The Skulls
Skulls Logo-Transparent
Type Street gang
Headquarters Industrial Area, Grimsborough, U.S.
Leader(s) Troy Cassidy (formerly)
Years active ????–present
Colors Red
Enemies The Vipers
Grimsborough Police Department
Appearance(s) Season 1 of Criminal Case:
Burned to the Bone (first app.)
Into the Vipers' Nest (last app.)

The Skulls are a street gang featured in the first season of Criminal Case, appearing as a central figure during the Industrial Area cases.


Based in the city of Grimsborough, and led by Troy Cassidy until his resignation in Into the Vipers' Nest, The Skulls are a street gang rivaling The Vipers. It is unknown who became the gang's new leader after Troy's departure.

Known members

  • Troy Cassidy (formerly) – Last known leader of The Skulls; quit gang life to pursue his ambition to become an inventor.