Hi Everybody this is autopsy of Troy Takiguchi and i here is it:

Nathan: Well <<Name>>, one thing is clear: Troy Takiguchi's death on that football field was definitely NOT natural!

Jones: No kidding. I didn't think a human arm could ever get this big!

Nathan: Yes, that got me curious too, especialy when i noticed a neesde mark on Troy's arm. So i had a look at his medicial file... Your victim was a type 1 diabetic. He injected himself with insulin daily.

Jones: EPO? You mean... Doping hormones?

Nathan: Exept today, there was a secret ingredient on top of insulin... a massive dose of Erythropoietin, also known as EPO.

Nathan: Yes. But i'm positive that Troy didn't know about EPO: The tests are clear: he'd never taken EPO before, with good reason.

You see, EPO and insulin don't mix. The injection created a blood clot, which traveled trough victim's arm up to his heart and resulting fas fatal.

Jones: So our victim was killed by EPO... That's a bit ironic for a professional sportsman, dont you think <<Name>>?

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