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Family Blood

Jones : Aileen Greene's death is a tragedy... but I'm starting to think her life wasn't much better, <Name>!
Jones : It seems the people who should have loved and protected her all looked down on her, one way or another.
Jones : Would one of them have gone as far as killing her? ... We should retrace our steps. There was a toy chest in the baby's bedroom. I didn't search it, did you?
Jones : Well, let's go then! This chest might hold the key to this puzzle!

Investigate Toy Chest.
Jones : Okay, I've got two questions. What are dollar bills doing in a baby's toy chest... and why are they covered in blood?!
Jones : At least we've got a way to answer the second question. Let's collect a sample, <Name>!

Examine Dollar Bills.
Jones : Perfect! Let's get this blood sample to the lab. I really wonder how those dollar bills ended up in Oliver's toy chest!

Analyze Blood.
Grace : You say those dollar bills were in a toy chest? That's... odd. Even odder: the blood you found on them does not come from one person, but two.
Grace : Some blood is O+, like Aileen's... but I also found traces of the type A+.
Grace : Only Aileen's killer could have gotten their blood mixed with hers. Which means your killer's blood type is A+!
Jones : Thanks Grace! <Name>, I wonder if Paul knew that this toy chest was used as a piggy bank... what do you say we go ask him?

Ask Paul Greene about the bank notes.
Paul Greene : Why would I keep money in my son's toy chest when my father owns the best bank in town?
Jones : We think your wife did it. It looks like her ex-husband was blackmailing her, and she probably didn't want you to know about this.
Paul Greene : You mean Hunt was asking her for money? Oh, the b*stard! I knew I should have taken care of him when I first learned about him!
Jones : So you knew about Tom Hunt? Did your father warn you?
Paul Greene : No. But do you really think I would marry a woman without making damn sure I knew she she was? I ran a backcheck on Aileen months ago!
Paul Greene : I nearly called the wedding off, but she was already pregnant with my child, so I decided to just make sure she... behaved properly.

Jones : Okay, seriously, what is WRONG with the Greene family? They all sound like cold-hearted monsters!
Jones : But Paul won't get off scot-free! RAMIREZ, come over here!
Ramirez : You called me?
Jones : We want to know everything you can tell us about Paul Greene! Especially if he owns a pair of running shoes, and ever drinks whiskey!
Jones : Now, <Name>, I think we should go back to the garden in which we found the murder weapon. There's a tree house there we should probably have a look at.

Investigate Tree House.
Jones : The blood on this torn up card is still fresh! The killer must have dropped it here! Can you patch it back up, <Name>?
Jones : As for this telescope... It's pointing straight at Aileen's house! Someone was spying on her!
Jones : We need to figure out who! <Name>, time to collect some fingerprints!

Examine Torn Card.
Jones : Finding a baseball collector's card in a tree house might seem mundane... but this one looks quite old, and it's covered in blood!
Jones : We need to know who dropped this card there! Let's collect a blood sample, <Name>!

Examine Baseball Card.
Jones : Perfect! I hope this blood sample will help Grace explain to us how this baseball card ended up in the tree house!

Analyze Blood.
Grace : The blood on the baseball card belongs to your victim.
Jones : So this card IS connected to Aileen's murder! I knew you were right, <Name>!
Jones : Even though personally, I'm still confused. But since Scott Greene seems to like baseball, maybe he can tell us more about this card.

Show the baseball card to Scott Greene.
Scott Greene : Where... where did you find this card?
Jones : We believe this is connected to your step-mother's murder. Does it belong to you?
Scott Greene : No! ... I mean, no. It's a super rare card, worth thousands of dollars! ... I wish it was mine!
Jones : I take it your'e a baseball fan, Scott?
Scott Greene : Of course I'm a fan. Me, my dad and my grandad, we never miss a game.
Scott Greene : Aileen didn't care for it, though. She didn't understand how great this game is.

Jones : First thing first, did you look at Scott's feet? He's wearing running shoes! ... Mind you, all kids are, these days.
Jones : Now, about the baseball card. If he's telling the truth and this card really is worth that much money...
Jones : ... then Aileen's killer must be a baseball fan!

Examine Telescope.
Jones : The fingerprints you lifted from the telescope is crystal clear! We should be able to find who was hiding in the tree house in no time!
Jones : Especially since you clearly have a knack for comparison. Care to give it a shot? Let's compare this fingerprint with our suspect's database!

Examine Fingerprint.
Jones : The fingerprint you found on the telescope belongs to Tom Hunt! So he was the one who spied on Aileen!
Jones : It seems he wasn't THAT scared of the Greene family after all. And if he dared come that close to the house, what's to say he didn't actually go inside?
Jones : <Name>, let's bring this creep to the station and put some pressure on him! It's time he stopped acting smarter than us!

Ask Tom Hunt about the telescope.
Jones : You'd better not bullsh*t us this time, Tom! <Rank> <Name>'s patience is running thin, trust me!
Jones : We know you've been spying on Aileen! Did you get so jealous you couldn't stand it anymore? So you crossed the street and killed her?!
Tom Hunt : I only came to see if she was really happy in her new life! I just wanted to make sure!
Jones : Right, by standing accross the street with a telescope. Because that's not creepy at all!
Tom Hunt : I would have never hurt Aileen! ... well, not that way, anyway. I needed money, and she had lots! She should have helped me!!

*After doing all the steps above*

Ramirez : <Rank> <Name>! I compared your killer's profile with Mr. Greene, like you asked me. It turns out he went running that morning, which means he was wearing running shoes!
Jones : Perfect! Thanks, Ramirez. I guess you did good... this time. Now what abou-
Irma Fusslepot : <Rank> <Name>! They told me you would be here. I need to speak with you, it's a matter of urgency!

See what Irma Fusslepot wants.
Irma Fusslepot : ... Dear me, I feel faint. You wouldn't happen to have some strong liquor around, would you? I could use a drink of whiskey to steady my nerves.
Jones : As a rule, policemen try NOT to drink on the job, Mrs. Fusslepot. Now, what did you have to tell us?
Irma Fusslepot : Here, take this, <Rank>. Oliver had been clutching it since I found him this morning, but I could not get his hand to open before now!
Jones : Hair? And it's matted with blood! <Rank> <Name>, we need to get this to the lab!

Analyze Hair.
Grace : The baby held this hair in his hand? But this means... that means the killer picked him up! How horrible!
Jones : So you're telling us that the hair belongs to Aileen's killer?
Grace : Yes. The color was the same as Aileen's, but a simple microscope comparison showed the hair did not come from her head.
Grace : If I had more time, I might be able to give you a partial DNA profile, but I know you're always in a hurry...
Jones : We do like to act fast. But at least now we know our killer has got brown hair, and that's always useful! Thanks, Grace!

*After doing all the steps above* Jones : This is it, <Name>! We have got everything we need to put Aileen's killer behind bars.
Jones : Are you ready to go arrest them?

Arrest the killer.

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