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Frank KnightHey, <Name>, how's it going since your last case? A cannibal maniac, that must have been a treat!
Frank: Well, a treat for you at least, because poor Amy's still shaken up by the fact that her crush snacks on people...
Frank: I hope being with her family will help her recover... Which means it's just you and me today, <Name>!
Amy: <Name>! You have to help me, something must have happened to her!
Frank: Amy?! What the heck are you doing here? Who are you talking about?
Amy: My friend Virginia, she was supposed to meet me this morning, but I haven't heard a word all day! I'm so scared for her!
Frank: Don't worry kid, <Name> will find this Virginia for you! Where do you think she could be?
Amy: She was filming a documentary about the origins of the Night Walker legend up in the Deep Woods... Please, <Name>, let me come with you! I can help!
Frank: <Name>'s right, this is out of the question, Amy! After what happened with Bobby, the only thing you get to do is watch bad reality TV while eating ice cream. Understood?
Amy: Alright, yes, you're right... I'll just go home then. But call me if you find anything!
Frank: Are you thinking what I'm thinking, <Name>? If something bad happened to Virginia... Amy might not be able to suffer another shock after the whole Bobby fiasco.
Frank: You're right, she mentioned the Deep Woods, Virginia might have gotten lost there! Let's go!

Chapter 1

Investigate Deep Woods.
Frank Knight: I can't believe it, <Name>! There's no way this girl impaled herself by accident... Amy's childhood friend has been murdered!
Frank: You're right, we better keep this to ourselves for as long as possible! But we still need to get her body to autopsy.
Frank: Good catch, Amy did mention Virginia was filming a documentary, that broken video camera you found must be hers... But you'll have to restore it!
Frank: And didn't she say that the documentary was about the origins of the Night Walker legend?! Damn, <Name>, could this be why she got killed?
Frank: You're right, I'm getting ahead of myself. What about that bloody branch? The blood must be Virginia's, but if you think there's something else on it, be my guest!
Frank: You found a business card, too? Maybe the killer decided to sign their crime for once! Quick, let's recover what was written on it!

Examine Bloody Branch.
Frank: Great job collecting those fibers off that branch you found at the crime scene, but I'm not convinced this is going to lead us anywhere...
Frank: Of course, <Name>, you're the boss! Let's send those fibers for analysis!

Analyze Fibers.
Yann: I took a look at the bloody fibers you collected from that branch, <Name>, and I can tell you they're wool fibers!
Yann: And more precisely, they're wool fibers coming from a pom-pom! See, for a pom-pom the fibers are not knitted, but sewed at one end!
Yann: Which means your killer must have fallen on that branch and left the fibers there! You're looking for a killer wearing a pom-pom on their clothing!
Frank: A pom-pom?! Our big bad murderer wears a pom-pom? They don't sound that threatening now, do they, <Name>?
Frank: Sorry, I shouldn't talk like that. Pom-pom or not, Virginia's killer is a monster!

Examine Broken Camera.
Frank: Good job fixing that camera you found next to Virginia's body, <Name>! And cool, that thing still uses VHS tapes!
Frank: The downside is that the tape is stuck! Better send this mess to Hannah!

Analyze Video Camera.
Hannah: Really, <Name>? A VHS video camera? Is it the '80s or something?
Frank: If only... Did you manage to restore the tape?
Hannah: It's as good as new, and it's labeled "Behind the Scenes #4"! I borrowed an old VHS player from the archives so you could take a look at the footage yourself, <Name>!

Footage from "Behind the Scenes #4"...
Virginia: Oh God, oh God...
Virginia: I have to stay calm... I have to stay focused on the documentary! No matter who threatens me! I have to find out the truth about the origins of the Night Walker!
Virginia: But if something happens to me... Everything about my research is in the abandoned distillery.
Virginia: It's very important that you remember it. It's in the abandoned distillery. What I learned is...
Virginia: What is it? Who is here?! Show yourself!
Virginia: You?! What do you want?
Virginia: Hey, don't touch my camera! Leave it alone!

End of footage...
Frank: You're right, <Name>, someone put their fingers on Virginia's camera to take it away from her! It must have been her killer, right before they murdered her!
Frank: But she did say that her research was in an abandoned distillery! All that fermenting booze lying around... If only we knew its location!
Hannah: Wait a second, <Name>... Here! There's an old distillery on the outskirts of town, right next to the forest!
Frank: See, Hannah, when you put your mind to it you can actually be useful!
Frank: And now... <Name>, let's go take a look at the old distillery!

Investigate Distillery.
Frank: Look at all that booze, <Name>! It's like Christmas!
Frank: Uh, you're right, better get back to the investigation...
Frank: This editing table looks like Virginia's center of operations! This broken VHS tape you found must hold more of her footage, but you'll have to repair it!
Frank: Hey, leave that bottle alone, <Name>, I saw it first!
Frank: Oh, you think it's a clue? If you think there might be fingerprints on the label, you can take it...

Examine Moonshine Bottle.
Frank: Good job getting fingerprints from that moonshine bottle, <Name>! Better send them to Hannah for analysis!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Hannah: So the fingerprints you found on that bottle of moonshine belong to a certain Charlie Watchbird, arrested once for drunk driving!
Frank: Watchbird, why does that name sound familiar, <Name>?
Hannah: <Name> is right, it sounds familiar because it's the same last name as your victim, Virginia Watchbird! Charlie Watchbird is her cousin!
Frank: Her cousin?! He may be able to tell us more about Virginia! Let's talk to him!

Talk to Charlie Watchbird about Virginia.
Charlie: I can't believe someone would kill Virginia, <Rank> <Name>. She was the sweetest girl ever!
Frank: Were you close to your cousin, Charlie?
Charlie: Like two peas in a pod! I'm trying to renovate this distillery and Virginia wanted to be close to the woods for her documentary, so I let her work here.
Charlie: If only I knew filming a documentary about some silly legend would turn out to be so dangerous... I should have protected her!
Charlie: What am I going to tell her parents? I'll never be able to face them at family dinners again!

Examine Broken VHS Tape.
Frank: Great job restoring that VHS tape, <Name>! Hopefully there's some of Virginia's footage on it!
Frank: And since we have all the material we need to watch it here... Are you thinking what I'm thinking, <Name>?
Frank: Yes, let's watch it now! We'll have to do without the popcorn though...

Footage from "Behind the Scenes #1"...
Virginia: Is it working? Is this thing even recording?
Virginia: Oh yes, great! Hello world, my name's Virginia Watchbird! I don't want to miss anything, so I'm gonna record everything I see!
Virginia: Oh, this is so exciting! My very own documentary, and about the Night Walker no less! I've always adored this legend, and now I'm gonna reveal its origins!
Virginia: Most people know that the Night Walker was actually a soldier wounded during the Civil War, but his story doesn't end there! I'm going to reveal every detail of this tragic tale!
Virginia: And I have to thank Lola Dickinson, my producer, for this opportunity! This documentary will be sensational, you'll see!

End of footage...
Frank: So Virginia was hired by this Lola Dickinson to film her documentary about the Night Walker...
Frank: I agree, we'd better go talk to this Lola!

Ask Lola Dickinson about Virginia's Documentary.
Lola: What do you want, <Rank> <Name>? I'm very busy at the moment; with Virginia dead, I now have a documentary with no director!
Frank: What, you're still going to make that documentary, even after the murder?!
Lola: It's dreadful what happened to Virginia, but I put a lot of money into this project. I can't let it die too!
Lola: I'll dedicate it to her memory. No one was as passionate about the Night Walker legend. Oh, she was so enthusiastic about it!
Lola: But she shouldn't have been filming out in the woods alone. There are a lot of deranged people roaming around at night...
Lola: Now she's dead and I've got an unfinished project on my hands. Believe me, this night is turning into a real nightmare, <Rank> <Name>!

Examine Business Card.
Frank: Great job recovering the words on that business card you found next to Virginia's body! It belongs to Roberto Vasquez!
Frank: Roberto Vasquez... Hey, <Name> isn't he the kooky guy who's obsessed with the Night Walker? We've met him before!
Frank: I had no idea that Roberto was a filmmaker... But his "Call me soon" on the card implies he knew the victim, I agree. Let's go talk to him!

Ask Roberto Vasquez about his business card.
Frank: Roberto, <Rank> <Name> is here to talk to you about Virginia Watchbird's murder. We know you two knew each other.
Roberto: She's dead?! What a shame!
Roberto: The girl was really cute, and smart at that. We talked a couple of times, I left her my card, but she never called back.
Roberto: I guess she was too busy with her documentary to realize what a catch I am!
Frank: Weren't you interested in her documentary, actually? We know how much you love the Night Walker...
Roberto: Well... I was too busy appreciating the filmmaker to care much about the footage! Although I doubt it was any good anyway.
Roberto: To make a good documentary, you have to think like your subject, to become one with their history and their psychosis. Virginia was much too nice for that!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: Hey there, <Name>! I took a look at Virginia Watchbird's body, and there's no doubt about it, the tree is what killed her!
Roxie: She was pushed against the tree and was impaled on the branches. An unconventional murder weapon, and a long slow death!
Frank: Thanks, Roxie, we get the picture. But <Name>'s right, the most important thing is to keep this body hidden. Amy mustn't see it, this is her childhood friend!
Roxie: Oh. Really? That's unfortunate.
Frank: What do you mean that's unfor...
Amy: Oh God, VIRGINIA?! It's not possible, how can this be happening?! Who could have done this to you?!
Frank: Amy, GET OUT! Go back to your desk this instant, <Rank> <Name>'s orders!
Amy: <Name>, you have to find her killer! Promise me you'll find them!
Frank: ... Great job, Roxie.
Roxie: Don't blame me. It's her friend, Amy has a right to know. Anyway, as I was saying...
Roxie: The bruises on Virginia's body told me where the killer had touched her, and when I took a closer look at her clothes, I found traces of pumpkin soup!
Frank: So our killer drinks pumpkin soup? I guess the cold-hearted murderer needs it to warm their soul!

Later, at the station...
Frank: Alright, let's recap, <Name>! Amy's friend Virginia got killed in the Deep Woods while making a documentary on the Night Walker!
Frank: We've met with Lola, the producer of her documentary, who seemed more concerned about the money Virginia's murder was making her lose...
Frank: And there's Roberto, who clearly tried to flirt with Virginia... What is it all adding up to, <Name>?
Frank: What, you think we should retrace Virginia's steps through the forest? Now? But it's pitch black outside!
Frank: Oh, alright, if you really think that might help us find Virginia's killer! But if we get lost, I'm blaming you!

In the middle of the mountains...
Frank: Alright, here we are, in the middle of the night! We're completely lost, <Name>!
Frank: Can you see anything? A landmark, a liquor store, anything?
Frank: Wow! What the hell is that?
Frank: Wait, it's a picture! I think I know that face, <Name>!
Frank: I can't believe it! You're right, it's the face of the Night Walker!

Chapter 2

In the middle of the mountains...
Frank Knight: Wow! What the hell is that?
Frank: It's a picture... Wait, I know that face, <Name>!
Frank: It's the face of the Night Walker! But what is it doing here?!
Frank: You think it came from that cabin, over there? Alright, let's have a look at it!

Investigate Derelict Cabin.
Frank: Wow, this cabin looks stuck in the 19th century! And with the picture we found outside... You're right, <Name>, this must be the Night Walker's cabin!
Frank: Well, the original Night Walker, at least, the soldier who came back deformed from the war...
Frank: So what did you find in his cabin? His journal? "The war made me a killer"... You think you can retrieve the rest of the message?
Frank: And you found a box of his old things? Let's look inside! Gosh, <Name>, we're in the middle of the greatest mystery White Peaks has ever seen!

Examine Old Journal.
Frank: Great job, <Name>, you managed to recover the message from the original Night Walker's journal!
Frank: It reads "The war made me a killer but I'm a man of peace." Poor guy came back from the war only to get turned into a monster...
Frank: I agree, <Name>, this orange stain on the journal looks way too fresh to be over 100 years old. And...
Frank: It TASTES like pumpkin soup!
Frank: That's what the killer eats! You're right, this means the killer must have touched this book!
Frank: Look, I know I shouldn't taste clues, but now we know for sure that it's worth sending to the lab!

Analyze Stained Notebook.
Yann: Frank, I heard you've started eating the evidence? You shouldn't keep him on such a strict diet, <Name>!
Frank: Haha. At least that way we knew the stain was pumpkin soup! What did YOU find, smarty pants?
Yann: A high dosage of sleeping pills. You're lucky you didn't taste a bigger sample, Frank, or you might have fallen asleep on the job!
Frank: Ah well, that wouldn't have been the first time!
Yann: So anyway, the soup matches the traces Roxie found on the body to a tee, which means your killer handled this book!
Frank: Which also means that our killer takes sleeping pills... Maybe if they stopped killing people they'd sleep better!

Examine Old Box.
Frank: Great job looking through the Night Walker's things, <Name>! And you found another VHS tape!
Frank: Wait, how did a VHS tape end up in belongings from the 19th century? Could Virginia have come to this cabin?
Frank: You're right, only way to know is to look at the footage! Let's get this tape to the lab!

Analyze Behind the Scenes #2.
Hannah: You found another one of Virginia's videos, <Name>? Take a seat, I'm putting it in the recorder right now!

Footage from "Behind the Scenes #2"...
Allen: Go away, I want to be left alone! Leave the Night Walker be!
Virginia: But sir, no one else knows as much about the Night Walker's legend as you! I just want to tell the truth!
Allen: The Night Walker has to be left alone! You're just the latest of a string of thrill seekers, disturbing my peace!
Virginia: I'll let you know that I take my work VERY seriously! Tell me everything you know!
Allen: Never! You're going to leave this instant before I make you leave at gunpoint! GET OUT!

End of footage...
Frank: So Virginia tried to interview Allen Muir... Isn't he the hermit we met when a woman got sawed in half, <Name>?
Frank: Virginia sure got him angry... You're right, we have to talk to Allen!

Talk to Allen Muir about Virginia's documentary.
Allen: GET OUT! I don't want to see anyone, you'd think people would get the meaning of the word "hermit"!
Frank: Virginia Watchbird was murdered, Allen, and we know you threatened her!
Allen: Virginia? She came back day after day, trying to get a story out of me. That would make anyone angry! But I'd never hurt anyone!
Allen: People think that because I live in the woods, I know all the places from the Night Walker legend, like the tree on which he hanged his little girls!
Allen: Thrill seekers and amateur documentary filmmakers are trying to turn my solitary life into some kind of freak show, and I won't let that happen!
(After talking to Allen Muir)
Frank: So Virginia was so driven by her documentary that she was starting to anger people, that's good to know...
Frank: And for Allen to have been this angry, Virginia must have filmed him more than once! Which means more VHS tapes, you're right!
Frank: Great thinking <Name>, we might find more tapes at the abandoned distillery! Let's go!

Investigate Editing Table.
Frank: So you didn't find any tapes in the distillery, <Name>? Too bad...
Frank: That box of distillery equipment looks like a perfect gift to me, though! I can't wait to brew whiskey in my bathtub!
Frank: Oh drats, you mean you picked this box up to look through it? I should have known, you never give me anything!
Frank: In that case, you might as well unlock that phone yourself, <Name>!
Frank: And what about that letter? "Do not bother"... Could Virginia have gotten on someone else's bad side? If you can retrieve the rest of the letter, we're sure to find out!

Examine Distillery Equipment.
Frank: Just what we were hoping for, <Name>! Great job getting that VHS tape out of the box of distillery equipment!
Frank: You want to pop it in Virginia's VHS player? Alright, let's take a look at it!

Footage from "Behind the Scenes #3"...
Charlie: Give me that tape, Virginia! Give it to me!
Virginia: Stop freaking out! Why are you so mad?
Charlie: Can you imagine what would happen to me if this got out?! I'd be finished, over, end of the game! Just give me the tape!
Virginia: No way, dude! I need the footage that's on it, can't you just trust me?!
Charlie: You're gonna give me that tape, Virginia, or I swear to God I will...

End of footage...
Frank: So much for the close relationship between the Watchbird cousins!
Frank: Charlie looked pretty mad... You're right, we should go talk to him again, we have to know what Virginia filmed!

Ask Charlie about his threats towards Virginia.
Frank: We know you were angry at Virginia because of something she had filmed, Charlie. Care to tell <Rank> <Name> what it is?
Charlie: Listen, I was completely on board with helping Virginia with her documentary, I even made her pumpkin soup in the evenings!
Charlie: But the thing is, she was filming absolutely everything! I sometimes sell moonshine, and she tried to film some of my clients!
Charlie: And one night, I was completely wasted, and she... filmed me pissing in one of my moonshine containers...
Frank: WHAT?! You sick human being, that's disgusting! That's it, no more moonshine for me, I'm staying true to Gold Stag from now on!
Charlie: You see? If my buyers knew I peed in the stuff, I'd be over! D'you know how hard it is to make money around here?!
Charlie: So yeah, I was mad at Virginia, but I would never kill her over that! I'd never hurt her!

Examine Letter.
Frank: So the letter you found says "Do not bother my family again! Mrs Young."
Frank: Wait a minute, Mrs Young? In a case involving Amy's childhood friend? Could this Mrs Young be... Amy's mother?
Frank: You're right, <Name>, it's strange how everything brings us back to Amy somehow... I expected to meet her someday, but never as a suspect!
Frank: Do you think she'll be as saccharine as her daughter, <Name>? Maybe she'll make us cupcakes, haha!
Frank: Hm, anyway, you're right. Mrs Young doesn't seem to have approved of Amy's friendship with Virginia... We'd better go talk to her!

Ask Miriam Young about the letter she wrote to Virginia.
Amy: <Name>?! What are you doing here? Did you find something about Virginia's killer?
Amy: What, you want to talk to my... mother? But why, <Name>, she has nothing to do with this investigation!
Miriam: AMY! What are you doing here, who allowed you to answer the door?! Go back to your room immediately!
Amy: Yes Mother, I'm sorry, I didn't think, I never think! I'll see you later, <Name>.
Miriam: So you're the <Rank> <Name> Amy can't stop blabbering about... What do you want?
Frank: Ehm, sorry to bother you, Mrs Young, but... <Rank> <Name> has found evidence that shows you had some problems with Virginia Watchbird, the friend of Amy's who was murdered?
Miriam: Just because she was friends with my daughter, Virginia felt she was allowed to bother my family whenever she felt like it! I do not tolerate such behavior.
Miriam: They were always together as children. Virginia was a very bad influence on my daughter, always causing trouble and forcing Amy to follow.
Miriam: People like Virginia, they know nothing about respect. Of course only Amy could find such stupid friends, I shouldn't be surprised...
Miriam: That's all I have to say to you, <Rank> <Name>. Please leave my property now.
(After talking to Miriam Young)
Frank: Holy crap, <Name>, did you see that? Mrs Young is as cold as you can make them! How could she have given birth to someone as sweet as Amy?
Frank: Families are so weird. But you're right, we have no time to dwell on this. Let's get back to the investigation!

Examine Locked Phone.
Frank: Great job unlocking that phone you found in the distillery, <Name>! Not that I'm surprised, you always pull through...
Frank: There's nothing on that phone to grab my interest, though. You think we should send this to the lab? Alright then!

Analyze Unlocked Phone.
Hannah: I took a look at the phone you send me from the abandoned distillery, <Name>, and it belongs to Lola Dickinson, Virginia's producer!
Hannah: So, seeing how Lola is one of your suspects, I took the liberty of taking a look at the messages she sent to the victim!
Hannah: And the last one is very interesting! "You're gonna listen, we're making this film my way!" Seems like they weren't seeing eye to eye...
Frank: You're right, <Name>, looks like Lola wasn't too happy with the direction Virginia's documentary was taking... We better go talk to her!

Talk to Lola about her message to Virginia.
Frank: <Rank> <Name> found a message you sent to Virginia, you seemed to have some kind of power-struggle with her about her documentary...
Lola: Listen, what every good documentary needs is a bit of artistic license! You have to embellish the truth!
Lola: I know the legend of the Night Walker and believe me, you have to make it scarier, you have to make it bloodier!
Frank: Bloodier? As in killing the filmmaker?!
Lola: What?! No! I still need that thing finished, and that's not happening any time soon now! God, can't anyone bring me pumpkin soup, I'm starving here!

Later at the Police Station...
Amy: <Name>, I'm sorry to bother you but... If you don't mind, could I get a status update about your investigation? Did you find anything new about Virginia's killer?
Frank: You know <Name>, kid. Of course we've made progress!
Frank: First, we found the Night Walker's cabin, and thanks to that VHS tape <Name> picked up, we know Virginia was there too!
Frank: And on the footage, we learned of Virginia's violent encounters with Allen Muir, who was angry at her for disturbing his peace!
Frank: Virginia really had a knack for making people angry, like your mother, Amy, who's NOTHING like I imagined her, by the way...
Amy: Mother disapproved of our friendship, that's true... But she's a sweetheart when you get to know her!
Frank: Sweetheart wouldn't be the first word that came to mind...
Amy: Mother only does what she thinks is best for Duncan and me. She may seem a little harsh for an outsider like you, but she has a heart of gold!
Frank: Amy, your mother...
Hannah: <Rank> <Name>! There's a tape for you! From Virginia Watchbird!
Frank: What do you mean, the victim sent us a tape?! She's dead!
Amy: Virginia... Virginia's talking to us from her grave?!

Chapter 3

Frank Knight: I don't get it, how could Virginia have sent you a tape, <Name>? She's dead!
Amy: Virginia is talking to us from beyond the grave?!
Frank: Please, Amy, get away from here! This isn't good for you, get out, <Rank> <Name>'s orders!
Amy: NO! No, I want to see the tape! Virginia was my friend!
Frank: Amy, OUT! Otherwise, you'll be sent home, understand?
Amy: You have no heart, Frank, no heart AT ALL!
Frank: I know, they all say that... Alright <Name>, let's watch this tape!

Footage from "To the Police"...
Virginia: Hello <Rank> <Name>. If you've received this tape, then it means... It means that I'm dead.
Virginia: Amy's told me so much about you... If you're half as wonderful as her stories led me to believe, then I know I can trust you!
Virginia: Someone's after me! I know they followed me to the Night Walker's cabin! I'm so afraid!
Virginia: But it won't stop me. I will make this documentary, I won't let myself be threatened!
Virginia: And if they get to me, whoever they are... Then go investigate the Night Walker's Cabin, <Rank> <Name>! I'm counting on you!

End of Footage...
Frank: Poor Virginia, she felt Death breathing down her neck and she stayed strong till the end. She was one hell of a kid...
Frank: You're right, <Name>, no time for moping, we have to find Virginia's killer!
Frank: She thought someone was following her, and she mentioned the Night Walker's cabin, so I guess that's where you wanna start?
Frank: Fine, but how do we get to investigate which of our suspects take sleeping pills while we're there?
Frank: You want to call Ramirez? Ramirez... You mean that clown who goes around wearing costumes?!
Frank: Alright... Ramirez? Are you available to do some detective work for <Rank> <Name>?
Ramirez: Well, I'm in the middle of a very important undercover mission, but of course! I'd do anything to help <Name>!
Frank: Good. <Name> needs someone to do some undercover work to discover if our suspects use sleeping pills!
Ramirez: I'm on it, my brand new disguise will allow me to investigate incognito! I won't disappoint you, <Rank> <Name>!
Frank: Great! Now that your friend is off to do the dirty work, let's go to the Night Walker's cabin!

Investigate Night Walker's Room.
Frank: So what did you find in the Night Walker's cabin, <Name>? Some torn fabric? Alright, if you want to put it back together, be my guest!
Frank: And that's one pretty bracelet. Looks expensive! The name on it is all scratched, think you can take a look?
Frank: Great, another VHS tape! I'm sure we'll learn something more about Virginia's killer! Let's send it to the lab right away!

Analyze The Night Walker's Lair.
Hannah: Ready to watch the VHS tape you found at the Night Walker's cabin? Take a seat, <Name>, there's a surprise with this footage!

Footage of "The Night Walker's Lair"...
Roberto: Finally, the cabin of the Night Walker! Untouched for a hundred years, I've finally found it!
Roberto: All of the belongings of the Night Walker, within arm's reach! So many mysteries to uncover, and I'm the first one on the scene! Me, Roberto Vasquez, I'm gonna film the cabin where the massacre took place!
Virginia: Oh, hello! Roberto, right? So nice to see you here!
Virginia: I've been having a look at the cupboards, it's fascinating to see how the Night Walker lived!
Roberto: WHAT?! What the hell are YOU doing here?!

End of footage...
Frank: So this tape wasn't one of Virginia's! It belongs to Roberto!
Frank: And he didn't seem happy at all that Virginia had beaten him to the Night Walker's cabin, you're right!
Frank: Who knows, <Name>, maybe this made Roberto so mad he killed Virginia... Let's have another chat with him!

Talk to Roberto about the Night Walker's Cabin.
Frank: So, Roberto, <Rank> <Name> found a tape which proves you weren't just interested in Virginia's looks...
Frank: You seemed pretty angry that she discovered the Night Walker's cabin before you did! Angry enough to kill, perhaps?
Roberto: She got to the cabin by CHANCE! I worked every day and every night on my own documentary about the Night Walker's legend!
Roberto: I invested all of my personal funds into this documentary, I've been living off pumpkin soup for months!
Roberto: Finding out the location of the original Night Walker's cabin was a breakthrough! I prepared the expedition for weeks, and when I went up to the cabin...
Roberto: Virginia was there! Acting like she owned the place, not realizing she was crushing my dreams!
Roberto: My documentary was my time to shine. And I'll never let an amateur like Virginia take the spotlight away from me! NEVER!

Examine Torn Fabric.
Frank: Great job putting that doll back together, <Name>! Is it me, or does it look like Virginia? Same hair, same knit cap...
Frank: And the inscription on it says "Allen's friend"! Allen as in our friend the hermit?!
Frank: You're right, why would a grown-up man make a doll of our victim? And why would he write "Allen's friend" when he told us she was a nuisance?
Frank: I agree, <Name>, we've got to talk to Allen about this doll!

Ask Allen about his doll of the victim.
Frank: Allen, did you make this doll of Virginia?
Allen: Why did you take it?! Give it back, it's mine! I'll throw some boiling pumpkin soup at you if you don't hand it over!
Frank: Wait, I don't get it. You hated Virginia! Why would you make a doll and call her your friend?
Allen: Well, yes, I was angry at first, but when the anger didn't drive her away, I started talking to her.
Allen: I'd tell her about the legend of the Night Walker. Virginia was captivated! She'd really listen, not like the usual thrill seekers!
Frank: Well, isn't it a perfect little scene you're presenting us. Might even work if we didn't have proof of you threatening to shoot Virginia!
Allen: I never would have done it! Virginia was a sweet girl. And now that she's gone, I'm feeling lonely! So please, <Rank> <Name>, give me back my doll!

Examine Bracelet.
Frank: That bracelet you found in the cabin belongs to "Miriam Georgia Young"? But why would Amy's mother come all the way up here?
Frank: You're right, the best way to know is to ask Mrs Young! Let's go, I've got the feeling we're getting closer to catching Virginia's killer!

Ask Miriam about her presence in the Night Walker's Cabin.
Miriam: What do you want this time, <Rank> <Name>? Get to the point, I have some pumpkin soup on the stove.
Frank: Miriam, we know you went up to the Night Walker's cabin, we found your bracelet there! Why would you go to such a place?
Miriam: You want to know why I went to that godforsaken place? Because I wanted to have a private talk with Virginia, that's all.
Miriam: I followed her during one of her escapades. I confronted her and made it clear she mustn't bother my family again.
Frank: You threatened Virginia, Mrs Young?
Miriam: Since Amy's come back to White Peaks, Virginia has been harassing me! She kept telling me I was too harsh on my daughter! I have to resort to taking sleeping pills, I can't stop thinking about it!
Miriam: I'll treat my family as I damn well please! You want to arrest me for that? Go ahead.

Back at the station...
Frank: Ramirez is back from his mission, <Name>! But I must say, I'm still not convinced by his usefulness...
Ramirez: Hello, <Name>! I did a little investigating, I went undercover, and I managed to discover some sleeping pill users among your suspects!
Frank: What the hell?! Put your hands in the air, Jack Frost!
Ramirez: Don't worry! This is only the latest of my cunning disguises! And thanks to it, I managed to find the information you needed, <Rank> <Name>!
Frank: Oh. Of course. Go on Ramirez, what did you find?
Ramirez: Lola Dickinson was seen popping several sleeping pills after one of her meetings...
Ramirez: I watched Charlie Watchbird as he bought a box of sleeping pills from a local pharmacist...
Ramirez: And I also had a glimpse of Roberto Vasquez's supply inside his bag! He never realized the snowman next to him was a detective!
Frank: Wow... Good job, Ramirez, you were actually useful...
Ramirez: I'm just happy to help <Rank> <Name>! I have to leave now, duty calls!
Frank: Well <Name>, we're closer to the killer than ever, but we're still missing some pieces of the puzzle!
Frank: You want to take one last look at the crime scene? Alright, the finish line is in sight, let's go!

Investigate Tangled Roots.
Frank: What did you find on the crime scene, <Name>? A handkerchief? Awesome, I'll let you see what you can collect from it!
Frank: And you found a bloody knife?! You're right, <Name>, where there's blood, there's a story! We have to collect that blood right away!

Examine Handkerchief.
Frank: Great job collecting those tiny hairs off that handkerchief!
Frank: We're one step closer to the killer, <Name>! Let's send it for analysis!

Analyze Hair.
Yann: I took a look at the tiny hairs you collected on the handkerchief, <Name>, and they were eyelashes!
Yann: And those eyelashes were still holding remnants of lacrimal fluid! And from that lacrimal fluid, I managed to extract partial DNA strands!
Yann: And one of those strands contained the chromosomes for eye color! So I can tell you that your killer has green eyes!
Frank: The killer has green eyes? This is great! We're one step closer to catching them, <Name>!

Examine Knife.
Frank: Great job collecting the blood off that knife, <Name>!
Frank: We're close to the killer, I can feel it! Let's take this blood to Yann!

Analyze Blood.
Yann: I took a look at the blood you collected off that knife, and it is clear it is not your victim's blood!
Yann: The blood sample, however, is less than 12 hours old. My guess is that the victim used this knife to try and defend herself.
Frank: You can tell how old blood is?
Yann: Yup, almost as easily as you can guess a whiskey's age, Frank!
Yann: Anyway, this knife was undoubtedly used against your killer, which means this is their blood!
Yann: And therefore... I can tell you that your killer's blood type is AB-! I hope it can help you catch them, <Name>!

After completing all tasks...
Frank: This is it, <Name>. Thanks to Virginia's footage and your flair, we can put her killer behind bars!
Frank: It was one unusual investigation, but it's time to finish it the old fashioned way! It's time for an arrest!

Take care of the killer now!
Frank: You're under arrest, Lola! <Rank> <Name> found fibers from your pom-pom at the crime scene, and the pumpkin soup you left on Virginia's body!
Lola: Wow, stop right there! Why would I kill Virginia, I needed her alive! Who's gonna finish her documentary now?
Frank: <Rank> <Name>'s got all the evidence they need, Lola! What about the sleeping pill residue in the Night Walker's cabin, what about your handkerchief in the woods?
Lola: Okay, you're talking nonsense there! I'm a film producer, not a murderer!
Frank: <Rank> <Name> found YOUR blood on Virginia's knife! There's nowhere you can hide now!
Lola: Alright, ALRIGHT! You got me. I killed Virginia. But it was an accident! Let me explain!
Lola: People don't want facts, they don't want historical information, what they want is blood and violence! Documentaries about urban legends like the Night Walker need BLOOD!
Lola: I talked to Virginia about it, but she always got so mad! So I started to follow her, trying to put some fear into her!
Lola: And it worked like a charm! She was terrified, absolutely convinced that someone was gonna kill her because of the Night Walker!
Lola: I never intended to really kill her, of course, but when I revealed myself she tried to stab me with a knife!
Lola: I had no other choice, I just defended myself! I pushed her against that tree, but I never imagined that the branches would impale her like that!
Frank: You left Virginia to die in the woods, you never called 911 and you lied to the Police, Lola. Good luck trying to plead your case to the Judge. You're under arrest!

Honorable Dante: Mrs Dickinson, you're judged today for the murder of Virginia Watchbird. What do you have to say in your defense?
Lola: Virginia is not the first one to die for her art. Her work will be recognized by all, she'll live on forever in her documentary!
Honorable Dante: Are you waiting for someone to congratulate you or something?
Lola: That'd be a start. I ensured that Virginia's work will be noticed, recognized and remembered! I've made her an immortal! She's part of the Night Walker legend now!
Honorable Dante: Virginia was 25 years old! She was a baby, she had her life ahead of her, a lifetime of possibilities to become immortal all by herself!
Honorable Dante: Lola Dickinson, I condemn you to 25 years in prison! Court dismissed!

Frank: It's pretty amazing how Virginia did everything she could to help the Police solve her own murder... Even Death couldn't stop her from finding out the truth!
Frank: But I must admit, I would have liked to have seen her documentary... Even if I know that the Night Walker is nothing more than an urban legend!
Frank: And I can't stop thinking about poor Amy... First she lost her childhood crush, now it's her childhood friend... What's gonna happen to her next, <Name>?

Additional Investigation

Chief Andrea Marquez: Alright, <Rank> <Name>, I know you've worked hard on this investigation but I'm afraid I have to give you more work.
Chief Marquez: Roberto Vasquez has been attacked! This man may like to stir trouble, but I'd rather you checked up on him.
Frank: Great, more work... <Name>, do you think there'll be a day we'll get to enjoy a beer after our shift?
Duncan: <Rank> <Name>! Thank God you're here!
Duncan: Sorry to disturb you, but it's about Amy... She's just gotten in a big fight with our mom! I can't intervene, but could you try to reason with our mom?
Duncan: Amy has been quite shaken recently, and Virginia's death hit her hard. But while mom has always coddled me, she tends to act colder towards Amy.
Frank: Sure, no offense, but your mother seems to be quite... harsh with her daughter. What do you say, <Name>, do we start with Roberto's attack or Amy's mother?

Check up on Roberto Vasquez.
Roberto: <Rank> <Name>! You won't believe what happened to me! The Night Walker... He attacked me!
Frank: Now now, Roberto, you're obviously in shock, but you can't seriously believe...
Roberto: It was the Night Walker! I'm sure of it! I was filming in the cabin to complete my documentary when I was assaulted!
Roberto: If I had my camera you'd believe me! I recorded most of the attack but I had to leave it behind when I ran away! Please, could you go retrieve it from the cabin?

Investigate Derelict Cabin.
Frank: Okay, this pile of dirt seems to be the only thing you haven't looked through... I hope Roberto's camera is in there, I'm tired of this place! Want to go through it quickly?

Examine Pile of Dirt.
Frank: Well done, <Name>, this must be Roberto's camera... But it's completely ruined! Are those claw marks?
Frank: Roberto wasn't lying when he said he was attacked, that's for sure... As to who or what attacked him, these marks look like a bear's!
Frank: You're right, Hannah might still be able to get something out of this camera. Let's send it to her!

Analyze Roberto's Camera.
Hannah: I'm good with technology, <Name>, but this camera is totally ruined. Did you think I was a magician?
Hannah: Well you were right! I managed to get back the last image recorded by the camera, and look! What is that spooky silhouette?
Frank: What the hell! <Name>, that picture... You're right, it looks like the Night Walker!
Frank: I can't believe it! Could this really be the Night Walker? You're right, we need to go back to Roberto!

Show Roberto the footage from his broken camera.
Roberto: This footage is from my camera, <Rank> <Name>?! For real?
Roberto: I can't believe it! This is incredible, this is... This is proof! This is the final proof of the Night Walker's existence! I knew he was real!
Frank: I don't know if that thing's the Night Walker, but I know it's looking threatening! You'd better be careful!
Roberto: Ha! Danger is my middle name... and I know just how to confuse the Night Walker! Here, <Rank> <Name>, take this mask, it'll help keep you safe!

Talk to Miriam Young about her fight with her daughter.
Miriam: You say you're looking for Amy, <Rank> <Name>? No, I don't know where she is... I swear this child does nothing but embarrass me!
Miriam: We had a discussion about her dead friend, and I might have said it was a good riddance... But there was no need for her to run away! She needs to stop acting like such a baby!
Frank: Hey, she may not be the brightest in the bunch but she's always energetic and eager to learn...
Miriam: Ha! I tried to teach her how real life works, and look what I got! A cowardly daughter who'd rather run into the forest than face the truth!
Frank: You know what? I agree with you, <Rank> <Name>, we should just go look for Amy in the forest!

Investigate Deep Woods.
Frank: Seems Amy isn't here, <Name>, but you've still found something! Think this torn picture might help us? I hope you can restore it then...

Examine Torn Picture.
Frank: Alright, <Name>, you've restored that picture! It's just a bunch of kids...
Frank: Hey, you're right! That's Amy on the left of the picture, and next to her, that's Duncan... and the girl with the hat must be Virginia!
Frank: Look at what's written: "Mom is right, everything I touch turns to dust!"... Wow, that's harsh! Imagine a mother saying that to her daughter!
Frank: You're right, at least this proves Amy came here! Do you think a closer look around could tell us where she's gone to?

Investigate Tangled Roots.
Frank: Wait, <Name>! Did you just find Amy's badge?
Frank: What if something has happened to her? The kid may be a klutz at times, but even she wouldn't leave her badge like that!
Frank: I agree with you, time to take the black powder out and dust this badge for fingerprints!

Examine Amy's Badge.
Frank: Good job revealing the fingerprints on Amy's badge, <Name>! Let's get them to the lab!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Hannah: Alright, <Name>, it took me a while to isolate each fingerprint over this badge you found, but I guarantee someone other than Amy touched it!
Hannah: But I have good news: you already know that person! It's Allen, the hermit!
Frank: Allen?! <Name>, what if that crazy lunatic finally snapped and decided to force Amy to keep him company? Maybe a doll wasn't enough for him anymore!
Frank: Heck, you're right, whatever happened, he must know where she is! Let's talk to Allen!

Question Allen Muir about Amy's whereabouts.
Allen: <Rank> <Name>! Look, Miss detective, your colleagues are here!
Amy: <Name>? Frank? What are you doing here?
Frank: Are you kidding me, Amy? We were looking for you! Your brother told us you had a fight with your mother, then we found that picture and your badge!
Frank: We thought you'd been kidnapped! And now we find you here, cooking burgers on the campfire with Allen as if nothing happened!
Amy: I apologize, <Name>, I just... I needed to be away from... from everything for a while.
Allen: Hey, don't be too hard on the girl! I was glad to meet Virginia's friend, and I wanted to cheer her up!
Amy: I'm so sorry, my mother has a way of getting under my skin... I shouldn't have left her like that, she's probably very angry.
Frank: Seriously, Amy, you shouldn't let your mother get the better of you! <Rank> <Name> is right: we should talk to her!
Amy: Oh, I could never... Do you think I should, <Name>? Could we... eat something before talking to Mother? It'll give me courage!

Talk to Miriam Young about her attitude towards Amy.
Miriam: Oh, you're back, Amy. Are you done with your temper tantrum?
Amy: I apologize for yelling at you, Mother. But I... I think saying Virginia was a "waste of space" was really out of line!
Miriam: It's about time you grow up, young lady! I can't believe they put you in <Rank> <Name>'s team, you're too immature to handle murder investigations!
Frank: Good thing this isn't your prerogative then, Mrs Young! <Rank> <Name> is right, Amy has done a good job so far, no need to belittle her!
Miriam: I'll say whatever I damn please, I'm the one helping to pay your bills, after all... Here, take this as a donation, in Duncan's honor. HE was a police hero!
(After talking to Miriam Young)
Frank: Whoa, sorry kiddo, I was hoping this would go a little better...
Amy: It's nothing, Mother has always been very demanding. I think it's her way of showing she cares... But I'm glad you helped me stand up for myself, <Name>!

Later, at the station...
Frank: Really, I don't know what to make of Miriam Young. Who would've thought Amy's mother could be such a... such a harpy!
Frank: Amy is a genuinely nice person, and Duncan seems to be a good lad, it's a mystery how Miriam managed to raise them without at least one of them turning into a sociopath...
Frank: And there's still this Night Walker problem... Roberto is convinced his blurry footage proves the Night Walker exists.
Frank: At the same time, the person in that footage really looks... monster-ish, you know?
Frank: This is messed up, <Name>. You're right, I never thought White Peaks would lead us on a monster chase, but we need to stop that Night Walker!