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Eduardo Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, you've received a note... and, er... You better read this!
David Jones: Oh my God, it's from the Crimson Order! What does it say?
Jones: "If you go down to the woods today, you better not go alone." Huh?
Alex Turner: I know that: "If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise!" That's Cathy's favorite nursery rhyme. It's the one Chief King used to sing to her...
Jones: Only here the Crimson Order has used it to taunt us! And what woods do you think they're referring to, <Name>?
Alex: Maybe they're referring to the woods' picnic spot. But it's been turned into a giant construction site now.
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we can't let ourselves be intimidated by the Crimson Order. Let's go check it out and put an end to this game once and for all!

Chapter 1

Investigate Site Layout.
Jones: Argh, I can't believe it, this man's been scalped! And you're right, that's Delsin, we met him during the case on the Aloki Indian settlement!
Jones: And look at the carving on his chest! "You are next!" Do you think the Crimson Order left that warning for us?
Jones: I can't believe the Crimson Order sent us here! They think they're unstoppable, but I know you'll catch their leader, <Name>!
Jones: Let's start by sending the body over to autopsy, and hope the killer left us more than just a message.
Jones: Ugh, you're right, this Crimson Order chalice is covered in blood! Do you think you can collect a sample?
Jones: What about this broken billboard, do you think the killer broke it, <Name>! You're right, we should piece it back together!
Jones: And you think that dead stump could be hiding something? We better inspect it, then!
Jones: ...Phew. All this is going to be a lot of work. I hope you're ready, <Name>!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Nathan Pandit: Your victim was scalped while still alive. I can't begin to imagine you must feel as your skin is slowly ripped off.
Jones: Jeez, Nathan, please spare us the imagery!
Nathan: I'm just stating the facts. Now, I found molecules of abietic acid on the exposed bone of the victim's skull.
Nathan: Further tests also revealed traces of gold. Now, there's only one product which uses both components, and that's rosin.
Nathan: Rosin is used on bowed string instruments to help produce a better sound. As this rosin was of a light shade, it was used by a violinist.
Nathan: And the only way rosin could have ended up on the victim's exposed scalp is because it was left there by its killer!
Jones: So our killer plays the violin? Because scalping people wasn't already psycho enough!

Examine Tree Stump.
Jones: Way to go, <Name>! You found a peace pipe hidden in that tree stump!
Jones: You remember how Anakee, that crazy shaman, made us travel through time by smoking that peace pipe? Ugh, I was sick for days after that...
Jones: And you're right, <Name>, this peace pipe looks exactly like Anakee's. And since we found it on the crime scene, we need to talk to her!

Ask Anakee about her peace pipe.
Anakee: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, I see in your eyes that you bring bad news...
Jones: Anakee, we found your peace pipe on the site where Delsin Peota was murdered by the Crimson Order.
Anakee: Aie! Delsin wanted to solve a secret from the past, that's why he stole my sacred peace pipe!
Anakee: Back in 1643, the Aloki were invited to a Pilgrim feast. Delsin was convinced something happened that night, and he wanted to find out what.
Jones: Good point, <Name>, the Crimson Order kills anybody who tries to dig up the past. So this Pilgrim Feast could be the key to solving this investigation!
Jones: Anakee, is there any way you can help us investigate this Pilgrim feast without making us smoke that peace pipe again?
Anakee: But that would take all the fun out of it. Besides, my shamanic ritual will help with the 400 year old visions!
Jones: Well, <Name>, if the shamanic ritual is our only way of experiencing the Pilgrim Feast, it's time to get high in the name of justice!

Investigate Feast Hall, 1643.
(Before investigating Feast Hall, 1643)
In Anakee's shaman wigwam...
Jones: Anakee, we're ready to retrace Delsin's steps into the past, and experience the Pilgrim Feast as it happened in 1643.
Anakee: To make sure your mind travels far enough, I've used stronger herbs. Believe me, with this, it will be as if you were really among the Pilgrims!
Anakee: Now, inhale on this peace pipe and let my words fill your mind with the vision of the Pilgrim Feast!
Jones: Oh wow, the visions, they've started! Just remember <Name>, if you start seeing pink elephants, you've gone too far!
Anakee: I can see the peace pipe is taking effect. Now listen to my story and imagine that you are seated in the Pilgrim Feast in 1643...
Anakee: Oh, great spirits of the land, let me words grant <Rank> <Name> safe passage into the past! (After investigating Feast Hall, 1643)
As the shamanic ritual comes to an end...
Anakee: Now return to the present moment, <Rank> <Name>, and tell me what you saw!
Back to the present...
Jones: With all that food, I've now got a serious case of the munchies... But wow, what a trip!
Jones: Anakee, a faded etching and a torn tapestry caught <Rank> <Name>'s attention. Please tell me they really exist.
Anakee: Aha, they do. These objects have been collecting dust for centuries, so I'm glad they'll be of use.
Jones: I'm not surprised this etching is faded after 400 years of wear and tear. But do you think you could recover the faded ink, <Name>?
Jones: And how about this torn tapestry, are you ready to piece it back together?

Examine Smashed Billboard.
Jones: Well done, <Name>, that billboard you restored is advertising the construction of condominiums right here on the crime scene!
Jones: And look at the writing on it: "We Aloki will never allow this!" We know Delsin was the Aloki representative, do you think he wrote this?
Jones: You're right, we should send this billboard to Alex. Maybe he'll be able to provide some insight into all of this!

Analyze Billboard.
Alex: I looked into Goldland Inc., the company that wanted to build those condominiums on the construction site where you found the body.
Alex: Goldland Inc. have been clashing with the Aloki Indians. Delsin, as the Aloki representative, wanted to halt the construction because he considered it to be ancestral land.
Alex: Now, Goldland Inc. is owned by a certain Roman Harris. I wouldn't be surprised if you've never heard of him since he prefers to remain in the shadows...
Alex: ...But he's known as the architect of the city! He designed and built the Financial District and most of modern day Grimsborough. I mean, he's that important!
Alex: You've got to understand, this construction was worth millions of dollars to Roman Harris, and he didn't take kindly that the Aloki were trying to stop him.
Jones: And now that Delsin is dead, I presume the planned construction is going to continue! You're right, <Name>, we should plan a little talk with this Roman Harris ourselves!

Quiz Roman Harris about his building contract.
Jones: Mr. Harris, we've learnt that Delsin Peota wanted to stop you building luxury condominiums on the construction site, before ending up dead.
Roman: Those damn Aloki, even dead, they find a way to annoy me. I almost lost out a multimillion dollar building contract because of them!
Roman: Delsin was raving on about some Aloki Indian spirits living on that land. But I wasn't going to let some damn spiritualism get in my way!
Jones: You should show some respect, all this land used to belong to them!
Roman: Times change, <Rank> <Name>. Delsin refused to let go of the past, and look where that got him: nowhere!

Examine Chalice.
Jones: I'm impressed you managed to stomach all that blood, <Name>! Now let's send this sample you collected from the Crimson Order chalice over to the lab!

Analyze Blood.
Grace Delaney: I analyze the blood that was inside the Crimson Order's chalice...
Grace: ...And I can confirm this blood comes from your victim.
Grace: Secret societies have ritual cups from which members drink. Here, the killer used the Crimson Order chalice to drink the victim's blood!
Grace: I did some further research on secret societies, and they all had this one point in common: only the leader is allowed to drink from the ritual chalice!
Jones: So the Crimson Order leader is our killer?! This is HUGE!
Grace: Now, about the blood sample you gave me: I found traces of ascorbic acid in it, that come from a Vitamin C tablet. I checked with Nathan, your victim hadn't taken any.
Grace: And since it didn't come from your victim's blood, it obviously came from your killer's mouth.
Jones: So our blood-drinking killer takes Vitamin C supplements? Huh, they don't seem so scary all of a sudden!

Examine Old Etching.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>, you recovered the faded ink on this 400 year old etching in no time! And --
Jones: Oh my God, you're right: the etching is of a Pilgrim who looks just like Serena Johnson!
Jones: So the Johnsons have been around since the arrival of the Pilgrims. How am I not surprised?
Jones: Good point, <Name>, we should go talk to Serena: maybe she will know something about the Pilgrim secret our victim was trying to uncover!

Talk to Serena Johnson about her Pilgrim ancestors.
Serena: Why, <Rank> <Name>, I haven't seen you since the frightful events of the elections. What brings you to this side of town?
Jones: Hello, Serena, we've discovered that you had an ancestor present at the Pilgrim Feast of 1643, and we need to ask you a few questions about it.
Serena: Ah, you and your questions. Yes, my family has been around since the beginning. But how and why that is any of your business is beyond me.
Jones: It is our business because the current murder victim tried to uncover a dark secret involving the Pilgrim Feast, and the Crimson Order killed him to keep it secret!
Serena: I don't know anything about the Pilgrim Feast. But I do know the Aloki and Pilgrims often helped each other, so it doesn't surprise me that they celebrated together too.
Serena: It's sad to see the Aloki slowly dying out, but they were never ambitious. They never wanted to see Grimsborough grow into something more.

Examine Torn Fabric.
Jones: Unbelievable, <Name>, that 400 year old tapestry you restored has the Panther symbol on it. The same one we saw during the Aloki case.
Anakee: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, I see you remember the symbol of Delsin's ancestor, the great Aloki warrior Keme!
Anakee: This tapestry was made by the Aloki in honor of Keme and his huntsmen who left on a three month bison hunting trip.
Anakee: When Keme returned from the trip, the Aloki Indian settlement had simply vanished without a trace!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, since Delsin was investigating this when he was murdered, we need to dig deeper into this mystery!

Later, at the station...
Jones: Phew, what a case, <Name>. The Crimson Order wanted us to find Delsin's body, which had the threat "You're Next" carved into his chest!
Jones: For now, it's possible that they killed Delsin because he was digging up the past, like all the other Crimson Order victims.
Jones: But it's also possible that they killed him because he was trying to stop the development of luxury condominiums on the construction site.
Jones: At least we now know that the killer is the Crimson Order leader... But who are they and why did they want us to find the victim's body?
Jones: And more importantly, what had Delsin discovered that forced the leader to finally take action?
Nathan: <Name>, I just discovered your victim wasn't killed on the construction site! I found gold dust on your victim's clothes...
Jones: Gold dust?!
Nathan: I know! I can't quite believe it myself, but this proves that there is a gold mine in Grimsborough... And that your victim was killed there!
Jones: WHAT?!

Chapter 2

Jones: Phew, what a case, <Name>. I still can't believe the Crimson Order sent us looking for Delsin's body.
Jones: And what's crazier still is that the killer is the Crimson Order leader!
Nathan: There are more surprises to come, <Name>: I've just found out where your victim was murdered... And it wasn't on the construction site!
Nathan: I sampled the soil on your victim's clothes, and I'll spare you the forensic jargon, but basically I found gold dust in it. Which means he was killed in a gold mine!
Jones: A gold mine?! But, there aren't any in Grimsborough, Nathan.
Nathan: I know, it's hard to believe, but it's true! And I checked the city records: there's no mention of it. That means the gold is undeclared, which makes it an illegal operation!
Jones: And where is this secret gold mine?!
Nathan: I sent Ramirez to check some places where, theoretically, there could be some gold.
Jones: And did Ramirez find anything?
Ramirez: Argh, I think I found the gold mine's entrance... But there were bats... and ghosts and... I ran away.
Jones: We'll take it from here, Ramirez. Well, <Name>, if there really is a secret gold mine, we better go check it out!

Investigate Mining Shaft.
Jones: I can't believe it, this gold mine is the Crimson Order's headquarters: look, their symbol is everywhere!
Jones: I agree, <Name>, the Crimson Order must use this gold to fund their operations. Well, let's start by taking it away from them!
Jones: And you're right about this headband, it used to belong to Delsin! Quick, let's scan it for clues!
Jones: And what about this torn sheet? Would you mind piecing it back together, <Name>?
Jones: Now all that's left is to search the mine cart. I'm curious to see what we'll find in it!

Examine Torn Sheet.
Jones: Oh my God, <Name>, that's Adam Bentley's face on that sheet of paper you restored!
Jones: And it's an execution order for the death of Adam Bentley which happened on Election Day!
Jones: This proves Samuel King was ordered to kill Adam by the Crimson Order! And they surely didn't give him a choice!
Jones: But you're right, <Name>, nobody's ever forced to kill. Samuel King should have come to us for help... Instead, he decided to go through with his murder.
Jones: And look who ordered the kill: "Serena Johnson"!!!
Jones: I agree, <Name>! Serena ordered the murder of a human being: it's enough to arrest her! The questions can come later!

Arrest Serena Johnson.
Jones: Serena, you're under arrest for your involvement in the Crimson Order and ordering the death of Adam Bentley!
Serena: You think you're so smart, don't you? This is just the beginning of the Crimson Order. Soon, we will rule Grimsborough openly.
Jones: Think again, Serena. You're going to jail and we've found out about the Crimson Order's gold mine!
Serena: Tss, you're lucky that Samuel King refused to kill you. And about Adam, that idiot found out about the gold mine and thus the existence of the Crimson Order...
Serena: ...He tried to blackmail us, but that's not how we silence people! So instead of paying him in gold, we paid him in lead!
Jones: Is that why you also killed Delsin?
Serena: Oh, but I didn't kill him. That honor went to our glorious leader, after Delsin discovered our oldest secret. The one that needs protecting at all costs!
Serena: Now, lock me up if you want, <Rank> <Name>, but you won't be able to keep the Crimson Order behind bars forever!
(After arresting Serena Johnson)
Mayor Johnson: <Rank> <Name>, what the hell is going on?! You're usually sensible, and yet you go and arrest my mother! This won't stand!
Jones: With all due respect, Mr. Mayor, <Rank> <Name> no longer cares about politics and special treatment...
Jones: ...All we care about is justice and you better be sure that's what we're going to get! So leave us alone before we arrest you for obstructing the law!
Mayor Johnson: I... Er... Right... I better go get Mother her vitamin C tablets then...
(After talking to Mayor Johnson)
Jones: Phew, that escalated quickly, <Name>, but it's been a long time coming.
Jones: And you're right, Serena told us the Crimson Order killed Delsin because he had discovered their oldest secret.
Jones: She could be lying, but we need to retrace Delsin's steps and find out what he discovered about the Pilgrim Feast!
Jones: C'mon, <Name>, let's go solve this 400 year old mystery! And after all that drama, I could do with a hit of Anakee's peace pipe!

Investigate Feast Table, 1643.
(Before investigating Feast Table, 1643)
In Anakee's Wigwam...
Anakee: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, are you ready to smoke the peace pipe once again and be flooded with visions of the past?
Anakee: Here, take this, my child, and let your mind be transported back to the Pilgrim Feast as it was in 1643.
Jones: Ugh, I'll never get used to this... Oh look, a Pilgrim is offering me food... Oooh, cookies...
Anakee: Yes, let your mind wander, <Rank> <Name>, but don't forget the task at hand...
Anakee: Great spirits of the land, grant <Rank> <Name> safe passage into the past...
(After investigating Feast Table, 1643)
As the shamanic ritual comes to an end...
Anakee: Now return to the present moment, <Rank> <Name>, and tell me what you saw!
Back to reality...
Jones: All that food... It's like paradise... I want to go back!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, I need to concentrate. Anakee, that totem head caught our attention. Would you happen to have it?
Anakee: You're in luck, <Rank> <Name>. This is an ancient totem head, if you can get it talking, it can reveal a great secret!

Examine Totem Head.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>, you managed to get the ancient totem head to open up! And look, there's a faded illustration inside!
Jones: Can you use your skills to recover the 400 year old ink?

Examine Faded Illustration.
Jones: Unbelievable, <Name>, you recovered the 400 year old illustration in no time! It's beautiful but it makes no sense to me. Hopefully Grace will have better luck.

Analyze Illustration.
Grace: I had a look at that ancient illustration you found inside that totem head, <Name>, and it's actually a wedding invitation!
Grace: The moons symbolize the date. The wedding vase with two spouts is an Aloki tradition: the bride and groom must drink from it. It symbolizes both individuality and unity.
Grace: And the blanket wrapped around the couple indicates the beginning of their new life together and the promise to fill it with happiness and peace.
Grace: Now, what's interesting is that the invitation represents a marriage between a Pilgrim man and an Aloki woman... which is really quite touching.
Jones: You're right, <Name>, this can only be the wedding of Solomon Grimmes and Inaya!
Jones: So this Pilgrim Feast was in fact a wedding invitation! But that still doesn't explain why Delsin wanted to investigate it.
Jones: Good point, <Name>, we should go talk to Solomon's descendant, Milton Grimmes!
Jones: As the warden of Grimsborough prison, Milton helped us during Tess' murder investigation... And as Solomon's descendant, he might be able to help us once again!

Talk to Milton Grimmes' about his ancestor's wedding feast.
Jones: Hello, Milton, we have a few questions about the wedding celebration between your ancestor Solomon Grimmes and Inaya. It could help solve Delsin Peota's murder.
Milton: Ah, Delsin... You know his ancestor, Keme, hated Solomon's guts because he was also in love with Inaya. He didn't go to the wedding, instead, he went bison hunting.
Jones: Anakee has already told us this story: when Keme came back, the whole Aloki tribe had vanished!
Milton: Yes, it's a tragic story. Only the Aloki didn't vanish, they left.
Jones: And did Solomon go with Inaya?
Milton: Sadly, no. Because the Pilgrims needed him. And Inaya couldn't bring herself to abandon the tribe. And so they parted ways, yet Inaya vowed to return... but never did.
Milton: Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time for my violin practice. The inmates hate it, but it keeps me sane.

Examine Headband.
Jones: Way to go, <Name>! Now let's send this substance you collected off the victim's headband over to the lab!

Analyze White Sample.
Grace: I analyzed the substance you collected from the victim's headband, <Name>... and well, it's quite a find!
Grace: The substance contains particles of various... ingredients. Garlic, butter, parsley and snails to be exact.
Jones: Snails?! Wait a second, where are you heading with this, Grace?
Grace: Your killer ate cooked snails. And clearly, they had residue left on their hands when they ripped off your victim's headband!
Jones: Ugh, first our killer drinks blood and now they eats snails. Do they have a bucket list of the most disgusting things to try before they die?!

Examine Wagon.
Jones: Excellent job, <Name>! You've just found a Crimson Order helmet in that pile of mining tools! Quick, let's dust it for prints!

Examine Crimson Order Helmet.
Jones: Ace as always, <Name>! I'm sure these prints on the Crimson Order helmet will give us the identity of their leader! Quick, let's send it to the lab!

Analyze Handprints.
Alex: Where did you say you found this Crimson Order helmet? Come on, please, tell me this is just some kind of sick joke...
Jones: Alex, what's wrong?
Alex: Those prints you found on the Crimson Order helmet... They belong to... Cathy...
Jones: WHAT?!
Alex: See, it doesn't make any sense! There's no way that Cathy's a member of the Crimson Order! We're always together...
Alex: ...The only time we're apart is when she goes to her violin class. <Name>, believe me, she's innocent!
Jones: Just stay calm, Alex. <Name> will go talk to her, and we'll have this figured out in no time.

Grill Cathy King about her possible involvement in the Crimson Order.
Jones: Er, Cathy... We found your fingerprints on a Crimson Order helmet in the secret gold mine and--
Cathy King: Please don't tell me you think that I'm a member of that rotten Crimson Order!
Jones: So, you're not?!
Cathy King: Of course not! Ever since I learnt about my grandpa's double life as a Crimson Order member, I've been trying to bring them down!
Jones: So you mean you went into the gold mine to investigate? Did you even realize it was the Crimson Order's headquarters?!
Jones: And secondly, when you found out about it, why didn't you come to us?
Cathy King: Because I knew you would be mad! I'm sorry <Name>... It's all too much for me... For once, I wish I just had a normal life of a college girl!
(After talking to Cathy King)
Jones: I feel bad saying this out loud, but what if Cathy's been playing us all along. After all, she's played us once before as a hacker.
Jones: And we started investigating King's past because Cathy asked us to. What if she made us think King was just a Crimson Order pawn when in fact he was the leader?!
Jones: And now that he's dead, what if Cathy is the new leader?
Jones: We thought Samuel King could never be a killer and we were wrong once... I just can't help starting to get a grim sense of deja vu.

Later, at the station...
Jones: This case is exhausting, <Name>. We've arrested Serena Johnson for ordering the murder of Adam Bentley, but we don't know if she killed Delsin Peota yet.
Jones: And if she's not the killer, that means that the Crimson Order leader is still at large...
Jones: ...It could be any one of our suspects... Including Cathy!
Jones: And now that we've found out about the Crimson Order's gold mine, I wonder what their next move will be.
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, come quick! The TV... The Crimson Order are on the TV... They've hacked every channel! Look!
Crimson Order: Citizens of Grimsborough, today is a big day, for we, the Crimson Order, are stepping out of the shadows and will take charge of the city.
Crimson Order: Only one obstacle remains in our way: <Rank> <Name>, of the Grimsborough PD. Bring us their head and you shall be rewarded!

Chapter 3

Jones: This has to be our toughest case to date, <Name>! We know Delsin's killer is the Crimson Order leader... and they sent us looking for his body!
Jones: We've arrested Serena for being a Crimson Order member, but we don't know if she's the leader yet. And even Cathy has become a suspect!
Jones: And now that we've found out about the Crimson Order's gold, I wonder what their next move will be...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, come quick! The TV... The Crimson Order are on the TV... they've hacked every channel! Look!
Crimson Order: Citizens of Grimsborough, today is a big day, for we, the Crimson Order, are stepping out of the shadows and will take charge of the city.
Crimson Order: Only one obstacle remains in our way: <Rank> <Name>, of the Grimsborough PD. Bring us their head and you shall be rewarded!
Jones: How dare they?! You're right, <Name>, we have to hurry and catch the Crimson Order leader... But the only person who knew their identity is dead!
Anakee: <Rank> <Name>, the spirits told me you need to dig where you found Delsin's body! His blood will reveal more blood!
Jones: "His blood will reveal more blood!" What on Earth are you talking about, Anakee?
Anakee: If you want the answers you see, you will need to dig, <Rank> <Name>!
Jones: When we started in this district, Stuart Huckabee told us that we needed to dig to get to the truth. It looks like he didn't mean it just that one time!
Jones: C'mon, <Name>, it's not going to be easy, but let's dig up the construction site and reveal the dark secrets of this city once and for all!

At the Construction Site...
Jones: Must keep digging... to get to... the truth!

Six hours later...
Jones: Anakee better be right about this or else she's in serious trouble. "Delsin's blood will reveal more blood"? What does that even mean, anyway?
Jones: I'm getting tired of all these secrets. Samuel King's double life... The Crimson Order and their gold mine... All the deaths that entailed and--
Jones: Oh my God, <Name>, you've dug up something... What are all those... I... I think we're gonna need Nathan, I'll call him while you investigate!

Investigate Excavation Site.
Jones: I can't believe it, you've just dug up a mass grave, <Name>!
Jones: Did the Crimson Order do this?! Were all these people murdered, Nathan?
Nathan: I've... I've never seen anything like this. Yes, all these people were without a doubt murdered... A long time ago.
Nathan: This skull has been carefully preserved, unlike the others. <Name>, could you do a facial reconstruction to determine the skeleton's ethnicity?
Jones: And as if the mass grave wasn't enough, you've gone and found a scalp! I guess it's Delsin's... Would you mind checking it for clues?
Jones: And look at this faded notebook. Since it's on the crime scene, do you think you can recover it, <Name>?

Examine Faded Notebook.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>, you managed to recover this message in no time!
Jones: It reads: "Roman, stop Delsin and build quickly. Money is not an issue", and it's signed Serena. You're right, Roman's that creepy architect who owns that construction site!
Jones: Roman said this construction site was a million dollar deal. But with this mass grave uncovered, it would become a protected archaeological site and the building would stop!
Jones: We need to get Roman talking! If he's behind Delsin's murder, we're not going to let him cover it up so quickly!

Question Roman Harris about the incriminating message.
Roman: Will this take long, <Rank> <Name>? Because I was just about to leave for lunch. There's this restaurant that serves snails, and I want to be sure I get a table.
Jones: We'll take as long as needed, Roman. We found a message written by Serena Johnson in which she told you to stop Delsin at any price. Anything you want to confess to us?
Roman: Serena's been a good friend for a long time. I met her along with Samuel King, back when we all took violin lessons together as kids.
Roman: Her message was just a friendly suggestion that I shouldn't let Delsin get the best of me and my project and to continue with the planned building.
Jones: She said that money wasn't an issue: it was clearly an order to quickly cover up the mass massacre!
Jones: And it looks like Delsin discovered the truth, but when he tried to expose it... you killed him!
Roman: I don't think you realize how powerful I am. I am the architect of this city: it's builder and destroyer!
Roman: And if you think you can intimidate me with a handwritten message, you've got another thing coming. Now leave me alone!

Examine Scalp.
Jones: Oh no, <Name>, you collected some bright pink hairs from the victim's scalp...
Jones: ...And such hair could only belong to Cathy!
Jones: When we found her prints in the secret gold mine, she said she was there to try to bring down the Crimson Order.
Jones: But if Cathy's the killer, it also means that she's the Crimson Order leader!
Jones: I refuse to believe she's the killer, <Name>, but we need to lock her up until we have enough evidence to be certain.

Arrest Cathy King.
Cathy: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, I can't believe you arrested Serena Johnson. Just recently, I was having lunch with her. She made me try snails!
Cathy: But... What's wrong, <Name>? You look pale. You should take some of my vitamin C supplements, they might help perk you up.
Jones: Cathy, we're sorry, but you've become our most serious suspect in the investigation... so we don't have a choice but to lock you up for now.
Alex: What?! That's insane! Please, <Name>, Cathy's innocent! She has to be!
Jones: Alex, we found her hair on the victim's scalp. We don't have a choice...
Alex: But... But...
Cathy: It's okay, Alex. Just know that, no matter what, I love you. Now take me away before I cry, <Name>.
(Cathy and Alex kiss)
(After arresting Cathy King)
Jones: I hadn't realized that you and Cathy were actually together, Alex.
Alex: We have been for a while, but it doesn't matter now. Please, <Name>, you have to prove Cathy's innocent!

Examine Skull.
Jones: Oh my God, <Name>, the facial reconstruction on that skull you found in the mass grave shows it belonged to Inaya!
Jones: This not only proves that Solomon Grimmes' wife was murdered...
Jones: ...But it also proves that all the skeletons we dug up belong to Aloki Indians! They were all brutally murdered!
Jones: I wonder if Milton knew that Inaya was murdered along with her tribe? And if he did, why did he lie to us? Come on, <Name>, let's go talk to him!

Question Milton about the Aloki massacre.
Milton: Ugh, <Rank> <Name>, no matter what they tell you: never drink tea after eating snails. It's disgusting.
Jones: We're not here to talk about tea, Milton. We've discovered that the Aloki Indians didn't just leave after the Pilgrim Feast...
Jones: ...They were MURDERED!!!
Milton: Shhh, not so loud! If the Crimson Order found out you knew the truth, they would kill you.
Jones: WHAT?! You've known the whole time?!
Jones: We've had enough of your lies so you better start telling us the truth right now, Milton!
Milton: Okay, I'll tell you! The night of the Pilgrim Feast, as Solomon was celebrating his wedding with Inaya... The Crimson Order stormed in and killed all the Aloki!
Milton: They spared Solomon's life in exchange for his servitude. He didn't have a choice... and I'm sorry if I lied, but I didn't have a choice either!
Jones: It seems the only people who know so much around here are members of the Crimson Order. Are you one of them, Milton?!
Milton: No! My family has always been careful to never rise up in society. If you're somebody of importance, you can be sure that the Crimson Order will enlist you.
Milton: That's why I became a prison warden. I've had to replace the sun with vitamin C supplements, but at least locked up here, I'm safe from the Crimson Order.
(After talking to Milton Grimmes)
Jones: So now we've got confirmation that the Crimson Order killed all the Aloki. Ugh, they didn't build on an Indian graveyard: they created it!
Jones: All this madness has to stop, <Name>! We've got to arrest the Crimson Order leader before any more blood is shed!

Later, at the station...
Jones: We're running out of time, <Name>: as long as the Crimson Order leader is free, our lives are at risk!
Jones: But we're so close to catching the Crimson Order leader, I feel it! We're just missing those last pieces of evidence!
Jones: You're right, <Name>: the gold mine is at the center of all this: it's our best chance of solving this case before it's too late!

Investigate Wagon Rail.
Jones: You think we should restore this broken slab, <Name>? You're right, if we want to catch this killer, we can't leave any stone unturned!
Jones: And what about this chest? You're right, it might contain the remaining evidence we need to finally put this monster behind bars!

Examine Crimson Order Chest.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>! You've just found a Crimson Order dagger covered in blood!
Jones: There seems to be something stuck to the blade. You're right, we need to collect a sample. With a bit of luck, it'll lead to our killer!

Examine Dagger.
Jones: Great work collecting that bloodied hair from the Crimson Order dagger, <Name>! And given all that blood, it just has to be our murder weapon!
Jones: Let's send this hair sample to Grace ASAP! We're close to catching our killer, I can feel it!

Analyze Bloody Hairs.
Grace: I analyzed the bloody hair you found on the Crimson Order dagger, <Name>!
Grace: As you rightly guessed, the dagger is your murder weapon as the blood belongs to your victim!
Grace: But the hair you collected definitely doesn't come from your victim as it is gray. Which means it can only come from your killer!
Jones: So the Crimson Order leader has gray hair? Thanks to this, we're one step closer to catching the killer!

Examine Broken Slab.
Jones: Ugh, this slab you restored shows the Crimson Order killing the Aloki... and bragging about it!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, there are scratch marks on this slab. If they were left by the killer, we need to know! C'mon, let's send it to Grace ASAP!

Analyze Slab.
Grace: I analyzed the slab you found in the gold mine, <Name>, and I've got good news.
Grace: First of all, it was broken because it was used during a fight. I wanted to understand why and so I dug a little deeper.
Grace: After hours of searching, I finally managed to extract some DNA that matches with your victims...
Grace: ...And as your victim didn't have any bruises, it's clear that he was the one who was using the slab as a weapon!
Grace: Now, about these scratch marks on the slab. They are fragments of gold, but they don't come from the mine, but from your killer!
Jones: So you're telling us our killer is... made of gold!
Grace: Of course not, Jones, but they do wear gold jewelry.
Grace: And according to the angle and position of the marks, this jewel was placed on the chest. I'd bet my bottom dollar that it was a gold brooch!
Jones: The killer with the golden brooch. It sounds a like a spy novel... in which you're the hero, <Name>! Ah, we're getting close to the end, I can feel it!

After completing all tasks...
Jones: Thanks to your amazing skills, <Name>, we now have everything we need to arrest the Crimson Order leader!
Jones: Just think, after centuries of violence, the Crimson Order is finally coming to an end...
Jones: ...All thanks to you!
Jones: So are you ready to go catch the killer and end this rule of terror on Grimsborough, <Name>?

Arrest Killer.
In Grimsborough's Prison...
Jones: Huh, Milton's not here... Do you think he guessed we discovered his true identity and escaped?
Milton: Now why would I escape? This is MY city, and it all ends here for you, <Rank> <Name>!
Jones: The game's up, Milton! We know you're Delsin's killer as well as the leader of the Crimson Order!
Milton: I've got to admit, our little game of cat and mouse has been a lot of fun. And scalping that Aloki, it was glorious. And his blood... Mhm, delicious.
Milton: Ah, the look on Delsin's face. I imagine Inaya looked much the same when Solomon scalped her pretty little head.
Jones: The Aloki Indians saved the Pilgrims' lives! And in return, your ancestor went and killed them all! How could he do such a thing?!
Milton: Quite easily. Solomon discovered the Aloki Indians have an abundance of gold. Enough gold to make them all rich... or one of them a king!
Milton: And so Solomon devised a plan to gather all the Aloki Indians under one roof in order to kill them all... and so he seduced Inaya.
Jones: Wait a second, Solomon married Inaya just so he could invite them to the Pilgrim Feast and kill the Aloki Indians more easily?!
Milton: A genius move, wasn't it? And there, in that beloved gold mine, the Crimson Order was born.
Jones: I just can't believe it... All those centuries of murder... Just because of some gold...
Milton: Gold has given the Crimson Order unlimited power! As it's leader, I get to choose who lives and who dies in this town. I am Grimsborough's God!
Milton: And right now, the time has come for me to kill you, <Rank> <Name>!
Jones: What the?! <Name>...?! Ah, thank God you're alright. What happened?!
Ramirez: Rule number one: never go anywhere without your trusted frying pan!
Milton: ... So... dizzy...
Ramirez: That's what happens to people who try to hurt <Rank> <Name>!
Jones: Ramirez, that was just brilliant!
Jones: Now, Milton, where were we? Oh, yes, this is the part where <Rank> <Name> arrests you!
Milton: WHAT?! NO! It doesn't end like this! I was supposed to bring your head to tonight's great ceremony in our headquarters!
Jones: Don't worry, <Rank> <Name> will be at the ceremony. After all, we've still got your minions to arrest!
Jones: That's a great idea <Name>, let's dress up as Crimson Order members before heading to their ceremony!

Jones: Are you ready to become the leader of the Crimson Order for just one night, <Name>?
Jones: C'mon, let's go to the Crimson Order's headquarters!

At the Crimson Order Headquarters...
Alden Greene: Ah, great Leader, you're here. I gather it means that Grimsborough is now ours for good!
Mayor Johnson: Our beloved leader, have you brought us <Name>'s head on a platter? I want them to pay for what they did to Mother!
Jones: I think we've heard enough. Grimsborough PD! Freeze!
Mayor Johnson: ... Leader... Is this some kind of joke?
Jones: It's not a joke but it's still pretty funny. You're under arrest!
Mayor Johnson: I... er... I'm glad you're alive <Rank> <Name>... er... Let's try and talk about this.
Jones: Save it for the judge, slime ball! And what about you Alden, I bet you're just an innocent bystander as always?
Alden: Exactly! I'm just their puppet, <Rank> <Name>! They made me kill Rachel Priest and --
Jones: Forget it Alden, you're going to prison. For GOOD this time!

At the trial of the century...
Judge Hall: Milton Grimmes, for generations, your family has been the leaders of the Crimson Order and mass murderers...
Milton: We did it all for the greater good of this city! You should worship us, not lock us away!
Judge Hall: Serena Johnson, you manipulated Samuel King into killing Adam Bentley. This does not make him innocent, but it does incriminate you.
Serena: History will remember me as the greatest matriarch this city has ever known!
Judge Hall: Alden Greene, you murdered Rachel Priest for the Crimson Order and laundered all of their gold. This time, there's no escaping justice.
Alden: We could have made you all rich!
Judge Hall: Howard Johnson, as Mayor, you were meant to protect this city. Instead, you abused your power and tried to destroy it.
Judge Hall: Now, since you're such a spineless man, I'm guessing you were just following your mother's orders.
Howard: I... er... Oh, what's the point...
Judge Hall: Milton Grimmes, Serena Johnson...
Judge Hall: Howard Johnson and Alden Greene...
Judge Hall: I sentence you all to life imprisonment, in solitary confinement! And even that is too light a sentence in my opinion!
Milton: How dare you do this to us! We built this city!
Judge Hall: By murdering innocent people!
Milton: You're referring to those stupid Aloki Indians? Pah, who cares about them?!
Judge Hall: Enough! Milton Grimmes, you built this city on violence. Ever since, we have seen it echo through the centuries, as blood spills more blood!
Judge Hall: However, I can find solace in the knowledge that the city's dark days are over. And as we turn over a new leaf, I'm confident a bright future awaits us.
Judge Hall: As for the Crimson Order, let it be a reminder that there is no glory to be had in murder. Only the weak kill, because they're not brave enough to live earnestly!

Jones: Wow, it's been a crazy ride, <Name>, but I'm glad you've finally put an end to the Crimson Order!
Jones: Come on, let's meet up with the team at the station and tell them the good news!

Additional Investigation

A few days later...
Jones: <Name>, I still can't believe everything that's happened... I knew you'd be able to stop the Order, but I didn't expect them to be so deeply integrated in Grimsborough's society...
Jones: And to think it took King's death for us to notice they even existed...
Jones: Now the Crimson Order is crumbling, and Grimsborough has lost its foundations... It'll take time for everything to settle down.
Jones: But thanks to your genius, <Name>, we could finally stop them! You're the biggest hero this city's ever known! And I feel like the old me again!
Jones: And after all this, you still think of others. You're right, the Aloki were the first people to live on these lands, but they've suffered a lot.
Jones: And all because of the Crimson Order. Let's pay a visit to Anakee, she may need a hand after Delsin's death!

Ask Anakee if she needs any help.
Jones: Hello again, Anakee, we wanted to...
Anakee: <Rank> <Name>! I knew you were about to visit! This is a fortunate arrival! I need your help with a very delicate matter...
Anakee: Thanks to you, the evil is gone!
Anakee: But my people went through a lot. Many of us died at the hands of our foes, our lands were stolen from us, claimed and exploited by murderers!
Anakee: It's time for the Aloki to reclaim their lands, including the mines. Would you help me? I want to prove to everyone that the lands the Crimson Order controlled belong to the Aloki.
Jones: Of course! <Name>, we might find something that'll prove the Aloki lived there long before the Crimson Order in the gold mine!
Anakee: It's very kind of you both to help, <Rank> <Name>. I'll be in the forest if you need me.

Investigate Mining Shaft.
Jones: Well spotted, <Name>! Those paintings on the rock look old. Think you can confirm it's the Aloki art style? We have some traditional artworks at the station you can compare them to!

Examine Paintings.
Jones: Nice work identifying the painting you found in the mine, <Name>! Those stones were definitely painted by the Aloki!
Jones: You're right, we still need to date these paintings if we want to prove the Aloki lived here before the Pilgrims. Let's collect a paint sample!

Examine Aloki Paintings.
Jones: Well done, <Name>! It's not an easy task to collect paint particles without damaging the Aloki painting, but you did it!
Jones: Good idea, we should send this sample to Grace so that she can determine if this painting has been done before any Pilgrim set foot in that mine.

Analyze Paint Sample.
Grace: I'm sorry, <Name>, dating the paint particles from the Aloki painting was a bit long, but carbon dating never lies!
Grace: The sample you collected from that Aloki painting you found in the mine dates back to 1480, decades before any Pilgrim stepped on that land!
Jones: So it means the Aloki settled there first! It's a suitable proof, those lands historically belong to them!
Jones: Come on, <Name>, let's go tell Anakee we found proof that those lands and their goods belong to her people!

Tell Anakee the Aloki can get their land back.
Jones: Anakee, we found an old painting in the mine. <Rank> <Name> was able to prove it's an Aloki painting made BEFORE the Pilgrims set foot in the area!
Jones: It means your people can finally claim their lands! All you have to do is submit a request to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. And no Crimson Order to compromise your plans this time!
Anakee: Thank you, <Rank> <Name>! The Aloki now have their place in Grimsborough! And be sure the gold will be used wisely, the city will need funds to repair the Crimson Order's damages.
Anakee: The Aloki won't forget your help. And I can finally join the great ancestors again, now that our descendants are safe...
Anakee: Accept these gifts, <Rank> <Name>, as a show of gratitude from the whole tribe! And now... my time here is over... I can finally rest...
Jones: Anakee?! What... What just happened?! She just vanished!
Jones: <Name>, she must be somewhere around here. Let's check the area to see where she could have gone!

Investigate Excavation Site.
Jones: <Name>! We don't have time to look at the clouds, we're looking for Anakee!
Anakee: Ah, <Rank> <Name>! You have very good instincts... I am glad you were the one who set us free from the evil's curse...
Jones: What?! Who's there? What's going on?!
Anakee: Do not fear, Jones, I am the soul you called Anakee. But I have been called many names through time... I bear the voices of the Aloki tribe, the voices of those who fell here at the Crimson Order's hands...
Anakee: Their souls are able to rest now. And mine shall too... After so long, I had nearly given up hope... But you stopped the madness tainting this city.
Anakee: Thank you, <Rank> <Name>...
Jones: Ok, I think we should go back to the station, I need a few minutes to think about what just happened...

Later at the station...
Jones: <Name>, I might have been taking too many draws on that shaman's peace pipe... For a second, I really thought we were having a discussion with a cloud!
Jones: Anyway, the Aloki will get back their lands. Grimsborough is off to a new start, free of the Crimson Order... And it's all thanks to you!
Jones: And you know, you've got everything it takes to become an exceptional police chief... So what do you say, <Name>, do you want to become our new Chief?
Jones: No?! But why not?
Jones: Because you're joining the police force of Pacific Bay? That's true, I heard they were looking for exceptionally talented <Ranks> to join their ranks.
Ramirez: Ooooh, we're going to Pacific Bay? Such a fine city! They've got mountains, and so many beautiful beaches... We'll have a blast!
Jones: Well, actually, Ramirez... I think <Name> is going alone.
Ramirez: Oh! Oh, I see... Well... Maybe we can catch up next time I go to Pacific Bay, then, <Rank> <Name>...
Ramirez: S-Sorry... I need a moment...
Jones: Don't worry, <Name>, I can't deny that I'm sad... But I'm really proud of you.
Jones: And if I was selfish, I would beg you to stay here, but I understand that other cities need your help.
Jones: Just one last thing, <Name>...
Jones ...Don't forget your sun cream!

The day of departure...
Jones: Well, <Name>, it looks like you're all ready to leave for Pacific Bay. The police force there is lucky to have you and--
Cathy: <Name>! Sorry to interrupt, but I need your help! Please!
Jones: Ah, it looks like you're help is needed here! Are you up for one last job, <Name>?

Ask Cathy what's wrong.
Cathy: <Name>! I found something weird in my purse after getting out of custody! Someone must have slipped it inside!
Jones: Hold on, Cathy! What is it, exactly?
Cathy: I don't know, but... After everything that's happened, I'm scared to find out what it could be! Please, can you find it and have a look, <Name>?
Jones: Okay, Cathy, you've got a point. <Name>, can you check out her purse and make sure everything's safe?

Examine Cathy's Bag.
Jones: Good job, <Name>! This must be what's been slipped into Cathy's purse! And it's...
Jones: Ugh, seriously, why the heck does every document you find HAVE to be torn? It's like a curse!
Jones: Huh... Sorry, <Name>, let's put the pieces back together so we know what it is and can reassure Cathy about it!

Examine Torn Card.
Jones: SURPRISE!!!
Ramirez: Did you like our little joke, <Name>? Sorry, but we thought a mysterious torn card would be a fun reminder of our time together!
Jones: After all, you didn't think we'd let you leave without a farewell party, did you?
Cathy: There's drinks, and plenty of cake, so enjoy yourself, <Name>!
Cathy: And once you've have some cake, come back to see me. There's something I need to tell you.

See what Cathy has to tell you.
Cathy: Ah, <Name>, did you like the card the team made for you? It was my idea!
Cathy: You've done so much for my family... I know it's not much, but I had to thank you somehow!
Cathy: But there's more! We're all going to miss you a lot, and the team wanted you to have something to remember us by, so...
Cathy: Surprise! Here is a gift from the entire Grimsborough PD team! I hope you'll miss us as much as we'll miss you, <Name>!

Jones: Aren't those T-Shirts great, <Name>? That way you'll be able to keep us with you, even in the new city!
Jones: Ah, I still remember your first day on the job as if it was yesterday, <Name>. Ha, I was a bit of a jerk back then, wasn't I?
Grace: <Name> sure had a good influence on you... Although possibly not on your eating habits.
Jones: What do you mean?
Nathan: I wanted to thank you, <Name>. For... making me realize that this job isn't just about dead bodies, but about living people, too.
Alex: Haha! It's about that snake-girl you met during the opera murder, isn't it?
Nathan: I'm sure I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, Alex.
Alex: Hey, don't be ashamed, Nathan. If it wasn't for you, <Name>, I'd never have met Cathy. I'll never thank you enough.
Grace: And as for me, I'll never forget the day you brought little Newton to my lab! He's the best dog I've ever had, and I owe it all to you!
Jones: And do you remember that time when Margaret tried to kill me with that cupcake? I was really lucky you had my back, <Name>!
Ramirez: And that was also the first time I got to be your right-hand! That was such a great day...
Ramirez: Uh, I mean, despite Jones getting so sick...
Ramirez: Oh, <Name>, I'm going to miss you SO much! You were an inspiration! Your dedication, and your intelligence and... and...
Ramirez: I'm sorry... I'm just so sad!
Jones: Now, don't cry, Ramirez, it's time for <Name> to move on, see other places, meet other people!
Ramirez: I... I know. But I'm still sad.
Jones: So... Anyway... I guess this is goodbye, <Name>. I'm sure you'll have a blast in Pacific Bay, and they're lucky to get you.
Jones: Just... Don't forget your pals from Grimsborough, alright? We sure won't forget you, <Name>!