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Unnamed Sports Announcer
635px-Info on the match
Biographical information
Full name Unknown
Gender Male
Status Alive
Nationality Flag of USA American
Profession(s) Sports announcer
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #34: Dead Man Running (s1)

The Unnamed Sports Announcer is a minor character in Criminal Case, appearing as an announcer for four sporting events (that would eventually go wrong) across all three seasons.


The announcer is a middle-aged man with dark brown hair and eyes.

In his first two case appearances, he wears a black headset with a microphone and a black formal suit over a white striped shirt and a black tie. In his third case appearance, he sports a pair of blue earmuffs while wielding a microphone, and dons a blue and gray track suit along with a pair of blue gloves. He reverts back to his first appearance in his fourth appearance.

Events of Criminal Case

Dead Man Running

The announcer made his first appearance to announce one of the most important football matches of the Major Football League season. The match was between the Grimsborough Quails and the Wippeka Armadillos. He was mainly focusing on the Quails' star quarterback, Troy Takiguchi, when suddenly Troy – while running with the ball – collapsed onto the pitch, shocking everyone, including the announcer. He then exclaimed that the referees were calling a time-out and that the medics were rushing to Troy. This was the end of his appearance. Later, everyone learned that Troy was dead after suffering a heart-attack.

Dead Girl Rolling

The announcer returned when he served as the announcer of a roller derby match between the Helter Skaters and the Pacific Pixies. The announcer focused on the two team captains, but when the Helter Skater captain was knocked unconscious, he informed the audience that the game had to be suspended. At this point, Amy Young and the player had to start an investigation, thus confirming that a premeditated murder was imminent.

Leap of Death

The announcer appeared for a third time when he served as the announcer of the first ever Women's Ski Jump event in the Frosty Cup. The announcer exclaimed how history was being made as ski jumper Anjulie Cruz was going to be the first woman to go down the Frosty Cup ramp. Moments later, the kick-off of the event saw Anjulie quickly gaining speed down the ramp, but unfortunately, the event was cut short when the ski jumper was sliced in half as she was about to take off – which disgusted the announcer like never before, and a murder investigation had to ensue.

Going the Distance

The announcer appeared once again when he served as the commentator for the 23rd Road Rage Rally race in Mazunda. He commented on Lily Karam's proximity to winning. When Lily crossed the finish line, the announcer exclaimed that Lily had won the race in her first year of participating. He later said that something was wrong – namely, that Lily was dragging her unconscious co-driver Nomena Leroy out of their car.


  • The announcer is the only character who has physically appeared in three different seasons.
  • In Uncivil Rights, he can be found on the television screen in the crime scene "Mayor's Office".

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