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The Skulls
Skulls Logo-Transparent
Type Street gang
Headquarters Industrial Area, Grimsborough, U.S.
Leader(s) Troy Cassidy (resigned)
Years active ????–present
Colors Red
Enemies The Vipers
Grimsborough Police Department
Appearance(s) Criminal Case (s1):
Burned to the Bone (Case #9)
Into the Vipers' Nest (Case #11)

The Skulls is a street gang featured in the first season of Criminal Case, appearing as a central figure during the Industrial Area cases.


Based in the city of Grimsborough, The Skulls is a street gang led by Troy Cassidy until he quit the gang in Into the Vipers' Nest after stating his desire of becoming an inventor. It is unknown who became the gang's leader after Troy's departure.

The Skulls' known rivals are none other than The Vipers.



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