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Amy Young: Oh, hello <Rank> <Name>, how did your previous Investigation go? I hope Frank was nice to you, not that he is with any--
Roxie: MOVE AWAY, CHILD! Sorry Amy, but what <Name> needs is some real sensations! To enjoy the best our town has to offer.
Roxie: Would you like to go scuba diving, <Rank> <Name>? A nice way to start the day, with the city's best tour guide by your side, me!
Amy: But... Just the two of you? Can I come too, Roxie?
Roxie: Of course you can, Amy! The more the merrier, as I always say!
Amy: Oh, thank you! What do you think, <Name>, I never tried scuba diving before! Where should we go, is there a perfect place to dive?
Roxie: I just heard about a GREAT place, a newly discovered part of the Coral Reef! It's by the marina, you're gonna love it <Name>!
Amy: The Coral Reef?! I've always dreamed to see one up close! Quick, let's go <Name>, I'll see where we can rent wetsuits!

At the marina...
Roxie: Those wetsuits are TIGHT! How are you supposed to swim in this thing! Yours fits perfectly, <Name>, I'm jealous!
Amy: I'm so excited! Come on, <Name>, let's dive near the Coral Reef! And let's keep an eye for anything unusual, you never know!

Chapter 1

Investigate Underwater Coral.
Amy: OH GOD! Is that a dead person?! Thank God you got her out of the water, <Rank> <Name>!
Roxie: Wait a minute, I recognize her! Her name's Valerie Green, she's a professional diver who recently entered the party scene!
Roxie: Wait, something's fishy! Her face got the blue tint typical of asphyxiation. And yet, the gauge on her oxygen tank is still on full.
Roxie: Trust the coroner on this, this girl didn't drown by accident, it was murder! I'll get to the autopsy as soon as possible!
Amy: <Rank> <Name>, you found Valerie's spare oxygen tank! The gauge is on full, but it's surprisingly light. You're right, we'd better send it to Hannah for analysis!
Amy: Then, what's left to be done? You want to take a look through the algae? Alright, I'm on it! Let's all get to work!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: The sight of divers drowning has a touch of poetic irony, don't you think <Name>? As if Death was like "Well, you asked for it!"
Amy: Oh, please Roxie, don't laugh about such a delicate subject! What did you learn about Valerie's murder?
Roxie: Well, I looked a little more closely, and I can tell you she still had her mouthpiece on when she died! She suffocated!
Roxie: But you know me, a clear autopsy like that, it's just not enough! So I took a closer look at Valerie's body, and I discovered traces of cream on her wetsuit and her tank!
Roxie: It's a water-repulsive cream to be exact, which is why the water didn't destroy it. And the most interesting thing is that there's no cream on Valerie's skin!
Roxie: And if the hand cream doesn't come from Valerie, then it comes from her killer! Valerie's killer uses hand cream!

Analyze Scuba Tank.
Hannah: I must say I'm not used to analyzing this kind of thing! This tank is a damn bloody mess, <Name>, it was sabotaged by someone who knew what they were doing!
Hannah: Just look at it, <Name>, the gauge has been modified! No wonder your victim drowned, she had no way of knowing she was running short on air!
Hannah: I'm telling you, the person who sabotaged your victim's equipment had used that sort of equipment before, and they wanted that girl dead.
Amy: So, it means that Valerie was killed by someone who knows about scuba diving! Thanks, Hannah!

Examine Algae.
Amy: Great job looking through all this algae, <Name>! What is that piece of paper you found?
Amy: Oh dear, the water's made most of it illegible! Do you think you'll manage to recover what it says?

Examine Soggy Paper.
Amy: The paper you found in the algae is a party flyer! "Tonight - Party on the BIG MIGHTY YACHT! Best Spot in Town!"
Amy: I must say, I've never heard of it... But you're right, we know someone who does! I'll call Roxie right away!
Roxie: You do realize that the dead won't just wake up and tell me what happened to them, right? I know I'm a joy to talk to, but leave me some time to work!
Amy: <Name> just needs your help for a second. Have you heard of the Big Mighty Yacht, by any chance?
Roxie: Of course I have, it's the yacht that holds parties near the Coral Reef! I'm dying to know who owns it so they can invite me on board!
Amy: So this yacht might have been around when our victim was killed! You're right, <Name>, we have to search the yacht right away!

Investigate Party Yacht.
Amy: Wow, this boat is just a mess! I hope the identification plate you found will tell us who it belongs to, but you'll have to decipher it first!
Amy: And there's this torn photograph, it needs to be restored before we can find out what's on it! Just tell me if I can help, <Rank> <Name>?

Examine Torn Photograph.
Amy: This torn photograph you found on the yacht shows our victim! Great job, <Name>!
Amy: But who's the woman next to her? You're right, <Name>, she might have some information about Valerie, we need to find her!
Amy: Good idea, <Name>, let's compare the files we have on the database, and see if we find this mysterious woman! We'll find out who she is, you'll see!

Examine Mysterious Woman.
Amy: So the woman posing with our victim on the photograph you restored is Angie Cortez! The database says that she lives right by the shore!
Amy: That's great! Now we can go ask her about our victim! I'm right behind you, <Rank> <Name>!

Ask Angie about her relationship with Valerie.
Angie: Helloooo! How can I help you, my sweethearts? Do you need help getting into the hottest parties in town? I can get you anywhere!
Amy: Hmm, no, but speaking of parties, do you remember this picture you took with Valerie Green? She was murdered earlier today.
Angie: Oh, poor Valerie! She was so innocent, I mean, it's so saaaaad...
Angie: You see, she was new on the party scene, I just wanted to help her blend in! And the yacht is such a good place to make new friends!
Angie: The yacht just arrived in town, and since then it's been a revolution! The old clubs, the silly bars, it's all over now, we've gone national!
Angie: This place was a dump, and now we see the biggest parties on the coast! This town is a much better place now, too bad Valerie died before she could see it!

Examine Identification Plate.
Amy: Good job deciphering the number on the yacht's identification plate, <Name>! Time to send it to Hannah for analysis!

Analyze Identification Number.
Hannah: The license plate reveals that the Big Mighty Yacht is registered to the name of Peter Long...
Hannah: I took the liberty to ask Frank to get him to the station. Apparently, Mr Long refuses to answer to any name but "Mighty Pete". Must be compensating for something.
Amy: Hannah! That's not a way to talk about suspects!
Amy: Wait, you got Frank to do something for you?! That's impossible!
Hannah: Well, I may have sent him an e-mail in <Name>'s place telling him to bring in your suspect... But you have your guy here! It saves everyone's time, doesn't it?

Talk to Mighty Pete about Valerie.
Mighty Pete: I must say, I'm rather confused about my presence here. The other policeman was quite... persuasive, but I'd like some explanations!
Amy: I'm really sorry sir, but we need your testimony in the investigation of Valerie Green's death. Did you know her well?
Mighty Pete: Valerie's dead? That's tragic...
Mighty Pete: I'm not gonna lie to you, Valerie and I have dated for a short time. I broke up with her a couple of weeks ago, our personalities just didn't match.
Mighty Pete: I must say my womanizing ways don't go well with a lot of women, and well, a relationship like that costs money!
Mighty Pete: Her death grieves me, but you know what they say, the show must go on! I have a lot of work to do for my next party, so if you'll excuse me, I'll go back to my yacht!

Later, at the Police Station...
Amy: So what do you think of the investigation so far, <Name>? We've found Valerie Green, drowned after someone sabotaged her equipment...
Amy: We then discovered that she had recently become a part of the nightlife of the town, and we met Angie with whom she used to party!
Amy: And we also met that womanizer, Mighty Pete! He rules over the party scene, and he was Valerie's ex! So, what--
Chief Marquez: <Name>, I need you to go to the scuba diving shop RIGHT AWAY!
Amy: The scuba diving shop? But, Chief, we're kind of in the middle of--
Chief Marquez: It can wait! We've been called for help, a BOMB has been found in the scuba diving shop! You'll need to get to it before it explodes!

Chapter 2

Chief Andrea Marquez: We had an anonymous tip, there is a BOMB at the scuba diving shop! It could detonate any second, <Name>, go there immediately!
Amy: Yes chief, right away chief! You're right <Rank> <Name>, the investigation of Valerie's murder will have to wait! Let's go to the scuba diving shop!

Investigate Diving Shop.
(Before investigating Diving Shop)
Amy: Oh God, we need to find the bomb before it detonates! Let's look everywhere, <Rank> <Name>!
(After investigating Diving Shop)
Amy: You've found it! You've found the bomb! Be careful, <Name>, imagine what would happen if it deton-
Amy: We're dead! We're...
Amy: <Rank> <Name>, we're not dead! The bomb only released smoke! I'm so relieved!
Amy: You want to restore the bomb to take a look at it, <Rank> <Name>? Please be careful!
Amy: That locker has our victim's name on it! You're right <Name>, this must be where she stored her scuba diving equipment!
Amy: And since the killer has tampered with Valerie's tanks, they must have accessed her locker! Maybe we'll find something on it! Let's get to work, <Name>!

Examine Bomb.
Amy: Great job restoring that bomb from the scuba diving shop, <Name>! I'm so relieved that it was not designed to hurt anyone!
Amy: We could send it to Hannah, <Name>, maybe she'll learn something from it? What do you think?
Amy: And since Valerie had a locker here, we should talk to Mike Herbert, the shop owner. Maybe he knows something about her murder!
Amy: Oh, you think it's a good idea, <Rank> <Name>? I'm so happy! I'm learning so much by working with you! Let's keep up the good work!

Analyze Bomb.
Hannah: I would say that this bomb you found in the scuba diving shop is pretty amateur work, but that'd be an insult to amateurs everywhere. So let's just say that's rubbish.
Hannah: The entire device was just designed to produce a lot of smoke and scare a few people. It's a miracle it even activated!
Hannah: I had no problem finding the bomb maker, of course. I found their name on an envelope used to make the base. There's even the address on it. Do people even try anymore?
Hannah: Anyway, our new winner is Leah Davies, an ecology activist. Be careful while talking to her, she has a quite a reputation for hysteria!
Amy: Great job, Hannah! Let's call our suspect to the station, <Name>!

Talk to Leah about the bomb.
Leah: What do you want?! Why did you bring me here, I'm innocent! Well, I may have thrown my hand cream bottle at an officer's head, but they pushed me to it!
Amy: <Rank> <Name> found your BOMB at the scuba diving shop, Mrs Davies! This is a very grave action, don't you realize it?!
Leah: I didn't think you would link it to me... And it was harmless! It was just to make a statement! I scuba dive myself, I need that shop!
Leah: I just wanted to scare that damned Valerie Green! She brought the partygoers to a preserved part of the coral, it's her fault they're destroying it!
Leah: The coral is fragile! It's a wonder of the natural world, and they don't care! Valerie is ready to destroy it for her own amusement, it's UNACCEPTABLE!
Amy: Valerie has been murdered, Mrs Davies. She won't harm your precious coral anymore.
Leah: She died? Well, that's... unfortunate, but the coral will be better off. The coral can't defend itself, it has to be protected!

Talk to Mike about Valerie.
Mike: Did I seriously get a bomb in my delivery of hand cream?! What the hell, man!? First Valerie, and now this?
Amy: Hand cream? Let me write that down... Wait, you knew Valerie Green? <Rank> <Name> is investigating her murder, did you know her well?
Mike: I don't care what happened to her, when you turn your back to your close ones for strangers, you have to face the consequences!
Amy: How can you speak like this of this poor woman's death? And what do you mean by turning her back on her close ones?
Mike: Because Valerie left me, that's why! We were engaged, I thought she was happy, but she just left me without a second thought!
Mike: As soon as those guys and their yacht arrived, she left me for that damned Mighty Pete!
Amy: So Valerie left you for Mighty Pete... and in turn, Mighty Pete left her.
Mike: God, it's just, this whole situation is a damn mess! I just need to go scuba dive for a while, get away from everything...

Examine Valerie's Locker.
Amy: The liquid you just collected from our victim's locker is gonna be a great help, <Name>! Let's send it to Yann for analysis!

Analyze Clear Liquid.
Yann: I took a look at the liquid you collected from the victim's locker, and I can tell you, it was quite a riddle to solve!
Yann: At first, I thought it was a sample of the same particular drink mute nuns had given me near the remains of the Aztec pyramids, but it's actually champagne!
Yann: A competent diver wouldn't dive under the influence, and we know that the killer must have accessed the locker to sabotage your victim's oxygen tanks!
Yann: Which means the champagne was on the killer's fingers!
Amy: Thank you so much for your help, Yann! The killer drinks champagne, got it!

Later, at the Police Station...
Amy: So what do you think of the investigation so far, <Name>? Who could have wanted to kill the poor Valerie Green?
Amy: As to what to do next... I know I need to see this case in a new light, but I don't know how!
Amy: Oh, you're right <Name>, the best way to do that is to go back to the crime scene! That's great advice, I shall remember it!

Investigate Deep Coral.
Amy: This coral is really amazing! It's so sad that someone had to die here...
Amy: This broken camera looks as though it was made especially for working underwater, I'm sure we'll find something on it! Let's put it back together!
Amy: Oh no, the phone you found in the coral just died! How can we get to its contents now? It's highly important for our investigation!
Amy: Oh, you're right <Rank> <Name>, Hannah probably knows how to fix this phone! Let's send it to her right away!

Examine Broken Camera.
Amy: The underwater camera that you've restored shows beautiful pictures of the coral, <Name>!
Amy: But look, it's Valerie! A picture of Valerie swimming by the coral! We have to find who took those pictures, they must have information on our victim!
Amy: There's a photograph of a man with a badge, let's look at his name... It's Roger Strout, and he appears to be an underwater photographer!
Amy: This camera must belong to him, which means he knew our victim! Let's talk to him, <Name>!

Ask Roger about his photographs with Valerie.
Roger: If you're here to talk to me about Valerie, you can turn back right now! I don't want anything to do with that woman!
Amy: Why, did something happen between you two? We saw on your underwater camera that you used to dive together, it must require a lot of trust!
Roger: Yes, and Valerie broke that trust! That preserved spot of coral was known of only the two of us!
Roger: But at the first occasion, she spilled the beans and sent all the partygoers to the coral to make herself popular!
Roger: I make my living selling exclusive underwater photographs of the coral, but now everyone has access to it! No one buys my pictures anymore!
Roger: I'm gonna be bankrupt because of Valerie! She destroyed my subject, it's as common as kitten pictures! God, what am I gonna do now?!

Analyze Phone.
Hannah: It's lucky you found this phone when you did, <Name>! A few minutes more immersed in water and it would have been a useless piece of junk.
Hannah: But as it is, I managed to restore everything from its memory! And I can tell you the owner of this phone, Angie Cortez, hated Valerie!
Amy: What?! But Angie was so nice! She really seemed to like Valerie!
Hannah: Thank God you're not a profiler, then! Angie sent message after message of insults and abuse, saying Valerie was not a true partygoer, that she didn't belong with them.
Hannah: And not only that, but Angie sent that Mighty Pete guy hundreds of texts proclaiming her love and devotion to him! She wanted to replace Valerie as his girlfriend!
Amy: So Angie was in love with Pete! Could she have murdered Valerie out of jealousy?! That makes her a strong suspect, we have to talk to her!

Talk to Angie about her flirtations with Mighty Pete.
Amy: Angie, why didn't you tell <Rank> <Name> about the texts of insult you sent to Valerie? It's a major information, you can't keep it away from the police!
Angie: You looked into my phone?! Who the hell do you think you are, you weirdo, that's private stuff!
Amy: <Rank> <Name> is a police officer, and you have to answer their questions! Tell us why you were so angry toward Valerie!
Angie: She wasn't one of us, okay!? She just didn't belong with us, and her dating Mighty Pete was a shame! He should be with a partygoer who understands him, like me!
Angie: So I called him, I texted him to take her place by his side. We even had a drink once, a nice glass of champagne, I felt like a queen!
Angie: I guess, now that she's gone, I have my chances at being Mighty Pete's new girlfriend! Oh God, I'm so excited that my hands are getting sweaty! Where's my hand cream?! I need to be perfect for him!

Later, at the Police Station...
Amy: Well, <Name>, this investigation is more complicated than I would have thought! We've learned that Valerie betrayed a lot of people on her way to the party scene...
Amy: She broke up her engagement with Mike, she betrayed the secret she shared with Roger about the coral's emplacement, that's a lot to take in!
Amy: And that's without including Leah, who blames her for the destruction of the coral by the partygoers, and Angie, who's jealous of Valerie's relationship with Mighty Pete!
Amy: I don't know for you, <Name>, but it seems like all our suspects had a reason to murder Valerie! How can we find the true culprit?
Roxie: Ah, <Name>, here you are! I have to talk to you, I've been invited to this party tonight, and it's--
Amy: Ehm, that's great Roxie, but we can't come, we have to work--
Roxie: Listen to me, the party is on the Big Mighty Yacht! It means the scene is gonna be compromised!
Amy: WHAT?! We can't let that happen, <Name>! The victim spent a lot of time there, we might lose vital clues! We may never find Valerie's killer!

Chapter 3

Amy Young: What do you mean, Roxie, they're going to hold a party on one of our crime scenes?!
Roxie: Yes! And believe me, that kind of party can go wild VERY fast!
Amy: But <Rank> <Name>'s not done with the investigation into Valerie's murder! All those partying people might compromise vital clues!
Amy: You're right, <Rank> <Name>, we can't let that happen! We have to stop them before they destroy some precious evidence! Let's go back to the Big Mighty Yacht!

Investigate Party Bar.
Amy: How lucky, nothing has been touched yet! I'm so happy you managed to find some new clues on the yacht, <Name>!
Amy: You're right, this paper looks like a letter! But a glass must have been spilled on it, the words have faded! Can you take a look at it?
Amy: And you really think there's something strange with that ice maker? It's one of those maximum security models, with a code to open it... You're right, there's a note on it!
Amy: "Hope you like it"?! It's from Leah! But why would she send a gift to the same people she's accusing of destroying the coral?!
Amy: We need to enter the code to open it, how does it work? I'm sure you can open it <Name>, I trust you!

Examine Faded Message.
Amy: The letter you found on the yacht is from Mighty Pete to his lawyers! "I want everything back, Valerie can't just leave me!
Amy: So Mighty Pete didn't leave Valerie, Valerie left him and he didn't accept it!
Amy: You're right, <Rank> <Name>, he must have tried to get back everything he ever gifted Valerie!
Amy: It's time to get an explanation from Mighty Pete! I'm right behind you, <Name>!

Ask Mighty Pete about the letter to his lawyers.
Amy: Mighty Pete, you told us that you left Valerie, but it's not true, she left you! Why did you lie to us about your break-up with her?
Mighty Pete: I gave her everything! I gave her diamonds and designer dresses, I even told her the stories of my youth, scuba diving in the Riviera! And she dares to leave me?!
Mighty Pete: When I asked her how she could ever leave me, she said she just wanted my money, to get as much as she could before leaving me. How dare she?!
Amy: How can you be so selfish?! You intended to leave her, and you get angry because she wanted to do the same?!
Mighty Pete: You do not steal from me. What she did was theft, pure and simple! She took everything she could, the only thing she left me was my hand cream bottles!
Mighty Pete: Selfish people like Valerie, they always end up getting what's coming to them. You can't use people at will without paying the price.

Examine Locked Ice Maker.
Amy: Oh great, you managed to open the ice maker! And it's overflowing with ice cubes!
Amy: Everything seems normal, but you're right, we know Leah is capable of anything! We'd better collect some of those ice cubes!

Examine Ice Cubes.
Amy: Great job taking some of those ice cubes from the machine Leah sent! You're right, it looks like there's pills inside them... Let's send them to Yann for analysis!

Analyze Ice Cubes.
Yann: I took a look at the ice cubes you found in the ice maker, and more particularly at the pills inside them! After examination, I can tell you they are LaxaFast!
Amy: Oh, LaxaFast! You've seen the commercial, <Name>? "Nothing lasts with LaxaFast"! It's a popular brand of laxatives! But why would they be in those ice cubes?
Amy: Wait a minute, Leah sent those cubes to Mighty Pete! So that must mean...
Amy: She wanted to make everyone at the party sick with LaxaFast! You're right, <Rank> <Name>, it's time to talk to Leah!

Ask Leah about the Laxatives.
Amy: I can understand getting quite passionate about a noble cause, but intoxicating people with laxatives is a line no one should cross, Leah! What were you trying to accomplish?
Leah: I had no other choice! No one listens to me, so I thought, if they're stuck on the toilet, they can't destroy the coral!
Amy: That... actually makes a lot of sense. Although when you think about it, all the waste they'd flush down the toilet would end up in the ocean...
Leah: NO! It's hopeless! I can't do anything right, I can't help the coral! I know I shouldn't plan my actions while drinking champagne, it always backfires!
Leah: I just want to make a difference, to preserve the beauty of the coral. No one seems to care! Why doesn't anybody care about the beauty of Nature?

Later, at the Police Station...
Amy: This investigation is getting more difficult as time passes! I don't know what else we can do, but I have to take example from you <Name>, and persevere!
Amy: What would you do in such a situation, <Name>? No no, don't tell me, I have to see if my training is paying off!
Amy: I think... You would try and get a better grip of the victim's personality! And to do that, you would take another look at the scuba diving shop, since Valerie spent a lot of time there!
Amy: I'm right? Oh, I'm so happy, <Name>, I'm beginning to memorize your methods! Maybe one day I'll be able to use them on my own! Let's go to the scuba diving shop!

Investigate Shop Counter.
Amy: You found Valerie's bag in the scuba diving shop, <Name>? Great job, I'm sure we'll find something in it!
Amy: Oh, and while you were searching the scene, Mike Herbert asked me if he could talk to you about Valerie. I agreed, I hope you don't mind.
Amy: We still have a lot of work ahead of us, <Name>, but we're going to find Valerie's killer soon, I can feel it!

Listen to what Mike has to say about the victim.
Mike: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, thank you for accepting to talk to me. I didn't want you to finish your investigation with the wrong opinion on Valerie.
Mike: I know she may seem like a backstabber, or a gold-digger, but it's not true! I said that in the heat of the moment!
Mike: Valerie has lived in Pacific Bay all her life. She wanted to go away, and she needed a lot of money to do it! That's why she dated Pete!
Mike: Anyway, our relationship had been on the rocks for months now. I refused to listen to her, we ended up fighting over everything!
Mike: I even started drinking champagne to forget it. I didn't treat her as well as I should have. So the last thing I can do for her is to help you catch her killer!
Mike: You have no idea how mad Roger was when Valerie revealed the location of the coral! I'm sure he has something to do with her death. He was the only person Valerie trusted with her dives...
Amy: You're right, <Name>, we have to talk to Roger once again, he may have omitted some things. Thank you for your cooperation, Mike.

Talk to Roger about his anger towards Valerie.
Amy: Roger, Mike Herbert seems to be suspicious of your involvement in Valerie's death. He says her disclosure of the coral spot made you mad with anger.
Roger: Of course it did, she destroyed my job! But I would never kill her, that's ridiculous! I need a glass of champagne, I'm gonna need all the strength I can have.
Roger: The kid was eager to leave town and see the world. I understand that perfectly, I even gave her some advice! I'm the one who told her to mingle with the party scene!
Roger: Pretty as Valerie was, I knew she was gonna get enough money to fly away. But I never thought she would just betray me at the first occasion!
Roger: Under the sea, trust is everything. A second of inattention from your partner, and you may drown! So yes, I'm pissed Valerie betrayed me. But I never wanted her dead!
Roger: There, take this. It's the tool box Valerie used to repair her diving equipment. Maybe it can help you find her killer. I hope you do.
Amy: <Rank> <Name> will look at it with the uttermost care! Just tell me if you need me, <Name>, I'll be right beside you!

Examine Valerie's Bag.
Amy: Great job looking through Valerie's bag, <Name>! Let's take a look at the card you found inside, it must be an important clue!
Amy: "Your next dive will be the last!"? Oh God, it's a death threat! It must have been sent to her by the killer!
Amy: And yet, Valerie went to the coral anyway... Did she even read that letter beforehand?!
Amy: You're right, <Name>, the envelope may have been sealed with saliva, we have to collect some of the substance to identify our killer!

Examine Threatening Note.
Amy: Great job collecting the saliva from the envelope containing Valerie's death threat, <Name>! Let's send this sample to Yann for analysis!

Analyze Saliva.
Yann: The saliva you found on the envelope from you're victim's bag was very badly damaged. All kind of bacteria and dust had corrupted it!
Amy: Does it mean you couldn't analyze it, Yann?
Yann: Of course not! It just took me a little more time than anticipated, even if I still managed to help my daughter with her dress rehearsal.
Yann: But I also managed to find a strand of DNA clean enough to discover that your killer is male!
Amy: Great job, Yann! Can you imagine it, <Rank> <Name>, we're really getting close to our killer!

Examine Victim's Toolbox.
Amy: Great job searching Valerie's toolbox, <Name>! I'm sure this twisted screwdriver will give us the clue we need to catch the killer! Let's send it to Yann for analysis!

Analyze Screwdriver.
Yann: Did you really find this screwdriver inside the victim's tool box, <Name>? Because it was definitely used to sabotage your victim's equipment!
Yann: I found particles of metal on the screwdriver, different kinds in fact! First there were metal particles from the scuba diving tanks...
Yann: But I also found particles coming from pure gold, and more precisely from the kind used in common gold chains! Since your victim was wearing a wetsuit...
Yann: My theory is that your killer must have scratched the screwdriver against the jewelry while he was sabotaging your victim's tanks!
Amy: Great job, Yann! It means our killer wears a gold chain! We're really getting closer, I need to stay on the lookout!

After completing all tasks...
Amy: That's it, <Name>, we can finally bring Valerie's murderer to justice! It's time for all your great work to pay off!

Take care of the killer now!
Amy: <Rank> <Name> has finally caught you, Mighty Pete! But why? Why did you murder Valerie?
Mighty Pete: She HUMILIATED me! I dispose of people as I see fit, I'm the king of my party kingdom, no one is allowed to leave without my consent!
Mighty Pete: When Valerie arrived, she just looked like an easy target. A little toy to play with until a bigger fish came along, a beautiful plant by my arm!
Mighty Pete: But she played hard to get! I had to give her bigger and bigger gifts to please her, and just when I thought I had her under my control, she wants to leave?! SHE USED ME!
Mighty Pete: So when she talked of her scuba diving, it gave me the perfect opportunity! I sabotaged her equipment with her own screwdriver, so the gauges would stay on full!
Mighty Pete: She drowned in the depths of the ocean. No one humiliates Mighty Pete. She tried, and she paid the price!
Amy: We'll see if standing in trial doesn't humiliate you, Mighty Pete. You're under arrest.

Honorable Dante: Mister Mighty Pete, you're judged today for the murder of Valerie Green. What do you have to say for your defense?
Mighty Pete: She had what she deserved. You don't leave Mighty Pete, it's Mighty Pete that leaves you!
Honorable Dante: Yes, yes, you've said that several times already. You do realize talking about yourself in the third person is not helping your case, right?
Honorable Dante: See, it's written there! "Everyone caught speaking of themselves in the third person will be sentenced to a prison sentence!"
Mighty Pete: Mighty Pete answers only if it suits him!
Honorable Dante: That's it! Mister Mighty Pete, you're sentenced to 15 years in prison! Oh, and yes, add 30 years to that for the murder of that poor Valerie Green. Court dismissed!

Amy: Mighty Pete is so self-centered, he couldn't accept that someone could use him the way he used other people. His pride was hurt so badly he couldn't let her get away with it!
Amy: I can't help but sympathize with Valerie. She was ruthless, she betrayed everyone around her, but she just wanted to see the world! She didn't deserve to die for that.
Amy: Oh but you're right, <Rank> <Name>, no one deserves to die, and it's our job to stop the murderers! No crime is gonna stay unpunished now that you're in Pacific Bay, I know it!

Additional Investigation

Yann Toussaint: Hey, <Name>! You've been here a while now, and we still haven't had the time to talk properly!
Yann: So, I was thinking... Since you seem to like diving... We could go explore the Coral Reef!
Amy: That's a great idea, <Rank> <Name>! Yann's quite an expert when it comes to underwater life, you'll have a great time, I'm sure!
Amy: I would have liked to come but my last diving session was quite surprising... the bad way.
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, the party girl you interrogated, Angie Cortez, is here. She looks pretty upset and asks for you.
Chief Marquez: I'll let you guys take care of this, the District Attorney needs me on the phone and I'm late already.
Amy: Okay, <Rank> <Name>, let's see what Angie wants exactly.
Yann: As for me, I'll be waiting by the Coral Reef. I'm burning to see the wonders of the sea depths again!

See what Angie wants to tell you.
Angie: <Rank> <Name>! I was walking by the yacht, to reminisce about all the great times I had there...
Angie: And I saw some weirdo sneaking about, so I thought you should know, since you're like, the police and all...
Angie: I was planning to host parties there, and I don't want that weirdo to scare people away from the place!
Amy: Huh... Okay... Do you have any information about that "weirdo" you're talking about?
Angie: No, and I actually don't care! I want that person gone! I want to party!
Amy: Alright... We'll see what we can do.
Amy: Yes, <Rank> <Name>, nobody's supposed to be at the yacht, let's see what's going on there.

Investigate Party Yacht.
Amy: You're right, <Rank> <Name>, this barrel looks suspicious...
Amy: It seems that there is some text on it... I'm sure you can recover the faded parts and find out what it reads! Let's go!

Examine Barrel.
Amy: Oh my God! The barrel you found on the yacht is a barrel of toxic waste?! It definitely doesn't look good at all!
Amy: You're right <Rank> <Name>, we should make sure about the toxicity of the barrel. Let's take a sample... being cautious not to touch the liquid of course!

Examine Toxic Waste Barrel.
Amy: Great, <Rank> <Name>! Now we have a sample of the liquid contained in the barrel you found at the yacht!
Amy: The sooner we send it for analysis, the sooner we'll know what the barrel contains.

Analyze Unidentified Chemical Product.
Yann: <Name>! I analyzed the content of the barrel, and... Well, I'm pretty sure that's not really what you expected...
Yann: Your barrel actually contained rum, mixed with cranberry and curacao, which explains the purple color. So, basically, it's just a purple cosmopolitan cocktail!
Amy: That... That is weird! A cocktail in a toxic waste barrel? Why?! Who would do such a thing?
Amy: Yes, that's right, <Rank> <Name>, this almost sounds like something Leah would do... minus the LaxaFast! Let's call her to the station.

Ask Leah about the barrel.
Amy: Leah, <Rank> <Name> has found a toxic waste barrel used as a cocktail basin on the yacht, and we were wondering if you had anything to do with it...
Leah: I see how you could have misunderstood the whole thing... Actually, I rented the yacht to host a gala for the World Coral Foundation.
Leah: Sometimes, taking radical action is not the best solution. I bet people will be more receptive to a charity gala rather than a fake bomb...
Leah: And the toxic waste barrels filled with cocktails fit the theme pretty well! By the way, taste the "toxic algae" burgers, they're terrific!
(After talking to Leah Davies)
Amy: Wow, <Rank> <Name>, I didn't expect that!
Amy: I'm actually pretty glad Leah is not using extreme ways to reach her goals. A gala is a pretty nice idea!
Angie: <Rank> <Name>! Any news about the yacht? Parties can't stop, I got a reputation to keep!

Tell Angie about Leah and the Yacht.
Angie: So... Any news about the yacht and that weirdo?
Amy: Well, Angie, actually, the person you saw was just setting up for a charity gala for the World Coral Foundation, and-
Angie: A gala? That's like, a super posh party, right? Oh my God, I have to get on that invitation list!
Angie: I thought Mighty Pete's arrest meant the yacht would be closed or whatever... Anyway, that's great news guys! Here is some cash so you can easily get VIP entries for next events!

Investigate Underwater Coral.
(Before investigating Underwater Coral)
Yann: I can't wait, <Name>! It's been a while since last time I went diving! It was in Thailand, I had the chance to see a whale shark, and I have to say that was a pretty amazing experience.
Yann: I remember Pacific Bay's depths are full of wonders...
Yann: If anytime you see something rare or uncommon, let me know <Name>! Alright, ready? Let's go!
(After investigating Underwater Coral)
Yann: You found a fishing net? But this part is off-limits to the fishing boats! Good thing you brought it up, it could have damaged the coral.
Yann: These waters seem to get more and more disturbed by human activity...
Yann: Yes, you're right, <Name>, it seems that there's something moving in the net! Let's have a look!

Examine Fishing Net.
Yann: I can't believe it, <Name>! You found what looks like a mantis shrimp in the fishing net you took away from the Coral Reef.
Yann: But I don't remember such a species being spotted here... And I know the reef quite well...
Yann: If you don't mind, <Name>, I'd look to do some researches on this specimen you found. Its colors are uncommon, it might be some new species!

Analyze Unknown Shrimp.
Yann: <Name>, I didn't find species matching this mantis shrimp you found at the Coral Reef. So I called the Pacific Bay Oceanography Institute, and...
Yann: This species has not been classified yet! You've discovered a new shrimp, <Name>! How do you want to call it?
Lily: Rainbow Star! Let's call him Rainbow Star!
Yann: <Name>, here's my daughter, Lily! I picked her up from school, and I thought she'd like to see the mantis shrimp. Say hello, Lily!
Lily: Hello, <Rank> <Name>!
Lily: So, how do we call the shrimp, Daddy?
Yann: "Rainbow Star" sounds good you say, <Name>? Alright!
Yann: You're right, let's put it back in its natural habitat. This little guy belongs there, not in my lab's analysis pool.

Later, on the boat...
Lily: Do we have to put Rainbow Star back in the water, dad? I would like to keep him! I love his colors!
Yann: Yes, we have to, Lily. Remember what I told you last time?
Lily: Any living thing has the right to be free!
Lily: OK, bye bye, little shrimp, I'll miss you!
Yann: Here it goes! Oh, sorry sir, I didn't mean for the shrimp to land on your head!
Roger: No problem, I was just coming up from my dive. Hello again, <Rank> <Name>! If you have a second, I'd love a word with you.

See what Roger is up to.
Roger: <Rank> <Name>! This beautiful animal you released in the water really caught my attention. What is it?
Yann: It's a "Rainbow Star" shrimp. It's a new species actually. <Rank> <Name> is the lucky one who found it! It's a very rare animal, and their number is still to be determined.
Roger: That's a beautiful creature! I thought my underwater photographing days were over... But I see that there are creatures down there as colorful as coral.
Roger: Do you think I can find some other rare things like this beauty in the area?
Yann: Oh yeah, for sure, there are plenty! There are very colorful varieties of octopuses for example. I'm sure it would make great pictures!
Roger: Then my business is saved! Thanks for the tip, <Rank> <Name>. And I know just how to thank you: here's the latest pro diving outfit that was released, I'm sure it'll fit you perfectly!
Roger: Oh, and I found this weird old hat not far, and I really don't know what to do with it...It's yours!