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Bureau headquarters, Mumbai, India...
Jack Archer: We've had a pretty rough time so far in India, <Name>! First an earthquake in New Delhi and now a tsunami here in Mumbai?
Jack: It makes me miss Siberia... it was bitterly cold, but at least we were chasing SOMBRA! Like real special agents!
Jack: Do you think SOMBRA's really gone dormant, <Name>? Or will they resurface just when we least expect them?
Ingrid: Quit philosophizing, Archer! The Chief wants <Rank> <Name> and you to check out the Mumbai Museum.
Jack: A museum? Ingrid, don't you think that mission would be more suitable for Dupont?
Ingrid: We've had reports that the museum was flooded in the tsunami! People could be trapped inside! Go and help <Name> save lives, Archer!

Chapter 1

Investigate Flooded Museum.
Jack Archer: <Name>, what kind of museum has a huge whale skeleton on the ceiling, and a... dead guy soaking in the water?
Jack: Hold on, <Name>: the victim's wearing a police uniform! His name tag says he's Constable Deepak Kumar.
Jack: Hey, good point: there's blood on the victim's chest! Maybe he didn't die in the tsunami... it looks like a bullet wound!
Jack: <Name>, a dead cop is never good news, but now, right after the tsunami, the last thing Mumbai needs is a cop-killer!
Jack: You're right, we must notify the victim's commanding officer about this!
Jack: And that bag has the Mumbai Police logo on it! It must belong to the victim! Let's see what's in it!
Jack: And what's with that soaked paper? Looks like a receipt for a tuk-tuk ride. People use those motorized rickshaws as taxis here!
Jack: You're right, the signature on the receipt matches the victim's name! Restoring the rest of the writing might help us retrace his steps!
Jack: <Name>, the tsunami was bad enough, but dead cops are even worse! And we can't make the flooding better, but we sure can catch this killer!

Notify Chief Medhekar about the death of Constable Kumar.
Chief Medhekar: <Rank> <Name>, I'm Chief Inspector Medhekar from the Mumbai Police.
Chief Medhekar: I wish we'd met under better circumstances, but after this tsunami, these are difficult times for the city.
Jack: What can you tell us about Constable Kumar? We understand he was under your command. Until we found a bullet in his heart.
Chief Medhekar: Kumar had only just joined the police. A bit wet behind the ears, but a good guy. Didn't deserve such a sordid death.
Jack: So, if Kumar was just a rookie, he wasn't assigned to any big case, right? Drugs, organized crime, homicide?
Chief Medhekar: Parking tickets and helping old ladies cross the road was more like it. Which CAN be nerve-wracking in Mumbai, mind you. But I'm confident you can rule out any connection with the murder.
Chief Medhekar: I've got to go now, <Rank> <Name>. But the Mumbai Police is at your service anytime!

Examine Victim's Bag.
Jack: <Name>, that notebook you found in the victim's police bag is a collection of criminal records!
Jack: You're right, the notebook's pages are stained with blood! This is a hot lead, <Name>! Let's send it to Lars!

Analyze Victim's Notebook.
Lars: Guys, this notebook <Name> found in the victim's bag was so interesting that I don't even have a knock-knock joke!
Jack: What, these pages? They just look like standard criminal records to me. They're a little tattered, but I guess Constable Kumar didn't like paperwork. I can understand that.
Lars: There's more to it, buddy. First, the blood on the pages is the victim's.
Lars: Which means it's the killer who left these blood stains on the notebook, after killing Kumar!
Jack: Great! Can we identify the killer from their fingerprints?
Lars: Unfortunately not, the prints are too blurry. However, the position of the stains on the paper shows they correspond to the thumb, index and middle finger.
Lars: Which is exactly how you'd hold down a page if you tried to rip it out of a book!
Jack: But... why would the killer waste their time tearing out a criminal record from the victim's notebook?
Jack: Unless the killer was trying to get rid of their own criminal record! <Name>, you're a genius!
Jack: <Name>, we don't know what crime the killer's already been convicted for, but one thing is clear: now they're wanted for murder!

Examine Faded Receipt.
Jack: <Name>, you restored the washed-off text on the victim's tuk-tuk receipt!
Jack: It shows that Kumar took the tuk-tuk from the waterfront walk to the museum!
Jack: I agree: let's get to the waterfront walk, and retrace the victim's steps!

Investigate Waterfront Walk.
Jack: So this is Mumbai's famous waterfront walk! That monument must be the Gateway of India... But now it's just a gateway to debris the tsunami left behind.
Jack: How can we find any good clues in this mess, <Name>? Even if we know that Constable Kumar was here before taking a tuk-tuk to the museum...
Jack: Oh, you've already found something? We'd be lucky if that CCTV camera still works, given the water damage. But see if you can unlock it!
Jack: And if all else fails, we can always restore some torn paper! I can see you've already found some!

Examine Locked CCTV.
Jack: <Name>, the screen of that CCTV camera you unlocked is frozen on the last image it recorded...
Jack: ... But hey, the man on that image is our victim!
Jack: Good point, the tuk-tuk on this picture must be the one Kumar took to go to the museum!
Jack: Which means if you can find the driver's face in the database, we'll have a new suspect, <Name>!

Examine Driver's Face.
(In headquarters...)
Jack: <Name>, you've identified the tuk-tuk driver on the CCTV photo! Now we know who drove the victim from the waterfront walk to the museum!
Jack: The driver's name is Sandeep Sadhra. He could be the last person to have seen Kumar alive! Let's talk to him!

Ask Sandeep Sadhra if he remembers driving the victim to the Museum.
Sandeep: Welcome to Mumbai, <Rank> <Name>! See the sights from my tuk-tuk! Fifty rupees!
Jack: That'll have to wait, Mr Sadhra. We're here to inquire about one of your recent customers. Do you recognize this man?
Sandeep: Sure, sure! I remember all my customers, <Rank> <Name>! With a big family, a good memory is very important! I have many many cousins! I have to remember them all!
Jack: What about this man, then? You took him to the museum, right?
Sandeep: Yes, yes. A policeman. I say to him, come to my cousin's wedding, Officer! We'll dance, and eat, and...
Jack: Mr Sadhra, this policeman won't dance at your cousin's wedding. He's dead!
Sandeep: What?! Dead, you say?!
Sandeep: <Rank> <Name>, fate is inscrutable. Big wave, the flood, many dead. Very sad.
Sandeep: But we should cherish life while we're alive! Ride tuk-tuks! Eat papadums! Hug our cousins! Just call me if you need a ride, <Rank> <Name>!
(After talking to Sandeep Sadhra)
Jack: <Name>, is it a cultural thing, to stay so upbeat after a disaster?
Jack: Or was this tuk-tuk driver trying to distract us with all this talk about weddings and cousins?
Jack: Dunno... Asal says I overthink things, <Name>. But Lars never says that! Do you think it's because-
Jack: Sorry, <Name>. You're right, we have to focus. Let's find out who killed our dead cop!

Examine Torn Paper.
Jack: Good work restoring that article, <Name>!
Jack: There's an angry woman in the photo, and the headline says: "Rising Hope NGO Blames The Police for Delayed Assistance"
Jack: Hey, you're right, Rising Hope is the same NGO that worked in New Delhi! And now they're here, too, having some trouble with the police... where our victim was an officer!
Jack: Luckily, the caption under the photo gives us the NGO spokeswoman's name: Charity Stern!
Jack: You're right, <Name>, if this Ms Stern had issues with the police, she could have crossed paths with our victim! Let's find her!

Ask Charity Stern if she had any contact with the victim.
Charity: So, you're <Rank> <Name> from the Bureau? What's your blood type? We're running awfully low on A+, and...
Jack: Um, calm down, Ms Stern. We appreciate your work, but we have slightly different priorities. There's been a murder, and-
Charity: Different priorities? Tell me about it! All you police types care about is filling out forms! Red tape is killing more people than the tsunami did!
Jack: You seem angry with the police, Ms Stern. Is there anyone in particular who makes your life difficult in Mumbai?
Charity: Finally, someone's listening! As a matter of fact, yes! A young man called Deepak Kumar won't authorize our work permits!
Charity: He keeps asking for more photocopies, more proof, more signatures... <Rank> <Name>, someone needs to do something about Kumar!
Jack: Someone's already "done something" about him, Ms Stern. Constable Kumar was murdered!
Charity: Well, that's very sad. But now, if you'll excuse me... some of us have lives to save!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
(Jonah is also present in the lab.)
Angela: <Name>, there was no water in the victim's lungs, which means Deepak Kumar was already dead when the museum got flooded.
Jack: What about the wound in the victim's chest?
Angela: A single gunshot, straight to the heart. Gunshot wounds are fascinating, <Name>! Their characteristics reveal the distance, velocity and angle of the bullet's entrance...
Angela: From which a seasoned ballistics expert can practically reconstruct the murder! That's why I called on Jonah's help!
Jack: Jonah? Ah, right... so, what did you find out?
Jonah: When I saw these uneven circumferential burns around the wound, I knew that the bullet entered from a slight angle, with a particular leftward axis.
Jonah: From the bullet's trajectory, you can infer how the shooter aimed the gun.
Jonah: <Name>, the fatal shot was fired by someone whose dominant hand is their right hand.
Jack: Well, <Name> will make sure this right-handed killer will soon have both hands in handcuffs.

Later, at headquarters...
Jack: <Name>, when we found that dead policeman, I thought the key to his murder would be one of his investigations...
Jack: ... But, apparently, Constable Kumar was just a rookie, who faced no greater danger than a frustrated aid worker.
Jack: The Police Chief confirmed Kumar wasn't tasked with high-profile cases...
Jack: And yet the killer took care to remove their criminal record from the victim's notebook!
(Elliot walks in the room.)
Elliot: Guys? I've been pulling data from the Mumbai Police files, to see what your victim was working on... and I came across a familiar name!
Elliot: <Name>, your victim was investigating Om Padmasana, the guru!

Chapter 2

Jack Archer: <Name>, when we found that dead policeman, I thought the key to his murder would be one of his investigations...
Jack: ... But, apparently, Constable Kumar was just a rookie, who faced no greater danger than a frustrated aid worker.
(Elliot walks in the room.)
Elliot: Guys? I've been pulling data from the Mumbai Police files, to see what your victim was working on... and I came across a familiar name!
Elliot: <Name>, your victim was investigating Om Padmasana! The self-proclaimed spiritual leader we first came across in New Delhi!
Elliot: Om Padmasana's written a book and has many followers. But his background is suspiciously unclear.
Jack: Well, we already know Kumar was too green to go after real criminals. This guru won't be any different. Maybe he nicked a yoga mat... so what?
Elliot: Constable Kumar seemed to disagree. He was keeping the guru under surveillance, though he never managed to pin anything on him.
Elliot: And get this: Om Padmasana is now in the victim's neighborhood, allegedly leading a meditation session.
Jack: Alright, <Name>... if Kumar was keeping tabs on this guru, it's probably time we met him in person, too!
Jack: And we'll also get a chance to check out the victim's neighborhood!

Interrogate the guru about his presence near the victim's home.
Jack: So, you're the famous Om Padmasana. Why are you loitering around here?
Om: What are we ALL doing here, <Rank> <Name>? The universe is so vast! The present moment holds all infinity!
Jack: What the present moment holds is my limited patience, Mr Guru! So, tell us: did you know Constable Kumar?
Om: Many people come to me for guidance, <Rank> <Name>. I don't ask their names or where they're from. They're all brothers and sisters to me.
Om: I extend my right hand to them in a gesture of acceptance. Because I'm right-handed. But you can do it with your left hand, too. The universe doesn't care.
Jack: <Name>, this guy is a waste of time, if you ask me. Let's go before I say something impolite about the universe.
Om: Let go of your anger, my brother, and the flashing light will cleanse you, too!

Investigate Flooded Street.
Jack: So this is where the victim lived... it's a colorful place, but now it's all flooded, too!
Jack: You found a bunch of keys, <Name>? With an address? Let me check my notes... you're right, this is the victim's address! Did Kumar lose his keys, or did someone take them from him?
Jack: You're right, there's some substance on the keys! Better collect a sample!
Jack: And hey, that brochure you picked up is a visitor's guide to the Mumbai Museum! Whoever dropped it must have visited the crime scene!
Jack: And you're right: there's a hand-written word on the brochure: "Deepak"! That's the victim's name! Can you recover the rest of the writing?

Examine Faded Brochure.
Jack: <Name>, the message on the museum brochure says: "Deepak, I'm sorry for taking your life. "Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong"."
Jack: You're right, <Name>, this message was clearly written by the killer! Too bad killers never sign their confessions!
Jack: And you think that quote about forgiveness could reveal more about the killer? Well, I'm sure Dupont will be delighted to explain what it means!

Analyze Confession Message.
Dupont: Ah, mes amis, such a pity about the Mumbai Museum! All that treasure, ruined by the water!
Dupont: Did you know an exhibition just opened on Gandhi's life, a day before the tsunami? On display were his glasses, leather sandals, and...
Jack: Uh, Dupont, we get your enthusiasm, we really do... But could you maybe tell us about the confession message on the museum brochure?! It's a clear reference to Deepak Kumar's murder!
Dupont: That's exactly what I'm talking about! That message is one of Gandhi's most famous quotes! "The weak can't forgive, forgiveness is an attribute of the strong!"
Jack: Wait... are you saying the killer quoted Gandhi in their confession message? Wasn't Gandhi famous for condemning violence?
Dupont: De toute évidence, the killer felt remorse! One thing is certain: the killer's familiar with Gandhi's life and work!
Jack: Oh, great... just what we needed. A Gandhi-enthusiast who kills cops. <Name>, I think I need some fresh air to digest this...
Jack: Good idea, let's go for a walk near the waterfront!

Investigate Wrecked Waterfront.
Jack: <Name>, what did you pick up from the mud? A speeding ticket? You're right, it was issued by the Mumbai Police.
Jack: Hmm, it's a long shot. What are the chances that a discarded speeding ticket just happens to be connected to a policeman's murder?
Jack: You think if we just do the best job we can the universe will reward us with a fresh lead?
Jack: Dude, next thing you'll tell me is you're reading that guru's book. But suit yourself: try to make that reference number on the top legible! See if the universe grants us a breakthrough!
Jack: And you picked up a police cap, too? Hey, it's the victim's name on the side!
Jack: I see what you meant about the universe helping us! Let's gather a sample of the hair that's stuck to the victim's cap!

Examine Speeding Ticket.
Jack: <Name>, good job getting the reference number from the speeding ticket!
Jack: I'm still not sure if this ticket is the universe's gift, or just discarded trash, but let's place it in the cold, scientific hands of Elliot!

Analyze Reference Number.
Elliot: <Name>, do you think the Mumbai Police database was designed by a Hindu god of chaos? They have 37 different ways to log traffic offenses! It's wonderful and terrifying at the same time!
Elliot: The reference number <Name> uncovered is a fascinating combination of the offending vehicle's registration number, and the police officer's ID who issued the fine.
Elliot: So, according to the log, the fine was issued by your victim, Deepak Kumar...
Elliot: ... And the vehicle committing the speeding violation is registered to Sandeep Sadhra! He's a tuk-tuk driver, and he lost his license as a result of the infraction.
Jack: Wait... is that the tuk-tuk driver we already met? And the victim took his license away? I bet that didn't go down well with Sandeep!
Jack: You were right to pick up the speeding ticket, <Name>! Now it's time for another chat with Sandeep!

Quiz Sandeep Sadhra about losing his driving license.
Jack: Sandeep, you didn't tell us that Constable Kumar revoked your driving license!
Sandeep: I was hoping you wouldn't find out, <Rank> <Name>! I can't afford to lose my tuk-tuk! I need it to earn money!
Sandeep: Plus it makes me happy!
Jack: You can't deny you've committed a series of infractions! Speeding, failing to yield to a cow TWICE... you're a danger to the citizens of Mumbai!
Sandeep: <Rank> <Name>, I love my tuk-tuk, I drive good! I steer the wheel with my right hand, and with my left, I wave at passers-by! It's the best job!
Sandeep: I begged Constable Kumar not to take my license away! I even tried to bribe him with my cousin's vindaloo, <Rank> <Name>. But he didn't take bribes!
Jack: So you killed the Constable because he wouldn't let you drive?
Sandeep: Killed him? I don't hurt people! I sometimes drive a little fast, but that's all I have on my criminal record, <Rank> <Name>!
Jack: You'd better be telling the truth, or you'll be racing to jail in your tuk-tuk, Sandeep!

Examine Victim's Cap.
Jack: <Name>, good call vacuuming up those hair strands from the victim's police cap! I think it's pretty clear they aren't the victim's!
Jack: You're right, <Name>, we need to approach this with a scientific method. Let's look at the hair under the microscope!

Examine Blond Hair.
(In Lars' lab...)
Jack: <Name>, according to the microscope, the hair you found on the victim's cap is a DNA match with Charity Stern!
Jack: Charity Stern is the NGO spokeswoman who blamed Kumar for causing administrative delays... but it doesn't explain how her hair got on Kumar's police hat!
Jack: You're right, we should bring in Charity Stern again!

Question Charity Stern about her hair on the victim's hat.
Jack: Ms Stern, you said Constable Kumar was in charge of your work permit for India. But that doesn't explain the presence of your hair on his hat!
Charity: Alright, I left something out, <Rank> <Name>... for personal reasons.
Charity: Deepak and I went on a date. I tried on his hat to flirt with him.
Jack: Oh! So you were in a relationship with the victim?
Charity: I just wanted Deepak to sign my work permit! Arguing didn't get me anywhere, so I tried flirting! I hoped he'd find me exotic!
Jack: Ah, I can relate to that. Asal, my girlfriend is a Mossad agent, and she-
Charity: But in the end, it backfired!
Charity: When Deepak discovered I already had a criminal record for overstaying my visa, he said he'd get in trouble if he helped me!
Jack: So you tried to seduce the victim to get your work permit? Let's hope you didn't shoot him when your plans failed, Ms Stern! Or you'll be doing charity work in prison very soon!

Examine Victim's Keys.
Jack: Great, <Name>, you've collected a sample of the substance from the victim's keys! Let's send it to Lars!

Analyze Unknown Substance.
Lars: <Name>, you're just in time! I've got a joke for you. Knock, knock.
Jack: Who's there?
Lars: ... Mikey.
Jack: Mikey who?
Lars: Mikey got lost but <Name> found it! Haha, get it? Mikey - my key!
Lars: Speaking of which - the substance you've collected from the victim's keys contained DNA.
Jack: But... if those are the victim's keys, then the DNA is also likely to be the victim's, right?
Lars: Ah-ha! That's what you'd think! But the DNA was only a partial match with the victim. Close enough to be a blood relative, but with an important difference: the person's female!
Lars: The database confirmed it, <Name>: the victim had a sister! Her name is Amrita Kumar, she's two years younger than her brother.
Jack: Hmm, <Name>'s right: we've been so focused on Kumar being a cop, we haven't looked into his personal life. Time to have a chat with his sister, <Name>!

Question Amrita Kumar about her brother.
Amrita: <Rank> <Name>, what am I going to do without my brother? He was the only family I had!
Jack: You are on your own, Miss Kumar? It must be tough for a young woman in a big city...
Amrita: Hey, no need to be condescending! I'm a modern woman, I can fend for myself!
Amrita: My brother and I grew up on the street, among thieves and orphans. We survived things you can't imagine. I once got caught shoplifting, and I was thrown in jail!
Amrita: But since then, we've turned our lives around: Deepak joined the police, and I found work in a call center.
Jack: Can you think of anyone who might've wanted to hurt Deepak, Miss Kumar?
Amrita: Apart from his work for the police, my brother led a quiet life, <Rank> <Name>.
Jack (holding a clipboard): I see. One last thing, Miss Kumar: please sign this form, to confirm your brother's keys have been returned to you.
Amrita (holding a pen): There you go. I hope you find Deepak's killer, <Rank> <Name>!
(After talking to Amrita Kumar)
Jack: Did you see that, <Name>? Amrita signed her name with her right hand! Now we can add right-handed to her profile!

Later, at headquarters...
Jack: <Name>, I feel like we're treading water... and I don't mean the floods! This investigation makes no sense!
Jack: A police officer is shot dead while investigating petty criminals of Mumbai.
Jack: The citizens our victim apprehended include a speeding tuk-tuk driver...
(Jack's phone starts to ring.)
Jack: ... a spiritual guru promising enlightenment, and... ah, the phone!
Jack (on the phone): Archer speaking.
Chief Medhekar (on the phone): <Rank> <Name>! Come quickly ! I need backup! I'm about to make an arrest in the case of Kumar's murder!

Chapter 3

Jack Archer: <Name>, I feel like we're treading water... and I don't mean the floods! This case makes no sense!
(Jack's phone starts to ring.)
Jack: A police officer is shot dead while investigating petty criminals of Mumbai... ah, the phone!
Jack (on the phone): Archer speaking.
Chief Medhekar (on the phone): <Rank> <Name>! Come quickly! I need backup! I'm about to make an arrest in the case of Kumar's murder!
Jack: Chief Medhekar? Where are you?!
Chief Medhekar: At the victim's address! <Rank> <Name>, I've been following a suspicious individual, but I don't want to make a move without you!
Jack: We'll be right there! <Name>, let's go to the victim's street!

At the victim's address...
Jack (holding his gun): Chief Medhekar, we're here! What happened?
Chief Medhekar: Someone's been watching the victim's house! I waited for them to make a move so I would have a reason to arrest them!
Chief Medhekar: But... well, they must have gotten away while I called you! I couldn't even take a good look at them...
Jack: I see. Don't worry, Chief. <Rank> <Name> will take it from here.
(Chief Medhekar steps aside.)
Jack: Between you and me, <Name>, this is suspiciously clumsy from a police chief! What if Medhekar is trying to mislead us?
Jack: Anyway, now that we're here, let's have a look around the victim's house. We have to catch this killer, come hell or high water!

Investigate Street Corner.
Jack: <Name>, I see you picked up a bag. If we're lucky, it belonged to the "suspect" Chief Medhekar was surveilling! A quick search will tell!
Jack: And that soaked paper is clearly a police document, with the victim's details on it! Let's reveal the rest of the text!
Jack: And if you want to restore those orange scraps of paper, I know better than to argue with you.
Jack: Alright, <Name>, time to show this cop-killer how the Bureau deals with criminals!

Examine Lost Bag.
Jack: <Name>, that backpack you picked up belongs to Amrita, the victim's sister! Her call center badge gave her away!
Jack: But what's that strange brush? It looks vaguely familiar... some kind of make-up accessory? It was in a girl's bag, after all!
Jack: What? You're saying that brush is for cleaning guns? Haha, I never bother to clean mine...
Jack: But you're right, if Amrita knows more about cleaning guns than I do, we definitely need to bring her back in!

Interrogate Amrita Kumar about her gun-cleaning brush.
Jack: Amrita, <Rank> <Name> found a gun-cleaning brush in your backpack! You didn't tell us you owned a gun!
Amrita: Of course I own a gun! Stop taking me for a delicate flower! I told you: I'm a modern girl, I live alone, I protect myself.
Jack: What did your brother think about you carrying a gun? As a policeman, I bet he wasn't pleased!
Amrita: Deepak? He bought that gun for me!
Amrita: Like Gandhi said: "To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest." As a cop, my brother believed in keeping me safe, and so he taught me how to defend myself!
Amrita: Anyway, I no longer have the gun. The tsunami swept it away with most of my belongings. And now my brother's gone, too...
Jack: Time will tell if your story holds water, Miss Kumar. Or the wave of justice will sweep you away straight to prison!

Examine Torn Flyer.
Jack: <Name>, that torn paper you restored is a flyer... about Om Padmasana's spiritual teaching!
Jack: And yes, there's a hand-written message on the flyer, too! It's signed by "Deepak"! Except I can't read Hindi... Can you?
Jack: <Name>, we're so close to the answer, we won't be deterred by a pretty script, right Dupont will decipher this message for us!

Analyze Spiritual Flyer.
Dupont: Mes amis, as <Name> suggested, the message on this flyer is written in Hindi!
Dupont: About 30% of the population of Mumbai speak Hindi, besides Marathi, and Gujarati, and-
Jack: That's fascinating, but a cop's dead, and this message was one of the last things he wrote! What does it say?
Dupont: Well, the translation is "I know the truth about you, Guru!" The word "guru" is used with sarcasm, as if the author questioned the guru's authenticity.
Dupont: Which is strange, because spiritual leaders are usually well-respected in the community!
Jack: Well, Om Padmasana might've fooled thousands of followers, but this message shows that Kumar wasn't one of them!
Jack: We don't know what Kumar discovered about the guru, but one thing is certain, <Name>: we're due for another chat with Mr Padmasana!

Pressure the guru to reveal the truth about himself.
Om: Namaste, <Rank> <Name>! Can you feel the energy of the universe enveloping you?
Jack: You're going to feel the cold handcuffs bruise your wrists if you keep this up, Mr Om! Tell us about this message! What was the "truth" Constable Kuamr discovered about you?
Om: Constable Kumar used to come to my spiritual gatherings. I thought he was a seeker of the truth.
Om: Turns out he was a cop!
Jack: Congratulations, Mr Guru. You're slowly catching up with the rest of us. Yes, Constable Kumar was a cop...
Jack: ... and if he kept an eye on you, he must have had good reasons!
Om: It's true that I didn't always follow the true path, <Rank> <Name>. But the crimes I committed belong to a past life. I was re-born when I saw the flashing light!
Om: I see you're angry, Mr Archer. Constable Kumar was often angry, too. But take Gandhi's advice if you won't take mine: "To lose patience is to lose the battle."
Jack: Mr Padmasana, I don't know if you're insane or just pretending to be, but if you killed Kumar, you'll be locked up regardless! Either in prison, or in a mental hospital! Meditate on that!

Examine Soaked Paper.
Jack: <Name>, that soaked police form about Kumar is a... disciplinary report!
Jack: And the report is signed by Chief Medhekar! How odd! The Chief never mentioned Kumar was in trouble at work!
Jack: <Name>, you think we've been barking up the wrong tree all along? Trying to link Kumar's murder to one of his suspects, while we should've grilled his boss instead?
Jack: You're right, <Name>, let's put some heat on Chief Medhekar!

Question Chief Medhekar about the disciplinary procedure against the victim.
Jack: Chief Medhekar, you never told us Kumar was disciplined by the police! You should know better than to hide such crucial evidence!
Chief Medhekar: I... just wanted to protect the victim's reputation, <Rank> <Name>.
Chief Medhekar: Not that Kumar deserved it! He was digging into people's past on his own, in blatant violation of police procedure! I told him he should let bygones be bygones, but he wouldn't listen!
Jack: Kumar investigated people behind your back? Sounds like there was something you didn't want him to find! Something in your own past, perhaps?
Chief Medhekar: Alright, <Rank> <Name>, I'll admit it: I was in a street gang as a teenager! There! You have it!
Chief Medhekar: Even the police didn't think it was problem when I joined! Like Gandhi said: "Hate the sin, love the sinner"! Police work requires a lot of compassion, as you'd know, <Rank> <Name>!
Chief Medhekar: But Kumar thought police work was about destroying people's lives for their mistakes! No wonder he finally crossed the wrong person and got himself killed!
Jack: Well, let's hope it wasn't you who taught Kumar a lesson, Chief! The Court isn't as forgiving of killers as Gandhi!
(After talking to Chief Medhekar)
Jack: <Name>, did you notice that Chief Medhekar wears a watch on his left wrist?
Jack: Of course you noticed, I don't know why I even asked!
Jack: You're right, it means the Chief is right-handed! I'll add this to his profile!

Later, at headquarters...
Jack: <Name>, we're still missing something about Kumar's murder, but I can't put my finger on it!
Jack: I'm sure that guru's hiding something, and if Kumar uncovered it, it could've been his downfall...
Jack: Speaking of uncovering the truth: Kumar got in trouble with his Chief for that, too! And again, if his suspicions were justified, it could've put Kumar in danger.
Jack: And Kumar's sister, Amrita is a hot-headed, stubborn young woman... if her brother was cut from the same cloth, maybe his life wasn't as quiet...
(Ingrid walks in the room.)
Ingrid: <Name>! Archer! What are you doing here, meditating? You have to go back to the museum! They're going to drain the water and re-open it for visitors!
Jack: <Name>, the last thing we need is evidence getting destroyed in the cleanup! We need to get back to the museum now!

Investigate Museum Entrance.
Jack: <Name>, the initials on the handkerchief are the victim's! You know the drill: grab a sample of that substance on it!
Jack: And you're right, we should search that plastic box before the cleaning team throws away any evidence!
Jack: <Name>, the tide of our luck is finally turning! You'll have this killer behind bars before long!

Examine Plastic Box.
Jack: <Name>, good thing you checked that plastic box! Otherwise, that gun might have ended up in the wrong hands!
Jack: If this gun is the murder weapon, I can already hear the cell door slamming shut on our cop-killer! We only have to send it to Jonah!

Analyze Gun.
(Lars is also present in the armory.)
Jonah: <Name>, the gun you found in the museum is definitely the murder weapon. If it wasn't soaked in water, I'd say it's your smoking gun!
Jonah: When you fire a gun, <Name>, the barrel leaves tiny marks on the exiting bullet. And the marks created by this gun's barrel match those on the bullet inside the victim's body.
Jonah: Of course, the real question is WHO fired the gun. While examining it, I also found tiny fibers caught on the trigger. Lars will present his conclusions!
Lars: Hello, <Name>. The fibers on the gun are cotton, mostly used in clothing.
Lars: The sample showed traces of oil and metal, probably due to contact with the gun. The killer must've used some sort of cloth to wipe fingerprints off the gun.
Lars: The sample also contained traces of human sweat. Which suggests the cloth is an article of clothing. Finally, I also found traces of green dye.
Jack: So, the killer wears something green! Let's go catch them, <Name>!

Examine Victim's Handkerchief.
Jack: <Name>, you've collected a sample of the substance on the victim's handkerchief! Over to Lars!

Analyze Substance.
Lars: <Name>, this substance you collected from the victim's handkerchief is going to show you why science rocks!
Jack: Cool, bro, but make it quick!
Lars: I knew you were going to say that! So, I'll skip the part about the experiments conducted at the University of Bangalore, regarding the chemical composition of tears?
Jack: Tears? What's your point, dude? Did someone cry into our victim's handkerchief? How can you even prove it was the killer?
Lars: Hear me out, bro. The substance was a mixture of tears and nasal mucus, commonly known as snot. Unfortunately, not enough good DNA to do a profile.
Lars: But get this: the sample also contained traces of silver! Which isn't produced by the human body when we cry. But it's a common component of piercings, like nose rings.
Lars: The victim didn't wear jewelry, therefore, the substance containing silver couldn't have come from him. <Name>, the tears were the killer's, and the dissolved specks of silver in them were from their nose ring.
Jack: Well, maybe if the killer hadn't shot Kumar, they wouldn't have had to cry! But they can shed fresh tears when their nose ring leads <Name> to arrest them!

After completing all tasks...
Jack: <Name>, you've collected all the evidence to arrest Constable Kumar's killer! Time to do justice for a fellow detective!

Take care of the killer now!
Jack: Amrita Kumar, you're under arrest for the murder of your brother, Deepak!
Amrita: Are you crazy?! Deepak was my brother! We've protected each other since we were children!
Jack: Shooting him dead is hardly protection! <Rank> <Name> found your gun in the museum! The one you said was swept away in the tsunami!
Amrita: You're just trying to pin the murder on me because you know I can shoot!
Jack: Speaking of shooting: <Rank> <Name> found fibers on your gun, too! The lab doesn't lie: they're from your shirt!
Amrita: I had no reason to kill my brother! I loved him!
Jack: We know you loved him: you broke down crying after you shot him. You wiped your tears off with Deepak's handkerchief, that's how we-
Amrita: I cried because it was an accident! I didn't mean to kill my brother! I used my gun because I thought I was being attacked by a stranger!
Amrita: I was alone in the museum when I heard someone approach me from behind. I thought I was going to be mugged... it'd happened before.
Amrita: So I turned around and fired, exactly as Deepak taught me. It happened so fast that the man was dead before I realized it was my brother.
Jack: Well, you certainly are a good shot... but Deepak should've taught you to identify your target before pulling the trigger!
Amrita: It's easy to be smart in hindsight, Mr Archer! Do you think I wanted to shoot my own brother?!
Jack: You could've given yourself up to the police! Instead, you tried to get rid of the evidence! You even searched Deepak's bag and destroyed your criminal record!
Amrita: I didn't know what I was doing, I was in shock!
Amrita: Then my survival instinct took over. Growing up in the slums does that to you. And Deepak wouldn't have wanted me to go to jail.
Jack: Well, Deepak's dead, and you're under arrest for his murder!

Judge Adaku: Amrita Kumar, you stand trial for the murder of a police officer. I see you're pleading involuntary manslaughter.
Amrita: Yes, Your Honor. The victim was my brother, and I shot him by accident.
Judge Adaku: I see. These are difficult times for Mumbai, and I'm inclined to be lenient. I'll take your lack of criminal intent into account.
Judge Adaku: But a police officer's dead, and you misled the Bureau in their investigations. You're sentenced to seven years in prison.
Amrita: I'm used to hardship, Your Honor, I'll get through a prison sentence, too. The guilt for what I've done will stay with me forever.

Later, at headquarters...
Jack: <Name>, what a sad case! A cop's murder always hits too close to home...
Jack: ... And I kinda feel sorry for Amrita, she clearly didn't mean to kill her brother.
(Lars walks in the room.)
Lars: Are you feeling down, bro? How about the three of us go for a curry together? I know this great place by the waterfront!
Jack: That might be just what we need!
Jack: <Name>, let's all go before Ingrid pops up to say we still have work to do!

A New Light (2/6)

Jack Archer: So, <Name>, are you ready for that curry with me and Lars?
Ingrid: Just a second, Archer! I need to brief <Rank> <Name> and you about a few things!
Jack: Seriously? Just when I thought I could kick back after a hard day...?
Ingrid: Good to have your full attention, Archer. First, we still haven't detected any SOMBRA activity, but the Chief wants everyone to keep an eye out.
Ingrid: Second, someone's here to see you, <Name>. He says you met during your investigation.
Jack: No rest for the wicked, eh, <Name>! Alright, let them in!
(Sandeep enters the room.)
Sandeep: <Rank> <Name>! Please help me! I promised my cousin to drive him to New Delhi, but I never got my driving license back!
Sandeep: I was at the waterfront when Constable Kumar took my license away! <Rank> <Name>, if you find my license, I'll never drive fast again, promise!
Jack: I'm not sure what I've done in a past life to deserve this, <Name>... But alright, we'll check the waterfront.
Ingrid: <Name>, the Mumbai Police called, too. Chief Medhekar says it's important.
Jonah: I'd love to come with you to see the Chief, <Name>. I'm getting bored in the lab... I used to be a field agent, remember? Good, let's get going, then!

Investigate Waterfront Walk.
Jack: <Name>, I hope those torn pieces you found are the remains of Sandeep's driving license! Can you piece them back together before my socks get wet?

Examine Torn Document.
Jack: <Name>, we're in luck! You've restored Sandeep's driving license!
Jack: It sure is a strange license, with all these animal pictures on it. Must be a cultural thing. But let's give it back to Sandeep!

Give driving license back to Sandeep.
Sandeep: <Rank> <Name>, thank you so much! Now I can drive my tuk-tuk again! And elephants! And tigers!
Jack: So those elephants and tigers on your license mean you are permitted to ride them, too?
Sandeep: I've just passed my test for tigers! Tigers are the best, they can do 35 miles/hour, that's much faster than tuk-tuks!
Sandeep: I'm going on a big trip across India and beyond, <Rank> <Name>! Maybe I'll see you again! Until then, take this small gift from me and my cousins!

Ask Chief Medhekar what he needs help with.
Chief Medhekar: <Rank> <Name>, I know I was harsh on Kumar for investigating behind my back. He wasn't a bad cop after all.
Chief Medhekar: Before he died, Kumar told me he was on the trail of a serious criminal. He just never got the chance to show me the evidence.
Jonah: Got it, Chief. You want <Rank> <Name> to find out what Kumar discovered, right?
Chief Medhekar: Correct. The thing is, I'm not quite sure what exactly I'm looking for. But I know that Kumar kept some evidence at his home. Of course, after the tsunami, it could be all over the neighborhood now.
Jonah: Leave it with <Rank> <Name>, Chief. We'll scour the area and report back to you if we find anything!

Investigate Flooded Street.
Jonah: <Name>, that box has "evidence" written on it! It must be the evidence Constable Kumar collected on the suspect! Let's search through it!

Examine Evidence Box.
Jonah: <Name>, you found a passport in the evidence box! And you're saying you know this individual?
Jonah: You know this man by the name of Om Padmasana? A spiritual leader with many followers, eh?
Jonah: This guy must be the suspect Constable Kumar was investigating, though we haven't why established yet!
Jonah: I agree, time to give that passport a touch of the dusting powder!

Examine Faded Passport.
Jonah: <Name>, you revealed the name on that passport you found in the evidence box! It says the man is an American called Ezra Hope.
Jonah: Hmm... Ezra Hope... Didn't you say this guy's name was Om Padmasana?
Jonah: Well, whoever this guy is, we know that Kumar thought he was suspicious.
Jonah: I agree, we need to dig deeper. Maybe Elliot can check this passport for us!

Analyze Passport Details.
Jonah: Hello, whiz kid. Any luck with that passport <Name> found?
Elliot: Some interesting discoveries. First, I can confirm that Ezra Hope and Om Padmasana are the same person.
Elliot: Ezra lived in the USA until a year ago, when he suddenly packed up and moved to India.
Jonah: Were the American police after him? That would explain his abrupt departure.
Elliot: I only found minor misdemeanors on Ezra's record... like possessing marijuana.
Jonah: So our so-called guru is an old pothead? It's not very surprising... but his eagerness to erase his past suggests there could be more to it.
Jonah: I agree, <Name>, we should grill Padmasana about his past!

Quiz the guru about his old identity.
Jonah: Hello, Mr Guru. Or should we call you Ezra Hope?
Om: Ah, so you found out about my past life, <Rank> <Name>.
Jonah: We only know that you fled the USA. Why the sudden urge to come to India?
Om: I don't remember much of my old life, <Rank> <Name>. To tell the truth, I was too stoned. I lived in the desert, hung out with hippies, bikers and other outlaws...
Om: ... Until one day I saw a bright flashing light! I understood I had to change my life! So I came to India to find peace, and help others find it, too.
Jonah: I bet your followers fall for that nonsense, but the police don't! What sort of scam are you running here in India, Mr "Padmasana"?
Om: Mr Karam, you need to cleanse your soul of anger. You should go to the Mumbai Museum to restore your karma. Everything will become clear there.
Jonah: The museum? Why? Are you hiding something there? We'd better check it out, <Name>!
Jonah: But let's have a bite to eat before the museum, <Name>. This spiritual nonsense has made me hungry!

Investigate Flooded Museum.
Jonah: <Name>, why did Padmasana send us here? Was he trying to mislead us?
Jonah: You're right, that amulet looks like a lead. We'd better dust it!

Examine Amulet.
Jonah: <Name>, dusting that amulet revealed a strange symbol... why don't we give it to Dupont? It'll make his day!

Analyze Amulet Symbol.
Dupont: <Name>, this amulet you found in the museum tells a beautiful story of love and forgiveness!
Jonah: Really? So the amulet isn't part of some scam the guru is running?
Dupont: No, it's just a local tradition. The amulet is believed to restore your karma through forgiveness!
Dupont: According to the legend, the citizens of Mahikavati offered the same amulet to the Goddess of the Seven Rivers. The goddess accepted the gift, and saved the village from flooding.
Dupont: If you want someone to forgive you, <Name>, you have to give this amulet to them.
Jonah: Hmm... I guess that concludes our investigations into the guru's activities... for now. We can't arrest him for peddling old mythology.
Jonah: On the other hand... I kinda have someone whose forgiveness I'd like to ask for...
Jonah: <Name>, would you mind if I gave this amulet to Marina?
Jonah: It's just that we've never cleared the air after she discovered that I was paid to kill her, back in Russia, when she was young.
Jonah: I just want to tell Marina I'm sorry, you know?
Dupont: I think that's a splendid idea, Monsieur Karam! Right, <Name>?

Accompany Jonah to apologize to Marina.
Jonah (nervously holding the amulet): Marina? Erm... <Name> found this amulet, and... Dupont said it symbolized forgiveness, so I...
Jonah: I wanted to apologize for what happened in Moscow all those years ago.
Marina: "What happened"?! You mean when you were paid to kill me and very nearly succeeded?
Marina: One inch to the right and I'd be dead! If you hadn't missed that shot-
Jonah: I never miss a shot, sweetheart! But when I saw you, I knew it would be wrong to kill someone as beautiful as you!
Marina: Am I supposed to be flattered?
Jonah: Yes! No, I mean.. when I joined the Bureau, I discovered it wasn't just your looks! You're talented, and smart, and-
Marina: Well, I'm glad we had this talk, Jonah. But it will take more than an amulet for us to become friends.
Marina: Alright, <Name>, I'm not going to kiss him, so you might as well go now! Here, take this money and buy some treats for the team!

A little later...
Jack: <Name>, is it true that Jonah's trying to flirt with Marina?
Ingrid: Gossiping is not the best quality of a detective, Archer! Besides, we have no time for debauchery!
Ingrid: An epidemic of a fatal disease has broken out in Bangalore! The public health authorities are struggling to cope, and they've requested the assistance of Angela and Lars.
Ingrid: As much as we need to stay vigilant about SOMBRA, that will have to wait! We're all going to Bangalore tonight. Get ready, <Name>!