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Frank Knight (excitedly): Hey <Name>, you ever heard of the "Gigantic"? She was the heaviest luxury liner in the late 19th century. They called her the ship of dreams!
Frank (grinning): But the reason it is so famous is that she sunk after hitting an iceberg during her maiden voyage, even though her designers said she was unsinkable.
Frank (fantasizing): Anyway, I'm telling you this because a movie based on this historical event is being made in Ivywood! This is gonna be the most expensive film ever made!
Frank (pumping his fist): So yeah, I know we visited a lot of movie sets recently, but what say we skip today's paperwork and go have a sneak peek at the reconstruction of the ship? That sounds fun, right?

Chapter 1

Investigate Movie Set.
Frank Knight (shivering): Gee, it's cold in here! Did they turn the studio into a giant refrigerator? You'd think we were really lost at sea!
Frank (shocked): Sorry what, <Name>? You found someone floating in the pool?
Frank (nervously): Well I'll be, that poor guy's got a distress flare thrust inside his right orbit!
Frank: Didn't anybody tell the killer that distress flares are made for sending SOS calls, not killing people?
Frank: And the killer even left the flare gun behind! How considerate of them, now we've got our murder weapon!
Frank (excitedly): You're right, there seems to be some kind of dirt on the handle of the gun, you should try to collect a sample!
Frank: And this badge must have belonged to the victim... But we won't be sure until you've worked your magic on the faded parts.
Frank (grinning): Well, looks like we're in the same boat again, <Name>!

Examine Flare Gun.
Frank (grinning): Nice work <Name>, you isolated some black grains off that flare gun the killer used to kill the victim. Let's ship this off to Yann!

Analyze Black Grains.
Yann: <Name>, I'm done analyzing the grains you found on the murder weapon's handle.
Yann (happily): Turns out the grains are caviar. Your killer must have had some on their hands when they grabbed the flare gun.
Frank (grinning): Looks like the killer has good taste but terrible personal hygiene. We'll have to remember not to shake hands with them, <Name>!

Examine Badge.
Frank (excitedly): Great, there's our victim's face on that staff badge you found on the crime scene!
Frank: So the victim's name is Fabrizio Gallardo, and he was an artist.
Frank (confused): But wait, what did an artist have to do with the Gigantic movie? And where does that lead us?
Frank (taking out his phone): Great idea <Name>, I'll ask the whiz-kid about our victim. So, how do you type a text message on this thing...
Frank (receiving a text message, grinning): Got it! Hannah just texted me the poor dude's address. Let's go!

Investigate Victim's Studio.
Frank (grinning): See all those paintings, <Name>? There's no doubt that Fabrizio, our victim, was a painter!
Frank (offended): What do you mean, I'm stating the obvious?! Well for that I'll let you search this painting case on your own, smarty pants!
Frank (happily): Now look at this painting! That gal is standing on the Gigantic's deck! So that's what our victim was doing on the set, he was painting props for the movie!
Frank (grinning): Which means this chick must be one of the actors playing in the movie. D'you think you can figure out who she is by having a look at the studio database? Time to impress me, <Name>!
Frank: And what about that flyer? It's about the Gigantic movie, as well... I'll let you retrieve the faded text, you'll do it faster than I ever could...

Examine Painting Items.
Frank: Okay, <Name>! You found a torn magazine in the victim's painting case, but I don't see where you're going with this.
Frank (grinning): Whatever, if you think fixing this magazine will help us learn more about our victim, I'll just let you handle it!

Examine Torn Magazine.
Frank (pumping his fist): Now we're getting somewhere, <Name>. This magazine you just fixed has the Gigantic set on its cover!
Frank: You're right, there's also Holly Hopper on the cover. Seems she did a story about the set.
Frank (in disbelief): It wouldn't be the first time we come across Holly while investigating a murder, <Name>. Let's go bust her chops!

Ask Holly Hopper about her story on the Gigantic Movie.
(Holly is seen with a cold throughout the murder investigation.)
Holly (holding a pen and pad): Hey, isn't that <Rank> <Name>, Pacific Bay's most famous sleuth! What can I do for you?
Frank: Miss Hopper, <Rank> <Name> just visited the set of the Gigantic movie, where Fabrizio Gallardo was murdered.
Frank: And we know you were granted access to the set! Now tell us, you really have a knack for being around murders!
Holly (puts the pen and pad down, shocked): Hey I have nothing to do with this! I was the first reporter to ever set foot on the set of the Gigantic movie, and I went there days ago!
Holly (laughing): This movie will be the biggest movie ever made, so who cares about some artist dying? Was he famous? No! So why should I care? That's not what will make me sell papers!
Holly (picks up the pen and pad): People want passion, romance, action! They want something to dream about, and I'm going to give it to them!

Examine Gigantic Flyer.
Frank: The text you revealed on that flyer mentions that a certain Maggie O'Mally was holding a conference about surviving the real Gigantic's shipwreck.
Frank (shocked): Whoa, I didn't think there were any survivors still alive! Let's go talk to the granny, <Name>, she may know something about our victim!

Talk to Maggie O'Mally about the Gigantic.
Frank: Hello Mrs O'Mally. This is <Rank> <Name>, we're with the Pacific Bay Police Department.
Maggie (holding a hearing aid and a cane): What? Can you please repeat that?
Frank (yelling): I said, we're with the Police and we're investigating on the murder of Fabrizio Gallardo, he was an artist working on the Gigantic movie!
Maggie (puts hearing aid down): The Gigantic! But she sank, my dear, you won't find it anywhere! I should know, I was on that ship!
Frank: No, we're here about the movie. Someone was killed on the set!
Maggie (gleefully): Oh yes, the movie! A very nice artist boy gave me a tour of the set, he kept asking me questions about the Gigantic, it felt like being back aboard!
Frank: That artist boy, was his name Fabrizio Gallardo?
Maggie (picks up the hearing aid): Fabulous Gelato? What a ridiculous name. No, his name was Fabrizio Gallardo. Very nice young man. I hope I'll see him again.
Frank (rubbing his head): Okay <Name>. Granny clearly has no clue about the murder, let's just get out of here.

Examine Gigantic Painting.
(Before examining Gigantic Painting)
Frank (grinning): Alright, <Name>, the woman on this painting must be an actress working on the Gigantic movie. I'll just sit back and enjoy watching you find her in the studio's database!
(After examining Gigantic Painting)
Frank (excitedly): Way to go <Name>! So the woman on that painting you found at the victim's art studio is a certain Lizzie Dion!
Frank: The file says Lizzie's got the lead female role in the Gigantic movie.
Frank (happily): Lizzie must have posed for Fabrizio for this painting to be made. Let's go check on her!

Ask Lizzie Dion about the painting the victim made of her.
(Lizzie is seen with a cold throughout the murder investigation.)
Lizzie (in love): Oh you found Fabrizio's painting! Isn't it beautiful? I never looked so good! This is going to look perfect in the movie!
Frank (nervously): He WAS a good artist, Miss Dion. Fabrizio's dead. <Rank> <Name> found him on the set of the movie you're starring in.
Lizzie (shocked): The poor boy is dead?! Oh how dreadful!
Lizzie (crying): I knew such a thing would happen... Whenever people make movies about real catastrophes, bad things happen to everyone involved! This movie must be cursed!
Frank (confused): Cursed? Trust me Ma'am, there was nothing mystical about Fabrizio's death!
Tyler (angrily): Stop right there! Who are you and why are you talking to my fiancée without my authorization?!
Frank: Oh because we need your authorization to talk to people? We're the Pacific Bay Police. Who are YOU, pal?
Lizzie (shocked): Tyler, please don't be mad. <Rank> <Name>, this is my fiancé, Tyler Snakes. He's also the producer of the Gigantic movie.
Frank (grinning): Fancy that, the movie producer! I guess we'll have a chat with you, hotshot!

Ask Tyler Snakes about the murder that happened on his set.
(Tyler is seen with a cold throughout the murder investigation.)
Tyler (angrily): <Rank> <Name>, you can't go talk to my fiancée like that, you have to speak with me first!
Frank: Calm down, pal. We're investigating Fabrizio Gallardo's murder, he was an artist working for your movie. Didyou know him well?
Tyler (scratching his head): Oh, that! A terrible accident, to be sure. Thankfully, the shooting of Gigantic is still on schedule. And sorry, I never really met the guy, I'm a busy man.
Frank (skeptically): Accident? The victim had a distress flare thrust into his face!
Tyler (shrugs): Those are the slings and arrows of movie making, <Rank> <Name>. We handle the dangerous stuff here, mechanics, pyrotechnics... anything can happen.
Tyler (scratching his head): Gladly I've got insurance for this kind of situation. Which is good, because producing the Gigantic movie is costly enough.

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie (excitedly): Did you see that flare that ended up in the victim's face? I guess his last vision must have been a blast!
Frank: Jee Roxie, you need help! Maybe you should go talk to a shrink.
Roxie (grinning): Says the man who acts like it's always happy hour! Anyway, let's get back to the dead guy.
Roxie: So, the flare punctured and melted your victim's eyeball, then the heat reached the brain. That didn't leave him any chance.
Roxie (excitedly): But that's not all, I also found germs on the victim's body. The victim was healthy, so the killer must have sneezed on him!
Frank: So the killer has caught a cold... and we're gonna catch ourselves a killer, <Name>!

Later, at the station...
Frank: Okay <Name>, why don't we take a beat on this for a second? We've got a dead painter floating on the set of the next Ivywood blockbuster...
Frank (sadly): Talking to all the suspects so far, it seems nobody really knew him or cared about Fabrizio. It's like he was a big nobody on the film set.
Frank: We met Lizzie Dion, the lead female character, who the victim painted for a prop in the movie.
Frank (skeptically): Which is surprising considering how controlling Lizzie's fiancé, Tyler Snakes, is. And let's not forget he's the producer of the Gigantic movie.
Frank (fantasizing): And then there's Maggie O'Mally, the Gigantic survivor who met the victim while visitng the set. She's as deaf as a doornail and probably as harmless.
(Hannah enters the room.)
Hannah (nervously): <Name>, you gotta hear me out... I think I have a lead that might interest you. I was looking into your victim's files, to help out, and...
Hannah (shocked): I think Russell's dad may be involved in Fabrizio's murder!

Chapter 2

Hannah Choi (nervously): <Name>, you gotta hear me out, I just found out Fabrizio Gallardo knew Russell's dad, Jupiter Crane!
Frank (confused): What the... How can you be so sure, kid? And what would Jupiter have to do with an artist?
Hannah (nervously): I did some digging on the victim to save you some time, <Name>. And I discovered a police report saying that Jupiter recently bailed Fabrizio out of prison.
Hannah: Apparently Fabrizio was arrested for begging in the Ivywood suburbs, and Jupiter decided to help him... for no reason I can fathom. The whole thing's just super weird.
Hannah (sadly): I don't know what to do, <Name>. Should I tell Russell that his father is a suspect in a murder investigation?
Frank: I agree with <Name>, there's no need to involve Russell in this until we know more. The peacock can never think straight when it comes to his dad.
Frank: Let's go have a chat with Jupiter. And good idea, let's also have a look at the Ivywood suburbs, since it seems our victim spent some time there.

Ask Jupiter Crane about his relationship with the victim.
(Jupiter is seen with a cold throughout the murder investigation.)
Jupiter (excitedly): <Rank> <Name>, it's so nice to see you again!
Frank: Skip the small talk, Jupiter. We're here about the murder of Fabrizio Gallardo. We're told you two knew each other?
Jupiter (shocked): What? What are you saying? Fabrizio is dead? But it can't be! I looked after him like my own son!
Frank (skeptically): Like your own son? I'm sure Russell would love to hear that...
Jupiter (zealously): Russell would not let me help him. But Fabrizio did! When I found him, he was a lost soul, but I always knew he had potential as an artist. So I decided to take him under my wing and support him.
Jupiter (excitedly): And it worked! Following my guidance Fabrizio blossomed as an artist. It was so nice to see him happy!
Jupiter (crying): Oh this is so tragic, <Name>! Fabrizio was so sensitive and delicate! Why do the best people always die first?

Investigate Poor Suburbs.
Frank: This neighborhood doesn't give off the same glitz and glamour vibe as the rest of Ivywood. Did you find anything about our victim?
Frank (shocked): Whoa, this sandwich board is pretty extreme! "Rise up against them"? Think you can retrieve the missing bits, <Name>? This might be interesting!
Frank (innocently): Oh and don't look at me like that. If you think I'm going to fix this torn photograph for you, you've got another thing coming!

Examine Sandwich Board.
Frank (shocked): Well I'll be... I assumed the message on this board would be a mundane protest statement, but look: "Utopians are evil, rise up against them!"
Frank: I'm with you <Name>, we've seen enough to know that anything related to the Utopians is bad news. Let's have Hannah take a look at this board!

Analyze Anti-Utopian Sign.
Hannah: I'm done looking at the anti-Utopian sandwich board you sent me, <Name>.
Hannah (grinning): The text was nothing special. But this drawing of a boot stomping a Utopian crest definitely caught my eye.
Hannah (excitedly): This logo is used by every Utopian protester in Ivywood, and there are more of those than you would think. And guess who designed the logo? Fabrizio Gallardo!
Frank: So this means the victim was against the Utopians? But could the Utopians have killed him because of it?
Frank: I agree, <Name>, let's go back to Fabrizio's studio. We may find more clues on his thoughts about the Utopians there.

Investigate Artist's Desk.
Frank (grinning): If Fabrizio had the Utopians on his tail, we might find something about it inside this safe. But don't expect me to rack my brain decoding it!
Frank: Look, this note here was addressed to Fabrizio! We're out of luck, the rest of the message is gone. Looks like a job for you, <Name>!

Examine Victim's Safe.
Frank (innocently): No need to brag about your decoding skills, <Name>. I'll let you rummage through that safe, though. I don't want to be responsible for missing something out!

Examine Opened Safe.
Frank (impressed): Alright, not too shabby <Name>, you found plane tickets hidden among the victim's personal belongings!
Frank: So the victim planned on flying from Pacific Bay to... Italy!
Frank (grinning): Hey, you're right, <Name>, there are TWO tickets! Who did the victim intend to take with him? Maybe Hannah can tell us!

Analyze Plane Tickets.
Hannah (grinning): Alright <Name>, I know who your victim booked these plane tickets for. Wanna know who won a trip to Florence, the most romantic place on Earth?
Hannah (happily): The Osprey Airlines database gave me all the information you need: Fabrizio's lucky winner is... Lizzie Dion!
Frank (skeptically): Lizzie Dion? The actress from the Gigantic movie? Didn't she say she was engaged to Tyler Snakes, the producer?
Frank (grinning): So little Lizzie had a secret affair with Fabrizio! She's wilder than she looks!
Frank: Of course <Name>, this is not about gossiping, we gotta go pry some answers out of Lizzie. After all she's been hiding information about our victim!

Confront Lizzie Dion about her secret affair with the victim.
Frank: <Rank> <Name> found your romantic getaway tickets to Italy, Miss Dion. Looks like you and Fabrizio were all hooked up, weren't you?
Lizzie (sadly): Well I'm not a liar. I admit, I had an affair with Fabrizio. He was a real dreamer, he wanted us to be free as two love birds, hence the tickets.
Lizzie (fantasizing): He showed me the real world, the beauty of simple things. Before meeting him, my life was just about being pretty and eating caviar, it was so shallow.
Lizzie (tearing up): But as beautiful as my story with Fabrizio was, it was just a dream. My life is with Tyler, I belong to him. I mean, with him. He's so caring, I don't want him to be upset about this mistake that I made.
Lizzie (sneezing): I mean, a girl's gotta think about... Achoo!
Lizzie (happily): Sorry about that, <Rank> <Name>, I caught a cold on the Gigantic set. Anyway, things between Fabrizio and I ended long ago. Please do not think less of me because of it.

Examine Faded Note.
Frank: Great, the message on this paper is just a stupid connect the dots game. What a bummer, we'll never know who wrote this to our victim...
Frank (amused): What, <Name>? You think it's worth sending this message to the lab? Whatever floats your boat, I'm not the one who'll have to decrypt it!

Analyze Crypted Message.
Hannah (happily): I've had a look at the encrypted message you brought me, <Name>. Did you know it was written in Morse code?
Hannah (grinning): You know what Morse code is, right <Name>? It's a code navigators use to send distress signals.
Hannah (excitedly): Anyway, the most important thing is that the killer wrote this note!
Frank (confused): The killer? Now kid, you know you'll have to back that up with facts.
Hannah: Here is the full message: "Fabrizio, meet me at the Gigantic set today at 9PM, there's something you should know."
Hannah: And Roxie told me her estimated time of death was 9:03PM... Right at the time Fabrizio was supposed to meet up with this mysterious person!
Frank: So the killer sent Fabrizio a coded message to get him to the Gigantic set and then killed him there?
Frank (happily): You're right <Name>, it means the killer knew the victim well enough to know he read Morse. Which also means the killer knows Morse code!

Examine Torn Photo.
Frank (grinning): Behold <Rank> <Name>, the master of restoring useless pictures!
Frank (sweating, nervously): Oh of course I've noticed our victim is on this picture! I was just messing with you!
Frank (laughing hysterically): Anyway, that picture's hilarious! Look! Poor Fabrizio is being attacked by an angry grandma!
Frank (shocked): But wait, that's... that's Maggie O'Mally, the Gigantic survivor! Why is she attacking Fabrizio? You're right, we had better go ask her!

Talk to Maggie O'Mally about her attack on the victim.
Frank: Mrs O'Mally, we wondered if you could talk to us about this photograph? Clearly we can see you took up a fight against Fabrizio before he died!
Maggie (holding a cane, shouting): You bet I did, that boy was going to sully the memory of the Gigantic victims!
Frank (confused): What? But I thought you liked Fabrizio! And what do you mean by "sully the memory of the victims"?
Maggie (agitated): I liked him until I learned that he painted Lizzie Dion naked for the Gigantic movie! Such a thing would NEVER have happened on that boat, never! We knew how to behave back then!
Maggie (shouting): Youth these days, they have no respect! Fabrizio brought shame upon the people who died on that boat! This is not a way to pay homage to them!
Maggie (reminiscing): Ah, those were decent times, we valued discussion and enjoyed simple things, such as champagne and caviar! I wish I could have stayed forever on that ship!

Later, at the station...
Frank: Okay <Name>, this is recap time. We're still far from catching Fabrizio Gallardo's killer, and the more we dig, the more intricate it gets!
Frank (grinning): We assumed Maggie O'Mally, the real Gigantic survivor, was just another harmless granny, but in fact she attacked the victim for drawing Lizzie Dion naked!
Frank (shocked): Which leads to our breaking news: the victim had an affair with Lizzie Dion, the Gigantic movie actress.
(Chief Marquez walks into the room.)
Chief Marquez (hands on her hips): <Name>, have you seen the news? Holly Hopper is on TV, airing her opinion about your victim!
Frank: What the... what? Come on, <Name>! Switch the TV on!
(The television is turned on.)
Holly (holding a microphone): Fabrizio Gallardo rejected the Utopians and see what happened to him! If you don't want your life to end in bloodshed, join the Utopians!

Chapter 3

(The television is on in the Pacific Bay police station.)
Holly Hopper (holding a microphone): Fabrizio Gallardo decided to reject the Utopians and see what happened to him. If you don't want your life to end in bloodshed too, you'd better join us!
Holly (infuriated): Any enemy of the Utopians is an enemy of peace, anyone against peace should know the same fate! So save your soul now and join the Utopians!
Frank: What the... What's got into her, all of a sudden? We knew Holly to be a convinced Utopian, but now she sounds like she's on a crusade for them!
Frank (pointing at his watch): We gotta haul ass <Name>, we need to speak to Holly before she causes a Utopian mass hysteria! Let's go find her!
Frank (holding his fist, angrily): And you're right, she was speaking live from the Ivywood suburbs! We should search that place again, let's go!

Confront Holly Hopper about her Utopian propaganda.
Frank: We saw you on TV, Hopper! Using someone's death to promote the Utopians? Society frowns on that, you know!
Holly (holding her phone): Hey what's so bad about it? I can express my opinion about my beliefs whenever I want! It's still a free country, right?
Holly (puts her phone down, picks up her pen and pad): And yes, I am a Utopian and I say it proudly! This cult is what moved Ivywood leagues ahead of the rest of the world!
Holly (puts her pen and pad down, angrily): Fabrizio made the choice of staying out, but it's only because he never tried to be one! He was just another frustrated freak!
Holly (ecstatically): I mean, as a Utopian, I can afford caviar for breakfast, and I am just a gossip columnist! Who else in Pacific Bay can pretend they live that large?
Holly (sneezing): So what is it gonna be, <Rank> <Name>? Will you join us or will you stay a lo... Achoo!
Frank (grinning): Hah! You may live in a place where the air is crisp, Holly. But germs are still for everyone!

Investigate Junkyard Garden.
Frank (grinning): Good call <Name>, these planks could be hiding something. Someone's got to dig into it, but... certainly not me!
Frank (cracking his knuckles): I see <Name>, there's our victim's name on this wretched suitcase. But it's locked, and we both know you should be the one handling this!

Examine Victim's Suitcase.
Frank (cracking his knuckles): Okay <Name>, you unlocked the victim' suitcase! I'm pretty sure what we find inside will help us nab the killer!
Frank (fantasizing): Oh, this is a drawing of Lizzie Dion... in a lustful pose! That's way raunchier than the painting of her we found earlier!
Frank (grinning): Fabrizio must have sketched this drawing during his secret romantic nights with Lizzie. That Fabrizio guy, really...
Frank (confused): Hey, what do you mean I'm not paying attention to what's important?
Frank (shocked): Oh but you're right, there's a note on the sketch: "I know everything, I will kill you!", and it is signed by Tyler, Lizzie's overly possessive fiancé!
Frank (holding his fist, angrily): It means Tyler knew about Lizzie and the victim! You're right, now he's got a murder motive. We need to go grill him about this message!

Go grill Tyler Snakes about Lizzie's infidelity.
Frank: Hey Mr Snakes, we found this drawing the victim made of your fiancée. And judging from the message, I'd say you were a bit upset about it!
Tyler (shrugs): Oh come on, seriously? Why would I kill that Fabrizio wimp, when that simple threat was enough!
Tyler (scratching his head): I know Lizzie, she could never live without the comfort I provide her. Fabrizio was an artist alright, but I have enough money to eat caviar every day of the week!
Frank (grinning): Eating caviar doesn't take skills, Snakes. I think Fabrizio was a real threat to your relationship, he could make Lizzie look like a real queen, just with a simple sketch!
Tyler (shouting): Hey it's my girl you're talking about, MY girl! She belongs to me, not to this piece of trash broke painter! Or anyone else, for that matter!
Tyler (sneezing): I don't care that you're a cop, I won't allow such... Achoo!
Tyler (angrily): Freaking cold! This cold air from the movie set is gonna kill me!
Frank (holding his fist, angrily): Well don't run off to somewhere hot just yet, because <Rank> <Name> tells me we may not be done with you!

Examine Planks.
Frank: Okay <Name>, I understand that this life buoy you found in these planks has nothing to do here in the Ivywood suburbs, so why lose our time on this? It's just junk, get rid of it!
Frank (amused): Oh right, you think this buoy could be linked to our murder scene, the Gigantic movie set!
Frank: I see that there used to be a message written on that buoy <Name>, but it doesn't mean that I have to reveal it myself just because I misjudged you! I'll let you handle it!

Examine Life Buoy.
Frank (excitedly): Well done <Name>, you revealed the text that was initially written on that life buoy! It says: "Fabrizio join us or drown!"
Frank (puzzled): So it was addressed to our victim and that's one hell of a threat, alright! Who could have done this, our killer?
Frank (cracking his knuckles): I agree, let's send the buoy to Russell, that peacock will help us get closer to nabbing the killer, I'm sure!

Analyze Buoy Message.
Russell (in disbelief): You're not going to believe me, but... that threat written on that buoy you brought me is the work of my father, Jupiter.
Frank (annoyed): Oh not that again Russell, how about you snap out of your "I don't like my daddy" issues for a while?
Russell: But it's true! I ran the regular graphology tests on this text, and it's a 100% match with my father!
Russell: And think about it, the "join us" refers to the Utopians. You know how zealous a Utopian my father is, right, <Name>?
Frank: Alright, but why would Jupiter threaten the victim? Well you're right, <Name>, we'd better go ask him ourselves!

Question Jupiter Crane about his threat against the victim.
Frank: You're in big trouble, Jupiter! <Name> found this buoy you gave to our victim. Why would you threaten your spiritual son? Spill the beans!
Jupiter (sadly): It's not what you think, Fabrizio was everything to me. I just wanted him to realize that he was in the wrong.
Frank: You mean because he was an anti-Utopian activist? That must have rubbed your order the wrong way!
Jupiter (zealously): It's true, Fabrizio refused to follow my path into Utopian wisdom. He lacked the spirituality to finally see the light. Poor soul...
Jupiter (sadly): This is why I gave him this buoy. To make him understand he needed our guidance, without it he was lost! And you've seen where that got him.
Jupiter (sneezing): Fabrizio didn't only lose his soul, he... Achoo!
Frank (with pride): Way to punctuate all this spiritual nonsense, Jupiter! So don't go join the stars just yet, because we're not done with you!

Later, at the station...
Frank (cracking his knuckles): Okay <Name>, we're closing in on the killer, there's no doubt about it, but we still need to tie up a few loose ends.
Frank: What's new is that Tyler Snakes knew Lizzie Dion, his fiancée, was having an affair with our victim and he was understandably pretty upset about it.
Frank (grinning): What we've also learned is that our victim was an anti-Utopian activist, and both Holly Hopper and Jupiter Crane didn't take it nicely.
(Russell runs into the room.)
Russell (shocked): <Name>, you're here! I just made a discovery that might interest you!
Russell: Am I right in saying you discovered Fabrizio's killer communicates using Morse code?
Russell (winking): But did you know that Utopians use Morse code to communicate too? That way they can keep their schemes secret!
Russell: I should know, my father is a Utopian, he uses Morse code all the time.
Russell (bites his glasses): But my father is not the only Utopian among your suspects. Lizzie and Tyler are Utopians, they're both wearing the badge.
Russell (puts his glasses on): And as you already know, Holly Hopper is a proud Utopian! Which means they all know Morse code!
Frank (pumping his fist): I guess that's not half bad, kid. Knowing that the killer uses Morse code will help us zero in on them! <Name>, we're almost there!
Frank (cracking his knuckles): And you're right, a murder can't stop the Ivywood machine, so we'd better go back to the crime scene before they start shooting again!

Investigate Set Basin.
Frank (excitedly): You're right, <Name>! That flare box is missing a flare and its gun! This is where the killer must have found their murder weapon!
Frank (grinning): Same here <Name>! Looks like that box is stained with something. But don't expect me to collect a sample for you, that stuff looks gross!
Frank: Good hunch, there's a good chance that something among these Gigantic movie props could help us clue in on the killer, we gotta search through it!

Examine Flare Box.
Frank (cracking his knuckles): Okay <Name>, I'm confident that once Yann is done processing that liquid sample you took off the killer's flare box, they won't stand a chance!

Analyze Liquid Sample.
Yann: I'm done processing the substance you isolated from the killer's flare box you found on the crime scene, <Name>. Turned out to be sweat!
Yann: We're lucky you could collect it in time, because if it had turned into ice, it wouuld have been impossible to analyze it properly.
Frank (annoyed): Come on, stop teasing! Just tell <Name> what you've discovered already!
Yann (crosses his arms, grinning): I was coming to it, Frank. The sweat <Name> found proved it came from a woman. And since you found this sweat sample on a box that belonged to the killer, it means...
Frank (cracking his knuckles): It means that the killer is a woman! With this information, boxing her in is just a matter of minutes!

Examine Gigantic Props.
Frank: We're closing in, <Name>! We need to sent this bloody card you found stuffed inside the Gigantic props to Yann for analysis!
Frank (cracking his knuckles): This may be our last clue before we put Fabrizio's killer in lockdown, let's go!

Analyze Gigantic Card.
(Hannah is also seen in the room.)
Yann: Your hunch was good, picking up this Gigantic Remembrance Club card. I checked, and it appears your victim wasn't part of that club.
Yann: Which means the killer must have dumped the card in the Gigantic props box after killing Fabrizio.
Hannah: That's when I come in! I found that this club is campaigning in memory of the people that died on that ship, more than a hundred years ago.
Hannah: And as a member, there's one must-do: you must wear a Gigantic badge all year long!
Frank (cracking his knuckles): So Fabrizio's killer is wearing a Gigantic badge. That won't shield them from <Name>, in any case!

After completing all tasks...
Frank: Someone's gotta pay for killing Fabrizio, <Name>! You've compiled enough evidence to put his killer behind bars, let's go arrest them!

Take care of the killer now!
Frank (sadly): All the evidence <Rank> <Name> has compiled lead to you, Lizzie. But I can't believe you killed Fabrizio. What could push a nice girl like you to murder?
Lizzie (laughing): This is a joke, right? Of course <Rank> <Name> is wrong! I could never have harmed Fabrizio, or anyone!
Frank: Yet, <Name> found your Morse code message at Fabrizio's apartment, in which you told him to join you on the Gigantic set. And as you know, this is where we found him dead.
Lizzie (affectionately): Oh my God, you got it all wrong! I asked him to join me for a romantic date, and Morse code was just our secret language, we had to cover our tracks!
Frank: This set is also the chilliest place in Ivywood, working there all day you caught a really bad cold. And the autopsy revealed you left your germs all over the victim.
Lizzie (sweating nervously): But... It can't be me! I never used a flare gun in my life!
Frank (innocently): <Rank> <Name> never mentioned anything about a flare gun. How would you know Fabrizio was killed with this specific weapon?
Lizzie (shouting): Alright alright, I'll confess! I killed Fabrizio, but he didn't leave me any choice! The idiot got me pregnant!
Frank (in disbelief): It usually takes two people to make a baby, Miss Dion. And if you two were so in love, why not just raise the baby together?
Lizzie (grinning): With what money?! Fabrizio was penniless! It took him months to get enough money to buy those plane tickets in the first place!
Lizzie: It was easy to pretend we could escape together, but finding out I was pregnant was a wake-up call. This wasn't the life I wanted for myself, or for my baby!
Lizzie (angrily): I killed him to preserve what matters in my life. And that is my career, and Tyler, my fiancé...
Frank (holding his fist, angrily): Did you even think about your baby's future? Because I'm afraid your child will grow up an orphan now that you're under arrest!

Honorable Dante: So if I understand things right, Miss Dion, you killed Fabrizio Gallardo because he made you look old on that painting, right? Ah, Ivywood people are so shallow!
Lizzie (shocked): What? No! You don't understand, we were to leave to Italy together, but let's face it, it would never have happened. My career in Ivywood is way more important!
Honorable Dante: Oh yes, <Rank> <Name> mentioned the plane tickets in the report. They were third class. And you wanted business class, so this is why you killed him, right?
Lizzie: No, Fabrizio wanted to impress me by putting all his savings into these tickets. It was cute of him but let's face it, I have higher standards!
Honorable Dante (holding the gavel): Well we'll see how you deal with your standards where I'm sending you. Lizzie Dion, this Court sentences you to 20 years behind bars!

Frank (nervously): It's true that having a child is a real game changer in a life, <Name>.
Frank (sadly): And that's what made Lizzie snap, having a baby was the iceberg that made her ship of dreams sink to the bottom of the Ocean... If only she hadn't dragged Fabrizio down with it!

Ivywood Confidential 7

Russell Crane (shocked): This sketch proves the Utopians are planning to brainwash people with a movie during the awards ceremony!
Russell (angrily): 50 million people will be watching the Ivywood Awards on their TV... The Utopians intend to brainwash them all!

Chief Marquez (hands on her hips): <Name>, we can't let the Utopians brainwash everyone watching the Ivywood Awards ceremony, that's millions of viewers!
Chief Marquez (pointing her finger, yelling): We have to find their leader. Use every means you can, but I need you to stop them! I'll try to get the Awards canceled, but I doubt anyone will listen...
Frank (sweating nervously): Of course, Andrea, we'll handle this!
(Chief Marquez leaves.)
Frank: Well, I suggest we find something quickly... Where do we start, <Name>?
Russell: <Name>, I'd like for us to interrogate my father again. I'm sure I can get him to cooperate this time!
Frank: Great! You go fix your daddy issues and <Name> and I will have another look at the movie set, see if we can find anything about the Utopians there!

Interrogate Jupiter Crane about the Utopian Leader.
Jupiter (shocked): You want to meet our Leader, <Rank> <Name>? I already told you I have no idea who they are... Russell, you should know better than to ask!
Russell (angrily): Enough! We've interrogated you countless times already, yet you've never told us anything! I could have you arrested!
Jupiter (zealously): But you know not everyone can meet the Leader, Russell! Meeting them is an honor, reserved to the most worthy of us!
Jupiter (sadly): It'd be a privilege, but I've never even seen their face. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't tell you anything...
(After talking to Jupiter Crane)
Russell (sadly): I'm sorry, <Name>, for all my knowledge of the human mind, I can't seem to get my own father to talk when it counts the most...
Russell (pumping his fist): You're right, my father was close to Fabrizio, we could have a look at his studio... We've got little to lose, and very little time to find a lead!

Investigate Victim's Studio.
Russell: I think you've looked everywhere, <Name>. Do you think there's anything interesting in this portfolio? I'll let you take a look inside then...

Examine Portfolio Bag.
Russell (shocked): Look at that sketch you found, <Name>! That's definitely my father, that's exactly what he looks like when he's preaching Utopian "values"!
Russell: There is a note too, but it's been erased... Do you think you could make it legible, <Name>?

Examine Sketch.
Russell (shocked): Wait, <Name>, the note you revealed on that drawing... It says "OBEY" with a Utopian symbol!
Russell (skeptically): I'd be tempted to say this is just a caricature from Fabrizio, but do you think it could mean... more than that?
Russell (frightened): I mean... When you look at my father's pose... And the way he's drawn... What if my father was the Utopian leader?!
Russell (nervously): This sketch shows Fabrizio really thought of him as a cult guru... And maybe he was right! Maybe my father has been lying all along, manipulating us...
Russell (angrily): You're right, this definitely warrants an interrogation! This time, we won't let my father go until he's given us some answers!

Question Jupiter Crane's involvement in the Utopian cult.
Jupiter (shocked): Me, the Utopian Leader? You can't seriously believe that, Russell! I told you I didn't even have the privilege of meeting them!
Russell: And wouldn't it make sense for the Utopian leader to pretend they're an unimportant member of their cult?
Jupiter (sadly): Oh, Russell... You're my son, I wouldn't do that to you! Fine, how can I prove that I'm not the Leader, <Rank> <Name>?
Jupiter (zealously): I'll do anything! To show my good faith, I'll even let you arrest me!
Russell (angrily): Stop talking as if you were some sort of mystical guru! And <Rank> <Name> is right, if you're the Utopian leader, we must put you in temporary custody at least!
Jupiter (gratefully): Do what you have to do... But first, I wanted to give you something, <Rank> <Name>! You've been helping my son for quite some time, here's a little gift!
Russell (in disbelief): I've never seen someone offering a gift after being told they're put into temporary custody! Come with me, I'll read your rights on the way...

Investigate Movie Set.
Frank (grinning): Okay, <Name>, you found a broken... whatever? Don't get me wrong, but do you really think this will help us find the Utopian leader?
Frank: Fine, fine, I trust your instincts. You should probably repair this little puzzle though...

Examine Broken Model.
Frank (in awe): Wow, <Name>, that model looks like the boat on the set, the Gigantic!
Frank: But look at the plaque on it: "A gift from our leader!" And, of course, a Utopian symbol... You were definitely right, this is linked to them!
Frank (confidently): And if this gift was ordered by the Utopian leader, whoever received it must know them! You're right, Hannah might find something more quickly than us! Every second counts!

Analyze Gigantic Model.
Hannah: I'm sorry, <Name>, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't track who ordered this model to be made... But I found out who received it as a gift!
Hannah: It was very complicated, because there were no serial number nor anything, but it looked very expensive so I dug a bit into the insurance stuff and...
Hannah (nervously): Anyway, the owner of this model given by our dear Utopians is Maggie O'Mally! She insured it for a high sum of money...
Frank: You're right, <Name>, Maggie didn't wear a Utopian badge, why would the Utopian leader offer her such an expensive gift?
Frank (cracking his knuckles): You're right, at least this proves Maggie knows who the Utopian leader is... We need to go question her!

Question Maggie O'Mally about her ties to the Utopians.
Frank (angrily): Mrs O'Mally, <Rank> <Name> found your Gigantic reproduction! Why did the Utopian leader give it to you? Are you a Utopian too? Do you know who their leader is?!
Maggie (brainwashed): They've showed me the Truth! Don't worry, the day of Redemption is near!
Frank (shouting): Goshdarnit, she's brainwashed! I'm getting sick of the Utopians frying the brains of every person we encounter!
Maggie: The Day is coming, the Truth will be revealed...
Frank (nervously): Sorry, I need to keep my cool, <Rank>. You're right, the Utopians must have known we were coming to talk to Maggie. Which means we must be getting close to the answers!
Frank (angrily): And their only resort was to make sure we couldn't get anything from that defenseless old lady... I need a break! And a bit of food to calm me down!

Later, at the police station...
Frank: Alright, <Name>, we've got one more brainwashed victim, but nothing about the Utopian leader. What did you find with Russell?
Frank (shocked): You arrested Jupiter Crane? You think your own father is the Utopian leader, Russell?!
Russell: Him being my father doesn't mean he's above suspicion! <Name> found evidence that leads us to believe he could be the leader, so I'd rather have him behind bars right now!
Frank (nervously): I'll let you explain this to Chief Marquez, then. There she is by the way!
(Chief Marquez walks in the room in a brainwashed state.)
Chief Marquez: The day is near... The Light will shine...
Frank (shocked): Andrea?! No! She's brainwashed!
Chief Marquez: The... day... <Name>... The day is near...
Russell (shocked): Wait! She recognized you, <Name>, she said your name! She's fighting the brainwashing! Chief Marquez, we need your help, what happened to you?!
Chief Marquez (sweating): The... ship... <Name>... sinking... The ice...
Frank (holding his fist, angrily): A ship? You're right, <Name>, she must be talking about the set! We need to go there!
Chief Marquez (sweating): Stop... Redemption... <Name>...
Frank (worried): Go to the set with <Name>, Russell! I'll stay here, I can't leave Andrea alone in this state...

Investigate Set Basin.
Russell (pumping his fist): Nice catch, <Name>, this picture of Andrea is definitely suspicious! There's an erased note over it, too...
Russell: Our Chief is really strong-willed, to be able to fight the brainwashing like she did... But she might not hold much longer, <Name>! Think you can make that note legible quickly?

Examine Andrea's Picture.
Russell (shocked): Let me read the message you revealed, <Name>: "This one I'll brainwash myself!"
Russell: You're right, <Name>, this must be a message from the Utopian leader!
Russell (pumping his fist): No signature, of course... You know what, give me some time, I'll analyze this writing. I'll find who wrote this and brainwashed our Chief!

Analyze Threatening Message.
Russell (pumping his fist): Ha! I finally found something solid from this picture, <Name>! I know who the Utopian leader is, and surprise, it's not my father!
Russell (biting his glasses): Look at the round and regular letters... This is from someone confident, and sophisticated. A woman, educated to have a pretty writing style.
Russell (puts glasses away and opens his book): The "a"s are round too, and even though it's a threatening message, it's neatly written. This is a control freak, someone used to writing quickly and efficiently.
Russell (puts the book down): A journalist... A woman journalist, confident and controlling, who wants to know everything... And Utopian. Does that ring a bell, <Name>?
Russell (grinning): Exactly! The one who wrote this message is Holly Hopper! She's the one who brainwashed Andrea!
Russell (angrily): Which also means Holly Hopper is the Utopian leader!
Russell (confidently): I couldn't agree more, <Name>. Let's go arrest Holly before she hurts anyone else, she's fooled us long enough!

Arrest Holly Hopper, leader of the Utopians.
Russell (angrily): Holly Hopper, you're under arrest for the brainwashing of at least six people, including the Chief of the Pacific Bay Police Department, and planning a terrorist attack at the Ivywood Awards!
Holly (holding a pen and pad): Terrorist? The Utopians aren't terrorists! Though I guess us revolutionary minds might look too extreme to blind people like you!
Holly (put downs pen and pad, zealously): Fine, you're right. I am the Leader of the Utopians. I succeeded to my predecessor seven years ago, following our ritual Initiation.
Holly (picks up the pen and pad, winking): I am responsible for everything, I'm the one who planned the attack on the Ivywood Awards. I even brainwashed your police Chief myself!
(Holly puts down her pen and pad and picks up a gun, holding it to her head.)
Holly (grinning): Sadly, I can't let you arrest me, <Rank> <Name>. You know, I can't let you bring the Utopians down like that.
Russell (panicking): What are you doing, Holly? Put the gun down?!
Holly (angrily): You should have stayed with us, Russell. With you and <Rank> <Name> by our side, realizing the Prophecy would have been easy...

Frank (shocked): I... I don't know what's more shocking. That Holly Hopper was the Utopians' leader or that she killed herself!
Russell (surprised): I know! I didn't picture her as the leader at all! And to think she'd go so far as to kill herself... I can't help feeling like we've missed something.
Frank (worried): And Andrea is still brainwashed! She's barely able to form coherent sentences... How can we find a cure? Holly might have helped us, but she's dead now...
Russell (pumping his fist): Andrea showed us a strong spirited person might be able to fight the brainwashing, I'm sure there's a way to reverse the process! I'll do my best to find a cure, <Name>!
Russell: And the Ivywood Awards are almost upon us. Holly said she planned everything, but I can't help feeling like she confessed a bit too fast...
Russell (nervously): I think we're not fully done with the Utopians, <Name>, we'd better keep an eye on the ceremony!