Tyler Wright
TylerWright 2537
Biographical information
Full name Tyler Wright
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2013
Cause of death Multiple stab wounds
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Grimsborough, U.S.
Profession(s) Student
Family Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Partner(s) Cathy King (ex-girlfriend)
Affiliation(s) Grimsborough University
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #39: Marked for Death (s1)

Tyler Wright was the victim in Marked for Death (Case #39 of Grimsborough).


Tyler was a student at Grimsborough University and an heir to his parents' company, Wright Industrial Products, making him one of the most affluent students. He had light brown hair which was combed back and swept to the right, and had blue eyes. Before his death, he wore a green t-shirt with a horse logo on it and a pink towel around his neck.

Murder details

Tyler was found dead in the Dean's office, bled to death prior to the police's arrival, and the police did not hesitate to ship the body to Nathan for autopsy.

Tyler suffered 36 stabs from a sharp object (i.e. a knife), although the murder style was as sloppy as Mikhail Levin's previous murder. For some reason, the killer wrote "CHEAT" on his forehead, which meant that the killer was infuriated with Tyler's study habits in the University. Grace helped out with the analysis of the ink and found out that the killer used a permanent marker as a part of the murder.

After the team sent Mikhail back to jail, the team investigated the Dean's office once again and found a pile of office papers, which hid a paper knife. As the paper knife was found in the crime scene and the victim's blood was on the object, it was revealed to be the murder weapon. There was also black substance which the team seized and sent it to Grace for analysis. After looking at the black substance, Grace said that the killer used a liquid to lubricate the bike gears before killing the victim, thus it was proven that the killer was a bicycle rider.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Grimsborough University security head Bryan Vigman.

Bryan learnt that the victim was about to share the term quizzes on Friendnet. He could not stand cheaters and was against cheating. So, he took Tyler to the Dean's office but alas, she was not there. Tyler then started bragging about his parents and grinned at Bryan, saying he would get him fired from the Grimsborough University. Bryan got angry and grabbed a paper knife and killed him.

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