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David Jones: Oh, hi, <Name>! Come on, look at this video, it's the funniest thing I've ever seen!
Jones: Look, there's this kid, and there's his brother, and he's gonna bite-
Jones: WHOA!, what's happening, did Ramirez try to plug his heating slippers again?
Ramirez: It's not just the station, it's a general blackout! The entire Historical Center is in the dark!
Ramirez: Apparently, the blackout was caused by an overload coming from 301 Shelley Street, but no one knows why!
Jones: Well, it's not like we can do anything from here, so <Rank> <Name> and I might as well take a look... so to speak. 301 Shelley Street, let's go!

Chapter 1

Investigate Garage Laboratory.
(Before investigating) Jones: God, did something leave something on the stove? It stinks like burned meat in here!
Jones: Let's see if the power's back on, I can feel a switch right here
Jones: HOLY CRAP! What the hell is that?! Is that a body?!
Jones: Quick, <Name>, we have to close off the area and try to find out what happened!
(After investigating)
Jones: What the hell happened in this garage? Did this girl get fried alive? Let's send the body to Nathan.
Jones: And this is the machine that was connected to the victim... it electrocuted her so badly, she literally burned! It's our murder weapon for sure!
Jones: Crap, the panel seems locked! Can you take a look at it, <Name>?
Jones: And we have to find the owner of this house as quickly as possible!
Victor Wollcraft: What the hell are you doing in my home?! Who gave you permission to enter?!
Jones: Speaking of the devil... Stop right here, sir! We've found a dead body inside your garage, and we've got some questions for you!

Autopsy the Victim's Body.
Nathan: Well, the cause of the death is quite obvious. The poor girl was electrocuted.
Nathan: Normally, a "proper" electrocution doesn't leave any trace on the body. But your victim literally fried alive.
Jones: The poor girl, it must have hurt like hell! Did you find anything else, a detail that might help us find her killer?
Nathan: Well, I can tell you that the machine couldn't sustain the voltage and overheated, producing sparks that flew all over the room! Your killer must have overlooked this.
Nathan: Apart from the burned face, you can see spots where the victim's clothes and the skin underneath. There were a lot of sparks, especially next to the machine.
Nathan: I can assure you that your killer can't have escaped those sparks! Which means they have burned skin!
(After talking to Nathan)
Jones: So, as Nathan said, we have to check our suspects for burn marks! But if they come from sparks, it means they can be quite small, and easy to hide!
Jones: Asking all our suspects to take off their shirts will take ages... You're right, <Name>, There's a better solution!
Jones: We'll need Ramirez, of course!
Ramirez: Did someone say my name? Can I help you, <Rank> <Name>, do you need something?
Jones: Ramirez, <Rank> <Name> has a very delicate mission for you. You are to check all of our suspects on our investigation for burn marks? Think you can handle it?
Ramirez: Yes! Yes, you'll see, <Rank> <Name>, I'll do great! You'll be proud, I promise!

Talk To Victor Wollcraft.
Jones: Mr Wollcraft, can you tell us what a dead body is doing in your garage? Who was this girl, and why did you kill her?
Victor: I just arrived, officers, I have no idea what happened! What body are you talking about, this is ridiculous, I'd never kill anyone!
Jones: I'm talking about the girl that got fried alive on your freaking torture device! Tell me why <Rank> <Name> shouldn't arrest you right now!
Victor: I have a permit for this machine, officers, it is perfectly legal! I'll let you know that I'm a respected scientist, and that I would never hurt a human being!
Victor: And this torture device, as you call it, is an electronic revolution! It's a prototype designed to study the human brain with an accuracy never attained before!
Jones: It's all very interesting, Dr. Frankenstein, but what are those notes you're holding on so strongly? Do they have to do with your experiments?
Victor: What?! My notes? What notes? Oh, these notes. Here, take them. My conscience is clear, I have nothing to do with this murder!

Examine Research Notes.
(Before examining)
Jones: So, let's see what's written on the notes that crazy scientist Victor Wollcraft gave us, <Name>
Jones: The first one says "Day 1: Start of the experiment"... Wait, there's pages missing! Look, one page has been torn off!
Jones: Maybe there's still some trace of it left on the next page! Do your magic, <Name>!
(After examining)
Jones: Great job revealing what the missing note says, <Name>! So what's written on it?
Jones: "Day 3: Collecting Samples?" What the hell does this all mean? And look, there's a map!
Jones: Apparently, it's a map of the Ellington pet cemetery, and one of the graves is marked down!
Jones: I think it's time for us to take a little walk to Ellington Pet Cemetery, partner! Let's see what Victor wanted from that grave!

Investigate Dog Parcel.
(Before investigating)
Jones: Here we are, Ellington Pet Cemetery! The location Victor marked in his research papers!
Jones: The cemetery is named after Ellington, William Cooper's beloved dog! You remember him, <Name>? He's Grimsborough's founding father! When his dog passed away, he has this pet cemetery created.
Jones: Cooper really loved his dog, he even started the annual dog pageant in it's honour! And you've seen how seriously people take this pageant around here...
Jones: But enough with city stories, we're here to solve a murder! So, Victor marked a specific tombstone on the pet cemetery map... Let's try and find it, <Name>!
(After investigating)
Jones: Here it is! The grave marked on Victor Wollcraft's research notes!
Jones: "Here lies Elphaba, 2005-2013"... Apparently, it's a little English bulldog. What did he want to do with the poor thing?
Jones: The only way to know what Victor wanted is to dig the coffin up!
Ivan Imlay: <Rank> <Name>, hello. I am Ivan Imlay, the humble gatekeeper of Ellington Pet Cemetery. Can I be of service?
Jones: Hello, Mr Imlay. We've heard about strange events happening in your cemetery, can we ask you a few questions about it?
Ivan: Of course, I'll be happy to help the police any way I can! It'll make a change from the dead!

Talk to Ivan Imlay.
Jones: Mr. Imlay, we wanted to know if you've seen anything strange lately around here. We think the pet cemetery is linked to the murder of a young woman.
Ivan: A murder? Heavens, no, I didn't see anything. But what could a pet cemetery have to do with a girl's death?
Ivan: I usually see grieving familes looking for a quiet place to put their animals to rest... I have seen nothing out of the ordinary, I assure you.
Ivan: But, maybe ask Fran Wollcraft. She's here almost as often as me, maybe she has seen something!
Jones: Fran Wollcraft? Is she related to Victor Wollcraft?
Jones: Yes, she's his wife! She comes everyday to pay respects to her lost dog. She should be somewhere around here.

Talk to Fran Wollcraft.
Fran: Hello, <Rank>, how can I help you? Is something the matter?
Jones: Mrs Wollcraft, a young girl has been murdered in your home, with one of your husband's experimental machines. Do you know anything about what might have happened?
Fran: What are you talking about? That doesn't make any sense, my husband's experiments are harmless! You're talking nonsense, officers, everything was normal when I left this morning.
Fran: To be honest, officers, since my little darling dog has passed away, I haven't really paid attention to anything, it's just...
Fran: It was all so sudden, we were training to compete in the Annual dog pageant, and then... A heart attack, the doctor said. English Bulldogs are a fragile breed!
Fran: What I can tell you, officers, is that my husband is a scientist, and he respects life too much to ever take it. He's a good man.
(After talking to Fran)
Jones: I know losing a dog can be hard, but mourning it for weeks? I mean, it's just a dog!
Jones: But we must keep an eye on her, <Name>. Considering what her husband does in their garage...

Examine Grave.
Jones: There it is, the poor dog's little coffin, the one marked on Victor Wollcrafts' notes...
Jones: It's locked, so we have to open it to know what happened to the poor animal... Brave heart, <Name>!

Examine Coffin.
Jones: You've unlocked the coffin? Brace yourself, <Name>, I'm opening it!
Jones: It's empty?! What the hell?
Jones: So there's no corpse inside the grave marked on Victor Wollcraft's notes... What does that mean, <Name>?
Jones: Do you think... Do you think Victor Wollcraft would have dug up a dead dog to experiment on it? That would be mad, right? But we need more proof, anyway!

Examine Electrical Machine.
Jones: Great, you managed to open the machine we found linked to this poor girl! Let's see what's inside!
Jones: Holy... I've never seen that many buttons in my life! I don't even know where to begin with all those gauges, a space shuttle must be easier to control!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, this machine must have been used to electrocute the victim... Look, it's all pushed to maximum voltage!
Jones: No wonder this machine caused the blackout... Let's send it to Alex, I'm sure he'll be thrilled to take on this challenge!

Analyze Murder Weapon.
Alex: I don't know where the hell you found this machine, <Name>, but it was quite the challenge! Still, I managed to decypher the activation sequence.
Alex: This machine is overly complicated to activate, you have to change the wires and turbines and everything! You'd have to have a stellar knowledge of engineering to start it.
Alex: There were also several security measures to prevent any unwanted start of the machine. They were all bypassed, of course.
Alex: All in all, your murderer must have serious engineering knowledge. There's no way this machine was activated by accident.

Later, At The Police Station...
Jones: So! Let's try and summarise all that happened so far in this investigation, <Name>!
Jones: We have an unidentified victim discovered electrocuted inside Victor Wollcraft's makeshift laboratory...
Jones: And on his research notes, he has marked the grave of a dog. And as we saw, the corpse was nowhere to be seen!
Jones: What can be the link between our murder and a missing dog corpse? I have no idea!
Jones: If only we could find this damn dog!
(After talking to Jones)
Ivan: <Rank> <Name>! Thank God you're here! I've found something at the cemetery!
Jones: Calm down, Ivan! What's happening? And what are you carrying? It stinks, it seems like, like death!
Ivan: That's because it is, sir. It's the corpse of a dog I found under blankets. But there's something really strange about it!
Ivan: It's... It's been stitched up, like someone tried to repair it or something... But I'm pretty sure it's Elphaba, Fran Wollcrafts' dog!
Jones: God, what the... We'll bring it to Nathan, we're gonna check if it's really the same dog. It's the least we can do for this poor creature.

Analyze Dog Corpse.
Jones: What can you tell us on this poor dog Ivan brought us from the cemetery, Nathan? Is it Elphaba, the one whose coffin we dug up?
Nathan: Well, I compared the corpse's tissue with the DNA traces inside the coffin, and I can affirm you they're a match. It's elphaba, or at least part of it.
Jones: Great, so we can -- Sorry, what did you say? Did you say "part of it"?
Nathan: Grip yourself tight, <Name>, because what I'm about to tell you is gonna blow your mind.
Nathan: This dog has been reconstructed. Not only did I find tissues from Elphaba's corpse, I can tell you that some bones belong to other animals.
Nathan: Do you understand what I mean, <Name>! Someone tried to reanimate this dog!
Jones: WHAT?!

Chapter 2

Jones: Nathan, are you really saying that the dead dog we found at the cemetery has been reconstructed using other animal's body parts?
Jones: And if you say this corpse matches the dead dog of our main suspect, then it means Victor Wollcraft exhumed and butchered his own dog! How could someone be so mental?!
Nathan: The human mind is capable of much horror, we've seen it at work more than once. I analyzed the tissues of those... other animals, and what I found is sickening.
Nathan: The DNA from those tissues and bones doesn't match any known species living today. It matches species that have been extinct for thousands of years!
Jones: Really?! So, it means Victor Wollcraft has collected them from a museum, right? We'll have to check in--
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, we've found the identity of your victim! Her name is Claire Godwin, she works at the Grimsborough Museum as a guide. She's stated on record as an animal rights activist.
Jones: An animal rights activist? Maybe that's the link we're looking for between our murder and the experiment on Elphaba! Quick, <Name>, let's go to the museum!

Investigate Exhibition Hall.
(Before investigating)
Jones: Ever since you arrested the museum curator, <Name>, I must admit things have been quite different around here...
Jones: Let's see if we can find where the bones and tissues from extinct species that served to reconstruct Elphaba's body come from!
(After investigating)
Jones: So, did you find anything that might be linked to our dead dog? This pile of bones is a great place to start!
Jones: And I noticed that one of the museum's guides' name was Percy Wollcraft! Just how many members does this family have? We have to talk to him!

Talk to Percy Wollcraft.
Jones: Percy Wollcraft? You're Victor and Fran's son, I presume? Do you know what happened at your father's laboratory?
Percy: Yes, I do. Sorry, officers, I don't know how I can help you. I can't understand how anyone would hurt my poor Claire...
Jones: Your poor Claire? You mean you were a couple? Did your parents know about her?
Percy: Claire and I met at University, during my thesis on engineering... She was hosting a rally against animal testing...
Percy: But I never talked about her to my parents. They don't even know she was my girlfriend. They can't be bothered by anything that's not Dad's work or Mum's dog.
Percy: Here. I still have Claire's handbag, she forgot it in the staff room yesterday. If it can help you, then take it.

Examine Victim's Handbag.
Jones: So what did you find inside our victim's handbag, <Name>?
Jones: Holy crap, it's one of Victor's Wollcraft's research notes! What the hell is it doing inside Claire's handbag?
Jones: We have to know why Claire would have stolen it! Let's read it, <Name>! "Day seven...

Research Notes: Day 7 
Flashback Victor: Day seven. The experiment is moving a slower pace than expected.
Flashback Victor: Subject 1 doesn't react to the treatment, and the decomposition is taking its toll on the members.
Flashback Victor: Fran had to extract new samples to replace the decomposed members of Subject 1, but we have little time before the vital functions become compromised.
Flashback Victor: Meanwhile, Subject 1 is going to be kept inside the garage, in a refrigerated compartment. It's the only thing we can do.
Flashback Victor: I hope... I hope I'm not making a mistake. Fran has become obsessed with the experiment. I can't imagine how she'll react if she fails.

Jones: What's this all about? An experiment kept in the garage? Oh God, he must be talking about Elphaba! Did Claire know something about it?
Jones: We better make another visit to the Wollcrafts' garage! After you, <Name>!

Investigate Operation Table.
Jones: So what did you find? A diploma? I can't read what's on it, it must be a few years old! Can you look at it?
Fran: What are you doing here?!? Can't you leave us alone?!
Jones: Mrs Wollcraft, are you alright? What's happening?
Fran: You can't understand, no one can understand...
Jones: What the hell is she talking about? Quick, <Name>, we'd better talk to her!

Talk to Fran Wollcraft.
Jones: Mrs Wollcraft, please calm down! What's happening?
Fran: It's my dog, my dear little Elphaba, she's gone! She's disappeared, I can't find her anywhere!
Jones: We're sorry about that, Mrs Wollcraft, but we had to proceed to an excavation. We're the ones who dug up Elphaba's grave.
Fran: What are you talking about? What hole? What excavation? What have you done to my darling's grave? Tell me!
Jones: We dug up Elphaba's grave for the investigation, but her coffin... her coffin was empty!
Fran: Of course it was empty, how the hell were we supposed to re-animate her if we didn't have her body! Now give her back! GIVE HER BACK!
(After talking to Fran)
Victor: What's happening here?! Fran, please my darling, please calm down!
Fran: They have Elphaba! They've stolen Elphaba!
Victor: Is it true, <Rank> <Name>? You've found Elphaba!
Jones: Yes, we did. And you know exactly in which state we found her, don't you, Dr. Wollcraft?
Victor: Fran, please go back inside. I have to talk to <Rank> <Name> about the experiment.

Talk To Victor Wollcraft.
Jones: Your dog, Elphaba has been found at the pet cemetery grossly reconstructed with stolen bones and other cadavers' body parts, Victor. Is this your work?
Victor: It is, yes. When Elphaba died, Fran was heartbroken. They had trained so hard for the dog pageant, it was an obsession!
Victor: I couldn't watch my wife in such a state, so I dug up old theories or re-animation, and decided to give it a shot. Fran was on board right away.
Jones: Wait... You actually thought you could re-animate your dead dog??! No, wait, don't answer that one. For God's sake, what have we fallen into?
Jones: We've analyzed your machine, Victor, and we discovered that the voltage used to kill Claire caused it to produce sparks. Can you show us your torso, so we can check for burns?
Victor: There! Are you happy now?! The machine isn't perfect, it burned me during a previous experiment!
Victor: But I wouldn't kill anyone, <Rank> <Name>, you have to believe me! I'm trying to bring back life, I never wanted to take it away...
(After talking to Victor)
Jones: This is the craziest story I've heard, and we had a vampire in custody! Reanimating their dog?!
Jones: And if Claire knew of this experiment, as an animal rights activist, she may have tried to stop it. That would explain her gruesome end...
Jones: But we can't arrest anyone yet, not with the evidence we have. We have to keep digging, <Name>.

Examine Diploma.
Jones: So, what's written on the diploma you found?
Jones: "Grand Prize of Engineering" and it's attributed to... Victor and Fran Wollcraft? I didn't think they would share that kind of hobby, but to each their own.
Jones: So not only Victor, but Fran too had the knowledge required to activate the machine that killed Claire... We have to keep it in mind, <Name>!

Examine Pile of Bones.
Jones: So, what did those pile of bones you found in the museum make?
Jones: A dinosaur skeleton?! But why was it broken and left there?
Jones: We'd better have a word with the step-in curator, Constance Bell. You remember her, don't you, <Name>?

Talk to Constance Bell.
Jones: Have you noticed that this skeleton we found in the museum was missing bones, Constance? We have evidence that someone has stolen them for an experiment.
Constance: Why should I care? I have a diploma for foreign languages, not in museum keeping! The only thing I did since I arrived was to fire one of the guides, Claire Godwin, yesterday.
Constance: When I said I wanted to set up a taxidermy exhibition, she started freaking out, saying taxidermy was cruelty towards animals, that it should be illegal, blablabla!
Constance: I can tell you that girl was out the door 30 minutes later! She didn't even clear up her locker!
Jones: That's... That's not really nice, Constance, you could have given the time to--
Constance: That's all that girl deserved, she should have been glad to just do her job! Thing is, now I'm stuck with a strange letter for her! It arrived just a few minutes after she stormed out!
Constance: Here, I might as well give it to you, <Rank> <Name>! I'm sure it'll help your investigation!
(After talking to Constance)
Jones: So our victim got fired from her job at the museum just before she was murdered, and she was supposed to recieve this letter...
Jones: It's still sealed, so I wouldn't take my chance with it. It's anonymous, and if it comes from her killer, who knows what's inside!
Jones: Let's send the letter to Grace. Better safe than sorry.

Analyze Anonymous Letter.
Grace: So, I took a look at the anonymous letter Claire Godwin was supposed to recieve, but I couldn't collect any relevant sample that might help the investigation.
Grace: The letter itself was written in German, and can be translated into "If you don't keep quiet, you won't see another day." Typical threatening manner.
Jones: Then it must come from our killer! And they followed their menace in the most horrible of fashion... But we know now that they speak German! Great job, Grace!
(After talking to Grace)
Jones: RAMIREZ! Have you checked all of our suspects for burn marks as <Rank> <Name> asked you?
Ramirez: Yes, sir! I went to see them all, and I can tell you that Mrs Wollcraft and her son Percy both have burn marks!
Ramirez: They both said it was the result of one of Victor Wollcraft's experiments. The gravedigger, Mr Imlay, has some too, caused by a faulty lawnmower!
Ramirez: And I have other news, <Rank> <Name>! I made a background check on Mr and Mrs Wollcraft, following that German letter you found!
Ramirez: I learned that they're actually German immigrants, naturalised before the birth of their son! So they would know how to speak German.
Jones: That's... really smart of you, Ramirez, thanks a bunch!

Later, At the Police Station...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, we have someone--
Fran: <Rank> <Name>, you have to help us! Please, please, do something!
Jones: What, what's happening now, Mrs Wollcraft?!
Fran: It's Percy, officers! He came back home after work, and he and Victor had an argument about that dead girl, they were screaming so loudly!
Fran: And then, and then, he ran away! We can't find him anywhere! Please, <Rank> <Name>, you have to find my son!

Chapter 3

Fran: You have to find Percy, <Rank> <Name>! He ran away just after arguing with his father about that girl who died in our garage!
Jones: Don't worry, Mrs Wollcraft, <Rank> <Name> will find him! Please, sit down, Ramirez will take care of you!
Jones: <Name>, we have to find Percy as soon as possible! His disappearance most certainly has something to do with his girlfriend's death!
Jones: Let's first look at the museum, see if Constance might have an idea where he went.

Investigate Mammoth Skeleton.
Jones: What did you find, <Name>? Our victim's locker? Yes, you're right... Constance mentioned she didn't have time to clean it before getting fired... We need to have a look at it!
Jones: And speaking of the Devil, Constance is still here! Percy was under her supervision, maybe she know's where he's disappeared to? Let's talk to her!

Talk to Constance Bell.
Jones: Constance, we're really sorry to bother you again, but Percy Wollcraft has run away? Do you have an idea of where he might be?
Constance: Why would I? I mean, the poor boy, he lost his girlfriend and his parents are a bunch of freaks, it's a marvel he didn't run away earlier!
Jones: It's not funny, Constance! His mother is devastated!
Constance: Really? I thought Fran honestly didn't care about that kid... I talked to her a couple of times, since I studied German, and she never struck me as a sentimental.
Constance: Very well, Percy's venting off in the staff room.
Jones: You're hiding him? But why?
Constance: Why not? He's a hard working kid, and he needed a place to hide from his parents. And he never put sauce on one of my books. UNLIKE YOU, DAVID JONES!
(After talking to Constance)
Jones: Who would have thought that Constance Bell could be compassionate?
Jones: Anyway, let's talk to Percy. We have to have him go back to his mother as soon as possible.

Talk to Percy Wollcraft.
Percy: What do you want? Leave me alone!
Jones: You're mother's worried sick, Percy. At least let her know you're alright.
Percy: They're crazy! We're all crazy! You saw what they did to Elphaba! What twisted version of love my parents share!
Percy: Claire, she told me that I had to help her denounce them! I tried, but they're my parents! I just can't betray them!
Percy: Once, she gave me one of my father's notes in German to translate, and when I realised what they were really doing with Elphaba's corpse...
Percy: My dad, he tried to convince me that it was only to help my mother move on, but it killed Claire! This freaking experiment killed her!

Examine Claire's Locker.
Jones: A torn up photograph? But I can't see what's pictured on it... Do you think you can put it back together, <Name>?

Examine Torn Photograph.
Jones: Great job restoring the photograph you found in Claire's locker, <Name>! So what does it show?
Jones: It's a photograph taken inside Victor Wollcraft's garage! Why would Claire hide this inside her locker? And why would she tear it up?
Jones: Add to that the research notes we found in her handbag... She must have been gathering evidence against Victor, but to what end?

Later, At The Police Station...
Jones: So we've got Claire's photograph of the Wollcrafts' garage...
Jones: And Percy's confession about how they both tried to stop his parents. That's one messy affair, <Name>.
Jones: Maybe we should take another look at the pet cemetery, <Name>. Ivan may have discovered Elphaba's corpse, but we still don't know who put it there.

Investigate Graves.
Jones: So what do we have here, <Name>? This blood stain seems dried out, but it's quite large, we should collect a sample of it.
Jones: And I can see Ivan over there, still looking over the cemetery... I think we should interrogate him again. If Fran was really digging corpses here, he had to know about it.

Talk to Ivan Imlay.
Jones: Tell me Ivan, how close were you with Mrs Wollcraft? She dug up her dog in this cemetery, and as you said you see everything that happens here...
Ivan: Of course I knew she'd dug her dog up. Did I want to protect her by not saying anything? I guess I did, I mean, Fran is a special kind of woman...
Ivan: We used to talk about engineering theories together, since I studied engineering in college. Then she became obsessed with reanimation, but I didn't think much of it.
Ivan: However, after I found that poor dog's body, all stitched up, I realised what they were really trying to do.
Ivan: It was all going too far. For Fran's sake, it all had to stop. I didn't think twice but I brought the corpse back to you immediately. But I did keep something from you.
Ivan: This camera was just under the corpse. Maybe the person who dumped Elphaba's body here is the same person who killed this girl... it's more useful in your hands.

Examine Bloody Bark.
Jones: Did you manage to collect enough blood from this tree, <Name>? Perfect!
Jones: It seems to have dried out, but I guess it'll be ok... Let's send it to Grace, see if she can salvage anything from it!

Analyze Blood.
Grace: I analyzed that blood you found on that tree back at the cemetery, and I can tell you it doesn't come from a human being!
Grace: In fact, I compared it with the blood of the poor little dog you found, and it's a match! The person who brought it back to the cemetery must have hit the tree while carrying it!
Grace: So I took a closer look at the corpse, and some of the stitches on the head are gone! The blood should have come from there. The killer must have carried it in their arms.
Grace: So, I tried calculating the height of this person, taking into account that they were carrying the corpse against their torso, and I found out that your killer must be 6 foot tall!

Examine Camera.
(Before Examining)
Jones: So Ivan wanted to protect Fran, then? I'd rather think she would have knocked him with his shovel if he had shown himself!
Jones: Anyway, let's look at that camera Ivan found under Elphaba's body, <Name>! It's an old device, so there's no memory card inside, but maybe it can still be of some help...
Jones: Look, <Name>, you're right! There's something written on it! Can you decypher it?
(After Examining)
Jones: So, what's the inscription you discovered on the camera Ivan gave us, <Name>?
Jones: "Property of Claire Godwin"?! It's Claire's camera?! Quick, let's give it to Alex, there may still be some data in this thing!

Analyse Camera.
Jones: So, Alex, did you find something interesting inside Claire's camera?
Alex: Well, as you've noticed, <Name>, this is a camera which gives you the picture automatically, so there's no data inside.
Alex: But you're lucky! The device malfunctioned, and the last photograph got stuck inside it! I developed it, and half of it is obscured by a hand, as if it was taken during a struggle. It must be your killer!
Alex: It's a shaky close-up of an eye, with no other recognizable element. Claire must have had the presence of mind to try and take a picture of her aggressor. So I can tell you the killer has brown eyes!
(After talking to Alex)
Jones: This is it, <Name>! Time to put Claire's killer behind bars!

Arrest Killer.
Jones: I must admit Percy, of all the people involved in this case, you're not the one I suspected the most! Why the hell did you kill Claire?!
Percy: I didn't mean to! I mean, I got carried away, the whole situation was a mess! I came back to the house because I had forgotten my lunch, and she was there...

--The Previous Day--
Flashback Percy: Claire?! What are you doing here? What are you doing, are you taking pictures of my dad's lab?
Flasback Claire: I'm doing what I should have done weeks ago! I'm gonna expose all this madness to the police! Your family is crazy, and you're all going down!
Flashback Percy: What are you talking about, baby? We're gonna bring my family to reason, and there'll be no more experiments, isn't that what you want?
Flashback Claire: It's not just your dad. Your mom helps him, hell, I'm pretty sure it was her idea in the first place! And the bones that are missing from the museum, Percy, where are they? Tell me!
Flashback Percy: Claire, please, calm down! You don't want to hurt us, do you? We just was to reason my dad, you don't want to hurt us!
Flashback Claire: I'm gonna tell everyone what sick, mad people you all are. They're gonna stop you, and they're gonna destroy you. Because that's all you deserve! You can't stop me!
Flashback Percy: No, Claire, you won't! I can't let you do that!

Percy: So, I stopped her. I knocked her out, pulled her on the table and put the power on. She didn't deserve to die, but I couldn't let her leave. I just couldn't.
Percy: But then, I couldn't take her off the machine, so I took everything I could, her camera and Elphaba, and I dumped them in the cemetery. I didn't want my parents to be in even more trouble.
Percy: If it were not for that damned blackout, you would never have known!

Judge Olivia Hall: Percy Wollcraft, you are here to answer for the brutal murder of Claire Godwin. What do you have to say for your defense--
Fran: My little baby did nothing wrong! He protected his family, like any loving son would have! Be strong, Percy!
Percy: I'm sorry, Mommy! I didn't want to put you in any trouble! I'm sorry!
Victor: You didn't my son. While I may disapprove of your actions, I know they come from a good place. I'm proud of you son!
Judge Hall: SILENCE IN THE COURT! I'm not finished with you two, we'll talk about your offences later!
Judge Hall: Percy Wollcraft, you killed this poor woman in cold blood, while she was trying to report a criminal endeavour! And the only guilt you show is towards your parents!
Percy: She wanted to destroy us! She wanted to destroy my family! I would kill her a hundred times more if I had to!
Judge Hall: Percy Wollcraft, I now condemn you to 30 years in prison, for the murder of Claire Godwin, without the possibility of parole. Court dismissed!

Jones: So there it is, <Name>. Claire fell victim to the most dysfunctional family in Grimsborough. And I thought my folks were messed up...
Jones: She was only trying to do what was right, and she got killed for it. But then, I wonder if Percy could have ended up any different...
Jones: When resurrecting a dead dog is the biggest proof of love your parents can give each other, how are you supposed to turn out okay?

Additional Investigation

Chief Samuel King: <Rank> <Name>! Thank you for your hard work, this investigation would have gone to the dogs without you...
Chief King: This reminds me, I just got a call from the Pet Cemetery's manager, Ivan Imlay. He says the cemetery has been vandalised. I need you to go check up on this.
Chief King: And then, you have to stop by the museum, Mrs Bell expressly requested your help there. She was vehement about--
Jones: Impossible, Constance doesn't even recognise me as a functioning adult! Why would she want us to help her?
Chief King: Actually, Mrs Bell only mentioned <Rank> <Name>, but I heard her mumble something about ketchup... Anyway, you should get to work now!
(After talking to King)
Alex: Hey, <Name>! I've been thinking about Victor Wollcraft and his crazy machine, and I'm worried he might have built some other dangerous device in his lab...
Alex: Also, well, I'm super-curious to see what other kind of invention he's built up, I admit it!
Alex: Still, I think it'd be safer to pay him a visit. Would you like to come with me?

Ask Victor Wollcraft's Permission To Inspect His Machines.
Victor: <Rank> <Name>! To what do I owe the displeasure of having you inspecting my house again?
Alex: Well, I'd like to take a look at your machines, I'm the one who analyzed the one <Rank> <Name> took from the garage.
Victor: HA! As if you could understand how my inventions work by yourself!
Alex: Since I like to invent my own machines during my free time too, I think I'm more than capable of--
Victor: Please, as if your petty little robots could compare to my stupendous inventions! Come in, you can observe my machines as long as you want, I highly doubt you'll understand them anyway!
(After talking to Victor)
Alex: Alright, <Name>, let's show that pretentious prick who we are! I'm sure we can discover whatever he's working on in this garage!

Investigate Garage Laboratory.
Alex: What did you find, <Name>? I don't know what this machine is exactly... I've never seen anything like this.
Alex: I know how to activate it though, see that little screen here? We need the password but I guess cracking it won't be a problem for you.

Examine Weird Machine.
Alex: Awesome, <Name>! You cracked that machine's code in a flash! No technology in this room could be a hurdle to your talent!
Alex: Let me see this machine... I'll need to run some tests in my lab, just to be sure of what it does.

Analyze Activated Machine.
Alex: <Name>! I did it! I found out what Victor's machine does!
Alex: It is totally harmless, which is good. It was also unfinished, I had to complete its structure myself to make it function.
Alex: Anyway, call me the "High-Tech King", because thanks to my engineering and programming knowledge, I can tell you that this machine has been designed to make... Burgers!
Alex: I'm not kidding, <Name>, this machine is impressive! It's a piece of art! And I would know, I fixed it myself! Come with me, we HAVE to talk about it with Victor.

Give The Burger Machine Back To Victor Wollcraft.
Victor: So, what did you do to my machine? I hope you didn't damage it, in your vain attempts to comprehend my genius. I spent a lot of time working on this one...
Alex: You can relax, Mr Wollcraft, your burger-machine is intact! Actually, I even finished it! It's a nice machine, finding good enough parts was a real challenge!
Victor: You finished it? I can't believe it, let me see! What kind of rotors did you put in? They fit perfectly, that was my only missing piece! You have to tell me where you found these!
Victor: Everybody in this town seems weirdly attracted to burgers, I thought they could use a machine... Let's try and make ourselves some good burgers! The ingredients go here. This is the sauce-button, the cheese menu...

One Long Technical Discussion Later...
Victor: I'm very happy you visited. <Rank> <Name>, I already knew you were a very good <Rank>, but now I'm starting to think your team is full of geniuses!
Victor: But as pleasurable as talking with right-brained people is, I must leave. Since Percy's in jail, Fran's sadder than ever...
Victor: Anyway, I hope you'll like my machine's burgers! Here, why don't you take three?!

Help Constance Bell With Her Problem.
Constance: <Rank> <Name>! Thank you for coming so quickly! I'm facing a huge issue here, in the museum!
Jones: What's going on, Mrs Bell? Are you alright? Did someone die again?
Constance: What? No, nobody's dead of course! No need to be overdramatic, David Jones! Why would there always be a murder?
Constance: My problem is less human, if I daresay. You see, I was checking everything in the museum after it's closing time, when I noticed some weird prints on the ground.
Constance: They look like animal prints! ANIMAL PRINTS! Can you imagine? It means an animal profaned that secret place of culture and knowledge!
Constance: But I can't fathom how it happened, because I've never let any animal enter the museum's ground! You must take a look at those prints, <Rank> <Name>, and identify that animal!

Investigate Exhibition Hall.
Jones: Well done, <Name>, here are the animal prints Constance told us about. They look like a bird's claws prints to me, but I'm not sure...
Jones: There's an electronic display over there showing prints from pretty much every animal ever! We can compare our prints with the datas to identify our culprit's species!

Examine Animal Prints.
Jones: What? A dodo? I thought they were extinct... So how did those dodo's prints appear in the museum?
Jones: We should tell our conclusions to Constance, she won't believe us.

Tell Constance About the Dodo Prints.
Constance: A dodo? Come on, <Rank> <Name>, dodo's have been extinct for centuries! I know what kind of absurdity to expect from Jones, but coming from you, this is disappointing!
Jones: What do you mean, absur-- I mean, we know this is hard to believe, but those prints really belong to a dodo. <Rank> <Name> can't be wrong about this.
Constance: Well, there IS a dodo reproduction in the exhibit. Let me see...
Constance: OH! THE RUFFIANS! Someone inked the dodo's paws! The bandits! They created those prints for fun, I bet... DAVID JONES! Did you have something to do with those absurdities!
Jones: Of course not! <Rank> <Name> can testify! I bet the person who made the prints just wanted to have fun. Maybe you should organise a game with animal prints for the children in the museum...
Constance: So more of those noisy youngsters would come?! OVER MY DEAD BODY! They make enough damage as it is! Stop spitting nonsense, David Jones, and let me give a reward to <Rank> <Name>, on behalf of the museum.

Talk To Ivan Imlay About The Cemetery.
Ivan: <Rank> <Name>! I'm glad they sent you! My cemetery has been vandalised!
Ivan: I was doing my daily routine, taking care of the graves, as usual, when I noticed two or three young men at the gates. I didn't pay them attention, thinking they were here to mourn their pet...
Ivan: But then I heard a big noise! Just as I looked towards the entrance, the cemetery's sculpture and those vandals had vanished! They've probably destroyed it!
Ivan: And now, I can find this sculpture, I've looked around the cemetery but didn't find anything... Please, <Rank> <Name>, can you look for it too?

Investigate Dog Parcel.
Jones: Well done, <Name>, those marble chunks could be the sculpture those juvenile offenders broke!
Jones: We can't give it back to Ivan like this. Do you think you can repair it?

Examine Broken Statue.
Jones: As usual, nothing is too complicated to restore for you, <Name>! The cemetery can have its watchful sculpture back, let's show your work to Ivan!

Give The Restored Sculpture To Ivan Imlay.
Jones: Here you go, Ivan, <Rank> <Name> found and restored your sculpture. The cemetery can go back to its usual routine now!
Ivan: Thank you so much, <Rank> <Name>! After all, what would Ellington Pet Cemetery be without Ellington itself? William Cooper's dog was the main reason this place, and later the dog pageant, were created.
Ivan: And given the district people's obsession with the Dog Pageant, I don't think they'd take the destruction of this symbol well...
Ivan: That being said, <Rank> <Name>, do you really plan to go see the Dog Pageant in those clothes? This won't do, you need something less common to impress the citizens!