan: You saw the state of the body, so you can imagine my surprise when I found dog hairs on the skeleton!
Nathan: It seems these particular dog hairs were coated in a very thick oil which preserved them from the corrosive acid, unlike the poor victim.
Nathan: And thanks to these dog hairs, the identity of your killer is already a bit less of a mystery: <Rank> you're looking for a killer who owns a guard dog!

Examine Shoeprint.
Jones: Great job, <Name>! It's lucky for us that our killer left behind an incriminating shoeprint in the secret lab.
Jones: Because when we combine that with your awesome detective work, we now know that the killer wears office shoes!
Jones: I'm sure Ramirez would be more than happy to investigate which suspects wear office shoes for us.

Examine Smashed Skull.
Jones: You handled yourself like a true pro <Name>: you kept your cool even considering the gross nature of your task!
Jones: Let's send this skull to Grace and hope she can identify the victim...
Jones: I just really, really hope it isn't Rachel.

Analyze Skull.
Grace: To identify the skull you found in that secret lab, I had to make a 3D holographic scan of it.
Grace: From that, I did a virtual reconstruction of the face, starting with the victim's muscle structure until I could identify her identity.
Jones: And...?
Grace: I'm so sorry, I wish it was otherwise but... your victim is Rachel Priest.
Jones: I knew it, I knew she was dead the minute Carl told us she had gone missing! Oh Rachel, whatever did you get yourself mixed up with?
Grace: I know how hard it is to investigate the murder of someone you knew. If you ever need to talk, I'll be here, <Name>.
Jones: Thanks Grace... We need to inform Carl of this terrible news... just give us a minute to get it together.

Inform Carl of Rachel's death.
Jones: I'm sorry to inform you Rachel's dead, Carl. But what I don't understand is why didn't you tell us sooner that she was missing?
Carl: Because she fired me! One day, she decided she didn't like my camera work and kicked me out, just like that!
Carl: I came back her hoping to get my job back! At first, I thought she was just avoiding me, but then I realised something was wrong.
Carl: I had this bad feeling for a while actually... ever since she started hanging out with this loony in Walton Square, Drake Ribbs.
Carl: I don't know why she was so interested in him, the man looked like a freak! I wouldn't be surprised if it was Drake who kill her!
(After talking to Carl Ackerman)
Jones: Somehow I feel like Carl is hiding something from us. And even though Rachel did fire him, I was still expecting Carl to be more upset by her death.
Jones: Still, we should go and talk to this "freak" Drake Ribbs and find out why Rachel was so interested in him.
Jones: And you're right, <Name>, now that Rachel's office is part of a murder investigation, we should sweep it for clues!

Investigate why Rachel was talking to Drake.
Drake: My lovely Rachel often came to see me. She loved my stories, always wanted to hear more.
Jones: What stories?
Drake: The sad story of how I was transformed into a monster! When I was in the army, I was used for secret drug experiments!
Drake: The doctors turned me into this monster, and then they kicked me out!
Drake: Nobody believed me except for my beautiful Rachel. So sweet. My little angel.
(After talking to Drake Ribbs)
Jones: <Name>, I've never seen a human being look more like a killing machine before! 
Jones: If the army really did secretly experiment on Drake, I bet this is a story Rachel would have wanted to tell...
Jones: But what if Drake mistook Rachel's interest in him for love, and when she didn't love him back, he killed her?!

Investigate Grim News Headquarters.
Jones: Great work, <Name>! You found Rachel's research files! Let's search through them in the hopes we find a viable lead to follow up on!

Examine Research Files.
Jones: You struck gold with Rachel's research files, <Name>!
Jones: So Rachel got a lot of cease and desist letters warning her to stop her investigation!
Jones: The letters are all from the same man: General James Marsh but some of the letters are full-on death threats!
Jones: I think this warrants a little talk with this army general, don't you think, <Name>?

Question General Marsh over his warnings to Rachel.
James: Ah, you must be the <Rank> who wanted to see me. I'm just finishing a meeting with Mayor Johnson, I don't know if you've met before?
Howard: Why of course we've met! I was even there for <Rank> <Name>'s promotion from the Industrial Area. I see you've come a long way since, <Rank>.
Jones: Sorry to interrupt you, General, but we'd like to ask you a few questions in private, if we may.
James: By all means, <Rank>. Let me just see Mayor Johnson out and I'll be right with you.

James: You're asking me questions about operations which have been classified top secret: I can't tell you a thing about them!
James: That blasted journalist refused to quit asking questions, so I had to use every means neccessary to make her stop!
Jones: Even if that meant threatening her with her life?
James: I don't even know why you're asking me these damn questions. You and I, we're on the same team, <Name>.
Jones: Yet somehow I'm not entirely convinced that's true...

After completing all tasks...
Jones: One murder, one secret lab, and a whole lot of mystery!
Jones: If only we knew what Rachel was getting herself mixed up in, maybe we could have stopped her...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, there's a voice message from Rachel Priest! It's, uh, a few days old... so, er, do you still want to listen to it?
Jones: What the?! Of course we want to listen to it! RIGHT NOW!

Chapter 2

Jones: Of course we still want to listen to Rachel's voice message, Ramirez! Even if it's old, it could help explain who injected Rachel with the mysterious drug!
Ramirez: I, er... <Rank> <Name>, why don't you play Rachel's old voice message while Jones calms down?
Answering Machine: "Hello, <Rank> <Name>, it's Rachel Priest. I'm investigating a huge story implicating the army, and well, maybe I'm becoming paranoid..."
Answering Machine: "... but I'm scared something bad is going to happen to me. In case I die, please keep investigating this. I've left you a more detailed video message in my office."
Answering Machine: "It's on my tablet computer. I can't risk giving you the password, but I'm sure a pro like you won't have any problems hacking into it." 
Answering Machine: "One last thing, I'm convinced the company behind all this is Greene PharmaCorp, I just can't prove it yet. I'm counting on you, <Rank> <Name>". BEEEEEEEP!
Jones: Oh, Rachel... Let's go search her office then, and if Greene PharmaCorp really is behind this, then we better go talk to Alden directly.

Question Alden Greene.
Alden: Rachel Priest was convinced Greene PharmaCorp is secretly developing some kind of huge deal with the army? And illegally so?
Alden: That's absurd! Rachel pursued the wrong career: she should have been a fiction writer, not a reporter!
Jones: Sadly it's a bit late for a career chance for Rachel. And given how you didn't like each other, I'm guessing you're not too saddened by her death...
Alden: I don't like what you're insinuating! We had our differences, but I value human life above all else and I'll do anything to help you catch her killer.
Jones: We appreciate that, Mr Greene. And in that case, <Rank> <Name> would like to search your office, if you don't mind.

Investigate CEO's Office.
Jones: Nice job, <Name>! The substance on this carpet looks like it belongs in a chemical plant or lab, not in a CEO's office!
Jones: <Name>, would you mind collecting a sample of this substance so that we can determine what it is?

Examine Stained Carpet.
Jones: Good job, <Name>! Now let's take this substance from Alden's office carpet to Grace to see whether it's chemical based or not!

Analyze Blue Substance.
Grace: The substance from Greene's carpet is the same substance that killed Rachel! And I've never seen a substance like it in my life!
Grace: With the sample you gave me, I managed to replicate enough of the serum to test it on a mouse.
Grace: And as crazy as it sounds, the serum turned the mouse into some kind of super strengthed monster that killed all of the other mice within seconds!
Jones: Oh my god, so you're telling us that the serum to create super soldiers really does exist?!
Grace: And if the army got a hold of this serum, it would be worth billions of dollars!
Grace: I don't know if this will help, but one person who could have created this serum is a scientist called Kelly Speltz
Grace: She's famous for her unethical and more or less illegal experiments, such as the two-headed goat she created.

Jones: Ugh, I can't believe there really is a sick gold rush to create a super serum going on underneath our city!
Jones: The people in the financial centre will do just about anything to get rich, even if that means killing hundreds of people in the process!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, if we are going to stop it, we need to find out who started it! Let's try and find out whether Kelly Speltz created this serum.

Interrogate Kelly Speltz.
Kelly: You think I'm the one who created that super soldier serum? I'm flattered, <Rank> <Name>, but it wasn't me.
Kelly: People don't recognise my genius often enough. They call my work inhumane and try to have me shut down.
Kelly: Such as that rotten reporter, Rachel Priest. She even tried to have me stop experimenting on animals!
Kelly: I don't even know what she's talking about! My latest guard dog has survived every single experiment so far.
Kelly: No, people like Rachel don't realize I'm doing the work of God: I'm trying to create a new better, stronger humanity!
(After talking to Kelly Speltz)
Jones: I wonder how far Kelly is capable of going to make sure nobody stops her from continuing her sick experiments?
Jones: Let's keep a close eye on her... and we should probably call animal rescue for her guard dog.

Investigate Reporter's Desk.
Jones: Good job, <Name>! So this must be the tablet computer that Rachel wanted us to find! Are you ready to hack into it?

Examine Tablet Computer.
Jones: Rachel was right, her tablet computer didn't stand a chance against your awesome skills!
Jones: Are you ready to check out the video message she made for us?
Video Diary: <Rank> <Name>, if you're watching this, then it means I am no longer of this world... and presumably it is my investigation that got me killed.
Video Diary: I've been investigating the development of an illegal serum. The serum transforms men into vile killing machines, and always against their will!
Video Diary: I've been talking to an ex-military by the name of Drake Ribbs. He's the only living proof that the serum has secretly been tested on humans!
Video Diary: But talking to Drake isn't easy: a side-effect of the serum is making him more and more violent. I admit, even I am scared of him sometimes.
Video Diary: The serum has already ruined thousands of lives, <Name>, you have to stop it before even more people are killed!
Jones: By the sound of it, even Rachel was beginning to realize that Drake was dangerous. I think it's time we check up on him!

Get Drake talking about the super serum.
Drake: Why shouldn't I be angry?! One minute I'm the best soldier in General Marsh's unit, and the next minute I've become a MONSTER!
Drake: General Marsh promised me I'd become even better, even stronger... but when I woke up looking like this, he threw me out of the army!
Drake: I can't find a job anymore. I bought a guard dog to try and get a job as a night watchman, but they said I'm too scary even for that!
Drake: Life wouldn't be too bad if only I could hold my sweet Rachel again... but she's gone to a better place... and maybe I should follow.

After completing all tasks...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, the mayor is on his way to talk to you, and you need to wait here until he arrives! Chief's orders!
Jones: The mayor? Why on Earth would he want to talk to us, <Name>?

Chapter 3

Jones: Let's rethink this: we found Rachel in a tub of acid after she was killed by an experimental serum. 
Jones: A serum which literally gives you super strength and could be worth billions in the hands of the army!
Jones: This case just keeps getting bigger and bigger...
Jones: And now the mayor wants to talk to you, <Name>! C'mon, we shouldn't keep him waiting any longer.

Howard: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, always a pleasure. Now, I've come here to help you save some time with your investigation!
Howard: You're being horribly misled in thinking that General Marsh is a possible suspect in your murder case.
Howard: He's just been promoted as head of the army's chemical testing unit! And he hasn't come as far by making any mistakes.
Howard: I can count on you, can't I, <Name>? It would be a shame not to have such a powerful man on our side.

Jones: Is it just me or is Marsh trying to use his political connections to get off the hook?
Alex: Yo, I don't know if you play the stock market but Greene PharmaCorp has just announced it's soon going to sign it's biggest contract ever!
Alex: The stock market has gone into a frenzy, and Greene PharmaCorp's shares are soaring! You need to hurry and cash in on it!
Jones: Oh my God, <Name>, what if Greene PharmaCorp's big contract is the serum?!
Jones: Alden told us he wasn't involved in the development of any such serum, but I think it's time to ask him again!
Jones: And you're right, <Name>, we should probably head back to that creepy lab... though I really don't want to.

Talk to Greene about his possible business involvement with the army.
Alden: Greene PharmaCorp would never sign a deal with the army over such a serum: the human testing aspect of it... it's morally wrong!
Jones: So you DO know about this serum?
Alden: ...Years back, I was approached with an offer to develop the serum. I immediately turned it down and that was that. 
Jones: You've already lied to us once Alden, so how are we to believe you this time?
Alden: Believe what you want but I'm growing tired of you AND your base insinuations! Next time you come round uninvited, my guard dog will be waiting to greet you!
Jones: Well, I guess this is our last chance to search your office then.

Investigate Alden Greene's Desk.
Jones: Way to go, <Name>! Now, what's a cryptex doing on Alden Greene's office floor?
Jones: And it's not like I doubt you, but I don't think even you could crack this... could you, <Name>?

Examine Cryptex.
Jones: Wow, you truly are a marvel, <Name>! So that cryptex was hiding a USB stick which belonged to...
Alden: Wait a second, that blasted cameraman of hers gave it to me! But I have no idea why: I didn't wait for an explanation and just threw the creep out!

Jones: What the heck?! Did Carl actually the cryptex contained Rachel's USB stick and why on Earth did he give it to Alden?
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we should let Carl answer these questions himself!
Jones: But here's a question even he can't answer: why did Rachel want to protect this USB stick so badly?
Jones: We better send the USB stick to Alex and see if he can come up with an answer!

Question Carl over his betrayal to Rachel.
Jones: Carl, you've got more than a little explaining to do! We know you gave Rachel's USB stick to Alden!
Carl: I can explain! I knew the USB stick contained all of Rachel's research... and a lot of it was concerning Greene.
Carl: My job paid nothing and I really needed the extra money... so I sold it to Alden. I didn't even make that much money!
Carl: Rachel found out and fired me before I could even explain myself... None of this would have happened if she'd paid me properly!
Jones: I can't believe it, all that for a few dollars... Poor Rachel, she couldn't even trust those closest to her.
(After talking to Carl Ackerman)
Ramirez: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, I've finished investigating which of your suspects wear office shoes!
Ramirez: I know Carl Ackerman bought a pair to help him in his job search since Rachel fired him.
Ramirez: Alden Greene's shoes are amazing, and General Marsh threatened to kick me with his beautifully polished shoes...
Jones: Thanks for all the lengthy details, Ramirez. Well, <Name>, I hope this helps!

Analyze USB Stick.
Alex: Wow, Rachel's USB contained the motherload of information, enough to seriously damage Marsh's reputation!
Alex: According to Rachel's research, Marsh was trying to develop a super soldier serum in the army...
Alex: ...But the army forced him to stop when they heard about his dangerous human test trials. 
Alex: Rachel was convinced that Marsh refused to give up on the development of his billion-dollar serum and secretly continued with the funding of Greene PharmaCorp.
Alex: She believed PharmaCorp was on the point of a breakthrough and she wanted to stop him before he managed to sell the serum for mass production!
Jones: The mayor doesn't want us ruffling Marsh's feathers but that was before Marsh became our prime suspect! Are you ready for this, <Name>?

Quizz Marsh on the serum conspiracy.
James: You got me! I'm indeed developing a serum to efficiently create super soldiers! It's a scientific marvel, one of the ages.
Jones: A marvel?! It's a sick poison! When it doesn't kill, it turns you into a monster. I mean, look at Drake Ribbs!
James: It's regrettable what happened to Ribbs... but when at war, you have to make sacrifices.
Jones: But we're not at war. We're in the Financial Center where everything seems to run on blood money!
James: Shout what you want, but once the serum is sold to the army, it will become top secret and any investigation into it will lead to your arrest.
James: And there's zero chance you can find any direct proof before then, so in other words, <Rank> <Name>, you lose.
(After talking to James Marsh)
Jones: We can't say he's guilty of killing Rachel, but we can say he's guilty of a lot of other crimes!

Investigate Operating Table.
Jones: This is gross but we should search through that chemical waste. Just be sure to put your gloves on!
Jones: There seems to be faint traces of writing on this sheet, but it's too faded to read. <Name>, can you remedy that?
Jones: And check this broken syringe out. Do you think this is the syringe Rachel was injected with?
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we won't know until it's restored!

Examine Paper Sheet.
Jones: Great work, <Name>! That paper sheet was in fact a scientific formula... And look, the scientist even signed it with their initials: K.S! Don't we know a K.S?
Jones: You're right, <Name>, this formula belongs to Kelly Speltz!
Jones: So she's the one who created the serum!
Jones: And do you realize this means Kelly was working in the exact same lab where Rachel was murdered?! <Name>, it looks like it's game over for that freak!

Make Kelly Speltz confess she created the serum.
Jones: Kelly Speltz, we found a scientific formula with your initials on it in the lab Rachel was murdered in. I think you better get talking!
Kelly: I'm insulted you find me stupid enough to fall for such a lame trap since it obviously doesn't prove anything!
Jones: Even so, it DOES prove you created the serum that killed Rachel!
Kelly: Oh my, you're telling me Rachel was injected with my serum?! I certainly hope not as the serum only works on men!
Kelly: I can't imagine the effects it would have on a woman... but I would have loved to have been there to see. A perfect oppurtunity wasted.

Examine Chemical Waste.
Jones: Congratulations, <Name>, you've just found...
Jones: A human nail?! Please, <Name>, can you pack it up for the lab? I can't stand to look at it!

Analyze Human Nail.
Grace: I checked out that human nail you sent me from that secret lab. And surprise, surprise, it belonged to Rachel Priest.
Grace: But the nail wasn't ripped off. Instead it... popped off like a button on a coat when Rachel's body transformed after being injected with the serum!
Grace: Because this nail didn't get destroyed in the acid bath, I was able to find skin cells under it!
Grace: Skin cells from your killer's head, actually.
Grace: And by analyzing those skin cells, I can now tell you that your killer is bald!

Examine Broken Syringe.
Jones: Awesome work, <Name>! You restored that broken syringe from the crime scene in no time at all!
Jones: It'd be lucky if this turned out to be the syringe that Rachel was murdered with...
Jones: Let's hurry and send it off to the lab, see what comes out!

Analyze Syringe.
Grace: About that syringe you got from the secret lab, I analyzed the residue inside it and it turns out it's the same serum that killed Rachel. 
Grace: And there's more: there are traces of Rachel's DNA where the needle perforated her skin. Congratulations, you've found the murder weapon!
Grace: What's interesting is that I found faint traces of sebum oil on the glass casing of the syringe.
Grace: Sebum oil which could have only came from your killer: You're lucky that the oil in the sebum kept this vital evidence from disappearing...
Grace: Because we now know that your killer's a man!

After completing all tasks...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, I had some free time so I thought I'd give you a hand by searching the crime scene again, but, er, it was kind of spooky...
Ramirez:... So I searched around the abandoned factory instead and look what I found: a suspicious looking handkerchief!
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, can you please take a quick look at it? I really do think it could be an important part of your investigation!
Jones: We're kind of busy with some more serious stuff than a "suspicious looking handkerchief" so you're lucky <Rank> <Name> is willing to take some time out to help.
Jones: Then again, with <Name>'s mad skills, analyzing this handkerchief will only take a few seconds!

Examine Ragged Handkerchief.
Jones: Way to go, <Name>! Let's send this sample from the handkerchief Ramirez gave us to Grace.

Analyze Handkerchief Fibres.
Grace: You're not gonna believe this but the handkerchief Ramirez got from the abandoned factory actually belongs to your killer!
Jones: What the...?! So Ramirez actually did some good detective work... Wow!
Grace: You see, this handkerchief has been burnt from acid... the exact same acid that was used to dissolve Rachel's body!
Grace: Your killer got some acid on their lab coat so they used this handkerchief soaked with chemicals to stop it burning through...
Grace: ...But you can't stop acid burning that easily, which is why, <Rank> <Name>, your killer will now have a visible chemical stain on their clothes!
Jones: Thanks, Grace, this is the last mistake this killer is ever going to make! <Name>, are you ready to make the arrest?

Take care of the killer now!
Jones: Alden Greene, you are under arrest for the brutal murder of Rachel Priest. Anything you say or do can and will be used against you.
Alden: I'm impressed, <Rank> <Name>, you'll go far in this city... but you could go even further if we worked together.
Jones: Don't try that trick with us, Alden! Unlike some people in this city, <Rank> <Name> has moral values!
Alden: The game is truly up, eh? Well, <Rank> <Name>, as you were skilled enough to catch me, let me tell you the details of how it all happened...

A couple of days ago...
Alden: As you correctly guessed Rachel, Greene PharmaCorp is on the point of signing a billion dollar contract with the army.
Alden: This is my chance to not only rule the Financial Centre, but whole city... and you wanted to take that away from me?
Alden: Sadly, Rachel, there's simply no place for people like you in this city: truth and honesty don't make money.
James: Hurry up and kill her, Alden. Shut this blasted reporter up once and for all!
Alden: Well Rachel, since you've been so interested in our little serum... how about you experience it first hand?
Rachel: Go ahead and kill me! But one day the world will see you for the monster you truly are, Alden!

Judge Hall: Alden Greene, do you have anything more to say before you're sentenced for the murder of Rachel Priest?
Alden: Every emperor watched their empire fall sooner or later. I blindly hope that it would be different when I built mine, but alas...
Judge Hall: Your fault is not of having tried to build something, but of destroying everything good in this City.
Judge Hall: You helped build the foundations that bred and encouraged greed, lust and senseless violence--
Alden: Oh, give me a break! People are rotten at their core: I just found a way to turn it into gold!
Judge Hall: Enough! Alden Greene, for the gruesome and gratituous murder of Rachel Priest, I sentence you to life imprisonment!
Judge Hall: As for you, General Marsh, as an accomplice to the murder, I also sentence you to life imprisonment!
James: Don't you realise I'm a national hero, not a criminal?! You're making a grave mistake!

Jones: Rachel stood for truth and died for it: she refused to accept that people, no matter how powerful, could get away with their crimes.
Jones: But isn't it crazy how the promise of money can turn people into the worst kind of monsters?
Jones: I think I need a break from the Financial Centre, <Name>.
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, great work on the case: I've already added it to my scrapbook of all your cases! Oh and the Mayor wants to see you!

Additional Investigation

Chief Samuel King: <Rank> <Name>, this was an extremely trying case but you did a great job of it. I'm very proud of you!
Samuel: But your work in the Financial Center isn't quite done, however. Apparently, Mrs Speltz is experimenting on chimps, despite it being illegal. Try and find proof of it to arrest her.
Samuel: Additionally, ever since Drake Ribbs got injected with the serum he'd been sick, and with Rachel's death, I'm afraid he's more dangerous than ever. I'd like you to check up on him.
Jones: We're on it, Chief! <Rank> <Name>, I'd also like to check up on Carl. I know he betrayed Rachel, but still... they were close.

Talk to Carl Ackerman about Rachel's death.
Carl: Before you say anything, I know I did Rachel wrong by selling her to Alden, and I'd like to redeem myself any way I can.
Carl: I owe her so much: everything I know if what Rachel taught me. She was an exceptional person, and her courage and determination had no limits.
Carl: So I'm not surprised CCN awarded her the CCN prize for Best Reporter of the year for her article on drug trafficking.
Jones: That's great news, she would have been so pleased...
Carl: CCN told me to find a parent of Rachel's in order to accept the prize. I wrote down her grandmother's number, but I seem to have lost it.
Jones: We're glad to see you're trying to make amends, Carl, so we're happy to help. <Name>, what do you say we start looking for the phone number here?

Investigate Grim News Headquarters.
Jones: I like the way you think, <Name>! Instead of looking for the piece of paper Carl wrote the phone number on, we could just make a copy!
Jones: Well, <Name>, let's see if your idea works: Here's Carl's notepad, do you think you can etch out Rachel's Grandmother's phone number from it?

Examine Notepad.
Jones: Excellent work, <Rank>, you've recovered Rachel's grandmother's phone number!
Jones: Thanks to you, Carl will be able to phone the grandmother and ask her to come and collect Rachel's award! Let's go tell him the good news!

Give back Rachel's grandmother's number to Carl Ackerman.
Carl: Oh great, you've found Rachel's grandmother's phone number! I'm so relieved: I was afraid I would never find it and that the prize would never end up with her family.
Jones: We're just glad to see Rachel finally get the recognition she deserved.
Jones: And when you talk to Rachel's grandmother, please be sure to convey to her the deepest condolences of the Grimsborough Police.
Carl: I won't forget. But before you go, I feel Rachel would have wanted us to celebrate her award. What do you say we go eat a burger at Rachel's favourite restaurant in her honour?
Jones: Oh Rachel... I think I'm going to cry...

Talk to Kelly Speltz about illegal experiments.
Jones: Mrs Speltz, we've come to verify that you aren't illegal experimenting on chimps.
Kelly: What? You've got to be kidding!
Jones: When it comes to this, <Rank> <Name> never kids. So if you don't mind, we're going to start our audit now.
Kelly: Er, you can't--
Jones: Good thinking, <Rank> <Name>, you investigate this room and I'll take the other one!

Investigate Experiment Room.
Jones: We're looking for chimps, not lab coats, <Name>...
Jones: Ah, my apologies <Name>: I hadn't noticed those hairs on the coat. Do you think you could retrieve some for analysis?

Examine Lab Coat.
Jones: Well done, <Name>, I'm sure Grace will appreciate you collecting such a dense sample of those animal hairs from the lab coat.
Jones: Now, let's not waste any time and have Grace analyze them to see whether they're chimp hairs or not!

Analyze Hairs.
Grace: Those hairs you got from the lab are chimp hairs! And it's sickening, but these chimps are being used for gruesome experiments!
Grace: I can't believe people are still testing on chimps when it's been banned in the United States since 2012! <Name>, you've got to arrest this person!
Jones: Don't worry, Grace, <Name> will make sure the person responsible gets their just dessert. In fact, we're going to see Kelly right away!

Arrest Kelly Speltz.
Jones: Mrs Speltz, the game is up! We didn't think you could get any sicker, but we found chimp hairs on the lab coat in your lab!
Jones: This proves that you've been illegally testing your experiments on poor, defensless chimps! Kelly Speltz, you're now under arrest for your crimes!
Kelly: You can't arrest me, I'm doing the work of God! What are a few chimps' lives if I can save thousands of human lives?!
Jones: From what we've seen of your experiments, you've only ever managed to destroy lives, not save them. You're not a scientist, you're a monster!

Talk to Drake Ribbs about his disease.
Jones: Hi Drake, how are you feeling today?
Drake: I'm very weak: the doctor at Grimsborough Hospital has informed me I'm suffering from cancer.
Jones: I'm so sorry to hear that, Drake! Is there anything we can do for you?
Drake: The doctors say they can cure me, but first they need my medical file to identify which chemical product I was subjected to.
Drake: But because the experiments on me were top secret, I can't get a hold of my medical file! But since Greene was involved, I'm sure he has a copy... if only I could access his office.
Jones: Let us worry about that, Drake: <Rank> <Name> will access Mr Greene's office and find your medical file in no time!

Investigate CEO's Office.
Jones: Drake's medical file is nowhere to be seen, so that shredded paper is our last chance!
Jones: <Name>, do you think you can piece it back together?

Examine Shredded Paper.
Jones: I knew you could do it, <Name>! Now that you've restored Drake's medical file, the doctors will be able to use it to cure Drake's cancer!

Give back his medical files to Drake Ribbs.
Jones: Drake, excellent news! <Rank> <Name> has found your medical file. All the information concerning your military treatment is in it!
Drake: Rachel was right, you're an exceptionally talented person! It's an honour to know you <Rank> <Name>.
Jones: Take care of yourself Drake and don't hesitate to give us some news about your recovery.

After completing all tasks...
Samuel: Ah, <Name>, congratulations on an amazing case! Mayor Johnson wants to talk to you!
Howard: <Name>, I'm impressed with your flair. I'm glad you listened to your instinct rather than me when it came to James Marsh.
Howard: You saw past the politics and saw him as a guilty man. I like your flair and could do with a <Rank> of your caliber in a new district.
Samuel: <Name>, what the Mayor is saying is you've been promoted to the Historical Center. Congratulations!
Jones: Wow! Be sure to bring your camera, <Name>, the old town is beautiful!