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On a boat, off the coast of Indonesia...
Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Name>, it's time to step up our game. SOMBRA almost got a one up on us by kidnapping Elliot in Singapore, and it's only thanks to you that we got him back safely!
Chief Ripley: From what Elliot's told us, the SOMBRA agent who kidnapped him was planning on bringing him here, to Indonesia. And we need to find out why!
Elliot: And I'll help you every step of the way, <Name>!
Chief Ripley: Elliot! I wish you'd heeded my advice and stayed on dry land to recover from your ordeal.
Elliot: And I wish you guys would stop treating me like a kid. I keep telling you - I'm fine!
Elliot: Besides, I wanna do my part in discovering what kind of experiments SOMBRA's carrying out on their brainwashed recruits!
Chief Ripley: Fine. But I want you to take it easy for a while. We'll need you in top form later.
Jack: Hey Chief, I think I can see somebody passed out on the beach!
Chief Ripley: Whoever they are, they could be related to SOMBRA! Open the throttle, <Name>! You need to reach that beach, NOW!

Chapter 1

Investigate Beach.
Jack Archer: We're too late, <Name>. This girl's dead! Someone's speared her!
Jack: You're right - we've seen this girl before! She was in the SOMBRA DVD we found in Japan - the one which mentioned the "next level" program!
Jack: And if she's here in Indonesia, we're definitely hot on SOMBRA's trail!
Jack: Do you think SOMBRA might've killed her, <Name>? But why would they kill one of their recruits?! Something's off, I agree.
Jack: We'd better send her body to Angela - it's a good thing we've got all our equipment back on the boat...
Jack: Well spotted - that's our victim! And it looks like she was pretty close to this guy, whoever he is.
Jack: You'd better see if we can find him in the database. If we're lucky, it might also give us our victim's ID!
Jack: And this camera mgiht be our ticket to a fast arrest... if you can unlock its secrets!
Jack: If we're going to uncover what SOMBRA's up to, then solving this murder is our first course of action! Let's do this, <Name>!

Examine Unknown Man.
Jack: So the guy in the photo with our victim is Alam Somalinggi. He's a 25-year-old local fisherman.
Jack: And the database also gave us our victim's ID! She's his sister, Riaja Somalinggi.
Jack: Now for the part I hate: let's go inform Alam of his sister's death, <Name>.

Inform Alam Somalinggi of his sister's death.
Jack: Mr Somalinggi, we're sorry to inform you that your sister, Riaja, has been murdered.
Alam (crying): Then I've failed her! I was all she had after our parents died... It was my duty to protect her!
Jack: Do you have any idea what might've happened to her?
Alam: No. Her behavior became unpredictable once she hit her teens. One time, she disappeared for months and all I could do was wait for her to return!
Jack: Do you know where Riaja went during that time?
Alam: No, she refused to tell me anything. She was never the same after she pulled that stunt!
Alam: And yet, she still took the toy monkey I gave her when we were kids everywhere... even when she went missing! I bought it because she loved nothing more than playing in the monkey forest.
Alam: You didn't find the toy, did you, <Rank> <Name>?
Jack: A... toy monkey? I'm afraid we didn't. But we'll keep an eye out for it.
Alam: I appreciate it, <Rank> <Name>. That toy has sentimental value, and I'd like something of Riaja's to hold on to.

Jack: You're right, <Name>. The way Alam spoke about Riaja's unusual behavior suggests he had no idea she'd been recruited by SOMBRA!
Jack: But good thinking, he did mention Riaja liked to visit the forest. Let's go have a look, we might be lucky!

Investigate Monkey Bridge.
(Before investigating Monkey Bridge)
In the monkey forest...
Jack: <Name>, keep your eyes peeled for anything that could've belonged to our victim-
(A monkey lands on Jack's left shoulder.)
Jack: Argh! Where did that monkey come from?!
(The monkey takes Jack's sunglasses.)
Jack: <Name>, get it off me!
(The monkey gets off with Jack's sunglasses.)
Jack: That scamp stole my sunglasses! But... they're essential to my flirting technique! We've gotta get them back!

(After investigating Monkey Bridge)
(Jack has taken back and worn his sunglasses.)
Jack: A-ha! Take that, you thieving monkey! I knew you'd get my sunglasses back, <Name>.
Jack: And they're not the only thing it stole! What about that toy monkey it was holding?
Jack: Oh, you're right! Our victim's brother said Riaja never went anywhere without her toy monkey - I bet this is hers!
Jack: There's some kind of powder on the toy. Let's vacuum it up!
Jack: You also found a broken test tube? I wonder how that got out here - I bet those monkeys broke it! Think you can collect a sample?

Examine Broken Test Tube.
Jack: You've collected a sample of that liquid from the broken test tube? Let's get it back to the boat and put it under the microscope!

Examine Blue Substance.
Jack: What does the microscope report say about that substance you collected from the broken test tube, <Name>?
Jack: The substance contains sel... selenium oxydichloride and ferric hexa... hexacyanoferrate. That's quite the mouthful-
Lars: <Name>, be careful! That combination is what turned me blue in Thailand!
Jack: You mean like that professor we met, the one who turned himself blue thanks to his experiments?
Lars: Right - Professor Metcalf! He must be in these parts. I can't wait to catch up with him!
Jack: That'll have to wait, bro. This is the second time Professor Metcalf's been implicated in the murder of a SOMBRA recruit.
Jack: Just what are the chances of that, <Name>? We need a chat with Professor Metcalf!

Ask Professor Metcalf why he is on the island.
Jack: Hello, Professor. May we ask what you're doing here? Indonesia seems an unlikely location for a scientist.
Marshall: It's the perfect location, <Rank> <Name>! The monkey forest provides me with an endless supply of test subjects.
Jack: You're here to experiment on the monkeys?! That's animal cruelty!
Marshall: I don't test anything on them that I haven't tested on myself first! Anyway, what do you want from me, <Rank> <Name>?
Jack: We've found a girl named Riaja Somalinggi murdered. We're looki-
Marshall: Never heard of her. Anyway, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to my experiments, <Rank> <Name>.

Examine Toy Monkey.
Jack: That powder you vacuumed up from the toy monkey was covering a message! It reads "To the best little sister in the world."
Jack: This proves it's the toy our victim's brother gave her when they were kids. He said she still took it everywhere with her, though, so how did it end up in this forest?
Jack: Good idea, this yellow dust might tell us more. Let's get it to Lars!

Analyze Powder.
Lars: Hey, <Name>! I've got a joke-
Jack: Dude, I love your jokes, but we've gotta solve this murder ASAP if we want to stay hot on SOMBRA's trail!
Jack: So just tell us about that powder <Name> collected from our victim's toy monkey.
Lars: You sure don't monkey around, do you, <Name>?
Lars: Okay, okay. The powder you sent me contained ginger and turmeric...
Lars: Both of which are used to make jamu, a local herbal medicine!
Lars: You can see itinerant jamu sellers carrying their wares in a basket all across Indonesia!
Lars: And before you ask, <Name>, Angela said there was no trace of jamu in the victim's body, and that stuff stays in your system for days!
Jack: So the jamu didn't come from our victim... Not to mention we found her body in the beach and the toy was in the forest! What does that tell us?
Jack: <Name>, you're right! The only person who could've touched that toy after the victim died is our killer!
Jack: So our killer takes jamu herbal medicine! Well, a hefty prison sentence is just what the doctor ordered, <Name>!

Examine Camera.
Jack: You managed to unlock that camera, <Name>? Let's click play and see what's on it!

Start of footage...
(Paul Irwin is seen holding a crocodile egg.)
Paul: G'day folks! This is Paul Irwin. I'm filming in Indonesia, where we're about to see something extraordinary.
Paul (ponting to the egg): What I've got here is a crocodile egg, and I reckon it's about ready to hatch.
(The egg starts cracking.)
Paul: Saltwater crocodiles lay up to 60 eggs at a time and it takes about three months-
(The baby crocodile pops out of the egg.)
Paul: Holy smokes! Take a look at this little guy!
Paul: What a privilege it's been to witness nature at work! Until next time, folks!

End of footage...
Jack: O-kay... that guy is dripping with enthusiasm. How does this help our investigation though, <Name>?
Jack: Oh, I see your point! He was filming on our crime scene... So he might've seen something! Let's go talk to this Paul!

Ask Paul Irwin if he knows anything about the murder.
Jack: Excuse me, Mr Irwin, we believe this camera we found on the beach belongs to you?
Paul: Crikey! Thanks, <Rank> <Name>. It would've been a crying shame to lose such cracking footage!
Paul: I've been filming my latest documentary nearby. It's called "Cuddly Crocs: The World's Most Misunderstood Creatures." I mean, did you know-
Jack (holding up a picture of Riaja): I hate to interrupt, Mr Irwin, but <Rank> <Name> is investigating this girl's murder, which took place close to where you were filming.
Paul: I'm afraid I didn't see anything, <Rank> <Name>. So if she wasn't killed by a croc, I can't help ya!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: <Name>, I can't believe I have to autopsy another person. Seeing any life cut short is tragic, but it really hits home when they're barely more than kids.
Angela: What's more, there was something unusual about your victim... She had yellow eyes!
Jack: You mean she wasn't just wearing contact lenses? What the heck could've turned her eyes yellow?
Angela: Unfortunately, I couldn't determine the cause. What I can tell you is that the victim was shot from behind with a speargun, at a distance of 20 feet.
Angela: Spearguns are commonly used in fishing communities like those which exist on some Indonesian islands, where fishermen still dive to catch their fish.
Angela: Normally, the spear doesn't come completely detached from the barrel, though. So keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the speargun, <Name>.
Angela: Anyway, the spear pierced your victim's right lung, causing a pneumothorax - otherwise known as a collapsed lung.
Angela: But more importantly, after examining the angle and velocity at which the spear penetrated your victim's body, I can tell you that your killer's dominant hand is their left hand!
Jack: Our killer's left-handed, eh? Well, they'll be left with a murder conviction once you've caught them, <Name>!

Later, back on the boat...
Jack: This time, we're definitely hot on SOMBRA's heels, <Name>! After all, our victim is none other than one of their recruits!
Jack: Her brother clearly had no idea, but then again, who expects their little sister to be indoctrinated by a criminal organization
Jack: Professor Metcalf is also here, and he's up to no good testing on monkeys!
Jack: And speaking of experiments, we still don't know exactly what SOMBRA's up to!
Elliot: <Name>, I've got a lead!
Jack: Elliot, you heard what the Chief said about taking a break-
Elliot: But this is important! We've had another tip-off from X!
Elliot: There's a SOMBRA camp on the island - and X gave me the coordinates!

Chapter 2

Jack Archer: This time, we're definitely hot on SOMBRA's heels, <Name>! After all, our victim is none other than one of their recruits!
Jack: But we've yet to learn anything about SOMBRA's experiments-
Elliot: <Name>, I've got a lead!
Elliot: X sent us another message! It says, "<Rank> <Name>, you're taking too long. SOMBRA's set up camp in an abandoned village. You'll discover more there."
Jack: I still don't think we should trust this X blindly, but I guess you're right, <Name>, we need to check out this camp. Elliot, give us the coordinates and let's go!

Investigate Hidden Camp.
Jack: This village sure is abandoned... There's not a soul to be seen!
Jack: But look at all this medical equipment! What kind of experiments are SOMBRA performing on these kids?!
Jack: And what's on that clipboard you picked up? Some weird blobby things?
Jack: Oh, it's an inkblot test! Psychologists use them to assess a patient's personality... And it was performed on the victim! We'd better recover the writing!
Jack: You also picked up a... wooden rabbit, <Name>? I don't see why it's relevant, but if you want to unlock that padlock, be my guest!
Jack: But THIS is more like it! You've found the victim's backpack! Let's look through it, quick!
Jack: Finding SOMBRA's camp is a huge breakthrough, <Name>, but we don't have time to fully explore it until we've cracked this murder. So let's do this!

Examine Backpack.
Jack: I'm not questinoning your skills, <Name>, but how does this help-
Tirta: Welcome, tourists! I am Mbah Tirta, the local dukun. I see you have one of my rings! You like? I can bless one similar just for you!
Jack: Woah, where did you come from?!
Jack: <Rank> <Name> will have a word with you, sir!

Ask Mbah Tirta what he is doing at the SOMBRA camp.
Jack: What are you doing in this camp, Mr.. uh... Tirta?
Tirta: I live nearby. This village has been abandoned for years, so I was surprised when the camp appeared recently.
Jack: Okay... And how did this ring end up in Riaja Somalinggi's backpack?
Tirta: I must've blessed it for her. Of course, I can't remember all the people who visit me... I've blessed countless rings!
Tirta: Are you sure you don't want one, young man? I sense you're having relationship difficulties.
Jack: As a matter of fact, I am! My girlfriend, Asal, has been so-
Jack: I mean, like <Rank> <Name> says, we're investigating a murder here!
Tirta: This Riaja girl was murdered? How unfortunate...
Tirta: But back to my services, what about a good luck spell, <Rank> <Name>? It could help your investigation!
Jack: No thanks. But stick around - <Rank> <Name> may have more questions for you.

Examine Inkblot Test.
Jack: Look, <Name>, the comment on this inkblot test reads "The subject perceives a bear with blood on its face. I conclude that the subject shows signs of psychological instability."
Jack: A bear?! It's obviously two dwarves fist bumping!
Marina: Your Oedipus complex clearly runs deeper than I thought, Jack.
Jack: Eeek! Marina, what are you doing here?!
Marina: Elliot told me about the camp and I wanted to see it for myself. And now I'm here, I think I might be of use, <Name>.
Marina: Judging from this inkblot test, SOMBRA employs a psychologist named Maya Salim to assess its recruits...
Marina: And if you don't mind, I'd like to interrogate her. This Maya has a lot of questions to answer about what she's been doing for SOMBRA!

Question Maya Salim about the victim's inkblot test.
Marina: Let's go find out exactly what this Maya Salim has been doing for SOMBRA, <Name>!

Marina: Hello, Ms Salim. I'd like to ask you about this inkblot test we found. I'm also a psychologist, and I'd be interested in discussing Riaja's case and her "signs of psychological instablitity."
Maya: Oh, yes. The poor girl is quite disturbed... She has terrible delusions!
Maya: During my assessment, she refused the jamu I offered in case it was "poisoned" and then said she didn't trust me anyway, because I was writing with my left hand!
Marina: Perhaps she was right not to trust anyone... because she's been murdered!
Maya: Murdered?! How awful! I feared things would end badly for her...
Marina: Surely murder is par for the course when you work for SOMBRA, as you do. How long have you been working for them?
Maya: SOMBRA? I have no idea what you're talking about. I was called in to specifically assess the victim. The client remained anonymous!
Marina: I don't believe you'd carry out a psychological evaluation without knowing who'd requested it, Ms Salim. Stick around, <Rank> <Name> might want to talk to you again.

Marina: It disgusts me how unethical some psychologists are, <Name>!
Marina: And Ms Salim conveniently neglected to mention that Riaja's erratic behavior was probably a result of what SOMBRA's been doing to these youths!
Marina: It's crucial that you get to the bottom of this, <Name>. Grab Jack and continue your investigation!

Examine Wooden Rabbit.
Jack: And I still don't understand what this board is supposed to be... You're right, let's just send it to Lars!

Analyze Bloody Board.
Jack: Bro, did you identify whose blood was on that wooden rabbit <Name> sent you?
Lars: Sure did - it was your victim's blood!
Jack: Great! So our killer must've touched this... whatever this thing is.
Dupont: That "thing" is a Congklak board! Congklak is a popular Indonesian board game, often in the shape of an animal, which is played with cowrie shells!
Dupont: Indeed, Congklak is the Indonesian name for cowrie shells! The aim of the game is to gather more shells than your opponent. I'd be happy to challenge you to a game, mes amis!
Jack: Perhaps ask Sanjay, Dupont. <Name>'s got a case to crack...
Jack: And now we're one step closer, because we know that the killer plays Congklak! Let's see how good they are at playing cat-and-mouse, <Name>!

Jack: <Name>, we knew a case involving a murdered SOMBRA recruit would be complicated, but I'm more confused than ever!
Jack: The quicker we wrap this up, the better. Then we can take a proper look at that SOMBRA camp!
Jack: You're right - we need to find out more about Riaja's movements before her death, and the one place we know she liked to go is the forest.
Jack: Just promise you'll let me know if there's a monkey on my shoulder this time, <Name>? Then let's head back to the forest!

Investigate Old Tree.
Jack: You've found some broken pieces? Color me surprised! Let's tape them up.
Jack: And look at this cap - it's covered in blood! I'll let you grab a sample, <Name>!

Examine Broken Pieces.
Jack: Aww, those broken pieces form a handprint mold, just like we made as kids!
Jack: And look, the handprints belong to Riaja and her brother, Alam! She was only five at the time!
Jack: I wonder how a precious childhood souvenir like this ended up broken, <Name>... We'd better ask Alam!

Give the clay mold back to Alam Somalinggi.
Jack: Alam, how did this handprint mold you made with your sister end up broken?
Alam: Oh... You found that, <Rank> <Name>.
Alam: I remember the day Riaja and I made it. She was teasing me for being left-handed...
Alam: Anyway, that was before she changed.
Jack: You mentioned that before, but what changed, exactly?
Alam: She stopped helping me entirely! I'd spend all day catching fish to bring home, but when I returned, she'd have done nothing around the house!
Alam: I even offered to teach her how to make jamu so she could sell it, but she wasn't interested.
Alam: And she wasn't even good company. Every time I suggested we play Congklak, she laughed and said it was a game for kids!
Alam: I missed out on going to the big city so I could take care of her, and that's how she thanked me!
Alam: In the end, I lost my temper and told her to find a husband to provide for her... That's when I broke the mold!
Jack: That's a lot of pent-up anger. And if <Rank> <Name> discovers that you killed Riaja just so you could relocate, the only place you'll be calling home is prison!

Examine Bloody Cap.
Jack: You've collected a sample of that blood from the cap, <Name>? Well, we both know the drill - let's send it to Lars!

Analyze Blood.
Jack: Dude, did you figure out who that blood <Name> collected from the cap belonged to?
(Lars and Sanjay are together.)
Lars: No, I didn't...
Lars: But my assistant here did!
Sanjay: Hey, <Name>! Lars has been teaching me about DNA! Do you know what it stands for?
Jack: I... can't say I do.
Sanjay: It stands for de... deoxy... deoxyri...bonucleic acid! And there were two lots of DNA in the sample you sent us!
Sanjay: The blood itself belonged to a Mr Irwin. But we also found traces of sweat...
Sanjay: Which belonged to your victim!
Jack: So the cap must've belonged to Riaja! But how did Paul's blood get on it, <Name>?
Jack: Agreed. There's only one person who can explain this to us... Let's talk to Paul!

Ask Paul Irwin about his blood on the cap.
Jack: Mr Irwin, <Rank> <Name> would like to ask you how your blood ended up on our victim's cap-
Paul: Y'know, I'm also a victim here, <Rank> <Name>! I was filming Clive-
Jack: Clive? You gave the crocodile a name?! I mean, please continue...
Paul: As I was saying, I was busy shooting when that girl bumped into me! She started going bananas, shouting at me to stop filming and accusing me of being some kind of agent!
Paul: I had no idea what she was on about! I told her to lower her voice, so as not to stress out Clive...
Paul: And that's when she took me out with a vicious right hook!
Paul: I've had to take jamu every day since to recover...
Jack: Well, if <Rank> <Name> discovers you took your revenge by killing Riaja, then the judge'll be handing down a lengthy prison sentence!

Later, back on the boat...
Jack: <Name>, let's recap. We've got a dead SOMBRA recruit, and a creepy camp where SOMBRA's doing some kind of experiments.
Jack: Could the two be related, <Name>? I mean, who knows what SOMBRA might've put Riaja through at that camp!
Jack: She underwent psychological tests, that much we know. But the psychologist, Maya Salim, claimed she had no idea who the client was.
Jack: Both Maya and Paul suggested that something wasn't quite right with Riaja. Perhaps whatever issues she was having were the result of SOMBRA's experiments!
Jack: And not only was Riaja potentially suffering under SOMBRA's hands, her brother was also trying to get rid of her!
Jack: She must've been stuck between a rock and a hard pla-
Elliot: <Name>, I've been keeping an eye on the SOMBRA camp via the satellite...
Elliot: ...And it seems like they're packing up!
Jack: SOMBRA's abandoning their camp?!

Chapter 3

Jack Archer: <Name>, let's recap. We've got a dead SOMBRA recruit who might've been experimented on at that SOMBRA camp which X pointed us to.
Jack: And not only was Riaja potentially suffering at the hands of SOMBRA-
Elliot: <Name>, I've been keeping an eye out for activity at the camp via the satellite...
Elliot: And it seems like SOMBRA's packing up!
Jack: SOMBRA's leaving?! Quick, <Name>, we've gotta get back to that camp before they can remove any evidence!

Investigate SOMBRA Tent.
Jack: We're too late, <Name>! Nobody's here!
Jack: But I'm guessing from that grin on your face that SOMBRA didn't have time to clear out everything before we arrived. What did you find?
Jack: A locked voice recorder? Well, you'd better crack the code!
Jack: Oh, you want to dust that chemistry set for prints? Good thinking, <Name>!
Jack: And this crate looks like it contains weaponry. We'd better look through it, quick!

Examine Chemistry Set.
Jack: You've uncovered the fingerprints on that chemistry set, <Name>! Whoever they're from must be part of SOMBRA! Let's look for a match in the database, quick!

Examine Fingerprints.
Jack: The fingerprints on that chemistry set belong to Professor Metcalf?!
Jack: He conveniently forgot to mention he'd been here at the camp...
Jack: We need to grill Professor Metcalf about what he's really doing here!

Question Professor Metcalf about his ties to SOMBRA.
Marshall: Oh, <Rank> <Name>. You caught me on my way to a... uh... Congklak game.
Jack: Save your breath, Professor. You were running away because you knew we were onto you! <Rank> <Name> found your chemistry set at the SOMBRA camp!
Jack: How long have you been working for them? What kind of experiments have you been putting these youths through?
Marshall: Youths? I don't know what you're taking about, <Rank> <Name>. I told you, I'm here to experiment on the monkeys!
Marshall: I've... uh... been trying to establish whether feeding them jamu would give them the same health benefits as it gives me! It's cutting-edge research!
Jack: Fine, keep your secrets! But <Rank> <Name> won't rest until we've figured out EXACTLY what you're up to, and whether it involved killing Riaja!

Examine Crate of Weapons.
Jack: Whoa, that knife you found in the crate is covered in blood, <Name>!
Jack: What was an old-fashioned knife doing among all that modern weaponry? Let's get it to Lars so he can determine whose blood is on it, quick!

Analyze Bloody Dagger.
Jack: Bro, can you tell us about that bloody dagger <Name> found at the SOMBRA camp?
Lars: The blood was your victim's!
Jack: But Riaja was killed with a speargun! How did her blood end up on this dagger?
Lars: That's where I thought Jonah might come in handy, <Name>!
Jack: Oh, great. I would've thought he was too busy romancing Marina-
Jonah: Your jealousy's showing, dude. Anyway, <Name>, this dagger is known as a kris, and it's a traditional Indonesian weapon.
Jonah: It's typically associated with Javanese culture, and the patterned blade is created by alternating iron and nickelous iron.
Jack: Dude, did you swallow an encyclopedia? You sound like Dupont!
Jonah: Well, it takes more than a six-pack to seduce Marina. Anyway, other than being a weapon, the kris is considered to be a spiritual object with magical powers!
Jack: Magical powers, eh? I reckon we need another chat with that witch doctor, <Name>!

Interrogate Mbah Tirta about the kris.
Jack: Mbah Tirta, you better explain how this kris ended up covered in our victim's blood!
Tirta: I was hoping you wouldn't find that...
Tirta: Fine. I performed an exorcism on the girl. It had to be done - she was possessed!
Jack: You did WHAT?!
Tirta: I'd been keeping an eye on that camp. Something unnatural was going on there. The girl was fast... like the devil!
Tirta: She was also highly trustful... But I managed to convince her that I was just a crazy old dukun who spends his days playing Congklak, so I could win her trust...
Tirta: And that's when I struck!
Tirta: But the exorcism didn't work! I could still see the devil in her yellow eyes!
Jack: You're insane! And if <Rank> <Name> discovers that you eradicated the "devil" by killing Riaja, all eyes will be on you in the courtroom!

Jack: What the heck, <Name>? Mbah Tirta exorcized our victim?!
Jack: Yeah, I know he said Riaja was "fast like the devil" but that's clearly crazy talk!
Jack: Wait, you think it might've had something to do with whatever experiments SOMBRA's performing?
Jack: Honestly, <Name>, as soon as we've cracked this murder, we need to find out exactly what SOMBRA's doing to these youths!

Examine Voice Recorder.
Jack: <Name>, there's not a second to lose! Let's press play and listen to this recording!
(Jack holds the recorder, which promptly plays a recording made by Maya.)
Maya: "This is Maya Salim, reporting on test subject #3776, Riaja Somalinggi."
Maya: "The subject is still exhibiting resistance to the cognitive retraining."
Maya: "Please be advised that her lack of obedience may prove problematic for our organization in the future. I recommend that you take any necessary action to rectify this issue."
Jack (putting down the recorder): Cognitive retraining... That sounds suspiciously like brainwashing! And she mentions "our organization" - what do you bet she was referring to SOMBRA?
Jack: So much for her not knowing who had requested the assessment! We need to talk to Ms Salim, NOW!

Confront Maya Salim about her working for SOMBRA.
Jack: The game's up, Ms Salim. <Rank> <Name> found your recording at the camp - we've got proof you're working for SOMBRA!
Maya: I knew I'd forgotten something...
Jack: Did you kill Riaja because she wasn't responding to the brainwashing, is that it?
Maya: Don't be ridiculous, <Rank> <Name>. I'm a psychologist, not a murderer! I just do my job and I don't ask questions!
Maya: My job within the organization is simply to evaluate the youths who pass through the camp and report my findings.
Maya: Evaluating them is often as simple as carrying out an inkblot test, or playing a game of Congklak to assess their competitiveness!
Maya: And when I suspect they're trouble, I just try to help them! I never hurt them, <Rank> <Name>!
Jack: You're lucky we can't arrest you just for being affiliated with SOMBRA, but if <Rank> <Name> found proof that you killed Riaja, you'll be in a world of trouble!

Back on the boat...
Jack: There's no time to lose, <Name>. We've gotta solve this case!
Jack: It's clear that Maya and Professor Metcalf are working with SOMBRA, but we don't have enough proof of wrongdoing to arrest them!
Jack: You're right, <Name>! Professor Metcalf wears his watch on his right hand, so he must be left-handed! That's another black mark against him.
Jack: There's only one thing we can do to solve this murder, <Name> - we've gotta go back to the scene of the crime!

Investigate Moored Boat.
Jack: Wait, is that a speargun, <Name>? But the spear is missing! Which means...
Jack: You're right! We'd better take a closer look at this speargun!
Jack: And you think the killer might've hidden something in this fishing net? Well, I know what you're like when you get a hunch, <Name>. Let's look through it!

Examine Speargun.
Jack: You've collected a sample of those fibers from the speargun, <Name>? There's no time to lose - let's send them to Lars!

Analyze Fibers.
Jack: Quick, what did you discover about those fibers from the speargun, dude?
(Lars is wearing a batik throughout the time he gives the results.)
Lars: Well, the-
Jack: Bro, what are you wearing?!
Lars: Batik! It's an Indonesian print made using a wax-resist dyeing technique!
Lars: The craftsman applies wax in dots or lines using a tool called canting, and this wax resists the dye applied to the rest of the fabric, creating a funky pattern!
Jack: Okay... I know there's always a point to the stuff you do, so are you telling us that the fibers from the speargun come from a batik print fabric?
Lars: Precisely! Your killer is wearing red batik print, <Name>!
Jack: Well, the killer'll soon be swapping their red batik print for an orange jumpsuit, <Name>!

Examine Fishing Net.
Jack: There was an ID bracelet in that fishing net, <Name>? I wonder how it ended up there!
Jack: The engraving reads "Riaja Somalinggi - Subject #3776"!
Jack: So this was our victim's SOMBRA identification bracelet!
Jack: The killer must've tried to hide it after the murder so we wouldn't figure out Riaja was part of SOMBRA - but they couldn't outsmart you, <Name>! Let's send the bracelet to Lars, now!

Analyze Bracelet.
Jack: Bro, we're on the home stretch. What did you find on the victim's bracelet?
(Lars and Sanjay are together once again.)
Lars: Sanjay here is dying to explain...
Sanjay: We found more DNA, <Name>! Lars let me put it under the microscope! It was so cool!
Lars: And what did we determine from the DNA, Sanjay?
Sanjay: Well, it was only a partial DNA sample...
Sanjay: But whoever it came from has brown eyes!
Jack: Ha! The killer thought they could get rid of evidence, but the joke's on them... 'Cause now we know they've got brown eyes! They'll be behind bars any second now, <Name>!

After completing all the tasks...
Jack: This is it, <Name>. You've got all the evidence you need to arrest Riaja Somalinggi's killer! Grab your handcuffs, and let's go!

Take care of the killer now!
Jack: Ms Salim, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for the murder of Riaja Somalinggi. Is this what SOMBRA does to kids who resist the brainwashing? Shoot them in the back?
Maya: It's like I told you, <Rank> <Name>. I'm just a psychologist - I assess the recruits, I don't kill them!
Jack: Then how come we found your jamu on Riaja's toy monkey? Did she drop it in the forest while she was running away from you? Is that how you tracked her down?
Maya: The health benefits of jamu are universally recognized in Indonesia - everybody takes it!
Jack: Cut it out! You left fibers from your batik print scarf on the speargun you used to shoot Riaja.
Maya: Batik is traditional clothing in Indonesia, a few fibers don't prove anything!
Jack: Give it up, Maya! We also found Riaja's ID bracelet which you hid after the murder - you left your DNA on it!
(Maya stands, speechless.)
Maya (crying): Alright, I did it... I killed Riaja! But I didn't want to!
Maya: We have directives to follow, <Rank> <Name>. Nobody is allowed to leave the camp before completing the next level of the program.
Maya: And thanks to the cognitive retraining, nobody had ever tried before...
Maya: So when Riaja made a run for it... I didn't know what to do! I chased her through the forest, but she wouldn't stop!
Maya: We got to the beach and I saw the speargun... and I panicked! I shot her!
Maya (crying): I didn't mean to kill her, <Rank> <Name>! I just wanted to stop her from escaping!
Maya: She never should've been transferred to the next level program in the first place! It was clear the cognitive retraining hadn't been fully taken!
Jack: You shot a young girl in the back just because she was trying to escape from an evil organization!
Jack: You'd better start gathering all the information you have on SOMBRA if you want the judge to be lenient, because you're under arrest for the murder of Riaja Somalinggi!

Judge Adaku: Maya Salim, you stand accused of murdering Riaja Somalinggi on behalf of a global criminal organization. How do you plead?
Maya: Guilty, Your Honor. But I didn't intend to murder Riaja! I just wanted to prevent her from escaping!
Judge Adaku: There are other ways to prevent someone from leaving other than shooting them with a speargun, Ms Salim.
Judge Adaku: However, as much as it pains me to say, I am prepared to be lenient in my sentencing, should you provide us details of the experiments which SOMBRA is performing on these young people.
Maya: I'm not stupid, Your Honor. If I talk, I'll be dead within the day. I'll take my chances in prison!
Judge Adaku: In that case, the International Court sentences you to 30 years in prison!
Maya: With or without me, SOMBRA will never be stopped, <Rank> <Name>!

Chief Ripley: Congratulations on putting another SOMBRA member behind bars, <Name>.
Chief Ripley: However, your work has only just begun. We know for certain that SOMBRA's been carying out experiments on its brainwashed recruits.
Chief Ripley: And from that look of that camp you discovered, and Professor Metcalf's presence, they're almost certainly medical in nature.
Chief Ripley: What we need to discover now is exactly what SOMBRA's trying to achieve with these experiments!
Chief Ripley: You'll have your work cut for you, <Name>, but I know you can do it!

The Next Level (3/6)

Chief Elizabeth Ripley: Congratulations on putting another SOMBRA member behind bars, <Name>.
Chief Ripley: Your work isn't over, though. We know SOMBRA's performing some type of experiments on its brainwashed recruits, but the question is: to what extent?
Chief Ripley: We've learned that they were undergoing psychological tests, but there's definitely more to SOMBRA's "next level" program.
Chief Ripley: I want you to go back to the SOMBRA camp, <Name>. If any clues remain about SOMBRA's activity, that's where you'll find them!
Carmen: <Name>, before you go, Lars says he needs to speak to you about Jack. If they've had another argument about which movie to watch, I swear-
Chief Ripley: You'd better see what Lars wants, <Name>. I won't tolerate disagreements among my team, movie-related or otherwise!
Carmen: And I'm always up for hunting SOMRBA, <Name>! What shall we do first? Investigate the camp or talk to Lars?

Ask Lars what's wrong.
Lars: <Name>! Thank goodness you're here! Something's wrong with Jack!
Lars: We were having some bro time, 'cause I'm missing the triplets and everything...
Lars: But then he got a phone call and he rushed off looking upset, mumbling something about the beach!
Carmen: Jack's a big boy, he doesn't need us to go running after him!
Lars: But there must be something seriously wrong, I just know it! Normally he shares everything with me!
Carmen: I think you two can handle this, don't you, <Name>? You guys head to the beach without me.

Investigate Moored Boat.
Lars: I can't see Jack anywhere, <Name>! Did you find anything?
Lars: Maybe I'm overreacting a bit, but Jack has a tendency to bottle up his feelings and that's never good!
Lars: You found some torn pieces? Then we need to tape them up!

Examine Torn Photo.
Lars: Hey, I recognize this photo! Jack and Asal took it back in Mongolia!
Lars: Jack keeps this photo with him at all times... Why would he tear it-
Jack: I've got my reasons, <Name>!
Lars: Dude! I've been so worried! We need to talk!

Check up on Jack.
Lars: Dude, what happened? You just ran out on me! I was worried sick!
Jack: I had to! Asal is here somewhere on the island!
Lars: Asal? You've spent too long in the sun, bro. You haven't seen her since Mongolia! We should take you back to-
Jack: Hear me out, <Name>! Asal's been so distant lately... She hardly ever returns my calls...
Jack: But when she finally did contact me this afternoon, I saw she was calling from an Indonesian number!
Jack: We have to check around for clues, <Name>! I'm sure she's here somewhere! In fact, I'll bet my next paycheck on it!
Lars: I'll let you have another look around the beach, <Name>... And bro, I think you'd better pay upfront!

Investigate Beach.
Jack: I don't know what it is, but I've got a hunch this crate might tell us where Asal is, <Name>. Let's search through it!

Examine Old Crate.
Jack: I knew it! Look at this wetsuit you found in the crate, <Name>!
Jack: This suit belongs to Asal - it's got her agent number on it!
Jack: I KNEW Asal was here somewhere. But how will we find her-
Asal: You don't have to look... <Rank> <Name>, let's get this over with.

Ask Asal why she's in Indonesia.
Jack: Sugarbear, why didn't you tell me you were here in Indonesia?
Asal: You know that mixing work and pleasure always ends badly, Jack.
Jack: A quick visit wouldn't have hurt! What are you even doing here?
Asal: Mossad sent me here on a mission... The details of which are classified. You should know the drill by now.
Asal: And as for you, <Rank> <Name>, don't forget that the Bureau's not the only organization investigating SOMBRA.
Jack: I've told you before, the Bureau will bring down SOMBRA before Mossad does!
Asal: Don't be like that, Jack. It's nothing personal, I'm just doing my job!
Asal: And to show there's no hard feelings between us, please take this, <Name>.

Investigate Hidden Camp.
Carmen: You've picked up a folder, <Name>? The title's faded, but look at these doodles - there's someone running, thinking, and lifting weights...
Carmen: You're right, this could be linked to whatever SOMBRA's been doing at this camp! Let's recover the faded info on the folder!

Examine Faded Folder.
Carmen: The front cover reads "Test subjects' physical responses. Experiments carried out by: Prof. Marshall Metcalf"!
Carmen: Well, we know that Professor Metcalf won't tell us anything, but I bet this folder will! Let's send it to Elliot!
Carmen: Besides, I'm glad to have an excuse to check up on him after that incident in Singapore. I'm not sure he's coping as well as he makes out...

Analyze Metcalf's Experiments.
Carmen: How are you coping, kiddo?
Elliot: Why is everyone asking me that? I'm fine! I'm just as tough as you guys are...
Elliot: Anyway, this folder you found is fascinating. SOMBRA's "next level" program involves science humankind previously thought impossible!
Carmen: Are you sure you're okay to talk about this, Elliot? I mean, you came pretty close to experiencing SOMBRA's experiments first-hand!
Elliot: I'm sure. Besides, you need to hear this... SOMBRA's genetically enhancing their recruits!
Carmen: Genetically enhancing them?! To do what exactly?
Elliot: It depends on the recruit. Some are made more intelligent, some are made stronger, and some, like your victim, are made abnormally fast... with lightning reflexes!
Carmen: So Riaja HAD been experimented on!
Elliot: And that's not all. The experiments have an interesting side-effect... They turn the subjects' eyes yellow! Just like your victim's!
Elliot: There was also another familiar name in the folder - Baxter Fraser, the Thai boxer <Name> met in Thailand!
Carmen: What's that, <Name>? Baxter pretended to be wearing yellow contacts?
Elliot: Well, he lied! Baxter's a SOMBRA recruit enhanced to be stronger!
Carmen: We'd better keep an eye out for him, <Name>. But in the mean time, let's grill Professor Metalf about his role in all this!
Carmen: Oh, and Elliot? If you ever need to talk... I'm here for you.

Ask Professor Metcalf about SOMBRA's experiments.
Carmen: Professor Metcalf, you're busted! <Rank> <Name> found your folder detailing the experiments you've been carrying out on SOMBRA's recruits!
Marshall: Well, I have nothing to be ashamed of! I'm proud of what I've achieved!
Marshall: You won't understand, <Rank> <Name>, but I'm working to improve the human race! I turn these kids into better versions of themselves.
Marshall: Anwyay, I'm not doing anything illegal. They all volunteer for it!
Carmen: I doubt they'd be willing if they hadn't been brainwashed! Besides, Riaja obviously didn't take kindly to being experimented on!
Marshall: Riaja was ungrateful. I wasted precious resources giving her incredible speed, and what did she us it for? To escape through the forest!
Carmen: You disgust me, "Professor"! Come on, <Name>. Let's go before I do something stupid. I need to eat something to recharge my batteries anyway...

Carmen: I hate the fact that we don't have enough evidence that a crime's been committed to arrest that so-called Professor, <Name>!
Carmen: You're right, I'm of no use in this state... I need to get some fresh air and calm down.
Carmen: Now I think about it, Jack told me about the monkey forest and I've been dying to take some photos there. Would you mind coming with me, <Name>?

Investigate Monkey Bridge.
Carmen (taking photos with her camera): I'm getting some great photos, <Name>!
Carmen (putting down her camera): Oh, but I see you found a cellphone? We can take a look at it if you want, but you'll have to unlock it first!

Rxamine Cellphone.
Carmen: Check it out, there's a video on this cellphone you unlocked! Let's hit play!

Start of footage...
Riaja: Baxter, I'm sending you this video because I don't have much time!
(The footage starts going static.)
Riaja: I can't take this anymore. We can't let SOMBRA experiment on us any longer!
Riaja: We need to go into hiding, Baxter. I'll meet you in Aotear-
(The footage is cut off, leaving only static to be seen.)

End of footage...
Carmen: <Name>, Riaja must have filmed this video right before she tried to escape!
Carmen: And this Baxter she was talking to must be Baxter Fraser! It sounds like he's also trying to escape SOMBRA's clutches!
Carmen: Riaja said that they should flee somewhere called "Aotear" but it sounds like she was cut off.
Carmen: It might be too late for Riaja, but if Baxter's on the run from SOMBRA, then we'll have to find him!

Later, back on the boat...
Elliot: <Name>, I've been looking for you everywhere! We got another tip-off from X!
Elliot: They only sent one word: "Aotearoa" - I can't figure out what to make of it!
Carmen: <Name>, you're right! Just before her video to Baxter was cut off, Riaja mentioned something called "Aotear"... She must've meant to say Aotearoa!
Dupont: Did someone mention Aotearoa, mes amis?
Dupont: Aotearoa literally means "land of the white cloud"... And it's the Maori name for New Zealand!
Carmen: New Zealand?! Riaja might've been killed before she tried to escape, but there's every chance that Baxter made it to New Zealand!
Carmen: And if there's a rogue SOMBRA recruit roaming around, we need to find him! Besides, who knows what kind of information he could provide us with about SOMBRA's evil scheme?
Chief Ripley: We already know they're brainwashing their recruits before subjecting them to genetic enhancements, but now we need to figure out their end goal.
Chief Ripley: So get ready, <Name>, we're putting you on the next flight to New Zealand!