Valerie Green
Biographical information
Full name Valerie Green
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Death 2014
Cause of death Drowning
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Profession(s) Scuba diver
Partner(s) Mighty Pete (ex-boyfriend; incarcerated)
Mike Herbert (ex-fiancé)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #3: What Dies Beneath (s2)

Valerie Green was the victim in What Dies Beneath (Case #3 of Pacific Bay).



Valerie was a professional scuba diver who sported a green-black scuba jumpsuit at the time of her death, and a recent party goer who often sported a pink dress with a gold necklace. Valerie had curvy blonde hair extending to her shoulders and had blue eyes.

Murder details

Valerie was found dead in the waters of Ocean Shore when Amy, Roxie, and the player took a scuba diving trip to its exotic waters. Roxie deduced an act of murder by drowning upon discovery of the body, and autopsied Valerie without delays. After the extensive autopsy, Roxie determined that Valerie died of suffocation (asphyxiation), but Roxie also caught traces of hand cream on the victim's wet suit and the oxygen tank, which meant that the killer was in contact with hand cream. The self-same instant Roxie conducted the autopsy task, Hannah was charged with analyzing the oxygen tank, something she was not used to do, but alas deduced the tank to be a bloody mess as the tank was rigged. The killer modified the gauge so that Valerie would run out of air in mid-water without getting aware of it, which meant that the killer knew something about scuba diving.

Yann managed to analyze a bent screwdriver Roger Strout found, and after a careful analysis, he determined that the killer used a gold chain to bend the screwdriver to lure Valerie into a trap.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be party maker Mighty Pete.

According to Amy, Mighty Pete is a self-centered individual who suffers from a case of wounded pride at times, in which he has to deal with things in his way to make everyone know he's the king of the mountain, feeling as if Valerie humiliated him, and if Pete had a policy of forbidding people to leave him without his permission. Valerie needed money to leave Pacific Bay for good (she lived there all her life but got tired of it), so she decided to join Mighty Pete's "Mighty Yacht Party" ring, which pleased Mighty Pete, but Valerie played very hard to get, forcing Mighty Pete to spend countless thousands in gifts to bring Valerie under control but to no avail as after Valerie left Mighty Pete, he caught wind of Valerie's motives. Valerie's fatal mistake was disclosing her love of scuba diving to Mighty Pete, as given Mighty Pete's "no leaving" premise, he sabotaged Valerie's scuba diving equipment, succeeding in Valerie's premeditated murder, grounds for Amy and the player to send Mighty Pete to trial in an instant.

In court, Mighty Pete made it clear that he's the only one allowed to leave people, not the people alone, and only answers if it suits himself, causing the Honorable Dante to review a law clause stating that anyone speaking of themselves in the third person shall be punished by way of a jail sentence, thus a 45 year jail sentence (15 years for third-person speaking and 30 years for the premeditated murder of Valerie) was necessary as punishment for Mighty Pete's self-centered ways.

Case appearances