Thomas Cox
Biographical information
Full name Thomas Cox
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Birth 1970
Nationality Flag of USA American
Profession(s) Journalist
Affiliation(s) Wolf News Network
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #9: Killing Spring (s3)

Thomas Cox was the killer of protest leader Hamza Boussefi in Killing Spring (Case #9 of World Edition).


Thomas is a 45-year-old American journalist for Wolf News. He has white hair and dons a white-collared shirt with a bulletproof vest and a Wolf News badge. It is known that Thomas eats couscous, goes fishing, uses Buzzer and smokes.

Height 5'6"
Age 45
Weight 177 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood O-

Events of Criminal Case

Thomas found himself in trouble after the player and Carmen found a microphone with his fingerprints on it in the protest square. When Carmen asked Thomas if the news he was covering regarding the protest movement involved Hamza's death, Thomas said he does not leak any details of a story before it is broadcast. Though Carmen tried to snap some sense into him, Thomas did not budge, then Carmen warned him he would be arrested for obstruction and he gave the details. He said he had an interview with the victim to discuss the protests against the Sultan, and admitted he admired the guy and his fight for liberty.

Thomas was interrogated again regarding an article he wrote saying the Sultan killed Hamza. When asked for evidence the murder was the Sultan's story, Thomas said he does not give proof he just writes whatever he can sell. He also points out how it is making headlines all over the US and that he is in the running for a Pulitzer. Carmen pointed out how what he is doing could make thing worse, Thomas explained all he was doing was reporting on the situation like any good journalist.

At the climax of the investigation, the evidence pointed towards Thomas as Hamza's killer. Carmen lambasted Thomas for killing Hamza, despite the journalist denying the evidence at first. When he confessed to killing the protest leader, Thomas also claimed that it was an accident. He had invited the victim for an interview about the protest movement and how far he would go to overthrowing the Sultan. During the interview, Hamza showed the journalist the rifle, which the latter took to get a feel for it; however, Thomas lost the feel when he accidentally discharged the rifle. The journalist took Hamza’s death as an advantage and had framed the Sultan in his news story. Carmen was disgusted that Thomas had used Hamza’s death for his own purposes, and she shipped him to trial.

Thomas pleaded guilty before Judge Adaku, but claimed to get “a killer story” out of it. The judge was shocked when the journalist turned it into a news story. However, he did believe that the murder was not premeditated and sentenced the journalist to 10 years in prison.

Ingrid congratulated the team for putting Thomas behind bars and preventing the Sultan from carrying out a massacre of his own people. Now that the murder investigation came to a close, The Bureau would focus on Chief Ripley’s murder. Carmen suggested they would talk to Thomas due to his being a reporter. Thomas had an interview with a protester, who said that The Sword was “the blade who will cut down the foreigners.” The journalist had ignored it at first, but then heard The Sword being mentioned quite a few times from protesters whispering that they had given them orders. Carmen suggested that the player try to find some clues at the protest square to see if The Sword was really in contact with the protesters.


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