Unnamed Luzaguayan citizens
Biographical information
Full name Unknown
Gender Male (first citizen)
Female (second citizen)
Status Alive
Nationality Luzaguayan
Residence Luzaguay
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #45: Shadow Nation (s3)

The unnamed Luzaguayan citizens are minor characters in Criminal Case, appearing as random Luzaguayan citizens during the introduction of Shadow Nation (Case #45 of World Edition).


The citizens of Luzaguay are selected citizens talked to by Carmen and the player in the country. The first citizen wears a blue polo shirt with a hole in the left over a white undershirt. He has brown eyes and messy black hair mostly swept to the left and a five o'clock shadow. The second citizen wears a bluish-gray dress over a blue undershirt. She has brown eyes, lipstick, and shoulder-length white hair.

Events of Criminal Case

Soon after arriving in the secretive nation of Luzaguay, Carmen and the player decided to hit the streets in order to gain information about the place. They met the first citizen (the man in the blue shirt). When they told him that they were visiting Luzaguay and tried to ask him a question, the man replied that their Beloved Leader did not want to have visitors in the country. They proceeded to talk to the second citizen (the white-haired woman), who freaked out and told them to stay away from her. After that, they were not seen again.

Case appearances