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Frank Knight (excitedly): Hey there, <Name>! Remember Horace Foster from our last case? The movie producer we suspected of killing that Glass Princess actress?
Frank (winking): He gave us passes to Abitbol & Sons Studios to see how a movie is made! His latest production is a Western, "The Ornery Die Last"!
Frank (fantasizing): I really love Westerns! I grew up on them! The world is so simple in that type of movie. You know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are...
Frank (excitedly): So what do you say, <Name>? Ready to head into the Wild West?

Chapter 1

Investigate Western Movie.
Frank Knight (shocked): I cannot believe this! Horace Foster has been dismembered!
Frank (nauseated): Who could have done this to him? Roxie's gonna have a field day with this...
Frank: At least you found the victim's briefcase, there's "Horace" written on it. Go ahead, I know you're just dying to dig in!
Frank (confused): But what's with this torn up photo? Was it used in the movie or something? You'll piece it back together as always, I'm sure.
Frank (sadly): There goes our chance at showbiz, huh? Back to the dirtbag world of murder...

Examine Victim's Briefcase.
Frank: Alright, so you found a bunch of playing cards in the victim's briefcase. I'm not sure what you're trying to prove with this, <Name>. That our victim was a player?
Frank: You think these cards didn't belong to the victim? Honestly sometimes I think you're just bluffing.
Frank: Alright, alright! We'll send these cards to "Boy Wonder" Russell and see what he says!

Analyze Playing Cards.
Russell (excitedly): Hi, <Name>! Way to go finding those playing cards in the victim's briefcase!
Russell (reading his book): The four cards you found signify the "Dead Man's Hand". They're what the infamous gunfighter "Wild Bill" Hitchcock was holding when he was shot during a poker game in 1876.
Russell (puts book away): These cards are often used in Westerns to foreshadow death. However, there's no trace of this type of foreshadowing in "The Ornery Die Last"'s script.
Russell (biting his glasses): That said, poker players get a chill down their spines when this configuration comes up...
Frank: Why the heck would anyone walk around with these four cards in their briefcase?!
Russell (puts glasses away): Exactly... Given the victim's current state, these cards had to have been a message from the killer. And that killer knows their poker...
Frank (grinning): So whoever killed Horace Foster plays poker? Here's hoping we get a full house of suspects, <Name>!

Examine Torn Photo.
Frank (excitedly): You're outdoing yourself already, <Name>! C'mon don't you know who the woman on this picture is?! She's a Mexican wrestler -- that's why she has the mask!
Frank (in love): Luz Lucha is also known as La Calavera. That's Spanish for skull... Her aerial wrestling style is amazing!
Frank (blushing): So I watch a little wrestling now and again! It's not a crime! I love wrestling and Luz Lucha in particular...
Frank (shocked): Anyway! Back to the photo! Well spotted, <Name>! It looks like an autograph to Horace Foster! Luz Lucha called him her "biggest fan".
Frank (laughing): Horace probably was her biggest fan... literally!
Frank (innocently): Sorry, <Name>! I'll get my head in the game. If Ms Lucha knew our victim, we need to talk to her.

Ask Luz Lucha about her autograph to the victim.
Luz (grinning): Hey, handsome! Want me to sign something for you?
Frank (blushing): With pleasure, Ms Lucha! My name is Frank. F-R-A-N-K...
Frank (nervously): Sorry, <Rank> <Name>! Ms Lucha, we want to ask you about the autograph you signed for Horace Foster. We found it near his body. As in, dead body.
Luz (shocked): Horace was murdered?!
Frank (skeptically): Yes, we've never heard of anyone dismembering themselves... How did you meet him? Were you working on the Western doing stunts or something?
Luz (fantasizing): No, hombre. We met at a restaurant. Horace came over to my table and said he was a fan of mine... that he loved Mexican wrestling.
Luz: He said he wanted to develop a film project for me. But I guess that will never happen now...
(After talking to Luz Lucha)
Frank (in love): Even though she's a wrestler, I just don't see Luz Lucha going after Horace Foster... Besides, she said he was her fan!
Frank: But you're right, <Name>. We don't know all that much about our victim... His address is on file. What do you say to looking around his mansion?

Investigate Victim's Home.
Frank (pumping his fist): Did our victim have class or what? I mean, look at that cowboy statue! It's HUGE!
Frank (saluting, nervously): I know... We have a job to do. Well, what have you found then?
Frank: A safe, huh? You can learn a lot about our victim by what they choose to stash away. No doubt you can crack the code!
Frank: You also found an accounting document addressed to the victim from Abitbol & Sons Studios? Be still my beating heart!
Frank: Okay, okay... Point taken! Something was written on it, but it's faded. Have at it, <Name>. You'll uncover all the information we need, I'm sure...

Examine Victim's Safe.
Frank (shocked): Wow! That's some fancy jewelry you found in the victim's safe!
Frank: But wouldn't Horace Foster have more in his safe than this jewelry? Plus it looks like a unique place... And unique jewelry usually has a unique story to go with it.
Frank: Good call, <Name>! You can run the jewelry against the register and find out more about it.

Examine Jewelry.
Frank: That jewelry you found in Horace's safe is registered to a certain Eva Grant?
Frank (excitedly): The file says she's an actress. Her most recent job is listed as the female lead in Horace's latest production!
Frank (winking): I don't know about you, <Name>, but I'd sure like to know what her jewelry was doing at the victim's house! Let's go have a chat with Ms Grant.

Talk to Eva Grant about her jewelry.
Eva (sadly): Horace gave that pendant to me for my 22nd birthday...
Eva: Horace was always rescuing strays and I was one of them... When he discovered me, I was sleeping in my car! He gave me a new life!
Eva (cheerfully): He was like a father to me. He even gave me the lead female role in his latest production!
Frank (skeptically): Excuse me for interrupting your eulogy, but if Horace gave YOU the pendant, why was it in HIS safe?
Eva (holding her coffee, nervously): The pendant fell off at a party and I spent hours looking for it. When I found it, I decided it would be safer in Horace's care...
Eva (puts coffee down, crying): Oh poor Horace! How can the show go on without him?!

Examine Faded Paper.
Frank (grinning): So who sent that accounting document we found at the victim's mansion? You don't know? Don't worry, <Name>, there's a first time for everything!
Frank: Oh wait... You don't know because no one signed it! But you did find a message: "Horace Foster, you're in big trouble"...
Frank (excitedly): Horace must have done something really bad to tick off an accountant... Let's get this to Hannah. I bet she can track down who sent the message!

Analyze Accountant's Letter.
Hannah (grinning): So Frank, were you afraid of the big bad accountants?
Frank: I never have done well with people who manage money...
Hannah: I had a look at the victim's accounts and noticed that he was transferring money into his personal accounts... from an account assigned to Abitbol & Sons Studios!
Frank: So now we know what the "You're in big trouble" refers to. But did you figure out who sent the message to our victim?
Hannah (winking): Of course. Leo Brooks is the head accountant at the studio and he was responsible for the budget of Horace's film!
Frank (grinning): We're on the same track, <Name>. Let's go talk to this Leo guy!

Ask Leo Brooks about his threat to the victim.
Leo: How can I say this <Rank> <Name>? Horace Forster was always... problematic about understanding the studio's budgetary constraints.
Leo: He was spending the studio's money on things that were totally unrelated to his film! Renting a 130-foot party yacht comes to mind...
Frank: So you threatened him. What exactly did you mean by "big trouble", Mr Brooks?
Leo (shocked): Money going "missing" is big enough trouble on its own! That message was just my way of warning Horace to halt his expenditures!
Leo (holding a handkerchief on his head): I'm in charge of his budget for "The Ornery Die Last" and it's my job on the line when the studio executives start looking for someone to blame!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie (winking): I can tell you guys are champing at the bit for more information, but you need to rein in your enthusiasm...
Roxie (excitedly): Sorry about the horsing around, <Name>, but your movie producer was ripped apart by horses!
Roxie: This qualifies as the most unconventional murder weapon I've ever come across!
Frank (uneasily): Do you mean Horace Foster was still alive when it happened?!
Roxie (sadly): Unfortunately, yes. But he was drugged. The toxicology report showed both whiskey and ketamine in his system... The killer wanted Mr Foster really drowsy in order to tie him up.
Roxie (grinning): In addition, there was bruising shaped like shoe prints along the victim's ribs and they show that the killer wears cowboy boots!
Frank: That's really going to narrow down the pool of suspects on a Western movie set, Roxie. Thanks...
Frank (saluting, nervously): You're absolutely right, <Name>! A killer who wears cowboy boots IS evidence and needs to be treated as such!

Later, at the studio...
Frank (excitedly): Thanks for being willing to recap at the studio, <Name>! Gives me a thrill to pretend I'm in a Western!
Frank (uneasily): But the murder we're solving is downright medieval! I'm still having a hard time believing someone tied Horace Foster to horses and quartered him!
Frank: So far, Leo Brooks is the only suspect we've met who seems upset enough at Horace to have him killed... He said his job was at stake due to Horace's spending...
Frank (in love): I don't believe for a second that Luz Lucha would have done it. She said Horace was a big fan of hers!
Frank: I'm more suspicious of Eva Grant. She said he was like a father to her, but I seriously doubt he thought of her as a daughter considering the jewelry he gave her...
Frank (shocked): What the heck was that?! A good ol' Western brawl?!

Chapter 2

Frank Knight (excitedly): I still can't believe we're investigating a murder on a Western movie set, <Name>. It's like a dream come true! Minus the horrible murder, of course.
Frank: So anyway, what's our next step into figuring out who killed movie producer Horace Foster by quartering him with horses? Should w-
Frank (shocked): What the heck was that, <Name>?! It came from the center of the studio lots... Let's go see what's going on!

A few meters away...
Tex (shouting): Damn roach coach did it again! This food truck ought to be condemned! I'm gonna call the dang health inspector!
Frank (amused): Simmer down, hoss! What's the problem? Did they run out of chile con carne?
Tex (sweating): Everybody around this studio would be better off if they did! I have never been so sick in my life!
Frank: Well, busting the place won't help any! Say, your shirt says you're a member of the animal staff. What exactly do you do?
Tex (holding whip): These days, I'm in charge of all the horses for "The Ornery Die Last".
Frank (shocked): All the horses for Horace's final film? Even the horses used to rip him apart?
Frank (grinning): You know what you sound like to me, Tex? A prime suspect! <Rank> <Name> has some questions for you!
Frank (happily): And you're right, <Name>! Since the food truck is right by the movie set, we should look around for more clues!

Talk to Tex Houlihan about his work with horses.
Frank: So you were in charge of the horses for Horace Foster's final film?
Tex (holding whip, grinning): Final's the word for it alright...
Frank (skeptically): Given that Horace was ripped apart by horses, you can imagine how this doesn't look great for you...
Tex (puts down whip, shocked): You think I could have killed Horace Foster? Why on earth would I have done that?
Tex (holding whip): Horace was more than my poker buddy, he was the only guy in Ivywood who still believed in the Western genre!
Tex (puts down whip, shouting): I'd rather sell my favorite cowboy boots than hurt that old cuss! If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have a job!

Investigate Food Truck.
Frank (fantasizing): Did you find anything at the food truck other than chips and cookies, <Name>? Slim pickings, huh?
Frank (grinning): Well, that prop crate doesn't seem so weird. We are at a movie studio after all. But go for it, rummage through the crate if you think it's worth it.
Frank: And I'll get this torn paper to the recycling bin for you, <Name>...
Frank: What, you actually want to piece together that paper? Alright, be my guest!

Examine Props Crate.
Frank (uneasily): You found those bloody gloves in that prop crate near the food truck? How unhygienic...
Frank: By all means, we've got to get these gloves to Yann quickly! Before we catch a disease from them...

Analyze Work Gloves.
Yann (excitedly): Hello again, <Name>! You're going to love this! The work gloves you found near the food truck told quite a tale!
Yann: First off, I was able to determine that the blood on the gloves was from the victim...
Frank (shocked): So the killer was wearing these gloves when they committed the murder!
Yann (grinning): That's right. And I found other substances on the gloves: salt, lime juice and... tequila!
Frank (grinning): So the killer drinks tequila? I guess murder does work up a thirst in some people!

A few minutes later...
Frank: So what have we got so far, <Name>? A killer who plays poker and drinks tequila... If they hadn't killed Horace, we could be friends!
Chief Marquez (hands on her hips): <Rank> <Name>, we got a call from Horace Foster's estate!
Chief Marquez: They want to start auctioning the victim's items from his mansion while his death is still fresh in people's minds.
Chief Marquez (pointing her finger): But clues could be hiding in that paraphernalia, so you need to get over to Horace's mansion right away!
Frank (pumping his fist): Great! Maybe I can bid on something and add some class to my apartment! Let's go to the mansion, <Name>!

Investigate Coffee Table.
Frank (happily): Good job at holding the collectors at bay while looking for clues, <Name>! What did you find?
Frank: This is a weird looking bottle and the label is completely faded. Probably never held booze, so what's the big deal?
Frank (nervously): Of course, <Name>! If it counts as a clue for you, it counts for me! Whatever it is, you'll uncover the truth soon enough!
Frank: And you're right, <Name>. That case could be holding any number of clues...
Frank (grinning): Knowing your talents, that case will be open in seconds. Don't let me stop you...

Examine Blue Bottle.
Frank: So what does the label on that odd bottle say? "Looking forward to working with you!" Well, that seems nice enough...
Frank (in disbelief): There's no signature? You're right, <Name>! There's just that weird symbol...
Frank: I hate to suggest it, but there's only one person on the force who will know exactly what this symbol means. Let's take it to Russell...

Analyze Bottle Label.
Russell (biting his glasses): Hey, <Name>. The bottle you brought me from Horace's mansion was very interesting, its label even moreso...
Russell (puts glasses away): I am familiar with this symbol... The image is from the infamous Ivywood cult, the Utopians.
Russell: The cult promises eternal life and endless fame... for a fee. It's becoming increasingly popular among celebrities.
Russell: The bottle itself held a so-called elixir that the Utopians offer their faithful. Of course, it does nothing at all.
Frank: I find it hard to believe that a guy like Horace would be in cahoots with some kind of kooky cult...
Russell (grinning): Anything's possible in Ivywood, Frank. If you want to know for sure if Horace was among the faithful, you can ask the star of "The Ornery Die Last", Brett Nolan.
Russell (winking): When Nolan isn't plugging a movie, he's the semi-official posterboy for the Utopians. I would suggest that you speak to him.

Ask Brett Nolan about the Utopian Bottle.
Frank: We want to ask you about Horace Foster, Mr Nolan. <Rank> <Name> found a bottle with a Utopian symbol on it at he victim's mansion.
Brett (shocked): The elixir! YES! I gave him some. I wasn't supposed to, but I wanted to prove to him that we were friends to the end!
Brett (tipping his hat, winking): Working with Horace Foster was a dream come true, <Rank> <Name>! He was a living legend!
Brett: He gave everybody on the set theme gifts like spurs and tequila. I have to say, the tequila was top shelf... just like Horace himself!
Brett (sadly): I can't believe he's gone. I keep expecting him to walk back onto the set at any moment...
Brett: But once all the people of the world join the Utopian faithful, the living and the dead will be reunited!
Brett (tipping his hat, winking): Horace WILL return one day, and I won't take off these cowboy boots until he does!

Examine Victim's Case.
Frank (pumping his fist): Wow, <Name>! You got the case open in no time at all! Look at all this memorabilia!
Frank (winking): But you're bound to find the one item that doesn't belong with the rest... Let me know if you see anything cool I can bid on later.

Examine Movie Memorabilia.
Frank: Did you discover anything useful in all that movie stuff? A letter, huh? It reads: "Leo, Cook the books or you're done in this town!" And it's signed by our victim!
Frank: You're right, we also know who "Leo" is. The victim was asking the studio's head accountant to falsify his accounts...
Frank: So Leo was angry at Horace for spending too much money, and in return Horace threatened to ruin Leo's career...
Frank: Could Horace's threat have pushed Leo over the edge? You're right, <Name>! Let's have another chat with him!

Question Leo about Horace's blackmail letter.
Leo (shocked): Yes, Horace threatened to have me fired from the studio if I didn't lie about his spending to the studio execs!
Leo (holding a handkerchief on his head): Ivywood is a small town, <Rank> <Name>. If I got fired from Abitbol & Sons Studios, I'd never get hired anywhere else...
Leo (angrily): So I went to Horace's mansion to confront him. But Horace always preferred to play poker than talk about serious subjects!
Leo (shouting): It took a lot of tequila to work up the courage, but I did wad up that letter. Then I stomped on it with my cowboy boots!
Leo (holding a handkerchief on his head): But that's as far as it went, <Rank> <Name>! Horace deserved a punch in the nose, but I'd never kill the man!

Examine Torn Paper.
Frank (pumping his fist): Whoa! That torn paper from the food truck turned out to be Luz Lucha doing a Camel Clutch! That's a really painful wrestling move!
Frank (shocked): And you're right, <Name>! It looks like someone cut off Horace's head and glued it over Luz's opponent!
Frank: The message next to the image reads, "You are next!" Luz must have written this message as a threat!
Frank: But this image doesn't quite fit with that Luz told us before about Horace being her biggest fan...
Frank: You're right, <Name>. We better meet up with Luz for a little discussion.

Question Luz about her threat to the victim.
Frank: Ms Lucha, <Rank> <Name> and I wanted to ask you about this... collage we found of you and Horace Foster. What was this about?
Luz (innocently): Oh please, it was a harmless threat... I was just trying to scare Horace into paying me what he owed me!
Luz: He invited me to play poker at his mansion, and I had a serious case of beginner's luck!
Luz (grinning): I won $250,000 off him and a pair of his custom cowboy boots! But he was such a sore loser!
Luz (angrily): I walked out of the game wearing the boots, but Horace wouldn't pay up for the rest! That's why I sent him this collage!
Luz (shouting): For me, it's a question of ethics. In wrestling and in life: if you lose, you pay!

Later, at the food truck...
Frank: Good idea to swing back by the food truck, <Name>. All this investigating made me hungry!
Frank: So what have we got so far... Foster bullied Leo to the point of blackmail. But did Leo have the strength to finish Horace?
Frank (grinning): And the victim owed Luz Lucha a lot of money... Horace was her biggest fan, but that collage she made shows the feeling wasn't mutual...
Frank (skeptically): And what about that Brett Nolan guy? That kid must drink some of that Utopian elixir every day to be that wacky...
Frank: I don't like cults anyway... Who knows what the followers might be led to do?
Eva (shocked): My career is finished! I'm done in Ivywood!
Frank: Miss Grant? Hold on, what's going on?
Eva (pointing a gun at her head, crying): My whole life is over! My dreams are dead! All because of Horace!
Frank (holding his gun, angrily): Hold it! Don't shoot yourself or I'll shoot you!
Frank (shocked): Uh... I didn't mean that! Just... put the gun down slowly, Ms Grant!

Chapter 3

Eva Grant (shocked): My career is finished! I'm done in Ivywood!
Eva (pointing a gun at her head, crying): My whole life is over! My dreams are dead! All because of Horace!
Frank (holing his gun, shocked): Drop that gun, Ms Grant! Any problem can be solved some other way. At least you haven't been ripped apart by horses like Horace!
Eva (worried): I wish I had been! My reputation's ruined! I can't go on!
Eva (holding a toy gun): What the?!
Frank (putting the gun away, sweating): Man, that was close! It was just a goofy prop gun!
Eva (putting the gun away, crying): Everything is so fake in Ivywood - even the guns!
Frank: Go sit over there and calm down, Ms Grant. <Rank> <Name> will be back to ask you a few questions...
Frank: And you're right, <Name>, we should take another look around the food truck... There has to be more around this studio that can lead us to Horace's killer!

Ask Eva about her diva meltdown.
Eva (tearing up): I can't believe I lost my movie star life in the blink of an eye...
Frank: Hey, it can't be as bad as all that. What did you mean when you said your life was over because of Horace?
Eva (angrily): I just found out the studios agreed with Horace's plan to write me out of the script!
Frank (shocked): Wait a minute! Horace wanted you gone from the film and you knew about it? So this nice girl stuff was just an act?!
Eva (grinning): Acting is my craft and trade... Of course I knew he wanted me gone, but I thought the studios might keep me around...
Eva (shouting): I can't believe I slept with that pig for nothing!
Eva (holding her coffee): I guess there's a silver lining... At least I finally get to take off these damn cowboy boots!
Eva (grinning): And tonight I am going to do one last round of tequila shots with the film crew!
Eva (puts down her coffee, sadly): After that, I'm leaving Ivywood behind! Maybe someday it will all seem like a bad dream...
Frank: I wouldn't make any travel plans if I were you, Ms Grant. You've got one killer motive!

Investigate Truck Counter.
Frank (grinning): Looks like you found some hefty clues around the food truck, <Name>! Such as... a horseshoe! It's not bringing a lot of good luck around here...
Frank: Considering the way the victim died, we better take a closer look at this horseshoe, I agree. There's something engraved on it, but it's illegible!
Frank: If you can decode the information, <Name>, we can figure out where the horseshoe came from!
Frank: And you found... chunks of metal? Congratulations on your new scrap collection, <Name>! How much do you think you'll get for it at the junk yard?
Frank: I'm sure you'll reassemble this in no time and we'll be that much closer to nabbing the killer! What are you waiting for?

Examine Horseshoe.
Frank: Did you manage to see what was engraved on the horseshoe you found at the food truck, <Name>? Just a string of numbers?
Frank: You called it, <Name>. Hannah can chase these digits down, but we better hurry! As the great John Wayne used to say, we're burning daylight!

Analyze Serial Number.
Hannah (excitedly): The serial number you found on the horseshoe stands for the stable number where the horse is kept and the set the horse is working on, <Name>!
Hannah: From that, I was able to determine that the horseshoe belonged to one of the horses used in Horace's film!
Hannah (shocked): But after a bit more digging, I also learned that the horses used for "The Ornery Die Last" are going to be sold off!
Frank (shocked): Sold off?! Good ol' Tex the horse wrangler neglected to mention this when we questioned him!
Frank: Tex is looking better and better for this murder... Let's go bust his chops, <Name>!

Talk to Tex about his horses being sold off.
Tex (holding whip, angrily): What in the Sam Hill do you want now, <Rank> <Name>? Can't I drink to the memory of my old pal?
Frank (grinning): Settle down, hoss. We have some questions about this horseshoe. The serial number says it belongs to one of the horses under your care.
Tex (puts down whip, shocked): Aw heck! That's Buttercup's horseshoe! I was wondering where it went!
Frank: <Rank> <Name> found it by the food truck. Were you trying to get rid of it after killing Horace? We know the horses were going to be sold off...
Tex (holding whip): Horace told me he was going to replace all the real horses in the movie with computer-generated horses. Said it would save him money!
Frank (confused): Computer-generated horses? What the heck does that even mean?
Tex (puts down whip, shocked): It means I'd be out of a job! Replace all the horses with horses drawn up on a computer and an ol' cuss like me has nothing to do!
Tex: Horace and I started out together in this business... He said he'd stand by me no matter what...
Tex (shouting): What the hell ever happened to loyalty?!
Tex (frightened): But I didn't kill good ol' Horace! I swear on my saddle!
Tex (holding whip, grinning): Now how's about drinkin' some tequila with me to toast Horace? I stole this bottle from that Mexican wrestler lady!
Frank: That's mighty tempting, Tex, but I'm on duty. Maybe we'll grab a drink some other time... when you're not a suspect in an active murder investigation.

Examine Broken Statue.
Frank (confused): So the chunks of metal you found at the food truck turned out to be a statue? What would this be doing there? And why was it broken?
Frank (shocked): Hey, you're right, <Name>. This statue is like a small version of the one Horace Foster had in his living room! It must belong to him!
Frank: And what's that weird drawing on it? You're right, <Name>! That's the Utopian symbol Russell told us about...
Frank (grinning): Good point, the last time we saw this symbol it was on a gift from Brett Nolan to the victim...
Frank (happily): We're on the same page again, <Name>! Time to reach out to Brett!

Question Brett about the Utopian Statue.
Frank (skeptically): Mr Nolan, <Rank> <Name> found this statue in pieces at the food truck. You sure offered Horace Foster a lot of gifts...
Brett (angrily): It wasn't a gift, it was an insult!
Brett: I'm sure <Rank> <Name> noticed that the symbol on the statue is upside-down...
Brett (shouting): That means Horace was an enemy of every Utopian!
Brett: The Utopian faithful had accepted to help finance Horace's movie, as long as we could provide the script.
Brett (grinning): Horace accepted the money during a poker night at his mansion...
Brett (shouting): But he didn't keep his word! He refused to use our script! So I gave him this statue to tell him that the Utopians considered him an enemy!
Brett (sadly): He said that he didn't care what the Utopians thought of him then he smashed the statue with a hammer.
Brett (nervously): But I would never KILL him or anyone! Utopians do not believe in violence!
Frank (grinning): Don't go on any long trips, Mr Nolan. We may be back sooner than you think...

Back at the station...
Frank: I know we don't have time to dwell, <Name>, but is Ivywood a weird place or what?
Frank: That Tex Houlihan still seems the most suspicious to me... He IS the animal wrangler and his best friend in the business was about to throw him out like garbage!
Frank (shocked): And Brett Nolan singled out Horace as an enemy of his church or whatever the heck it is!
Frank: We're so close, but you're right, <Name>... We're missing some crucial pieces of evidence to lock in on the killer.
Frank (pumping his fist, angrily): I agree, we'd better get back to the crime scene quickly before the clues blow away like tumbleweeds!

Investigate Movie Cart.
Frank: You want to look through a pile of rocks, <Name>? Sure, not like we were hurrying to find a killer or anything...
Frank (saluting, nervously): Of course, <Name>, you know best! Let's hunker down and search through those rocks!
Frank: And look at this fancy Western belt buckle! There's an H on one side of the skull and an F on the other... You're right, <Name>! H.F. probably stands for Horace Foster!
Frank: And there's blue goo on it. You need a sample, of course! Don't let me stand in the way!
Frank (pumping his fist, angrily): I just hope we catch the killer before they skip town... We better hurry!

Examine Pile of Rocks.
Frank (grinning): What did you find in the pile of rocks, partner?
Frank (excitedly): A bloody bit of rope... The victim's arms and legs were tied to horses with rope just like this, you're right!!
Frank (fantasizing): I bet the killer thought they had found the perfect hiding place... That'll teach them to underestimate you!
Frank (happily): And I see you have your collecting kit out, which means you've spotted some substance on that rope. Have at it, <Name>!

Examine Rope.
Frank: You found another liquid on that rope you found in the rocks, <Name>?
Frank (cracking his knuckles): What are you waiting for? Let's get that sample to the lab and get that much closer to the killer!

Analyze Yellow Liquid.
Yann: The sample you found on the rope mostly contained tequila...
Frank (impatiently): We already know the killer drinks tequila, Yann. We need something new!
Yann (grinning): If you'd let me finish, I was about to say that I was also able to isolate amplifiable mitochondrial DNA from a cow!
Frank (shouting): Yann, speak English! Time's a wastin'! Besides, the victim was tied to horses not cows!
Yann: That's what adds the twist, Frank. This type of cow DNA is all that's left after the tanning process to make leather!
Yann (happily): Which means the rope rubbed against something made of leather that the killer was wearing!
Frank (excitedly): So the killer wears leather! We're getting closer, <Name>! I can feel it!

Examine Victim's Belt Buckle.
Frank: Were you able to collect any of that goo from Horace Foster's belt buckle, <Name>?
Frank: Great! I hope Yann'll be able to find something quickly. The killer must know by now that you're getting closer!

Analyze Blue Gel.
Yann: The blue gel you collected from the belt buckle was medicinal, <Name>! But it contained one ingredient that set it apart: Allium cepa! Also known as the very common... onion!
Yann (happily): This bioflavanoid is exclusive to Scar-Away, a product used to reduce the appearance of scars.
Frank (rubbing his head): Great, so now we need to waste hours asking all our suspects if they use that product?! We don't have time for this!
Yann: Frank, just listen to <Name>! What this tells you is that you're looking for a killer with a very visible scar!
Frank (cracking his knuckles): A scarred killer? This is just the information we needed to zero in on the killer, <Name>! They'll be ours in no time!

After completing all tasks...
Frank (pointing at his watch): We have all the evidence we need, <Name>. We better giddy-up and arrest the killer before they ride off into the sunset!

Take care of the killer now!
Frank: Luz Lucha, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for the murder of Horace Foster! I hoped they were wrong, but all the evidence points to you...
Luz (innocently): Kill my biggest fan? Why would I kill such an Ivywood heavyweight?
Frank (grinning): It's true Horace Foster wasn't exactly in your weight class... That's why you had to stomp on him with your cowboy boots when you were tying him up!
Luz (angrily): Tying Horace up? I know I wear a mask, but I'm not some kind of pervert...
Frank (skeptically): Of course not! That's why you had to steady your nerves with some tequila when the deed was done! But you left some on the gloves you were wearing...
Luz (shocked): Hey, I'm a professional athlete! If you're looking for a heavy drinker, look at that Tex loser!
Frank (grinning): Tex doesn't wear leather, but you do, Ms Lucha! Never mind the Scar-Away gel you left on Horace's belt buckle!
Frank (fantasizing): What surprises me is that a delicate flower such as yourself could have pulled it off!
Luz (shouting): What do you mean by that? I did pull it off! I've held the ladies' wrestling championship belt for three years straight! Killing Horace was a piece of cake!
Luz (angrily): I found Horace on his walk of the set he takes after everyone is gone. I offered him a tumbler of whiskey and told him all was forgiven.
Luz: When the ketamine took effect, I tied the horses to his arms and legs. Then I played the sound of a rattlesnake on my phone. The horses ran away like their tails were on fire!
Luz (grinning): I always felt strong in the wrestling ring, but killing Horace made me feel more powerful than ever!
Frank (in disbelief): I should have known you were too good to be true, Ms Lucha... You're always hiding behind that mask...
Luz (taking off her mask): You want to see what's behind my mask?!
Luz (revealing her face, shouting): Do you like what you see?!
Frank (shocked): So that's why they call you La Calavera! Your skull-shaped birthmark!
Frank: You better get used to showing your birthmark off... I doubt the prison will let you keep the mask! Ms Lucha, you're under arrest!

Honorable Dante (confused): Luz Lucha, you stand on trial for the murder of Horace Foster, who you drugged and then ripped apart by horses?
Honorable Dante: What possible reason could you have to justify this medieval behavior other than your creepy mask?
Honorable Dante: Frankly, I wish your attorney had advised you NOT to wear it for your trial... It's making me a little uncomfortable...
Luz (angrily): Horace promised he would pay his debt to me. But he went back on his word! He said that bluffing was too easy for me with my mask on!
Luz: I threatened him with that photo, but he tore it up. So I sent him the "Dead Man's Hand". I thought a Western buff would understand this meant death.
Luz (shocked): But he still refused to pay me what he owed me! He said he had nothing to fear, that a female wrestler was no match for a man!
Luz (shouting): First he cheated me and then he looked down on me? I was in a lose-lose situation, so he LOST!
Honorable Dante: All those years in the wrestling ring certainly left you with a flair for the dramatic...
Honorable Dante (holding the gavel): But this was out of all proportion! Ms Lucha, this Court hereby sentences you to 25 years in prison without parole!

Frank: What a relief that we wrapped up that investigation, <Name>!
Frank: Horace Foster was maybe not the most honorable of men, but no one deserves to be ripped apart by horses!
Frank (sadly): And Luz Lucha was behind it all... I never would have imagined that she was a killer. What a shame...
Frank (pumping his fist): Don't worry, <Name>. I'll pull myself together. How's about you and me get us some firewater to celebrate a case well-solved, partner?

Ivywood Confidential 3

Gaston Dumas (brainwashed): Obey! Obey! It's all for the greater good!
Russell (excitedly): <Name>, our friend Gaston has been brainwashed! This is fascinating!
Russell (biting his glasses): I had heard of brainwashing before, of course. People erasing other people's minds and placing their own ideas inside their heads...
Russell (puts glasses away, winking): But I did not think it could really work! <Name>, let's keep our eyes open. We may encounter other victims of this brainwashing... This time, we'll be ready!

Russell (biting his glasses): Hey, <Name>, I can't stop thinking about Gaston's brainwashing... And I've come to a conclusion!
Russell (puts away glasses): I think I know who was responsible for brainwashing him!
Frank (shocked): Really?! Who did it then?
Russell: Remember the Utopians, the cult Brett belongs to? I'm convinced they're behind this!
Frank: Hold on, Russell! I have doubts about this whole brainwashing thing, and now you think a kooky cult is behind it?
Frank (confused): Didn't you say it was a cult promising eternal fame to celebrities? Why would they brainwash anyone?
Russell: I may have downplayed the Utopians' threat when I talked about it. But they're not to be taken lightly!
Chief Marquez (crossing her arms): This will have to wait, Russell, I have work for <Name>! There's been a break-in at the victim's mansion, I need you and Frank to go have a look!
Chief Marquez (hand on her hips): Also, some woman named Eva is at the station and furiously demanding to speak to you, <Name>! Go fix this!

See what Eva wants.
Eva (shouting): <Rank> <Name>, there you are! I can't believe you told the tabloids I slept with Horace! Have you no honor?!
Frank (sweating): Whoa, hold it there! We never told anything, we're the good guys!
Eva (angrily): I worked hard to get acting jobs! Nobody's allowed to judge me! I'm sick of this town, I want to get out of here!
Frank (confused): Why haven't you left then?
Eva (holding her coffee, nervously): I can't find my car keys! And with the paparazzi following me, I can't search for them on the set!
Frank: I agree with <Rank> <Name>. We'll go to the set to look for your keys... and prove we're on the good side!

Investigate Western Movie.
Frank (grinning): Nice catch, <Rank> <Name>, this must be Eva's bag! She clearly matched it with her movie outfit...
Frank: Looks like she really got into her character... You're right, you should check if her keys are inside that bag, <Name>!

Examine Eva's Bag.
Frank (grinning): Good job, <Name>, now that you've found Eva's car key we can give it back to her and-
Frank (shocked): Wait a sec, this keychain... You're right, it's the Utopian symbol!
Frank: Do you think Eva is a Utopian too? She doesn't strike me as a religious fanatic... Let's go talk to her!

Give her car key back to Eva.
Eva (happily): You found my key! I'll finally be able to leave this damn district!
Eva (holding her coffee, nervously): I owe you an apology, <Rank> <Name>. Somebody else must have told the paparazzi about... my little mistake.
Frank: Talking about mistakes, we were wondering about your keychain... You know it's the Utopian symbol, right?
Eva (tearing up): Oh, Brett gave this keychain to me, saying I could go to them if I ever needed guidance. Maybe I should have...
Frank: Well, you may have dodged a bullet on that one, we're having serious doubts about that cult!
Eva (grinning): Really? Thanks for your help, <Rank> <Name>! Please accept this gift, as an apology for doubting your integrity!

Investigate Victim's Home.
Frank: Alright, <Name>, nothing seems amiss... Except for these pieces of paper you found!
Frank: You'd better put these pieces back together, see if it tells us more about who supposedly broke into this mansion!

Examine Torn Paper.
Frank: Good job with that card, <Name>! This looks like a prayer pamphlet...
Frank: It reads: "To the one who betrayed us. May all the Stars judge his soul. For they'll watch over us until the Planet is cleansed of the darkness..."
Frank (confused): Alright, does any of this make sense to you, <Name>?
Frank (shocked): Wait... "To the one who betrayed us." You're right, <Name>, that must refer to Horace Foster, seeing as the card was left in his house!
Frank: I agree: let's see if Russell has anything to say about this card, I bet he'll love it...

Analyze Cryptic Card.
Russell: Ha, the card you brought me isn't that cryptic, <Name>! The last sentence is a Utopian motto!
Frank: Sorry for not memorizing everything to do with that stupid cult! How do you know all this anyway?
Russell (skeptically): It's my job to know this stuff, Frank. Anyway, this card was left by a Utopian to make sure the stars wouldn't allow Horace Foster's soul to come back after betraying the Utopians.
Russell: And I know who left it! You remember how Brett Nolan called Horace an enemy of the Utopians? This quote about the Stars has always been his favorite...
Russell (grinning): Just go interrogate Nolan about this card, <Name>. He'll have a lot to tell you!

Question Brett Nolan about the card.
Brett (shouting): Why did you take that card from Horace's house, <Rank> <Name>? His soul needs to be judged!
Frank: So you admit you broke into the mansion and deposited this card there? And don't feed us any crap about stars or souls!
Brett (sweating): Well... I did go in the mansion, but I didn't steal anything!
Brett (shouting): Horace betrayed the Utopians. I couldn't let his soul ever come back! That's why I put the card there!
Brett (tipping his hat, winking): I'm surprised you know about our traditions, <Name>, though I shouldn't be surprised since Crane is in your team...
Frank (shocked): What do you mean? You know Russell Crane?
Brett: He didn't tell you? Russell and I were raised together... as fellow Utopians!
Frank (angrily): Russell, a Utopian? You're lying, he'd have told us!
Brett (tipping his hat, winking): Well, his guiding star never illuminated him and he betrayed us years ago, corrupted by darkness... I must leave. See you soon, <Rank> <Name>!
(Brett leaves)
Frank: Hey! Wait!
Frank: Damn, <Name>, I'm not sure I want to believe Russell was a Utopian, but that'd explain his hatred for them... I need a break! Let's grab lunch, I'll pay!

Back at the station...
Frank (shocked): Russell! There you are! Brett told us the craziest thing: he said you used to be a Utopian!
Russell: I don't want to talk about it. I've got nothing to do with that crazy cult!
Jupiter: Hello, Russell.
Russell (shocked): DAD?! What are you doing here?!
Frank (shocked): Hold on, Russell, this man is your dad?!
Russell (angrily): Yes, but even if he's my biological father, he's never been a father to me! And I told you never to come here!
Jupiter: Come on, Russell. I wanted to see you, but I also need <Rank> <Name>'s help!
Jupiter: I had a contract with Horace Foster, and I was meant to collect it at his mansion. Even though he's dead, I'd like this contract back.
Russell: And you want <Rank> <Name> to get it for you... We'll think about it. Goodbye!

Russell (nervously): I apologize for my father's behavior, <Name>, but could we check the mansion for his contract?
Russell: I know you have questions about the Utopians, but I feel like my father is hiding something...
Russell (smiling): Thank you so much, <Name>, I swear we'll discuss my past afterwards! Let's go to the mansion!

Investigate Coffee Table.
Russell (grinning): This envelope you found has my dad's name on it, <Name>! Well done!
Russell (skeptically): Going through other people's belongings isn't nice, but if my father is hiding something from us, it will be in this envelope!

Examine Jupiter's Envelope.
Russell: This must be the contract my father signed with Horace Foster! But it's faded...
Russell: How convenient for my father... Think you can reveal what's written there, <Name>?

Examine Faded Contract.
Russell: Good! So this contract says dad was hired by Abitbol & Sons Studios... Wasn't he just working with Horace?
Russell: It mentions he was supposed to rewrite the script of "The Ornery Die Last"... that's the movie Horace was working on, right?
Russell (shocked): What? You're saying the Utopians agreed to finance the movie if they could rewrite the script?!
Russell (angrily): I knew it! My father was working for the Utopians on this!
Russell: <Name>, could we take this contract to Leo, the Studios accountant? He might explain how this contract came about.

Give the contract to Leo Brooks.
Russell: Leo, <Rank> <Name> found this contract. Did my father, Jupiter Crane, really work for the Utopians?
Leo (shocked): Jupiter Crane is your father?! I can't tell you anything! I don't want to upset the Utopians, they practically control Ivywood!
Russell (angrily): Believe me, Leo, you're safe with us. Nobody hates the Utopians as much as I do!
Leo (hold a handkerchief on his head): Well... Then yes, the Utopians wanted your father to rewrite the script of "The Ornery Die Last" for them...
Russell (shocked): So my father manipulated us into helping the Utopians?! I agree, <Name>, we need to talk to him!
Leo: Just don't involve me, <Rank> <Name>. Take these gift vouchers from our company, you can use them anywhere in Ivywood!

Back at the station...
Russell (angrily): Dad, you manipulated <Rank> <Name>! Why didn't you say this contract was for the Utopians?!
Jupiter (shocked): Because I know how you feel about the Utopians, Russell. You would have refused to help otherwise.
Russell: I guess I shouldn't be surprised: you've always lied to me, why change now? But why did you want the contract back?
Jupiter: Oh, that... The Utopians don't want to be tied up in a murder scandal. We thought it best to erase all traces of our help on the film.
Russell (shouting): As usual, it's all about helping the Utopians for you! You even let them raise me, and they ruined my childhood!
Jupiter (sadly): The Utopians are good people, Russell. They could cure your anger, if only you would see the Light!
Russell (shouting): If only you would see the TRUTH! Give them a message from me: I'm no longer a defenseless child, and I'm coming for them!

After Jupiter left...
Frank (worried): I can't get my head around this, Russell. Were you really raised in the Utopian cult?
Russell: I was. That's why I know they're capable of anything! Just look at my father!
Russell (nervously): I have to apologize for his behavior. He's not even someone important in the Utopian community, yet they sent him to manipulate you...
Russell (sadly): The Utopians discourage their own members to question their actions. You must never pry, never doubt their orders. I hated this...
Russell: This sounds like brainwashing, doesn't it? That's why I know the Utopians are behind Gaston's brainwashing!
Russell: And I'll prove it, <Name>, with or without your help! Just you wait!

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